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  1. The Clymer Community, a community that was first started about a year ago based on the mechanics of the manga and animation Naruto Shippuden. While the show was an inspiring factor to the community i had decided that i wanted a much more original space that i could call something that i created with the assistance of those who gave it a chance.

    What do you expect to get out of the Clymer Community?

    The Clymer Community can offer you a large variation of different types of roleplays that is highly dependent on how many member we have to offer. Different roleplayers differ from person to person, mission to mission and event to event. Clymer gives an expansive storyline that is original to YOU the player, do not expect a scripted storyline for you to follow-YOU are making Clymer history. This being said, we expect to have community OOC events that reward a player for participating within the community and being active. This community also offers DND styled mechanics that allow you to create your character and advance them in the future for their own needs.

    What do you mean DND styled mechanics?

    Clymer has a system to prevent people from becoming far too strong to quickly as well as a time based and activity based leveling system that will reward those who are in need of rewarding. While this is being said, everybody must finish and complete a character sheet and than have it approved for use. Combat is Roleplayed styled as expected and is monitored by a staff member to prevent conflict in OOC. What ever a staff member says will happen, please do not protest unless if it is reasonable that the staff member may be wrong.

    What is your current progress on the community? (This is a beta community, ^^^)

    Clymer started on Patch 0.1 and made five patches after this. Patches include Patch 0.1, Patch 0.2, Patch 0.3, Patch 0.4, Patch 0.4.5, Patch, Patch 0.5. The Community is currently on Patch 0.5 and have made multiple original content to seperate the community from a copy of an animation and manga into a more orginal creation. We currently also have a map in place for visual awareness, special thanks to Bakatar a friend.


    Everybody Roleplay must Roleplay in a third person perspective, past pretense. The reasoning behind speaking in past pretense is because Powergaming is Extremely deadly within the community, if you do not allow a person to react to what you had just done, this is powergaming. If you do not understand how to speak in past pretense please request assistance through skype.

    This being said, everybody also must be aware of the standards that must be followed for everybody to enjoy a good roleplay.

    This document has been made for the peoples understanding within the clymer community, both the meta of the RP and the in-game of RP. If something was not answered here i will ask you to please ask a mod/administrator of this community.

    Within the community definitions of both meta-gaming, Powergaming, and Godmodding are completely different from one another, some might be the same but we will explain this to you in detail.

    Meta-gaming, a plot disposer and RP destroyer, is an element used for un-fair gameplay and for admin and mod use. We expect all of our players to not make Meta based decisions if known beforehand of an action, if you do not know what metagaming is please look below on the multiple examples.

    -Adjusting a character’s action/reaction based on foreknowledge of the long-term intention of the gamemaster/RP
    -Gaining knowledge from OOC, and using it for you’re advantage or change of decision
    -Using certain types of attack or defense based on the strength of weaknesses of an oppnenent that the player’s character is unaware of.
    -Acting on any knowledge that the character is not aware of
    -Adjusting a characters behavior towards other player characters based on real-life relationships with other players.
    -Using knowledge of the game’s mechanics to gain an advantage in the game by having the character do something incompatible with that characters personality.
    -Any action that is based upon the knowledge of the fourth wall

    Power gaming. Power gaming can be extremely confusing to RP in naruto, this is due to the fact that naruto is very materialistic, and based on the characters of the character, depends the fate of the character. An example would be a better jutsu or a better chakra nature vs another chakra nature. Overall Power gaming is the desire to be very materialistic, be the most powerful and the strongest possible, deliberately of course.

    This is very common because we as a people are very competitive, and want to win. As said by wiki “a player can be described as a powergamer if he or she presumes or declares that his or her own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on his or her own prerogative.”

    Power gaming can be also confused for god modding, which will be explained also. Godmodding is the idea of a player having the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. An example is when they simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RPers Try. Yes, the Clymer community offers this to main characters that people have, with the exception of constant purposeful mistakes. The benefit the Admins/mods give to main characters is the ability to not be killed in RP, this is because it takes a very long time to age a character to perfection, and we want you to be happy to come back to RP with us when ever you want.
    As said by the urban dictionary

    The absolute worst is when they make out another character to be what they’re not, just to make their own character seem superior. They make others seem weak, screaming for help, when they’ve made it quite clear about their advantages and strengths. This is called power-play. It’s a strain of God-Modding, but instead of just being irritating, it’s offensive to boot.”

    Examples of godmodding are listed below, and are taken directly by the same site listed above.

    -It can be killing or injuring a character without the player's express permission.

    -It can be when they simply can’t be hit and dodge all attacks or anything for this matter aimed at them. (Of course if they were not being controlled by god modding, sometimes they are still unable to get out of the way by common sense)

    -It can also be using other characters that other people RP with. In other words, if you do not RP as Legolas, then you cannot have Legolas say anything, or do anything, without the player's express permission. This example is why Powergaming and godmodding is very very close!

    Combat information.

    -You can not control if a kunai/other actually hits a certain area or punctures and sticks to a tree, that is up to the casters decision not yourself. Yes, you can move out of the way and make it hit another location, but please notice you are not interacting with the Kunai/other you are interacting with yourself.

    -Please use common sense while using a jutsu/attack, if you snap your head around in a 180 degree angle and shoot fire from it to attack an enemy, you either have a clone be doing that or a puppet this is considered powergaming/godmodding! (The clone would be dispanded if the clone even attempted that, just an example)

    -Please notice that you’re jutsu and techniques may be taken away in the future if they prove to be extremely OP and have no way of being nerfed, if anything it can just be barred along with the character if you dis-accept this.

    -Mods and Admin have the right to privacy too! Just like you, how you filled out you’re character sheet and you seen this “Do you want your characters information to be displayed publicly?(Yes/No):” Just because only we can see our character sheets and we do not allow you to see ours does not mean we are cheating or godmodding/powergaming/metagaming in anyway! Of course we can slip up, that is your duty to find that and dispose of it for us, we are only human!

    -Please also notice, the world is currently being made and is also changing constantly! This means you can not, create towns and large landmarks within you’re RP’s if you would like to know more information and even want to consider making new stuff for the community like towns etc, contact Kui and apply for a lore position!

    Example pieces that may further your interest within the community! (And contact information! Duh!)

    Contact information:
    Skype: Sonicstar1961 (Not my age! :P)

    *The current character sheet!*
    Part 1: Personal information





    Chakra color:

    Chakra natures:

    Current income:

    Special Talent (Something a character has learned from experience in a work force or a degree in college, something they took courses in to specialize in the factor. Examples would include carpentry, professional massager, scientist and a vet, metalsmithing, cartography, leatherworking.)

    Other Talents (Talents a character has learned from personal experience that is not college or workforce related. for example surfing, massaging, cooking, debatement, politics, graffiti, painting, knowing how to play an instrument)

    Physical appearance (Height, weight, hair color, hair style, skin color, eye color, clothing, etc. Try to make this usable for quick access in role play for when you introduce your character to new people. Make sure that the dress is appropriate to the setting of clymer.)







    Part 2: Occupation and background information

    Is this character loyal to an empire or faction? If so, list the faction or empire below.

    Criminal background and criminal background information (List below the locations of infraction of being caught and the consequences as well.)

    Current residence:

    Current other land holdings:


    Legendary title(only can be awarded in RP):

    Part 3: Stats and editable’s

    Current physique stacks:

    Current supplementary Stacks:

    Current Spiritual stacks:

    Physique skills

    Health 1-10


    Strength 1-10


    Agility 1-10


    Supplementary skills

    Ki level 1-10


    Kiai level 1-10


    Swordsmanship 1-10


    Weapon specialist 1-10


    Martial Arts 1-10


    Sealing(barrier) 1-10


    Sealing(marks){req sealing(barrier) 3} 1-10


    Sensory level 1-10


    Medical technique level 1-10


    Medical knowledge level 1-10


    Summoning level 1-10


    puppetry 1-10


    Stealth 1-10


    Spiritual skills

    Spiritual Power 1-10


    Natural energy (Essence)


    Sensory alteration 1-10


    Cloning 1-10


    Transformation 1-10


    Stealth techniques 1-10


    Bloodline 1-10


    Fire Release {Req Spiritual 3} 0-1


    Water Release {Req Spiritual 3} 0-1


    Earth Release {Req Spiritual 3} 0-1


    Lightning Release {Req Spiritual 3} 0-1


    Wind Release {Req Spiritual 3} 0-1


    Stacks from any of the three groups may be spent on Chakra and Physical stacks are spent at a two to one ratio.

    Chakra 3/5


    Forbidden and Bloodline
    Depending on the group of technique, stacks from one or more of the three groups must be spent to unlock these techniques.

    Forbidden 1-10


    Bloodline (May have prerequisites) [1-10]


    Remaining hitpoints:
    Remaining armor:
    Remaining chakra:
    Remaining gold:
    Current honor tokens:
    Current stacks received total:
    Current inventory:
    environmental hazards:
    Character awards and medals:

    *Lore that is current*

    There once was a nation with a legendary name known as Akarui, it was a nation made before the three great sister arrived in Clymer. The military power and the name alone held great weight on the continent and no other town could have resisted the military force with the exception of GreenPatch and exceptional foreign nations.

    The nation was known for it’s militaristic ways as well as the need for foreign material as three of the main towns had no surplus of any form of goods with the exception of simple building blocks for towns and walls, with the exception of food. This made the town far more aggressive towards other towns at the present time as well as demanding the trade of demanding good without hesitation. This system would have continued for ages, new figures of power coming into action by each generation for each of the four legendary families.

    The Fujimoto clan, known highly for being a militaristic clan as well as being well known to giving off off-spring with great power and abilities. Being known for its possession of the Green Aster, a dojutsu obtained only by the Fujimoto clan and those who have retrieved this ocular power by some sort of motive. The Fujimoto clan had strong ties with the Suzuki clan, having relying highly on its farmed goods as well as maintaining peace with the clan. Peace was something that the Suzuki clan prized the most, disliking the motives that the Fujimoto clan had towards other nations and towns. A meeting was called as of - - - to declare a Pax Akarui after the nation was born, a time of peace and repense for those affected by the war hungry ways of the three families. If the Fujimoto clan continued its war hungry status and continue its ways the Fujimoto clan would have placed an embargo on all sold supplies as well as placing a sanction towards all GreenPatch goods.

    The Suzuki clan, known highly for being pacifistic and for the trading and importing of the goods made in the clans tribe and those made by GreenPatch. The Suzuki clan has a strong relationship with the four legendary families of GreenPatch, and take great pride in protecting the land about them as well as the land around others. This tradition would have spread throughout the three other clans that supported Akarui as well as a large portion of what is now Terrestria. The Suzuki clan had formed the nation Akarui with a peace offering between the three clans who it had . . . . . . . . . .