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  1. (Ok so this was in the Roleplay Talk forum but I am a tad impatient and I would like to get a little more attention for it good or bad. I also finally found the time to actually write out the story on this site since I was working all day haha)

    The setting is a mythical planet called Imora. Many people here have powers/abilities and some are normal humans. There are also many other humanoid beings and beings that can communicate to humans. Everyone has found a way to coexist with each other until a boy with an exceptional ability was born. His name is Cain Lenoire and his power is to steal someone's power completely and make it his own. This person would be left with nothing unless they had two powers and Cain only took one. When the boy was five he learned of his power and thought it fun to steal every power he could. Once he got into his teen years he decided he was the only one good enough to have the powers he stole. When he finally turned 20 he had accumulated so many powers he was virtually unstoppable and he decided to become the self proclaimed ruler of all Imora.

    Our story takes place a few days after Cain has announced to the world that he is their ruler. A few people have already decided to revolt and plan in secrecy. You can either try to find Cain and fight, be his friend in evil, join the revolt or really do anything else in this world. Even though you have a power (or maybe you choose to be an exceptional human/whatever who has no power) you cannot godmode. Even though we are going up against someone who is a "god" it doesn't mean you have to just make it impossible to hurt your character. There is a weakness to everyone, even the gods. Have fun with your characters and making a story come to life and lead up to the point where Cain takes over the world or dies in his attempt

    P.S. I will be playing Cain and a revolutionary character named Loomine who I'll make a character sheet for. But for now I shall leave it at this and see how it goes. I'd like to see people join who are able to post at least once a day but don't think that's an obligation. Anyone can join and you can post at your own pace, I just want to have fun. :) Also I'll make the In Character thread as soon as a few people join in on this.

    Character Sheets (Fill them with whatever information you want)



    Power/Ability (include drawback/weakness):



    Additional Info:
  2. Name: Ophelia

    Age: 18

    Power/Ability (include drawback/weakness): Astral projection, premonition, able to sense danger from a distance, empathy. Drawback/weakness hard to control and becomes vulnerable very easily.

    Appearance: Dark hair, gold/amber eyes, average height.

    Background: Friend in evil.
  3. Name: Celia Daemon

    Age: 18

    Power/Ability (include drawback/weakness): Precise aim, produce electric jolts from her fingertips. Drawback: Electricity makes her fingernails black. (They just look painted) Weakness: Easily upset; very socially awkward and shy.

    Appearance: Somewhat tall with curly hair down to her back which is dyed black and blue. She has blue eyes and she is very skinny. She blushes easily if embarrassed. She has a nose and belly button piercing.

    Background: She never liked things. Ever. Not even as a younger kid. But now? She fought against evil. Against it. Why? she didn't know, but she did.

    Additional Info: IsSoAwesomeLike.... xD
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  6. Name: Kempree / nickname: Kem

    Age: 38

    Power/Ability (include drawback/weakness): She has many mysterious skills of which some are; She is a low order illusionist, casting spells that will allow her or others to escape harm or persuading the enemy that she is their friend. Kem is a powerful healer with many skills. She heals with herbs and potions as well as a form of acupuncture and a form of hands on chi manipulation. The drawbacks to all this power is a lot of these things take time to perform, much preparation and/or personal strength.

    Appearance: Tall, slender and dressed in loose fitting clothing like what is worn for martial arts with a belt of interwoven cloth showing medals and trinkets of honor and courage hanging from it. A headdress of twisted fabric over loose cloth called a Kradkj is worn on her head with a thin veil across her face called a Sadjt. She wears her black hair short, piercing green eyes and a stern mysterious look about her.

    Background: She is a master of the arts of Jendig which is similar to Ninja. she lives in the lower hills of some mountains close to the edge of a desert. Due to the many wars in her area she is the last of her tribe and people. Kem lives alone and hires out as both teacher and personal guard as well as being the local doctor.
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  9. Name:
    Aoi Ajisai
    She can take away any sort of physical wound and pain and transfer it to another living being within a certain time frame depending on the size of the wound. To activate her ability, she must have physical contact on her target. If she wouldn't be able to transfer, it would take effect on her own body.
    Rejuvenation (if I'm not allowed to have this, please tell me)
    She would be able to recover from wounds in an amount of time proportional to the depth and size of the wound. When she would be completely healed, she'd be as good as nothing had ever happened.

    Because of her rejuvenation ability, she had retained an appearance of an 18-year old teenager with a height of 5'4". She usually wears black gloves and a black coat made of soft and light material for easier movement and to avoid having unwanted physical contact. She would look like this, without the ears:
    Show Spoiler


    Being born from a somewhat wealthy family, a lot of people had high expectations of her especially her parents. Keeping up with those expectations, she finished her compulsory education at an early age. Which led her to become a medic for the military for a few years. During military expeditions, she would be often asked to stay at the main camp as ordered by her superior for the reason that she was just a 'kid', much to her displeasure.

    In her years as military resident doctor, she honed her ability and practiced martial arts against the soldiers who had offered to train her. Agility was one of her best point. But during the times that she had a lot of patients, she would be all wrapped up in bandages afterwards. It usually took months before she was fully recovered.

    Because the soldiers, who became her friends, was constantly worried about her almost to the point where they didn't want to get treated. This has caused a problem and she was soon sent back and released from her job. The days afterwards were spent in gambling (in which she learned she had zero luck), reading the books in the local library (most of it were fiction). She tried her skill in street fighting which she found was fun.

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  11. (Writers block, AHHH!! Also I'll be making the In Character thread soon since I'm sure you guys are dying to start lol)

    Name: Loomine

    Age: 27

    Power/Ability (include drawback/weakness): Complete water control. Can form ice and steam and use the water for almost anything. Can also draw water from the air or plants. Weakness: The speed and amount of water he controls the more energy it takes from him. As well as fire or intense heat, it saps his strength and makes him almost useless.

    Appearance: (Darn writers block, can't think of a good description so here is a water bender picture lol)

    Background: Was gifted by a dragon humanoid race with the ability to control water at the age of two when he was dying. (If you want more info I can tell you about what that means lol) When he found out about his ability he learned to better control it and has almost mastered it. When he heard of Cain's ruler of the world speech he decided to do something and eventually found the people in charge of the revolution.

    Additional Info: None (at the moment lol)
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    @Everyone Here is the link! Start posting whenever you like! And sorry the first post is so short :P Oh Oh and if anyone wants to be the revolution leader they can be!
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    Name: Ryota Okami

    Age: 26

    Power etc etc etc (Sorry I'm lazy and anxious at the sametime >.<): Control of the lightning element. Slightly increased strength. Using his lightning to produce extreme speed and close combat. He's almot completly terrible at long range combat. After taking damage the lightning he uses begins to recoil on his own body, furthermore damaging himself during battles. Swift and percise movements.

    Appearance: About 5'9. Dark blue hair that hangs to his upper torso. Crystal blue eyes. Coarse muscular build. Usually wears a black hoodie( Constantly havin his hood coverin his head) Cut up blue jeans and dark blue converse sneakers.

    Backround: Ryota was a mercenary from the tender age of 13, when he began to hone his abilities. He was known as one of the greatest mercenaries, nicknamed the Grim Reaper because he always fullfiled his contracts. He sometimes strays from missions to track down stronger opponents to satisfy his need for battle and bloodshed. Currently he is in between deciding to side with Cain or those against him but is having trouble with tha decision based on the fact that his cocky attitude keeps him from serving anyone or staying loyal.

    Personality.: Cocky. Conceited, Good at hidin his true feelings. Abit cold at times and bleives that he can never lose.

    Other: A gifted Muy thai expert
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