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  1. The Cloudy City: The Revolution


    The Cloudy City is set in a futuristic city build 8000 metres above ground after WWIII occurred. It was build and run by two organisations with funding of the government of many first world countries for people to live, since 70% of the Earth is inhabitable for humans to live. The thing is, not everyone is able to live there, only the rich can afford to do so. Also, due to organisations being run by rich, homophobic, racist, transphobic, ableist and classist people, the city is full of homophobia, transphobia, racism, classism and what not. Although city is like that, there is still a minority of people in those categories who still live there but in secret. Until a group of teenagers of all genders, race and class come together and start a rebellion that'll change the city's history.
    • All Iwaku rules applies in this roleplay
    • All standard roleplay rules (no godmoding, marry sues, no OOC drama etc) applies.
    • This roleplay reflects the current social and political issues of racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and classism. If you are one of those people not do not supports these minorities please do not join this roleplay.
    • Please make you're character POC, in the LBGTIQA community, not in upper class and/or have a disability. I would like some diversity instead having all rich, straight, white, cisgender characters in this roleplay.
    • Please keep the main genre of this roleplay adventure and dystopian, I don't want romance taking over the roleplay.
    • All sex scenes must continue in P.Ms or fade to black in this roleplay. Again, I don't want that to take over the roleplay.
    • Please post at lest a paragraph of six sentences for each post with proper spelling and grammar.
    • Please be committed to this roleplay, unless your character is dead or something in your life had happened and can not continue this roleplay then you are free to leave.
    • Please post minimum twice a week, unless you are unable to then please consult it with me.
    • Please take keep in mind that this roleplay may have a sequel if this one roleplay is successful.
    • If you have any questions please consult it to me via P.Ms or in this thread.
    • Please have fun and enjoy this roleplay.
    Orientation (Sexual and Romantic):
    Gang Member?: (yes or no?)
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  2. Name: Aki Jacobson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Race/Nationality: Asian American
    Sexual Orientation : Bisexual
    Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
    Gang Member: Not affiliated with any gang at the moment.
    Personality: Loyal, Intelligent, Charming, Happy, Optimistic, Caring to a fault

    Bio: Aki was born to a Japanese Father and American mother. Her father met her mother after he had left Japan to study abroad. He ended up in The cloudy city. He did get there on a scholarship send that is how he met Aki's mother. They quickly meet, get to know each other and marry. However, after he graduates, he had the job he had lined up for him taken from under him. Left with nothing, him, his new wife and his now newborn daughter were forced to find shelter in Cloudy City. Aki was raised in the dirty, lowly parts of the city, making her almost immune to those who try to bully her. Despite her rough exterior, anyone who helps her or shows her kindness quickly earns her respect. She is acutely aware of the wrongs going on around her and dreams of the day she can make a change.
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  3. Your character's appearance had me like...
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  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Drew Oakley
    Gender: Agender

    Sex: Female
    Pronouns: They/Them and He/Him
    Age: 20
    Race/Nationality: Maori
    Orientation (Sexual and Romantic): Asexual, Demi-panromtic
    Gang Member?: Yes, the leader of the gang.
    Appearance/Picture: 6"1, 171lbs, tall and muscular body built. Dark skin, brown eyes, dark brown hair.
    Personality: Extrovert, out going, cheery, leader-like, loyal, over-protective, insensitive, short temper.
    Bio: Drew was born into a family of 4 of being the eldest with only a mother, the father was killed during a terrorist attack by the age of 6. Shortly after him and his family snuck into the entry of the City and started a new life. At first they lived in the slums but by the time Drew was 18 the family moved up to middle class and have a stable home and income. During those years of being in the City, Drew had copped most of the racist and transphobic comments for being black and agender. Till recently he's starting a gang to change the culture of the City, to get rid of the racist, homophobic, transphobic, classist and ablest atmosphere in the place. Although, he doesn't have any members yet but he's still striving to change the culture.
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  5. I'll reserve a spot in this. I'll have my CS soon, this role played definitely caught my attention, but a couple questions.

    Will there be combat? Like fighting CQB or gun fights. I figured there was since it is a rebellion, but hopefully this will not be controlled by that.

    And if it's in the future, could our characters have synthetic limbs, not for combat, just to replace a lost limb per say. Just trying to get a feel on how far this universe is on technology lol.
  6. Yes, there will be a mixture of weapon and hand to hand fighting. And yes, your character can have synthetic/prosthetic limbs.
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  7. Thank you ^.^, I'll have my CS up soon.
  8. Name: kasuka Yoki

    Gender: male

    Age: 18

    Race/Nationality: Asian American

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    romantic Orientation: Biromantic

    Gang Member: No, not part of any gang... for now at least

    Other info (open)
    Kasuka stands to be at least 5'10, and appears to be lithe. But don't let that fool you, he ways more than he looks due to his augmentations. He has dark brown hair and sea blue eyes.
    Other info (open)

    He has burn scars near his shoulders, and a scar that goes down his spine. He has augmentations in his body, such as several places in his legs, such as the knee caps and thighs, and his spine is replaced with a synthetic spine. None of this is noticeable, you wouldn't know unless he told you, but the noticeable thing is his arms, which are completely synthetic.
    His arms

    Personality: Quiet unless called on, loyal, sympathetic, caring, Intelligent when it comes to technology. Likes to linger on the past, shy, will help others in need, can be irrational at times.

    Bio: Kasuka was born with no mother, his mother died at birth. His father took care of him while living the middleclass life in the cloud city, Kasuka was schooled while his father worked as an excavator down on earth, going into harsh environments to collect what was needed for the city. When he was 14 things began to change, it started when he entered that bus, it would've been like any other morning while going to school, but this time someone brought a bomb, and set it off on the way to school. killing almost everyone on the bus, except for him. He woke up in a hospital several weeks later to find out his arms where gone, taken away by the bomb. They had been replaced with stronger synthetic arms, his spine was replaced and his legs slightly augmented, all to carry the weight of the arms, and to allow for full control of his arms through synthetic nerves. His father had used all of his savings for the surgery, and for the therapy so Kasuka could get used to the new limbs, it took some time, almost two years exactly. But that also made him and his father seek refuge in the lower areas of the cloud city, the slums. By the time he was seventeen, his father had died from radiation poisoning due to his job making him exposed to such dangers. Leaving kasuka homeless, now he lives without a home, a shit job at a convenience store just enough to feed him. He has lost his motivation to do anything anymore, and wishes he could find a calling, something that would make him feel important for once. He also wishes that maybe things could change for the people of the slums, instead of being oppressed by the rich, It's why he sometimes steps out of his way to help others in need, it leaves him with a good feeling...he loves helping others.​
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  9. Accepted :D
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  10. Very interested! I'll have my sheet(s) up soon. Is it alright for me to have two characters?
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  11. Sure, just try your best to use both of your character regularly.
  12. [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler

    Full Name
    Solomon E. H. C. Gomez
    (Eohenia Hugo Chepito)





    Spanish American


    Gender Fluid

    Preferred Pronoun(s)

    Romantic Orientation

    Sexual Orientation


    Gas Station Worker/Civil Rights Activist

    Birth Order



    Grandmother Jabez

    Significant Other(s)


    Closest Friends
    His Grandmother

    The State/Government

    The State/Government

    Eye Color(s)

    Hair Color(s)


    166 Lbs

    Body Build
    Small and lengthy

    Notable Physical Traits
    Nortoriously curly hair and speckles of freckles covering his body.

    Mental Disease(s)
    -Pica, triggered by Anxiety
    -Social Anxiety/Generalized Anxiety Disorder
    -Mild to Moderate Tourettes (Includes symptoms of Echolalia, but can mostly include tics, stutters and/or rapid movement of the legs/arms/eyes/ect.)

    When and how was this diagnosed?
    -Diagnosed by a relative, whom shared the same symptoms. It started when he was a child of four, and he was found eating chalk and glass. It worsened with age, and he finds it as a source of comfort when he is in stressful situations.
    -Not so much as a diagnoses, but Solomon is sure that he has it. He has read books on his illness, and he made a safe and educated self diagnoses.
    -This is the only diagnoses that was taken up by a professional. He was diagnosed at the age of nine after a particularly bad fit of tics, stuttering and limb spasms. He was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome, but because he isn't able to afford the medication in order to control it, he has gotten fairly good at camouflaging his symptoms.

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  13. Sure, take your time! Good luck on your finals! ^^
  14. Just a quick question-- how long ago was the war? Will there be more information about the war, or is it just up for grabs? I was going to say that Solomon's grandfather would be in it, and I wanted to know if that was at all correct. I'd be glad to lend in some form of history to this, if you at all need it. I had to do a paper on WWII not too long ago!!
  15. Well when the war was finished the City was starting to take place and by the time it's was officially built it'll be around 30-50 years later. Mind you the city is big as Hawaii. But yes, I'll love it if you can add some history to that. Since I'm going to have a prequel roleplay after this one about the City while it's was in construction.
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  16. That sounds neat! That'd be a good prequel.

    Could you PM me, so I got get a clearer idea about where this'll go?
  17. This has got my attention~! But... Can i make a female? *looks at all the bishies and dies from all the hotness and cuteness*
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  18. I Don't think it matters if your a girl or boy plus we need more boys its a sausage fest up in here XD
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  19. There's a lot of carrots in this stew...
  20. Haha~ Kay~ I tend to make M&F twins most of the time so I wasn't too sure if I could or not~
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