The Collapse

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  1. Private RP between lovedove830 and Jennzies

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Cethin Sullivun (otherwise known as EX. 924855736-PD.)


    Testing Department:
    Physical Defense

    Job/Role: Experiment Subject


    General Appearance:

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To escape from the Overseers and the Collapse, one way or another.

    General Personality:
    At first he seems cold, rude, and very straight-forward. Once he warms up to you, he will show you his sense of humor (almost dark and cynical in a way) and his cunning ruthlessness. He can be quite reckless and tends to do daring things. He rarely listens to other people's opinions but will occasionally do so. He rarely trusts and respects anyone.

    General History:
    Cethin was born a little before the arrival of the Overseers. He is the grandson of a Grand General in the End War, who fought bravely before being blown to shreds by the Overseers, along with his army. Cethin used to be proud of his grandfather, but due to his position in the war, the Overseers were interested in Cethin's physical defense capabilities and put him in the Physical Defense testing department. It is one of the worst departments to be put in, causing Cethin to become bitter towards his grandfather and refuses to talk about him. Before being enslaved, Cethin was a generally happy and humorous person. Now he has become bitter and rude. In his many attempts to escape from his testings, he has done many things. Most of them are attempted suicides, though each time the Overseers were able to fix him in the Med Bay. Today, he still tries to find a way to escape...

    (Alright Jennzies, just post your character sheet and we can start!)
  2. Character Sheet:

    Name: Jaune Raig (otherwise known as EX. 56000278-PD.)

    Gender: Female

    Testing Department: Med-care

    Job/Role: Experiment Subject

    Age: ??? (Does not remember)

    General Appearance:
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    Is wearing drapes, experiment clothes.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To escape from the Overseers, and to find her daughter.

    General Personality: She comes off mute, and seclusive, considering she has no communication with anyone. She is paranoid and wary of everything because of the things she has been through. Scared of almost everything around her. A drone.

    General History: Jaune, before the Overseers and the dramatic chaos of her home, she was a single mother. She worked as a prostitute when it was much low on money and she couldn't feed her child with the government's money. Her daughter, Suiz, was only 7 at the time. When the Overseers came and began a bloody war, and the Overseers won, they took Jaune as one of their test-subjects. She was put through drastic measures and surgery before being labeled as a 'tester'. The Overseers, through their harsh trials, saw potential of her becoming almost 'unflawed'. After loosing her memory, other than the memory of her being separated from her daughter. She is kept in a Med-cell area, 4 grey walls around her and grey concrete floor. She has spurts of break downs, to where people have to come in and sustain her; injecting her with liquid that 'mellows' her out, this has lead her to becoming numb as a person. For many years she's been locked in the cell... Fighting for her life.

    (Please tell me if I need to change anything.. @_@ And sorry if I messed up badly on the back story.)
  3. (Wow, what a very interesting character! I think her history is awesome and very intriguing. Only things I would change: Her experimental code, EX. 56000278-PD, should probably be changed to EX. 56000278-MC because the PD in Cethin's code means "Physical Defense". It's not a big deal though. Second, instead of having people sedate her when she has break downs, it should be robots or some kind of machine since the Overseers don't employ humans. Other than that, really great character!

    Alright, I'm going to start now. Let the RP begin.)


    Cethin looked up from his bead, blankly staring at the monitor that was installed above his door. It was now green and showed the words spoken clearly on its screen. The door was now unlocked; he would be free of this prison only to stumble into another one. He dreaded testing, but there wasn't a single organism alive that didn't. He gradually got up and dragged himself over to the door, which opened when it sensed his presence. He stepped onto the small platform outside his door, like he always did when he was forced to test. The platform closed some bindings on his feet, causing him to become immobile, before moving along the Quarters at a great speed. Many doors passed him, most filled with other people like him, waiting to be tested, manipulated, and controlled.

    Soon his platform entered the Departments. Cethin took a sharp turn into a large empty room. It was blindly white, brightness bouncing off the walls as the platform released him and he stepped off. A large screen on the far wall blinked to life before showing the following messages:

    [Test subject: EX. 924855736-PD. Department: Physical Defense.]

    More mindless words and data scrolled down the screen of the monitor, but Cethin ignored it. Those words meant nothing to him as far as he was concerned. Soon enough, after the computer was done relaying the data, a small table lifted up from the ground and showed a variety of weapons appeared. On the monitor, it showed some instructions.

    [Please take a weapon.]

    Cethin didn't even look at the monitor. He had seen the instructions too many times already. Now he simply just took the first one he saw: A spiked mallet. After he took it, the table disappeared back into the floor. Now the room was busy choosing, downloading, and stimulating a predator. It could be a tiger, a lion, a crocodile...or even another human being. Cethin bitterly wished it was one of the Overseers or even his grandfather. The computer decided to download a rhino, broadcasting it into the room. It snorted, pawed at the ground, before sensing Cethin. It charged towards him, dangerous horn pointed at his chest.

    Cethin simply threw the spiked mallet, clubbing it straight in the head. The rhino let out a roar of pain before swerving and crashing into a nearby wall. Blood was splattered everywhere, leaving the floor and walls gleaming with wet red. The rhino disappeared, only to be replaced with another one. The spiked mallet was now across the room where the first rhino crashed, away from Cethin. The rhino charged again towards him just as the first one did.

    This time, Cethin did nothing to protect himself.
  4. ((Okay, thank you! I'll change that later I suppose :]))

    Lights flickered, on and off, shadows danced on the grey walls. The room was full of space and very plain. No door could seem to be found, nor any window. All was cold and bitter in the air. Jaune, the inhabitant of this emotionless prison, was laying on the cold hard floor. Her chill made her breath rise in white visibility. Her hands clenched close, her legs bent and pressed against her. Her deep breathing and expanding chest were the only signs of life. Above her body on the wall were marks; the days that she has spent imprisoned by the Overseers. 784 days, were what took up the whole wall.

    Jaune started to shiver and shake, nerves where getting the best of her again. Hands started to quiver as her whole body did. Teeth chattered from the cold getting intense. This must have been one of the testings, handling of a cold environment. She started to roll to her back, slowly and painfully. Once she was fully to her back, arms still held against her, she slid her fit slightly out. The scars on her face were plain to see. The broken lip, healed wounds over her forehead. Jaune has been through the harsh times of her fate.

    She closed her eyes. Everything seemed more peaceful now that she blocked out the sight of the very cold and blank room of harsh memories. Everything was quite, her breaths slowed down and she just shook, trying to fight the freeze, she placed her hands close to her mouth, breathing weak warm air.

    Jeaune tried to sleep, for there was nothing she could do. Nothing she would want to do... The only thing good that plays in her mind is the photo-memory of her supposed daughter. A tear runs down her face as she weeps silently. Licks dried, crisped lips, swallowing her last bit of tears. Hands against frozen face, palms seemed warmer than the rest of her body. She wipes her salty tears away.
  5. (No problem. I suggest you somehow make Jaune go to the hospital so she can meet Cethin.)


    Then lights.

    The two were mixed together in a blurry blend in some part of reality Cethin was now inhabiting. It was so peaceful and the thought crossed him that he might have actually died. long it had escaped Cethin. Finally it would welcome him into his warm embrace.

    Then he woke. Everywhere there were blinding lights. He was on a cold table and above him, a compartment had opened and now many robotic arms fitted with numerous medical instruments dangled above him. One was brushing the scar on his stomach with a strange mixture that faded his scars...he knew what each and every of the arms did. Cethin had tried so many times to end his life, die and leave...but the Overseers were determined to keep him alive and suffering. Each time he had mutilated, starved, and harmed himself, the Overseers always fixed him better than the last. This time wasn't any different. Another robotic arm lowered, a small hum coming from the workings of its joints, sewing up a small patch of skin that had begun to peel away. Cethin didn't dare try to move; his was bound to the operating table until he was in good condition again.

    Yet another robotic arm lowered itself down and administered a small needle into his arm. Almost immediately, Cethin felt a surge of energy as a strange liquid began to pump inside of him from the small needle. The robotic arms folded up and entered the compartment again, leaving Cethin alone with the needle. He turned his head to look around at the other patients. Some were so skinny they were almost walking skeletons and now many needles were injected into their skin, pumping vital nutrients into their bodies. They were starved, people who attempted to die by starving themselves. It never worked. Some people had various wounds on them and were being patched up. Others were just knocked out with no physical injuries, but Cethin knew the wounds weren't physical. Some tubes were injected into their skulls.

    Cethin laid his head back down, staring at the ceiling. Death had once again alluded him.
  6. Jaune soon stiffened as she got up from her laying on her back. She held her head as her knees came close. She scrunched herself into a ball. Jaune began to contemplate, her head pounded with nausea and pain. This was something she was quite use to, although still very much so agitating. Jaune kept holding her head, hearing the robotic sounds through the thick concrete walls. She heard the camera above her move. Watching her as always. Jaune slowly looked up at it, it's black lens pierced at her. She bit down a gruff and clenched her palms. Her mood went from sorrow to a surge of rage. She yelled at the top of her lungs, emotions spewing out. This wasn't the first time she cracked. She got to her feet slowly, bones still stiff from the cold air. Her breaths were fumes. Jaune walked to the pile of rocks she had chipped off of the wall, eyes still on the cam. She took a clump in her hand. At first her instincts told her to destroy the cam, to take the eyes out that have been watching her for so long. But no, she had a much different idea. Jaune knew that if she were to harm herself, if one sign of blood was to be portrayed to the Overseers, they would have to take her to the hospital station... It would save her sanity from the four walls around her.

    Jaune took the sharpest piece she could find. She got nervous, unsure where to cut. she felt the point with her thumb, it was sharp enough. She breathed shakily as the sharp end pressed into her wrist. She let out chocked sounds, feeling the instant pain. She went across her wrist, deeper than she had planned. She shook and soon threw it to the ground. She curled her lips and glared at the cam presenting her wrist to the recorder...She watched as the blood fell onto the ground, knees started to buckle. She went out, body fell to the floor into the blood she had created.

    What felt like only seconds she awoke. Everything was in a blur, her eyes started to focus and she looked all around. The bright white room was almost too harsh for her eyes. She hadn't been here for a while, but, she knew that her plan was successful. Jaun's body temperature was back to normal. She un-tensed her body, and looked around from where she laid. It was hard to move since she was held down, almost sucked to the table. She saw others there. They all looked like droids. Droids that all did not want to be there. Jaune felt almost like them, here without a will, life of an experiment. She took in deep breaths and took a glance at her bandaged wrist. She wanted to move it around, but, the cuffs would not let her. She let out a eased breath. Hoping it takes a while to go back to that room, where all her insanity lies.

    The visuals of her daughter soon come back into mind, day dreaming now. Jaune stares at the ceiling, flashes of memory before her eyes. It all played out like a movie in her head. The rumble... The chaoes.... The last time she ever saw Suiz.
  7. Cethin was still being administrated drugs when the door slid open again. A woman entered and was cuffed to a bed next to him. He saw her wrist, a deep thin line of blood trickling down. Another attempted suicide, perhaps? Cethin almost let out a sigh at the thought. Cethin had lost track of how many times he had tried to take his own life...many people have as well.

    "I've tried..." He muttered, mostly to himself. "So many times...My body's so used to the pain."

    Part of him wanted to tell the woman to give it up. Not to risk her well-being like he did and cause his body to have been fixed and sewed up so many times...but at the same time, he saw no reason to. Part of him didn't want to. He wanted him to escape, not her. He continued staring at the ceiling, ignoring the blue tube that dangled down from the compartment.
  8. Jaune from her peripheral vision saw a mechanical arm come from above, it made her tense again, which made her feel the blood veins in her arm sting. She made no sound, she should be use to this. If anything she was uncomfortable, having it in her sight. She wanted to hit it, beat it. But the restrain would not let her. She looked away for she knew that it was examining her wound. She didn't want to go back to her prison. She was going to crack again, or hurt herself. Jaun blinked and saw a man that was not that far from being next to her, although all she could see was the back of his head. She noticed him move, she figured he must be the only other person also on a table. She huffed to herself, until she felt a needle singe through her arm. In reaction she made a high pitch grunt, trying to pull away it only made her arm hurt worse. Another mechanical arm soon cam and strapped her arm tighter, as if this made anything better. Her eyes watched as the needle was in her again, this time she took it better and breathed heavy. She stared at the man in front of her, to take her mind off of the sting and her arm.

    She made a slight whine in her throat when the tingling came, almost at the back of her neck to her throat. They injected her with in-toxins that relaxed muscle, almost to the point where she couldn't move all that well. She was quite familiar with this feeling. The same injection she got after every test, to the first day she arrived. wrinkles formed on her brow as she was in discomfort. She let out a heavy breath, lied back more. Eyes on the man, watching him as if she had nothing else better to do.
  9. Cethin watched the woman, eyes burning straight into hers for a few moments. At first he said nothing. There was nothing to say so he let the silence hang between him. Eventually he spoke, slowly.

    "My grandfather was a general in the End War."

    He didn't know why he was talking about this to a complete stranger. Somehow, he felt like everything was hopeless and passing it on to this woman would make everything better...but it wouldn't. But he continued talking anyways.

    "I've hated him for it. The Overseers put me in Physical Defense. Every god damn day, it's a new animal I've got to fight. Once they made me fight a stimulation of my own grandfather. I ripped him apart with my bare hands."

    He licked his lips; his voice was dry and brittle, as if he hadn't drank any liquids for days.

    "I've tried so many different ways to escape. Suicide is usually what I aim for. But the Overseers make sure that you'll stay alive and suffer. I've probably been in here the most. I can't tell you how many ways I've tried to kill myself. Death must really hate my fucking guts or love me because he never come to me. I absolutely hate it. This place is Hell."

    He was now simply talking away, not caring that a few people in the Med Bay were also staring and listening to him. Cethin poured out his feelings through his words, just wanting for once for someone to know what he did.

    "The Overseers, they control everything. They've got cameras everywhere, even in the bathrooms. They're probably listening to me right now. I don't give a rat's ass, let them listen. You hear that, Overseers?!"

    His voice suddenly rose to a hoarse yell. The few people that were looking at him now turned away.

    "I wish we could hook you up to a bunch of test tubes and see how you like it! Kill me, why don't you?! My grandfather fought your kind and you killed him, so why not kill me? KILL ME!"

    In response, a mechanical arm came down from the compartment and injected another tube into him. This one made him sleepy and lose energy. He now looked at the woman with sleepy eyes, his vision blurring.

    "Those...damn...Overseers..." He slurred through heavy lips, his words heavily muddled.
  10. Jaune sat and listened to the man's sudden plea. A sorrowful, self-out cry. Jaune felt at moments he was trying to communicate to her, but, realized it was more likely a form of letting it off his shoulders. She let out a heavy sigh, blinked and watched as he got more aggressive in his tone. She did not pay attention to anyone else, just him. She wanted to relate to him, but, shortly knew her words were best unsaid. She clenched her hands stiff. She watched as the mechanical arm punctured his arm with fluid. The man now fell asleep.

    She could not help but let tears spew down her face. She felt the man's pain. She didn't want to be hear, why can't her life be over and done with. What do they want us to suffer... What do they get out of this. His muddled words made her lean forward almost, in response to wanting to hear more. She wept as she laied back. Eyes closed harshly, hands shaking.
  11. (Sorry for late reply! I've been very busy with school.)

    Cethin saw the woman cry, her tears running down her cheeks. He wasn't sure what to do with this reaction. But he saw her lean forward, and wondered if she wanted to hear more. Well, he forced words out of his heavy mouth. Sometimes they came out strange, but he tried his best to talk with the serum running through his blood.

    "Th-The Overseers...yeah...I wonder why they don't ever come down here...are they scared of us...probably are...cowards...what are they testing for though...I wonder..."

    From a small door in the far wall, a small hovering robot was dispatched and began to fly around the room. It hummed, almost happily, as it went around and scanned the patients for whatever reason. A small red light would fan out from the single crimson eye on its round body, before a series of beeps would play out then it would hover else where, chirping all the way. Most of the patients didn't do anything, but as it approached Cethin, with all his remaining strength, he snarled at it. The robot paid no attention, and scanned him anyways.

    "They...always have those around...scanning us and shit...I wonder what they are scanning for..."
  12. Jaune sat there, numbing at the sound of his lisped words. They got bitter and soon faded. She was fully content with the informative words of the man. She tried to speak but an arm soon startled her mid sentence, bandaging her. She glared at the moving machine, folding the wrap around her wrist. She turned her focus back on the man. She breathed in a deep breath and let it out smoothly. In awkward tonguel, and almost in a sore voice she asked.

    "What...What is your name?" She thought she'd at least get that out of him... Try to before he fell asleep from the jabbed medicine into his stream. She rested more, waiting for the man to respond. She grew shaky when she noticed the machines come. She knew it was time to go. She felt shot down and excommunicated from the man. She almost growled from her breath and huffed. She hoped for his name...
  13. (Eek, another late reply. Sorry, I was sick.)

    Cethin sleepily opened his eyes at her, trying to take in every detail of her face. He wanted to remember her, so he could at least pretend he had a supporter. Someone he could talk to. A friend. Hope. His lips were so heavy but with all the strength he could muster, he spoke out his name.
    "Cethin. Sullivun. Please...remember it."
    The chirping robot flew over to Cethin and scanned him, when it was done, it again chirped and went on its way.

    Soon a voice from the compartment stated [Patient recovered.] The cuffs on his bed slid away but immediately a platform clamped down on his feet and took him off the bed. As he was being carried away, Cethin looked back at the woman, regretting the fact he never asked for her name...but he had given his. He wondered why he gave it to her...why was she so different from the others. Did she really matter? Maybe. Maybe not. In the end, the Overseers always had more power.

    Cethin let out a weary breath. He was being taken back to his room where they would let him rest for a while before testing him again.
  14. ((I'm debating weather Jaune should break out somehow, or that maybe when Cethin gets enough strength he could? I'm not so sure. Short post is short))

    Jaune curled her dried lips and closed her eyes, she felt the table beneath her whisk her off. Her compartment spoke [Patient recovered.]. The same routine happened to her. It came down on her, her feet released, and was now off of her bed. She tried to look back at the man, but, he was already gone. She knew she had to remember that name... She couldn't come up with any ideas of why, but, just for something to keep. Something to store in her memories, memories that she has left. She'll remember that man. She somehow knew it wasn't going to be the last time she will saw him... Although she knew it was a more inapplicable idea to move on and forget. But, she just can not.

    Jaune was now locked within the grey walls of her living space. She sits on her mattress-less bed, staring blankly at the wall.
  15. ((Maybe this next post will help you ;) ))

    Cethin was in his room, looking up at the ceiling. A tray of food had been delivered to his dorm but he didn't touch it. He was too busy thinking of the next time he would be tested on and what new possibilities would there be to escape. Cethin had been in the Med Bay more times than he could count but they always were able to heal him. Always. They even got rid of his scars.

    [Subject on hold.]

    Cethin jerked his head up to the monitor that was now blinking different colors. He stared at it, wondering what was happening. He was on hold? Would they stop his experiments? A few moments of tense silence hung in the air.

    [Code FIN initiating.]

    "Code FIN?" Cethin asked out loud, though the monitor continued blinking. A small siren-like noise was no emitting throughout his room. He jumped to his feet and looked around. The lights were flickering erratically while the monitor continued blinking. Cethin was looking around frantically, wondering if this was a malfunction. But that was impossible...nothing ever malfunctioned. The monitor made a sudden clicking noise and Cethin quickly looked towards it.

    [Code FIN initiated.]

    The lights, that were previously flickering, now blinked off. Cethin looked towards the monitor. For the first time since the Collapse, he was wishing it would say something. Anything. Even if it was for an experiment.


    Cethin began to panic. This had never happened. Could there be a malfunction? His ran towards his door and was surprised to see it open. He wandered out, seeing many subjects now walking out of their rooms as well and looking around.

    ((I just thought I say that's there no exits of any kind so no one can escape...yet.))
    Then someone screamed and everything erupted into chaos.