The Color of Night - Chapter 1

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  1. The cool October air shrouded the city. Outside of the city, the cool air rose. The manor was particularly chaotic on this day, with plans and speaking of war with the Shapeshifters. The ancients spoke with the elder furies, giving them orders and the likes. The manor was a particularly glum place during days other than this.

    Water and warm air seeped through the ground and into the sewers. The den was a bit more active today than on other days. The shapeshifter's expected a skirmish of some sort. Alpha's made defensive plans and the likes.

    Davis nodded quietly while receiving orders from the Elders. He had learned his lesson once not to cross them. He wiped a bit of sweat off of his brow. After his order's were received, he stepped out of the council room and into the lobby of the manor. From what he had acquired, his job was to infiltrate the sewer's and "scout out" the den. He was neither happy nor angry about this. This wasn't his first assignment, he knew that he didn't get to pick and choose. The elders also asked of him to pick a "promising" New Blood to accompany him.
  2. Ethan had expected nothing less from the effects his body was going through. He quietly walked down the hall and into the lobby area to see Davis standing there. He rested his hands in the pocket of his jeans and made his way over. " Seems like you have and intresting task I persume?". He never really liked to be oredered around but it didn't bother him either, as he knew it was necessary. Leaning against the wall he looked around filling his eyes on the pictures on the wall and the extended halls. He'd tap his finger against his leg and then use his upper body to push himself off the wall.
  3. Break will ya!”

    Victorie tried again, throwing another spinning heel kick against the wooden sparing dummy. The indention and missing fragments of wood indicated that she’s been at the thing for a long while, but steady as she’s gone Victorie still was unable to break the solid mass in two. Any other time, any other day, she would have had the thing shattered into tiny pieces all over the indoor dojo.

    “Damn it, what the hell’s wrong with me?” Again and again, she threw every attack move she could possibly do to the dummy, only to fall flat on her ass in the end, tired and far more frustrated than she was before she left upstairs to hide from the others. She liked her solitude…a chance to work out her frustrations in the basement dojo without prying concerns.

    She knew why she was so off-center, so keen to more and more outburst. Their leader has been missing for quite some time. It was…irritating to not have him around; taking orders from others who, in her eyes, were only suited for the job because of their age, was uncomfortable. She couldn’t say anything about it though…she’s only been in her fangs for a year, and there’s no way she’s going to speak her peace around here.

    She growled and punched the dummy at the thought of her frustrations, which finally broke in half, flinging large chunks of it on the floor. Turning, she grabbed her towel from the mat and plopped down hard. Wiping her face, her fingers twirled a small dagger between the fingers of her free hand. Then, without looking, she chunked it clear across the dojo where it sliced clear through a large punching bag. Sand poured out of it, she whence - someone’s going to want to know who did that later, but it gave her an idea.

    She grabbed her duffle bag that sat beside her and pulled out a pair of sais and a CD. Weapons practice to Evanescence was her anti-drug; and a great way to get certain emotions off her chest. Spinning and flipping, Victorie dance her deadly dance, flawlessly maneuvering through the set of sparring dummies sporadically set up around the room. Slicing and dodging their mechanical arms and legs, Victorie rolled and bobbled, parried and thrust from one attack to another. She ended her round – her sais found themselves embedded in a sparring dummy clear across to the other side of the room.

    “Well,” she sighed, “At least my aim is still sharp.” She looked down at her hands, wondering why she felt so weak in some ways, yet still shows strength in others. Shaking her head, her eyes caught sight of her watch.

    “Ah, best head back upstairs… get some work done.” Victorie grabbed her gear, wrapped the towel around her neck and took the stairs by fours until she reached the top. She shut down the lights and locked the door before turning down the hallway, passing the storage rooms and entering the kitchen – a room hardly used. Exiting, she took her time down the hallway, watching everyone moving briskly through their duties. She knew what was coming, which was the reason why she kept herself locked in the dojo as much as possible. She was preparing…ready for anything that might come – somewhat. She didn’t want to be left out of this brawl, not this time. Like everyone else there, she wanted to find their leader – by any means necessary.

    Glancing up a ways, she saw Ethan and Davis standing at the wall. It was an interesting sight, for Davis to just be casually chatting away with a New Blood… Most Furies didn’t bother with the little guys, but she’s slowly getting to know which Furies were safe to talk to and which were not. She slowed her stride, tightening her grip around her weapon’s bag slung over her shoulder. She was a bit curious, but also cautious, uncertain about being sneaky or just asking how the investigation was going. She was eager to hear any positive news about their leader, but hesitant about just asking a Fury…any Fury. She only knew a few of them well enough… Davis – she knew him, but not well enough…

    Victorie was of earshot, in vampire standards, but she kept her face forward, still struggling to have her questions answered…

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  4. Ethan looked up and saw Victorie, another new blood just like himself. He had only chatted with her a few times and she seemed intresting in his eyes. Walking forward he looked out one of the windows checking the secnery. He was comfortable but ever since the leader dissapeared the order of things are quite diffrent. It urked him to say the least but somehow he knew eventually the leader would return...or not. He approached Victorie and patted her shoulder " Trainning going well i see, might have to spar with you later on". A smile formed on his lips before he walked back and looked out the window once more.
  5. Victorie chuckled, trying hard to hold down the compulsive laughter she normal blares uncontrollably (especially when there's nothing funny to laugh at). She was more comfortable talking with the New Bloods like her...even the quiet ones.

    "Really, Ethan," she marked, "It's been a while since I've seen you in the dojo. Now, all of a sudden you're in a frisky mood?"

    Well, aren't we all, she thought. Everyone's missing our leader in their own, shut up!

    Taking her time, she made her way to the window, standing between Ethan and Davis, only a few steps away. Victorie gave Davis a slight glance over her shoulder before focusing on the scenery outside. She rested her elbows on the tall window's edge, wishing is was warmer outside. She never cared for colder weather, even before she was turned (well, as far as she can figure). She dearly missing hunting in warm weather...

    "Honestly, by the way I've been fighting, you're probably beat me this time." She gave a weary sign. "Have you heard any news from the Elders...about...", she was starting to get tired of asking, knowing she would not hear anything good.

    That twinge of guilt started to hit her, the one that constantly reminded her that maybe she should not have been chosen to be a part of the escort crew for their leader that fateful night.... As if she was the cause for his disappearance. Like most of the ones involved that night, she just took her slice of guilt for allowing - whoever it was - to attack them. They should have been more alert...
  6. When Ethan heard Victorie chuckle he couldn't couldn't help but smile, whenever he got the chance he tried to make people smile..especially her and being how the leader was gone and everyone was down on the inside it was nice to see her smile. He turned his head and looked and her " Well it has been awhile but who said i wasn't tranning? Trust me i find new ways to train everyday and some dont involve being inside and about the elders and the leader... no i haven't but i wish i knew what was going on".

    Being that the weather was cloudy and rainy most of the time people trainned inside but he liked to explore and with his energetic nature being indoors all the time made him feel like a little kid in time out. He gently pullled Victorie tword him and he pointed out the window. " You see the hill beyond the trees? I train there when i feel trapped in here, and as go for your tranning, I think your doing just fine all you have to do is relax". Running his hands throuugh his hair he bite down on his bottom lip, a slight habbit that never seemed to grow old.
  7. Davis turned and looked as the two vampire's approached him. He looked them both over before grabbing Ethan by the collar and slamming him against the wall. "Come with me" he hissed before dropping the Vampire and walking casually down into the basement. In the dark basement, he opened a locker full of silenced weapons that shot silver bullets. After loading two P9's he closed and locked the locker. He waited for Davis at the bottom of the stairs.
  8. Victorie allowed herself to be moved and followed Ethan's finger towards the area he indicated. It looked like a nice place to practice - definitely far enough away to not be a beacon to others to disturb, but close enough to find every time. She took in his response to her question, not really getting her hopes up or anything...but, she was hoping... The idea of ripping something else in two began to arise...

    "Maybe I should get out more oft...Hey!"

    Davis...that's all she had to see. He'd grabbed Ethan by the collar and shoved him so hard against the wall the crown molding cracked. Victorie froze in place, too scared to move and too pissed off to say anything, knowing her words would not end well for no one in this case. Davis was the 'man of the house' now, since their leader is missing. The Elders definitely leaned more on him than the other Furies.

    He ordered Ethan to follow him going the same direction she just came, and Victorie automatically began to follow, against her better judgement. But stopped herself at the end of the hallway when the turned the corner. Something was going on..., and her curiousness was making it very difficult to keep her butt out of it. She knew they headed downstairs - to the basement... which gave her a few ideas about what was happening. But then again, whose to say whether Davis likes bashing New Blood's heads down there or outside on the patio? She decided to scamper away before anyone realized she was being so nosy.
  9. Ethan was just about to ask Victorie about the question of the dissapearance when Davis slammed him against the wall. He gritted his teeth when Davis released him. Even though he was in charge until the leader got back, it gave him no right to grab him like a jackass for no reason. The rage inside him made him clench his fist and he followed Him. Grabbing Victorie before she dissapeared he looked at her " If i die dow there i want you to know you have my heart". He chuckled and then headed downstairs tword the basement and looked at Davis, he knew the next time he pulled and irrational stunt they'd be in a fight.
  10. An arm behind his head and a book in his other hand, Solomon was laying comfortable on his couch, a nice oversized thing with blood red shaded upholstery, when he heard a knock at his door. “Enter.” His eyes never left his book as a new blood walked in and told him the elders were looking for him. A sigh and he glanced up over the top of his book and frowned. Was that fear he saw in the new bloods posture? Why would he be afraid? Ah, not my problem. He thought closing his book and setting it on the little table in front of his couch. It was a nice room, not to many pictures, a fireplace, a bed, couch, little desk, a large wall sized bookshelf, and an long small table.

    As he stood the new blood flinched and he frowned again till he was out of the room. The one who’d told him his information was right behind him but looked like he might wet himself. So this was odd, Solomon could be a nasty piece of work when he wanted to be, or when someone really ticked him off but most of the time he was a nice guy, at least that’s what he thought. Perhaps he was wrong? Heading in the direction of the elders room he noticed a new blood, Victorie was it? He could never keep them all straight. His room was pretty close to the place where they kept all their weapons, what he like about it the most was how out of the way it was, there was a lot of privacy in his little section of the house, at least it used to be.

    With the Alpha gone he was left with people running all over the place, training, getting ready for a big fight. He was probably one of the few who didn’t feel the loss as badly, despite the fact that it was he who had taken him in and offered him a home when no one else thought it wise. It wasn’t as if he was grateful of the alpha being gone, far from it, he just wasn’t all that concerned. Many of the others seemed to believe it was the shapshifters, was it? He had no idea and he really didn’t care, if there were a reason to do anything it would be to take the Alpha. There were strong, negative, emotions between him and the shapshifters, not that he could remember why. Another sigh and he nodded toward the female new blood before being escorted to the elders.

    A few minutes later he walked out and shook his head. He looked around for the one who’d escorted him and when he didn’t see him figured he must have run off the moment Solomon had gone in. a yawn and he was on his way to the same area as Davis and Ethan were, and like before that female was still there. “Hey.” He said being as nice as he could. His long black and red hair fell over his eyes for a moment to which he had to move it behind an ear. He never quite got the reason for cutting hair, he never did anything with it besides putting it up in a ponytail or something. Putting it up never really helped much though, it went down to right above his hips when up and when it was down just below his knees.


    Downing yet another Jack she sighed and set the shot next to the other seven and slapped the bar for another. She just couldn’t seem to get drunk like she used to. No work, and she was stuck in Blackview on assignment despite her best efforts to get out of it. Of all the places they could send her, why here? Nothing was out of the ordinary about this town and with Snickers out on patrol most of the night she was pretty much left to her own devices which in her case meant getting a job somewhere. Maybe she should ask about getting a job at this bar, she knew her drinks and how to mix them. That and she was a hard worker, why not?

    When the bartender came back she asked for an application and quickly filled it out right then and there before the bartender had enough time to turn around. Looking it over the bartender frowned and sighed. “You start in one week.” He said and went to go tell the rest of his crew what’s up. Normally he wouldn’t have done that, there were votes and stuff but he was so understaffed and desperate for any help that he was willing to make an exception. Best part about this whole thing was he owned the bar, it had been in his family for generations and perhaps with some help he would be able to pick things up a bit.

    Downing her tenth shot she tipped the bartender as she paid for her bill. “See ya in a week.” She said and walked outside in the cold and dreary day to her hotel room. Her black bicker gloves did nothing for her hands to ward off the cold but she at least had a leather jacket to go over her black tank top. Long black hair became damp and almost soaking by the time she made it to her room. No car, no bike, nothing to get her from point A to point B without using her own two feet. Taking off her black combat boots she set them aside and changed out of her black jeans and tank to something a bit more comfortable. Flopping down on the bed she sighed and closed her eyes for a moment. Snickers would be back with a report, so what if her cat couldn’t talk, she could guess what was being said, besides, if something were up her cat would be bouncing off the walls.
  11. Sitting on a nearby window seal, keeping a sharp ear towards the hall leading to the kitchen towards the basement, Victorie stared out of the window absentmindedly twirling a dagger between her fingers - a typical 'thinking ' habit of hers. Whenever she was calm and concentrating on her missing thoughts or conscious ideas in the works, her right hand always found something sharp to toy with. For others who knew her, it was a convenient device, automatically showing that she was at peace...even though deep inside, she was struggling within. Besides her lost memories, and the absence of their Alpha, now there was Ethan...

    That last comment of shouldn't be a shock to her; from out of all of the New Bloods, he was one of the few she really knew. And he didn't treat her like a mental case like all of the others. But... was he really serious about that? Did he really think that Davis would hurt him, at a time like this? And, even though they deal with death on a daily bases around this place, with the typical threats from Furies every minute, did he have to get so mushy? It was - sentimental, and a nice thought, but she's only known him for a year...and, quite frankly, she's still try to understand herself, let alone adding anyone else to the mix. Victorie was a bit beside herself.

    It would be nice if the clouds would let up - just for a day.


    Normally, she would had jumped, but being as calm as she was, all Victorie did was turn her head, finding Solomon over her shoulder. Quickly, she stood up, respectfully, since he was one of the older Furies in the family, but he was not like the others. There was a handful of them who were 'pro New Blood', less likely to tear your head off for nothing; the ones who cared to insure that New Bloods learn how to be true Furies. She tucked her dagger back home inside the pouch crossing her lower back, and folded her arms behind her back.

    "Hey, Solomon..sir...," she lightly lifted a smile. "You're out early... I hope all of the traffic didn't disturb your peace, or are you out for official business today?"

    She realized, of all people, he would be the very one to question about any new findings...but, she's always a cautious mouse, especially when she's in better control of herself.

    "So, any new reports on this whole fiasco uprooting things around here?"
  12. “No, no not at all, the traffic has been fine as of late.” He said leaning against the wall. It creaked under him and he frowned, going to have to fix that sometime. He thought noticing a small crack in the wall at the base. Things shift and change, this place almost seemed like it was sinking, extremely slowly but sinking non the less. His attention was brought back to the young vampire when she asked him about reports. A small smile spread across his face when he picked up on what she was looking for. Letting out a deep breath he looked out of the window trying to come up with something to tell her. Honestly off course but how to word it eluded him.

    When the answers didn’t come to him from outside he looked at her face. He wanted to know how serious she was about this and from the look of things, she was. “A few things have come up but unfortunately I am unable to divulge that information at this time. I do apologies for this but it seems the elders have a ‘need to know’ policy in place and have pulled me into it.” sighing dramatically he flashed her a toothy smile. Unlike most at his level, he was actually kind to the new bloods. He pushed off of the wall and looked toward the place she’d been standing close by. “Anything I should know about going down there?” he asked tilting his head to the side.
    Something has her full attention, or at least did, he was curious as to what that was.

    “Am I in need to be cautious? Danger perhaps lurking in the crevices?” he chuckled but not mockingly. It was what he always did, for some new bloods they seemed to find it intimidating, for others they found the humor in it. He was quite serious but he didn’t want to order this girl about, he was not in the mood for it. However, if she gave him any lip, or even did something to displease him then this would turn into something unpleasant. The good news is, sine she’d been there a year she should know this by now. If not, well, he’d have to teach it to her. There had been a few that had angered him enough to warrant his, aggression, it hasn’t happened much but there were a few new bloods that hadn’t been around long enough to fully comprehend what would happen if they ticked him off.

    Most people when they see Solomon find him to be quite a pleasant fellow to be around. He is kindhearted and is respectful of those who respect him. Those who do know Solomon know there is a side to him that they would rather not have come out. Normally this happens when he gets angry. Why it happens is anyone’s guess. He had no memory of his past before finding himself on the steps of this manor, that and a deep seeded hatred for the shifters.
  13. Davis turned as he heard Ethan almost down the stairs. He threw him a Pistol, not caring whether or not it was loaded. "Why the long face? You should be particularly happy that I chose a you to accompany me on an "Elder Assignment"" he spoke, carefully choosing his words. "We get to scout out the puppies den." he said in a particularly delighted voice. "Or maybe I was wrong to chose you? You couldn't even take a slam from me when I only used not even a quarter of my power?" He was lying really. He sounded truthful, but in reality he needed to get Ethan pumped up.
  14. Ethan caught the gun quickly as if it was nothing and then he walked over looking down at the gun. " I am nor happy or angry that i have been given a mission on and Elder assingment but i would say im grateful since their are many other new bloods". Listening to Davis's words he nodded slightly and at his comment he gritted his teeth " Look i could take a damn hit from you so dont get me confused like im some punk new blood okay, I dont like being touched and slammed out the blue for no damn reason!". He spoke in a low but angered tone as his eyes leveled with the man. He put the pistol in his jacket " whenever your ready lets go".
  15. "Do you know how a wolf prefers to attack... Gah, of course you don't. The get close, and they give a hug. Not a nice hug. Its the kind of hug that will break every bone in your body." he said it like it was as casually as clouds. He pointed his pistol at Ethan's head. "That, my friend, is why we put one bullet in their damn heads and end it." he laughed. "You need to understand something, punk. This isn't like your normal sparring with buddies. These wolves are 10 times stronger than me" he spoke loud and stern, as he always did.
  16. “No, no not at all, the traffic has been fine as of late.” It took him a moment, it seemed, to choose his words. Victorie waited patiently, but had a feeling she would, once again, be disappointed.

    “A few things have come up but unfortunately I am unable to divulge that information at this time. I do apologies for this but it seems the elders have a ‘need to know’ policy in place and have pulled me into it.”

    "Oh," she sat down on the window's edge again, twisting her lips to sink a single fang into its pinky flesh inside. An old coppery flavor touched her tongue as she looked away, trying her best to settle back down. It's not all your fault. Those shifters are the problem...and you'll get a change to take care of them soon... Her eyes lingered back towards the previous doorway she's been staking.

    “Anything I should know about going down there?"
    Victorie blinked, returning to reality, "Sir?"

    "Am I in need to be cautious? Danger perhaps lurking in the crevices?” Solomon chuckled, and she realized she was lost in her own world for a second.

    She gave a bright smile, ", I don't think so. Davis harshly ordered Ethan to follow him downstairs... I'm just waiting for Ethan, that's all." She hoped her change in attitude would block any concerns about her behavior. She wouldn't know how to answer any questions about it... she's just lost.
  17. Ethan starred at Davis and slowly nodded like he was as slow as Davis though he was. " I understand so we can just put a bullet through thoes mutts skulls and return". He watched the gun pointed at his head but he made no facial expression. He walked back upstairs to see Victorie chatting with Solomon. He slowly walked over not wanting to interupt and smiled " Hey seems like i survived" He chuckled. Ethan was a calm and nice guy and cracked jokes he's only serious when needed to be. Looking at Victorie he smiled " So do you still have my heart?". He teased and then walked over tword the picture on the wall and looked at it.
  18. Davis slipped the gun into his waistband and walked back up the stairs. He looked at Ethan, then to Victorie. He approached slowly, and politely. "I apologize for my earlier... unruly actions." he said, as his eyes darted to the what seemed like an unnoticed part of the drywall that was now smashed in. "I must be away now. I have business with the Elders.

    As he pushed through the great iron doors into the Council Room and respectively bowed as he took a seat at the classic Gothic era chairs

    "I suppose you have made a decision, Davis?" The speaker of the council spoke in a loud and commanding voice.

    "I have. Ethan, I believe the chap's name would be? He seems to understand the enemy a bit more than I may have thought." Davis spoke in his normal loud and clear voice.

    "Hmm, It is hard to believe you decided on that boy. He does seem a bit, unruly?" the Speaker questioned Ethan

    "Was I not an unruly bastard of a new blood?" Davis had decided to chose this way of negotiation.

    All of the elder's quietly mumbled for a moment before coming to a conclusion. "Your choice is approved. Your assignment give. We expect you to leave immediately."

    Davis smiled in pride and pushed his way back into the lobby, wiping his brow again. "C'mon Ethan, Let's roll."
  19. Before Solomon had a change to respond to what she said, Ethan was there with a grin on his face and not a mark on him.

    "Hey, seems like I survived."

    "That you did."

    "So, do you still have my heart?"

    "," she nervously flounder, finding her feet more interesting, hating herself for being so uncomfortable at the sight of smitten... What in the world was Solomon thinking about this? She didn't want to seem weak, especially before a Fury. Damn her tossed-salad emotions! Just then, Victorie noticed Davis coming up the stairs. She gave Solomon a pardoned nod before stepping to Ethan's side as he suddenly had an interest in oil paintings.

    "A simple, 'follow me' would have worked just as well...what in the hell was that all about?"

    Before he had a chance to respond, Davis was beside them, "I apologize for my earlier... unruly actions."

    Victorie nodded, "Happens to the best of us."

    "I must be away now. I have business with the Elders".
    And that was all from the illustrious Davis. She didn't care about what happened earlier, especially when there was nothing to really worry about...somewhat..., but Davis was heading to the Elders... That only meant one thing - they've decided to take action. But what?

    And her eyes fell on Ethan.
  20. The night was fresh – cleansed by the heavenly raindrops that had fallen over the last few hours. It left well established puddles in various places, allowing the night’s quarter moon to dance around lively from puddle to puddle – creating a kaleidoscope of lights across the potholed pavement.
    It was….inspiring…

    Tavian was inspired to dream of the lushness of the forgotten forest, his once home. The land was theirs, a part of them, it flowed in their blood. But now, they are forced to hide away in the concrete cave of the city with rivers of filth and disease. He couldn't stand for what they had become...but he stood by his Alpha's choices loyally. Still, in the back of his mind he felt like a traitor to his own kind for allowing such vermin to dictate the outcome of their packs' futures.

    “Who are those blood-suckers thinking they are? They’ve forced us to leave the very lands we’ve cultivated with our labors. We sacrificed our lives in order to live the way we should – secretly surviving like humans while we feast like animals a distance away. We changed our traditions, our habits in order to respect what we once were – to protect them, but those…vampires sashayed their little immortal asses here and completely turn our world upside down."

    Pause for effect; the collective packs sat around him like statues. He wasn't sure from the sound if they agreed or not, but their eyes - many of them showed the same treachery he felt, the same sadness he held for the future. Tavian turned to face the Elders, the older Alphas of the past who still live, who aide their Alpha now with a likely decision.

    “They’ve taken over – and we’ve allowed them! We’ve hidden ourselves to avoid the threats from the humans due to the problems those…vampires had caused over the years, and tired our best to stop them from destroying this city… We don’t care to have their Alpha in our mist, but now THIS!”

    Tavian was determined to convince the Elders that his scouts were accurate in their recent reports. The scouting packs, although they were pups in the eyes of a few of the Betas, they were still well trained, highly skilled, and loyal. They’ve never been inaccurate in the past about a threat to the pack. There’s no reason for them to start hitting strikes now.

    “Jopa’s team reported frantic activity at their coven. Red's reports indicate several of them vigorously training outdoors in tactical and melee defenses on a daily basis. In the past, this activity is followed by one of their covert attacks upon our pack or our other sister packs. I believe this time is no exception. They will attack, assuming we have their Alpha.”

    One of the heavy-set Elder Alphas cleared his throat, cutting Tavian’s thoughts sharply, “Just because you’ve seen a pattern in their actions from attacks in the past does not indicate enough of a threat to cause for alarm.”

    Tavian bowed his head honorably, “Branson, sir, as we all know, Vampire are very predictable. They’re blaming us because they can’t keep up with their leader. And now, they’re setting plan and preparing for an attack! We can’t allow them to enter our territory, and sitting here on our tails will not stop them! If the reports are incorrect, then we have nothing to lose. But, if they are right...and I bet my fangs they are, then we need action now!”

    The large cavernous room began to grow louder with mumbles of background discussions, snarls of retort and favorable cheers to Tavian’s words, but the Elder council of three didn’t show any change of heart in their expressions. They were too tough to crack, but he knew their Alpha would reason with them. He’s been reading the reports, had already taken time to join the scouts on several scavenges to the heart of the forest where the vampire’s coven was hidden. He’s seen exactly what Tavian has mentioned, and he will convince those old jaws that this was no birthday party they were preparing for. If the blood bastards were getting ready for a fight, they sure as hell better be ready to finish it.