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  1. Who misses The Closer? I know I do! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a RP of The Closer with me. It could be a group or a oneXone, there could be romance, there could be none, that all depends on who is interested. I have no idea who I would play, although I would love to play Brenda Leigh Johnson. That can also be worked out after so many people sign up.

    Here is the list of the people needed.

    Deputy Cheif Brenda Leigh Johnson- (Me, possibly, unless I am convinced otherwise)
    Lt. Louie Provenza-
    Assistant CheifWill Pope-
    AgentFritz Howard-
    Lt. Andy Flynn-
    Commander Taylor-
    Detective Julio Sanchez-
    Lt. Mike Tao-
    Detective Irene Daniels-
    Captain Sharon Raydor-
    Sgt. David Gabriel-

    Maybe less if there aren't that many people interested.

    I am at Job Corps, so I will not be able to be on all day every day, but hey, if people are interested and I can't participate, feel free to replace me and move on lol!!