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  1. Every couple years or so, a meeting,followed by a dinner would be taken place between Nordic gods,Celtic gods and Greek gods.
    It was more grand, more golden.
    The people dressed their best in expensive cloth.

    It was held for the naming of new gods or goddesses, arguments over tables and the economic blabbering between big men who held their chin high.

    After that meeting they had,it was time for naming.
    There was this young boy,just turned 18 years in human years,perfect time for naming.
    He was the son of hades. He had the black,long hair that reached to his shoulders.His eyes that glared,a shocking green. His pale, almost marble like skin.
    His looks could kill a man.
    But there was something very wrong about him. Unlike his father,hades, his cheeks were always flushed,erasing the intimidation of his look.

    Hades sat his son on a large chair,in front of this collision of Celtic,Greek, and Nordic gods.
    All in awe of the black haired boy.
    Some giggling and blushing at the look of him,until he looked at them with those burning green eyes and a scary frown.

    After he was blessed,he had to be given gifts BYT the other sons and daughters of the gods.

    All the gifts were blessings or jewels or more expansive clothes.

    He sighed and said thank you in a cold tone.
    The young boy blew a black curl off of his forehead before looking up at what seemed to be another person.

    Obviously male, obviously Nordic.
    He looked up at them,with a stinging glare. His cheeks flushed as he met eyes with the person.
  2. The son of Balder sat near his father with the other Nordic gods. He was just seventeen in human years, it was not time for his naming yet. His hair was blond and hung down to his mid back. His eyes were gray and shined like silver. His skin was tan. All in all a beautiful man to behold. Many looked upon him and stared in awe at the young man.

    After the meeting it was time for the naming. Hades pulled his son to a big chair in front of all the other gods and goddess, and all eyes were on him. He was handsome man. Black hair, and striking green eyes was a combo that mad the son on Balder melt inside. However, the boy at everyone's attention did not seem amused by all of it. He glared at everyone in a cold gaze making all turn away.

    Soon it had been his turn to give his gifts of exquisite clothes to the male there were there to celebrate. He walked up to him with a smile. The son of Hades blew a curl out of his face before his green eyes locked on gray. The son of Balder could not help but to flush under the eyes of such a beautiful man.
  3. "What?" He snarled back,hiding his blush.
    "You keep staring,"

  4. Cocisius's son sat and watched on. His 18 years of growing as a human had given him a strong body and a clear mind. Unfortunately, due to his heritage, as he had grown his skin's pigment had begun to change and the normality of ''white'' skin was but a memory as he now was almost completely red with large black veins trailing around his body. His Father had been surprised but happy about this change, trying to justify it to, but to no avail. Christopher had had to seek out more potent Gods to aid him hide it, and so his amulet was always near by, in case he began to feel uncomfortable in his own skin once more.

    He was becoming impatient with this whole event, so when the person with the 3rd most red face in the room seemingly barked at the Son of Balder, he laughed a bit.
    Thank God I'm not the only one who hates these things.
  5. He was still lost in his eyes, but he was glaring.
    "What? You keep staring."
  6. Her ocean of strawberry blonde hair spilled effortlessly over her refined, creamy shoulders; shrouding her beautiful figure like a massive cloak. She sat in the corner farthest from the chair that Hades' son sat on; her watery blue eyes stared at the floor and at the tendrils of her hair that collected at her feet like little golden pools.
    It would soon be time for her to rise on her slender little feet and present her gift to the youth with the disturbing green eyes. Being the offspring of a Greek deity herself, she had heard the rumors of the God of the underworld's son, but tonight would be the first time anyone had ever laid eyes on him.
    The beautiful young woman brought her eyes away from the cold marbled floor's embrace to take in the mighty hall they all had found themselves in. Pillars towered above them supporting a marbled ceiling with golden inlay that glimmered like the stars in a milky white sky. Being a lover of beauty like her mother before her she had always adored the architecture of this radiant hall.
    With a delicate sigh she watched as the son of Balder sat in awe at the apparent beauty of the soon to be Lord of the Underworld who in turn responded with a glare and a snarl inquiring to the young man's problem, but he merely sat there.
    Today was also the night of her naming, she had turned eighteen in the mind of her superiors and waited with baited breath for her time to sit in the massive ceremonial chair with its gilded back and arms, but at this rate they wouldn't reach her until well into the meeting and she did have her own gift to present to the new young lord.
    It was considered out of character for someone else to come up and offer their gift before the other person was finished, but seeing how things were playing out she figured "What is there to lose?" and with that she pushed her chair back and stood up, her mass of hair spilling over her face as she did so. She did not stop to pull the hair out of her face because as soon as she strode off the thick mane was blown back across her shoulders and cleared her porcelain face so all could see it and her beautiful blue eyes.
    The draped nature of the young woman's gown billowed out around her joining the long fingers of her hair as they whispered against the backs of her ankles.
    She was desirable with a generous breasts and nice rounded hips, a classic symbol of youth and vitality.
    Halfway through her walk to the throne a dove and a sparrow flew down from the rafters of the massive hall and landed on her exposed shoulders; they were the familiars for her and her mother's post within the Greek deity's and with them perched proudly atop their master it was clear to all who this young woman was.
    She was the daughter of Aphrodite.
  7. He looked at the girl, feeling a tad bit annoyed.
    "It's not nice to make a show during someone's ceremony." He snapped at her, giving her a glare.
    "Wait your turn."
  8. The young woman brought her bright blue eyes up to meet the son of Hades', inside, her stomach flipped as she fell into the young man's vibrant eyes. They truly were something to behold.
    Forcing herself to come back to her senses before she ended up like the son of Balder; she bent down next to the young man who sat enraptured. From the depths of her gown she produced a glorious goblet of pewter; its slate surface refused any sunlight. Instead it seemed to mimic the dark waters of the Underworld itself and rightly so, this chalice had been handmade for the young man.
    The neck of the cub was carved into the shape of the mighty Cerberus, his imposing form sat as resolute and powerful as the true version did at the gates of the Underworld. The carver had taken great care in the detailing of the creature's musculature which seemed to come alive despite its stony origin.
    The three heads curved out a in a wide triangle; creating a perfect resting place for the cup whose maw opened as wide as the heads that encased it. Teeth bared, lips pulled back in silent snarls; the three heads were each adorned with rubies for eyes. The fiery depths of the little stones encased the fires of Hell themselves.
    For the briefest of moments the blonde haired youth met eyes of the young man who sat, very obviously annoyed atop his throne, she bowed her head in respect and rose to her feet.
    Turning on her rosy heels she made her way back to the little chair that she had originally come from, the birds on her shoulder gripped their little claws into her flesh to keep themselves from losing their perch.
    Her stomach flipped as she felt everyone's eyes on her, she had broken tradition. Desperately, she hoped that the others gathered in the hall could not hear her heart as it pounded in rebellion against her rib cage; she felt faint.
    Reaching her seat after what seemed an eternity she sat down, trying her best not to look rushed or uneasy she pretended to play with her little birds as they hopped down off her shoulder to pick through the left over bread on her plate.
    Mother was always forcing her to be more bold, more desirable, more forward, more everything.
    Mother was known for her myriad of sexual affairs and her beauty was legendary, as was her unabashed boldness.
    "Make an impression" she always said "Whether it be bad or good, they will remember you and that is enough"
    She certainly had made an impression, but what kind was it?
  9. He got confused at the bashful opening but the timid behavior.
    He forgot how intimidated and petty he could be towards people who made a bigger show than him.
    But, the gifts were beautiful and she was even more beautiful.
    "For someone who isn't to girls, I can see why she's special." He muttered to Hades.
    "If you're going to interrupt, better not finish it shyly." He said as he looked at her.
  10. Located roughly equal distance from the seats of the son of Hades and the daughter of Aphrodite there was a small cluster of seats belonging to a clique of yet more young descendants born from the loins of Greek Gods and Goddesses. The way they chattered animatedly amongst themselves made it obvious to any onlookers that the small cluster of Godspawn were a tight-knot knot of friends. At the apex of the group's attention there sat a relaxed young man whose demeanor made him a dead-ringer of the group's ringleader; the attention of the others immediately surrounding seemed to constantly fall unto the man as if his friends were seeking his approval.

    He had no parent near him, but in the world of Greek Gods and Goddesses most of the youth knew his identity - he was Nivitticus son of Hermes and an aspiring courier in his own right with talents that called back to a younger version of his father. He was of medium height with a lean almost gaunt runner's physique. Nivitticus - Niv for short - wore simple garb assembled for practicality which included a clean crisp white toga adorned with a golden clasp bearing the sigil of dual wings aroung a golden medallion sculpted in the likeness of Earth, matching golden sandles with wings on either side of them, and a circlet with the same. His hair was flowing and golden like honey and it fell past his ears and onto the nape of his neck; the color of his shock of hair brought out the golden rims of his eyes and accentuated the soft almost cherub-like nature of his easy smiling face.

    While the peers surrounding Nivitticus bargained for his attention the young courier's eyes were elsewhere watching the transpiring interaction between the daughter of Aphrodite - whom Niv could swear he had seen before - and the son of Hades whom Niv was positive he had a nasty feeling about. The young man next in line for the Underworld's throne seemed to say something curt to the daughter of Aphrodite, and she returned to her seat. Niv wasn't certain but he thought she might look embarrassed.

    He took an emboldening swig of his practical iron-wrought goblet filled with rose colored wine of a bewildering vintage, drew a deep breath, and stood from his seat. His peers questioning glances betrayed their otherwise silent reactions, but Niv had no concern for them at this moment. He took his leave of his seat and made his way towards the girl who'd just retaken her seat, and upon closing the distance between them he swept a clean formal bow towards the daughter of Aphrodite and gave her his most winning smile.

    He reached forth to take her hand a kiss it upon the wrist, should she allow him to do so.

    "My lady," the gilded courier offered with a dazzling smile. "Nivitticus, son of Hermes, at your service. I don't believe I've had the pleasure of your acquaintance. ...most just call me Niv. My name can be a bit of a mouthful."
  11. Soon,the gifts stopped and the blessing were done.
    Hades came behind him, putting a hand on his shoulder.
    "I think it's time to be named." He tried his best to smile.
    Chronus snapped his eyes shut of embarrassment.
    The crowd of gods and goddesses both stunned of how quick hades was to name him.
    Chronus got up and left the throne as he was directed to the table of younger people.
  12. "Chronus"
    The name had been given so frankly and with very little to no forethought it seemed. Such an occasion was the proudest day in a young deity's life and the newly named Chronus had has his snatched away from him in an anticlimactic manor. Her heart ached for the young man as he got up from the throne and stepped off to join those youths who already possessed names for themselves; the empty throne now had her name on it.
    Absentmindedly or perhaps not so much; she reached a long elegant hand out to stroke the fat dove that poked at what was left of the bread that it had reduced to crumbs. The dove had always been her favorite familiar, and as such the animal had reciprocated her favoritism. At the moment her finger touched the creature's pale cheek it leaned in lovingly against her touch and let out a contented coo.
    On the other hand; the sparrow was her mother's spy and while it usually maintained a neutral standing as to what she was doing, it also had the tendency to dash off and return without warning. Usually returning with carefully constructed words from her mother.
    Her silent reverie was interrupted by the son of Hermes, Nivitticus.
    She'd seen him around before at gatherings and occupying the sky as his father before him; carrying the words of some God or another. He was known for carrying quite the following with him and this event was no exception. The crowd he had left to come and speak to her was a rowdy bunch. They sloshed the finest of wines from their goblets as they spoke animatedly about their own triumphs; most of which were embellished upon to make the teller seem all the more impressive.
    He stopped on the other side of the granite table at which she sat; at the man's approach her dove flitted up onto her protective shoulder and disappeared into the ocean of her blonde hair. The young woman stuck a finger into the golden mass and patted the pretty little bird's head and mumbled a few words in encouragement as the bird huddled up under her ear and let out a comforted sigh. The sparrow sat ever watchful on the far side of her plate; its dark beady eyes appraising the young man as he began to speak.
    Almost without her noticing,Niv had taken her hand in his and had placed the most delicate of kisses upon it; her stomach faltered for a moment.
    His eyes locked on her own and for a very long moment she inspected the golden depths of his iris' while she assumed he did the same to her's.
    "N-n-nice to meet you m'lord" she stammered, "But, I-I've.." she paused for a moment; she needed an escape and fast.
    The throne.
    It was her time.
    "It's my time upon the throne now, thank you for your kind gestures," she smiled a smile that could only come from the daughter of Aphrodite and excused herself from the son of Hermes.

    The walk to the throne was a short one, perhaps too short.
    She felt every single eye on her figure as she sat down in the massive gray throne; looking out across the throng of Gods, Goddess' and their get.
    The moment was hers.
    Confidently, she crossed her long creamy legs, making her draping white dress part becomingly and expose the vast majority of her legs and thighs.
    This time the gifts and names were for her.
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  13. Chronus simply looked at her. He was somewhat bothered but her warm smile and exterior.

    As he saw he sat down, he was reminded how the Greeks gods and goddesses were always half naked, no matter what.

    For a man, Chronus had feminine curves. It made every girl blush and every man curious although he hated it.
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