The Collector

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  1. The day had come when Cain would actually start his campaign as world leader. He would first kill off anyone and everyone that go in his way. Anyone who would join him would be spared, for now. He did have some "friends" that would always keep their powers and share the world with him but there were only a few. He walked through his mansion/castle, since he decided to build it to resemble both, and met up with a few of his "friends."

    "Well it is time we lay waste to this world and make it our own." Cain said as he looked over the few people that would be joining him. His smile was as big as a kid on Christmas and he was overjoyed at his plan. Some would call him crazy and others would say he was just mad with power, but both were true. He also had some parent issues but that's another story.


    Loomine had woken up early today from the excitment of his first day as part of the revolution. He had quickly put on his sandals and shorts, since that was all he needed to wear to be comfortable, and headed out of his house. With his control of water also came the control of body tempurature by heating or cooling the water inside him, therefore not needing any more clothes than what made him look decent in public. After a few minutes he found the abandoned warehouse that they were to meet at and a few people were already inside. He looked around for the leader but didn't see anyone like that. :I guess we are all early....: Loomine thought to himself, he also thought it was weird that the leader wasn't punctual like a leader should be.
  2. Kem walked into the warehouse looking around the large space for some sign that she was in the right place. After a moment she shrugged and sat cross-legged on some sort of box to wait. She pulled out a small pan flute she always carried with her and after dropping her face scarf under her chin, began to play a light and calming melody.
  3. Celia walked towards the warehouse. The air felt cool against her skin as she walked, her clothing not covering much skin as usual. She walked at her normal pace, her short blue skirt moving with her hips as she traveled. She fixed her tank top strap nervously, not exactly sure what she was to expect. She knew that there would be more than one person there, but how many exactly? She had never been good with people, which was probably the reason she was often times alone.

    As she arrived at the meeting spot, she noticed there were only a few people. Perhaps this was the final amount of people to be there? No. That couldn't be it. There had to be more people. She froze a moment in thought before moving to lean against the wall, a little nervous. She put her fingers together, sending little jolts from the tips of her right fingers to the tips of her left fingers. It was something she always did. She bit her lip. She was rather nervous, and if anyone looked at her, they'd automatically know she wasn't the revolution leader. Well, she could be, but only if she was really forced to be.
  4. Looking up at the man who now rules Imora, Aoi wondered why she was even there. She wasn't one to affiliate herself with political parties but this wasn't even one. She glanced around for the acquaintance who brought her there but he was nowhere to be found. Because she once serve the country's military as a medic, she had to be there to listen to her new big boss. Or at least that was what the acquaintance told her.Fixing her white coat, Aoi decided that she would like to try serving under this new leader. She had nothing better to do and she hardly had any savings left. She thought about her possible benefits and nodded to herself.Maybe this isn't a bad idea, she mentally noted as she smiled to herself.
  5. Ryota was standing, well leaning on whatever structure he was near quite impatiently. He was waiting for Cain of course. There were others around him, people that wanted to follow Cain. Of course, Ryota paid no attention whatsoever to them as he only saw them as setbacks for the moment. He just stared at the floor blankly, an eerie spark fluttered through his crystal blue eyes. "Mhmm." Ryo muttered a few momentsbefore Cain stepped up front. He could sense Cain from a mile away. Slowly he looked up and gazed towards him. "Heh, took long enough.." He muttered. Ryota actually almost gave a smirk as Cain spoke. The sound of taking the entre world by storm came off as enticing to him. Then his blank stare fell upon Cains crooked smile. For whatever reason it was comforting to Ryo although he was sure that anyone else watching would probably be creeped out.
  6. Loomine saw the two women walk into the warehouse and wondered if either was the revolution leader. It didn't appear so when one sat down and played a pan flute and the other leaned against a wall looking nervously. He was about to ask them if they knew who it was when hundreds of plants of all variation broke through the ground and on the top of them was a Man standing with a very imposing stance. He looked around then stepped down off the plants and spoke in a commanding voice, "You are the ones who shall lead our revolt? Then welcome!" He smiled and made a rose grow in front of each person to signal the begining of their friendship. Loomine took the rose that grew in front of him, "No thorns? Interesting...."


    Cain looked at each "friend" and decided it was time, "Well lets roll the dice and see what we land on!" With that he activated his power of teleportation and took everyone there with him. They arrived on the outskirts of a random town and with the power to enhance his voice he spoke to the town, "Cain and friends are here to rule you!!" Cain looked back at his friends and spoke with a normal voice, "Kill anyone who doesn't bow down to you." With that he flew into the air and got a look of the town before it was partially or completely destroyed.
  7. Celia looked up as a great sound pierced the air. Before her were plants of all sorts, and on top of those plants, a man. She blinked a few times. Perhaps He's the revolution leader? Then, a beautiful rose grew up in front of her, it's flushed petals spreading slightly. She reached down to lightly touch the rose, wondering if it was real. Could it be? Well, of course it could be real. Anything was possible. In fact, it was possible she could get a boyfriend in five seconds. Was it going to happen? She could only hope; however, it was still possible. She looked back up at the guy who had come in on the plants, blushing lightly. "Sir, you are kickass." She smiled somewhat goofily, the corners of her lips slipping up into a grin.
  8. Kem stopped playing the small flute and tucked it away in the folds of her robe then as the rose grew in front of her she cupped it with her hands and mumbled a few words and it glowed as its stem came away from the mother plant. She kissed the flower's pedals and gently placed the rose into the folds of her robe where the flute had disappeared only moments before. The stern looking woman rose and greeted the plant-man and the others.

    "Hello, I am Kempree, how may I assist?"
  9. Ryota couldn't help flash the wicked grin that found his face as Cain spoke and moved them. As they arrived near the town he grew silent, shaking with anticipation. After Cains last words Ryota decided to be the irst to make his mark on the town. Lightning would engulf his body as he dissapeared an reappeared in midair directly over the town. He could hear the puzzled remarks of the people s he floated there cloaked by lightning. Clouds would gather above him and turn a darkish grey color. "Fall... To the GrimReaper" He whispered before pointing a finger at the town. Lightning would rain down from every angle, completly tearing its structures apart.. He watched as people were shredded and torn apart by his element. He would simply give a chuckle as th destruction unfolded.
  10. Looming went over and introduced himself as well, "I'm Loomine and I'm glad to have such a strong leader mr?...." he trailed off as the man had not introduced himself than more than their leader.

    The man smiled at Celia's comment and winked at her, "Thank you miss, that means a lot." He then looked at Kempree and Loomine and smiled as well, "Nice to have you along. My name is Paul, you may address me as commander or anything else really I don't care." he laughed at the thought of being so formal when he was the leader of the revolt. You shouldn't have to be formal at all for this sort of thing, just serious about it.

    Cain watched in enjoyment as Ryota exploded with joy in the destruction he sowed. Buildings crumbling people screaming and it looked like, "Oh look a few people feel like being heroes and protecting their town. How fun! Too bad they wont last long." After he was done the few who wanted to protect shot fire, energy bolts and a sonic boom at Ryota and the other people destroying the town.
  11. After Paul shared his name and the fact that leadership was not of much importance to him, or at least, that's how Kem took his attitude to mean, she turned and walked back to the box she had been sitting on. Replacing her veil, she quietly sat back down, arms crossed and waited to see how things played out.
  12. Ryota would. Keep the onslought going. Showeringthe town in flashes of dark blue. After only a few minutes the town was almost completly unrecognizable. Suddenly a couple of minor attacks were shot his way. "How dull..." He whispered as he continued to levitate unphased. The screams of the towns people still roared over every othr sound. The attacks shot at him all combusted simultaneously when they came within striking distance of him. This was because his lightning seilded him. Ryota couldn't pinpoint the location of the attackers because of his hoplessness at long range so instead he decided to level the general area. He pointed towards the center an whispered:" Kirin " Ryota raised his right hand as a large dragon structure composed completly out of lightning would appear. Then, slowly he lowered it towards the his palm towards the ground. The dragon would land smack in the center of town, its huge mass and element. It would crater the ground and decimate th land. Ryota would watch from above slighly pantng andnot trying to show exhaustion.
  13. Celia giggled as Paul winked at her. It was all turning out far better than she could have ever expected; she was actually accepted in this group of people. She stayed rooted to the ground, however. She was afraid to make a movement that would seem... Odd? Was that the word she was thinking of? She simply didn't want to be kicked out when things were going to very well. "Is this everyone, then?" She looked about, noting that their group was... Well, not the largest. At this point, she really didn't care. They had a leader, and that was all that really mattered. She stooped down to her rose, finally daring to make a movement. She gently pressed the tip of her finger to the stem of the rose, putting small amounts of energy into it. The petals spread more and more until it was in full bloom. Only then did she cut the stem, holding it to her nose to smell the wonderful fragrance of the flower. She kept minute jolts of energy into it to keep it alive. After she had done that, she looked up, smiling at all the people around her.
  14. Cain watched in amusement as Ryota leveled the town to a smoldering crater. He was glad Ryota was having fun and went over to him, "Good job, but try to keep some alive next time so they can spread fear into the world." He grinned his crooked smile at the thought of people scared of just at his friends and not the god himself. He decided it was time to go and warped everyone to another town that was slightly bigger and was much more populated. "Ok people lets do the same thing but leave a few survivors!" With that he went into the sky in the center of town and watched as his other friends went through the town attacking buildings and announcing they were friends of Cain.


    Paul looked around at the small group of 15 including himself, "Every little thing we do can cause the seeds of hope to spring to life in others. Even if we die trying to protect our world more people will step up and defend everything! We cannot give up no matter what happen and we shall fight until our last breath!" His voice was charismatic and prominent, you wanted to do everything he said and you had courage in his ability. The other people there cheered as loud as they could as Paul said finished his short speech.

    Loomine stayed quite but clapped along, he was sure this man would be able to oppose Cain and cause something to happen. "So Paul what shall we do first?" He had a guess that they would first try to find Cain but that was just a guess.

    Paul looked at Loomine, "We shall wait for Cain to come to us. My informants say he has already started attacking towns and we need to prepare ourselves. We should also go out and try to rectruit as many people as possible. Do all of you understand?" There were "yes sir" and "yes commander" even "yes Paul" from everyone there even Loomine.
  15. "Wait! Do we know how many people are with Cain? He's undoubtedly started recruiting as well. If we knew the number and their strengths, we'd have an even better chance at beating them to a whimpering pulp." Celia was serious now. Before she had been simply herself, but now it was go time; she had already put on her serious face.
  16. "Why wait? Why not meet him and his, before they gain true strength? Before they kill whole towns, cities? Why not stop him now?"

    Kim's arms stayed folded over her chest while she sat on the edge of the box and she did not speak loudly but people hushed at her tone to listen and a few looked at Paul for an answer.
  17. Ryota regained his composure and simply nodded towards Cain as thy were teleported once more. This time he stood in front of a much larger town. On this, Ryoa started to take his time. He would destroy one structure at a time. Sometimes he would even be gracious enough to leave a structure in halves instead of ruins, being sure that he left a few alive this time. He could tell by the screams of the scrambled survivors that oddly enough got louder as their numbers dwindled. Ryota would do so with his usual dull and bored expression.
  18. Paul shook his head at Celia's question, "Unfortunately we dont know the exact number of his recruits but it seems it is only a small group just like us." He then turned to Kem and smiled, "We don't want to die that early do we? It's best to gather information and know as much as possible before confronting a foe as powerful as Cain. I would rather play it strategically than be headstrong and try to fight a completely unknown enemy. Plus we should try to encourage as many people to fight for their freedom. I don't think very many people would join Cain anyway, there may be bad people in this world but few would want to be ruled by a tyrant." And with that the members nodded with his logic and mumbled to each other. They also wondered if this woman wanted to lead instead? She seemed confident and reliable in power but that may just be the vibe she was giving off.

    Loomine listened but decided it was best not to intervene. Whether it was Paul or Kempree he would follow since he wanted Cain stopped at any cost. There was no possibility of failure in his mind and he was ready to do whatever was needed of him.


    Cain and friends eventually finished with the town and sat on the outskirt. Smoke, screaming, dead bodies and crumbling buildings was all you could see and hear. "Are you all ready to take over the next town? We don't have to take over the world in one day but I'd like to." Some of the friends said they could keep going but most were worried they would get exhausted too quickly. They also thought Cain should be helping to but quickly pushed the thought out of their heads as he could read their minds if he wanted to.
  19. Kempree gave a single nod and stepped back and with that she was telling Paul she would follow him. She however, did not intend to follow like a sheep as some of the others seemed to, it was not in her nature.
    Her veiled face gave way little, if nothing, of her inner turmoil. Images of her family and friends, the whole village, being turned to dust and flames in a few minutes ate at her soul. Her center had lost its balance and it was because of Cain. The day would come for her retribution. Her fists clenched so hard that her nails bit into flesh. As fast as the anger came it slipped away again and she was calm to those who looked on at her.
  20. Celia nodded with the logic. It did make sense to gather information as well as people before they began fighting back. She slid down the wall, tugging her knees to her chest. She hoped no one could see anything due to her short skirt, but at this point, she really didn't care. She leaned her head back against the cool wall, thinking a moment about the whole situation they were in. She then turned to a bag at her side. She opened it and dug through everything until she found what she was searching for: Her golden statue. She smiled and hoped no one would notice if she began talking to it. It was one of her only friends, as most of her friends had abandoned her early on to move to a different area. "Hello Stephano." Celia paused a minute before changing her voice, making herself have some kind of French accent so it sounded as though Stephano talk back to her. "Hellos Celia." "I hope you're feeling well today. We have a lot ahead of us." "I see." Celia smiled and patted his head, looking around to see if anyone was looking at her weird.