The College Mixtape.

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  1. Hey.

    Ever had some ugly, frustrating, or uncomfortable college experiences?

    Want to name songs after them?

    Who's stopping 'ya?

    The point of this thread is to give song-like names to common college tropes, shenanigans, events etc that we could all relate to. An example I could shell out is:

    Stuff like that.

    Show me some FIRE!
  2. I don't even need to come up with one of my own!

    "What's my Age Again?"

    "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

    I... I can't come up with good enough bands for these though. >>;;
  3. "Slides go by (at a mile a minute)" by professor fast-talker and the Write Faster orchestra
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  4. "Why does it Burn?" By Fun Heather

    "Communal Dorm Shower Blues" By Thick Pubes Tribe

    "Smoke Oregano" By McTrustfund and Lil Hedge-fund Thug

    "I'm The Hot Chick now" By Agnes Instagrammodel
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  5. "I have mixed feelings about you (Canceled Class)" By Third Year Triddy.

    "Curse, Proff, Curse." By Fresh Outta Highschool

    "Smoke Ramen Everyday" Kawaii Desuper broke

    "Can you please repeat that?" ft. Math Mitty 110

    "Together Forever." ft. $Loan$
  6. "If It Ain't Cited, It's Plagiarism" By Prof. BumStickler Ft. Remix by DJ P.U.

    "Safe Spaces, Tyrone's Cases" featuring hit lyrics by Denise Problematic.

    "I'm Voting Bernie!" coming to you by Daddy Didn'tPay and the BernOut Boiz.

    "Goodbye!" the latest bottom-barrel hit written and sung by Matress Ming (guest starring: Bullshit Boi)

    "Can't Let It Go!" from AdderalAndy and his Crunch-Time Trio!

    (I'm not in college.)
  7. You're pretty spot on regardless. I'm feeling the fire.
  8. "I'm saving money with community college," by suckas

    "Student loans are kicking my ass," by fuh queue banks.
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  9. SwedMC - "This shit is free"
    E-Con-My Kid - "Math, Mint, Mercy"
    Problem Student -"Drunk Sundays Feat Ill-Advised Kid"
  10. "Loud-Ass Drunks Outside My Door" by It's Not Even Friday Yet
  11. Fresh Faced Junior - "Shit, What time is it"

    Asleep at Assembly - "Long Winded Speeches"

    Up2Late - "My only friend is a Monster"
  12. "Walk of Shame" by Liver Graveyard.
    He Hasnt Even Changed The Slide Yet" by Sleepy Pete and the Head Bobbers.
    Might As Well Study" by The Sexiles
    Payed out of pocket" by G.I. Bill.
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  13. "This Essay Is Due In An Hour" by Procrastinstation Metro.
  14. "Regret" - Jobless feat. Da-Gree
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  15. "There Was Homework?" by The Uninformed Masses
    "Let Them Do the Work" by Seemingly Reliable Partner
    "Running Out of Time" by Procrastination Nation
  16. "The Fuck are Taxes?" by Pampered Plebians

    "Eighteen, no longer Straight-Teen" by The Explorers

    "Life Sucks Now" by The General Public

    "Life Sucks Now but that's OKAY" by The General Public ft. Lil Jon

    "No Homo at the Gay Bar" by Tagalong Timmy

    "Senior Prank, Freshman Shanked" by Jimmy John Jackass and the Hooligans

    "Burnt the Last Ramen Pack" by The Homeless

    "Burnt the Last Ramen Pack [Acoustic]" by The Homeless ft. Madeon

    "I Didn't Go." by The Inventionists

    "Dude, Where's my Car?" by The Jockstraps

    "Just Stole a Dude's Car" by The Freelance Repo
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  17. "trapped in the closet" Parts 1 to 10 - Dr. Unk featuring MC H4ng0v3r.
  18. Carry or Crash - by Group Project
    Here! - by Recent Highschool Grad
  19. Whos turn is it? - MC Laundy
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