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  1. The plot for this RP will be a mix between Tom Clancy's The Division, and The Walking Dead. The premise is that every major national capital was hit by a biological agent that immersed a reanimation viral strain to the neurologic and nervous systems as it also ate away at their cells. This virus gives way to the widespread outbreak of zombies, aka lurkers. The nation goes in chaos and panic as Washington DC begins to cave in on itself in terms of order, the lurkers begin to infect and spread as The Navy seals off the USA.

    However, what the world doesn't know, is that there has been a elite covert group dedicated to finality of threats that offer to end all of mankind. The final hope after the final hope has been lost. The Coalition. They are the most absolute skilled, gifted, special, unique people on planet Earth, from all walks of life and branches of service, be it military, government, or civilian. A week after the outbreak when the world was declared a state of emergency and it was determined the USA was now DEFCOM 1, The Coalition was activated to respond to world level threats when they can no longer be handled. The Coalition will not fail. If The Illuminati were real, and tactically based instead of power/political, it would be The Coalition.

    The characters I would like for this RP aren't just your typical skilled with weapons and combat types. There's something I've developed called an OmniSkill, which is a skill that literally your character is the best in the world at, rival to none other. The more unique the better. Skills like Absolute Marksman, Demolitions, Etc are allowed, but think in terms of long term skillsets that could be utilized to help your character survive in this gritty and drastic world. My character will have Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is basically subjection and manipulation through words and empathic behavior & analysis.

    I want characters to be as diverse as possible in order to make them stand out from one another. That way if this RP gets interest we will form a rag tag group of badasses in different fatal ways, but yet they stick together like family. There will be special types of zombies still in development, but for the beginning we will focus on basic hands out lurking zombies. And yes, they can run.

    This is sort of a special request if the RP gets interest I would really love to have -> I would like two characters to play two female Coalition agents that are close/special to my character Sharon. They would be her two sisters: one younger, one older. The two face claims I had on them was Daisey Ridley (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious Series, Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman) They could have whatever Omni Skill the player could devise, but I'd really like to have a trio of badass sisters in the RP.

    Well, I think that's it! Any questions or comments respond :)

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  2. Frick I want in but I am moving and won't be on for like two weeks because of moving and no internet . how could you make such an amazing rp before I leave ahhhh. jk on the how could you. if this hasn't started by the time I get back please give me a sister spot if it has I understand
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  3. I'd be down for this rp ^^
  4. What character did you have in mind?
  5. If it comes to it whatever sister you want to claim could be out on assignment for those two weeks you'd be gone, and then come in when you can :) which sister did you want to play?
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  6. If it comes to it whatever sister you want to claim could be out on assignment for those two weeks you'd be gone, and then come in when you can :) which sister did you want to play?
  7. It'll either be associated with emergency response or military.. Are we going to use reference The Division for some terms that might work out? ((Like the JTF for example))
  8. No there won't be any Division references, it'll be an original story. So your character won't be Coalition?
  9. that work, I will take the older one chick from fast and furious
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  10. If there's a possibility I can fill a role outside the Coalition, or if need be I can sure mix up a good story for a Coalition character.
  11. Okay, well make her to your liking just know the sisters last names are Sweet. My character is Sharon Sweet. NLP is her Omni skill.
  12. Sure you don't have to be Coalition, I just can't imagine how you'd be around a lot of the planning in their secure base and all. You can have a non-Coa character if you'd like and then we could interact/rescue/assist you on the outside or something.
  13. okay perfect will you pm me the cs
  14. I'll see what I can do. Perhaps a support character would contribute a lot to the plot, eh? I guess all I need now is the CS template and I'll get to work
  15. I'll PM it to you!
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  16. Uhhh, give me abit to think about it. Do they have to look like how you want them to look? Or can we change their picture? I can make a female character for this or a male character. Which would you rather have? Also, Omni-Skill what is within allowed skills/stuff. Can you give me examples of what is allowed and what isnt.
  17. You can have whatever character you want you don't have to play a sister. But on sister is taken the only one left is Daisey's FC
  18. Can you give me a few eamples of what an Omni skill is and what it isnt so I can get an idea of what is allowed and what isnt.
  19. So my characters Skill is Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is subjective suggestion through words and analytical behavior. Basically making someone say/do what you want by studying them, and knowing how someone/something behaves or will behave.

    There isn't a specific Skill set that wouldn't be allowed but the more unique the better:

    • Pinpoint Precision > Marksmanship
    • Thermodynamic Explosives Expert > Demolitions
    • Cryptographic Cyberpathy > Hacking

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