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  1. Ray

    "Agreed, you are very adorable and hug-able." He smiled big at her and kept eating.


    He couldn't meet her eyes for a second. "I know, but the moment it settles down, I'm coming back for you, I swear." He squeezed her hand. He looked up at her and caressed her cheek.
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    The Collective Allies approached the borders fairly quickly and rapidly. Head of Collective Allied Forces, Marius would have the honor of being the first of the soldiers to cross over the borders... In the early days of the conflict there were three main armies: The Royal Staadtpltazian Army, the Feloslavkian Armed Forces, and the Dust Bunny Legion (headed by Miss Ocha). Following behind these main forces were several anti-Vadoosian militas.


    The land in Western Vadoosia is full of woods and high hills, making it a difficult for infantry to conquer by itself....
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    High altitude over Vandoosan border...

    The Global Hawk infiltrated the airspace easily enough and began it's mission of intelligence gathering, snapping photographs of strategic sites, bridge heads, and anything else the Black Jets would be targeting on their passes.

    The data received would further be used to accurately deliver artillery where needed.


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    Camp Rommel Staging Area
    51ST Armored Division, Independent State Army...

    "That's a lot of hills out there." Field Commander Carl McCarthy commented to Major Scavenger as they looked over the maps and GPS data incoming from KH-11 satellites and Global Hawk UAVs.

    "Leave the trees and hills to my dozers, sir." Scavenger replied with a grin. "We'll clear a nice path for your tanks." Carl then looked to Lieutenant Julius Ryker.

    "In all honesty why don' we jest declare the fookin' place ae 'test site' an' nuke it?" the mech pilot snarled.

    "Because we have to establish ground control through the hinterlands. If it makes you happy, my howitzers have stocks of 155mm nuclear shells for the approach to the enemy capital." Carl snapped back.

    "No' the same damn thing..." Ryker muttered.

    "At any case, mission time is in one hour. Get to your people and prepare for battle."
  4. I feel like they really do balance each other out, two goof balls and two shy girls. Yes she told them it was gravitational control from what I remembered

    Posted for Carrie :)

    "Baron, we're coming into sight of the Vandoosan border as we speak--"
    "Excellent!" bellowed Grumpy, standing at the Bridge of the ship with an officer's hat upon his head and a cigar in his mouth, "Prepare to deliver taunts and snide insults to the glowing menace, and then prepare payload for delivery!"
    "At once Baron. Though, if I may ask, Sir..."
    "Go ahead my man!"
    "...Why are you naked?"

    The Baron looked down, then back up again at the pilot. "Honestly, I don't really remember. I'm sure it was a good idea at the time, however! Someone fetch me more rum, I shall now taunt the Vandoosans!"
    "...Right away, Baron."

    Grumpy downed the glass handed to him and hurled it across the Bridge, where it shattered on the controls of an interpreter. Standing before the window that looked down upon the country of Vandoosa, Grumpy raised a microphone to his mouth.
    "People of Vandoosa! This is the Baron Grumpy Von Resurrected! Please stand-by and prepare for imminent destruction! Resistance is futile, and will only serve to make this all the more fun for us, so the smartest thing you all can do to annoy us is to lie down and surrender. Whereafter you will be killed. Horribly. Have a lovely day, now!"
  6. Vandoosan Airspace

    A massive humanoid warmachine flew over the area, checking for irregularities. It was a single unit, but it was loaded to the brim with crazy technologies in order to fulfill it's creator's insane perfectionism and goals, further augmented by a thorough abuse of magic for truly insane amounts of firepower. At the moment, she was also the pilot, and picked up some interesting radio transmissions.
    "Deathspire, right? Hope you don't mind if I help you out a bit. Archy over here, and I'll be doing what I can to, well, wreck any offensives. This country has cute girls, and I just gotta defend them, you know?"
  7. Paorou has torn apart countless random people while only wearing his boxers. The trail of blood ends at his feet. All those who face him hear a fearsome growl.


    He jumps off once again, to tear people's heads off.
  8. Blair

    Once she thought it was clear she pulled up the hood of her jacket and started to walk back out to where she could find another safe area. She noticed they were panicked and she realized she got the right spot after all

    Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away...

    Kaiser Kaiser Claus von Staadtplatz sits in his most glorious throne over looking the capital city of Fridericusrexburg.

    He grinned as he heard that his most trusted military leader, Marius, had successfully invaded the pagan nation of Vandoosa. For much too long weird albino beings that glowed in the dark had been shuffling around the borders. This was not acceptable by any stretch of the imagination because it meant that they were most likely trying to steal beer and replace it with cheaply imported vodka.

    Remember, wars were started for lesser reasons than this.

    "Today marks a very important day in the history of the Most Glorious Nation of Staadtplatz and since I am the state after all, I shall make it so." He spoke to the commander of the air force, Herman Dopelkuff, on the phone.

    "Make sure, the troops capture the uniform of the most evil Anti-God Xentra. I vant that douche captured and skinned alive, so that I can have the most vonderful curry."
  10. more than likely by the time you get back, my 'main' ideas will not be in first place such as the orphanage idea I mention up above.

    This upcoming week, my 'baby' will be a .hack rp. (I somewhat like the Fallout game, but then I saw a .hack HD was out of 3 of the old games, and I bought that...and that is pretty much where all my free time is going at the moment)


    The Idea. So this RP will be one of those 'human live in a real world, they interact in game' rps, but that will just be the setting. It wont actually be a game-rp. We wont keep track of levels, or stats, or item stats. If we want to make a event happen where some enemy is stronger than our characters...we can simply say that, that they were stronger, or maybe a certain stat was above theirs such as speed. And that is assuming we even bother to have 'fights' happen in the first place.

    Anyways...the pairing would be your girl, a former Empress of the Arena/ex-ruler of the most powerful guild/etc. (I am stating that as its important plot wise) And then my girl....which currently my idea is taking after one of my past girls in a game rp. And that means....I like the idea that she is in the hospital, retreated to a virtual game, and basically enjoys life that way.

    As for the actual plot. Well, first let me say that I am acting under the assumption that your not a fan of the show, or a least never played the games or watch the anime/movies before. So anything you need to know, I will state, otherwise it is not relevant to the rp.


    After 'The World' calmed down from yet another crises. More and more players started to join the game. Before, it had millions of players, but even more wished to play, but were worried about the rumors about people ending up in comas in the real world, and that possibly being linked to them playing the game. But that is no longer a issue. Players can safety enjoy the game, and there as even been some major updates such as making the game more immersive, and making it more and more a true virtual world.

    One such player was quite famous. She (Your girl) formed a guild that overtime became one of the most powerful, and largest in numbers. It alone had a population of a million players. This did mean the Guild-Master, the founder, had to divide the guild into divisions that she had to trust different people to watch over in her place, and then these leaders would report to her about anything major. This did mean that she did not have to do everything herself, and had spare time to level up, train, and even compete in the 'arena' which let players battles others, and even had some tournements there.

    She won the tournament of course, and that got her the title of 'Empress' till someone beats her, and takes the title. Unfortunately for everyone else, real-world issues force the Empress to retire from the game, and she was not sure if she would ever get to come back. Her private life was just that private, and so only a few, if any, knew what her issue was....was she a 18 year old, finally going to college? Thus was going to be too busy, and needed to focus on her classes? Was she an adult, and she lost her job due to playing the game too much, and a family member offered to get her a job if she agreed to stop playing the game? Or maybe she simply got tired of being the 'best' and wanted to go play other games?

    Maybe she was even a kid that was finally a teenager, and now was busy in the real world trying to impress someone? Or her parents got tired of her staying in her room so much, and not enjoying her childhood beyond the game? Whatever the case was....she was gone from 'The world' game. A least till a few years later, she gets a email from the owners of the game. The owners were requesting someone to look into ...issues, and they could hire just about anyone, but wanted someone that was experienced with the game, and already proven to be among the top players of the game. They wanted her, and were willing to do whatever it takes to get her.

    Rather she needed a better paying job, or needed money for her education, or something else that money could not solve, but as one of the wealthiest companies in the world they not only had money, but connections to do just about anything else. The company would do what it took, and so the former Empress comes back to the game. It is here that she discovers that somewhere down the line since she left, for whatever reason her character was reset to level 1 or even deleted. So she had to start from the beginning. On the other hand, since she is working for the game people, she gets some perks, and also some compensation for having to start back at level 1 again. Rather it was a perk, or of her starter items was a personal VI, Rose, was a cute female creature of some sort.

    Rose was to help explain to the Empress the changes in the game, help her get starter, and be there to advice her, and support her. From there, the Empress learned that everyone got a 'VI' to help them, and so she probably got a most sophisticated one, or a more powerful one, or a least a unique looking one. She however was confused, angry, and sad to hear that her guild not only was still being run, but it was being successful. Normally this would be good, but the Empresses is informed that her ...former best friend, or second in command of the guild took over when the Empress left, and that was fine, they was suppose to, but with the Empress no longer there....apparently said best friend only put on an act around them, as now that they had full power....

    Well, the guild was a successful one, a successful dark guild. The guild now had over 2 million players, but .....they now focus on not really illegal things, but things that players generally frown upon such as player killers, bullying new players, threatening people to get what they want such as rare items, and going around acting like they own the place, or acting as the 'police' inside the game. Some of the things they did....they only got away with due to some of their players being the children, or actual workers of the company. To make things even worse....there was a rumor going around that the game was no longer just dark, but no longer safe. That a new player has ended up i a coma in the real world.

    As such, the Empress, that had nothing but her experience, had to start over from scratch. Clearly anyone that was loyal to her would no longer be in her old guild, and supporting such dark things. So she could not simply show up, and acting like she had any power there. It was no longer her guild. And the fact that players may start to get put in comas......she needed to quickly gain her levels back, and get strong so that she can start helping people, investigating, and possibly forming a new guild...since how else will she deal with a guild that as a large enough population to be consider a tiny nation? Not a town, or city, but a nation. Or a least a very large city that makes most others look small.

    On the bright side....Rose, looked small, but she was not a kid. It was just she was not human, some other race, and that meant....well a least the Empress had a exotic-helper. Although.....was VIs suppose to be acting so lively, or reacting to every little thing such as flowers, or how people look. Beyond that.....was she glitched? As a VI should be consider like a pet, or maybe an assisting fairy. Yet...Rose strangely could act as a member to fill one of the party-slots. Despite the fact the Empresses could get 2 other people to act as a party of 3, and still take Rose due to her filling the 'helper, non-player role'. And after meeting some other Vis........did the developers give her a AI instead? Considering most of the past problems were 'data' or NPCs gaining self-awareness, and causing problems....

    And to make matters worse. In real life, the internet was connected to just about everything from homes, to cars, to phones, to toilets. That meant, if a ..virus or AI or VI went rouge.....they could possibly do a lot of real damage in the real world. More than what happen in the past. As everything meant military-bases, street-lights, records, machines doing operating on people without a doctor, or even the virtual-equipment players use to gain access to the virtual game, or other games. And this is just the start. Not including unknown problems, issues the Empress had in the real world herself, or the fact the biggest problem in the past was the result of fixing a issue before it. So would fixing this mess really make things better, or just create a even worse situations? The main threat of Is the fact it is adaptable, and that can make quite a difference in a lot of things both in the game, and the real world.


    So......thoughts? Questions? Problems?