The Closed World (Persona 3/4 Inspired Fantasy/Highschool/Time Management RP)

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    In a train station at a dawning hour of the autumn morning, a single figure was waiting. The cold air bit at him, his cheeks growing rosy as did his nose. He stood in a freshly washed uniform that had not a single wrinkle on it and had not yet adopted the shape of his body, the platform beneath his feet had many cracks through which weeds and other vegetation grew. While the station itself was well-lit, the surrounding city was left unlit save for a few candle lights shining through the windows adorning the houses in the sleepy town.

    It was foggy. In fact, thinking back on it, it was very much possible that this "man" was in fact a woman. The Praesidium's uniforms, while differing between the sexes, could perhaps be confused for one another from a distance...

    Actually, our narrator may just be blind.

    Returning to the situation at hand, this unknown character, alone in the deserted station, seemed to be awaiting his or her train; a reasonable assumption, if we consider the location. With the fog of the morning creating a thick veil over the area, the features and exact look, feelings and emotions emanated by the figure were vague at most, but an observer could possibly and barely see that this person seemed at least somewhat excited to meet their new fate. Something in the way they stood gave off an aura of security, confidence and acceptance; acceptance of what fortune had chosen for him-slash-her.

    Suddenly, lights could be seen through the fog as the awaited train approached. In response, the unknown character picked up their lightly packed bag and headed towards the edge of the platform. The train came, only a single car following behind it. The machine's brakes groaned and it pulled in up an almost supernaturally perfect fashion directly in front of the character.

    Not a single man descended from the vehicle to make the figure enter, but the person quietly entered nonetheless, not letting the nonexistence of an escort subtract from their noticeably good mood (or was it?). Before entering, however, the character took a look around, and with the fog now steadily dissipating, the character's features were now able to be seen in detail, even by our perhaps blind narrator.

    This "character" is you.
    Some Background (open)

    We are currently in the Minontone era, thus named as our current leaders, the High Consuls of the Praesidium, rule from the city of Minontone. The Praesidium is the current ruling body of a stretch of land known as United Republic of Armand. In recent years, the discovery of a mineral called Yosaoka which possesses the ability to power groundbreaking machinery; the most famous use being in the Gripen&Co. Automatized Rail Transport, most commonly called by the more simple name of "train".

    The new technologies springing from this discovery have industrialized many of the lands of Armand, especially close to the current capital of Minotone, but large swathes of our country's territory remain relatively rural and especially technologically undeveloped, though most towns have at least a small station that connects them to the extensive rail system built by the Praesidium and their main contractor, Gripen&Co..

    On the subject of the Praesidium, they are an organization of which the information of their origins is elusive. They took power from the old monarchs of the Armand kingdoms around ninety-nine years ago during an age of strife and established a so-called republic, where anyone can run for the position of High Consul (of which there are no more than two), though many people wonder if the candidates aren't actually people chosen by higher-ups in the Praesidium as many citizens who run for office have a tendency of failing to even become a candidate. Nonetheless, for all of the Praesidium's ruling, the people of the URA have remained satisfied with whichever High Consuls are elected for that year.

    For all of the years since Armand's kingdoms were united, the economy has remained stable, peace has been kept, crime has been low and overall, times have been good, in large part due to the Praesidium's powerful methods of keeping the peace. One of these is the Minontone Officer's Academy, a school in the capital where youths considered a present or future threat to the peace are sent, where they must remain until graduation. While there, aside from typical education, students are assigned various duties in the surrounding areas of the capital with regards to holding the order.

    You, cherished reader, are one of those considered a current or possible threat to the peace of Armand and sent to the Academy...

    (this may be further elaborated upon as we progress/if I feel like it)

    Rules (open)

    1: Keep the RP PG-13 to mild R. Feel free to describe till your heart’s content the effects of a serious injury and feel free to swear like a sailor if you wish, but keep any sexual situation to just references in passing please! Making out is the limit!

    2: Please, no Godmodding. However, if you deem that powerplaying could help with the plot, please ask for permission first from the target of the powerplaying. At the same time, don't endlessly spam powerplaying, as that makes things very unfair.

    3: I would like at least three good paragraphs or more of written content, except during interactions when I will allow a filled paragraph or two, as to keep things active. Don't know what to write? Talk about what your character thinks, sees or about the place he/she is in.

    4: This is not the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: There will be no Aliens; No Time Travellers; No Espers; No Sliders; and no one with strange, otherworldly, ungodly, or otherwise mystical powers. However, if you absolutely think that some sort of interesting thing might make your character, go ahead and discuss it with me through PM.

    5: Try to make original characters with little to no inspiration from existing characters from shows/games/other media.

    6: If you need to go on Hiatus or break for a period of time, let us know. We don’t want to assume you got bored of the RP and left it without saying a word about it. If something important came up or you suddenly became busy with work, just let us know so I can work something out.

    7: Try to post at least once a week. Again, this is to prevent lack of interest in the RP by vanishing characters. Also, it will help maintain a flow in the RP so it won’t slow down too much. This isn't a mandatory rule to follow, but it is encouraged, and if you need more time to post: don't be afraid to post in the OOC about your concerns and I'll be glad to make the proper accommodations.

    8: Try to reply if you know for sure a previous post was meant for you specifically to reply back too. It’s only polite so the RP won’t be kept waiting for a single person to reply back so everyone can have fun.

    9: If you fail to post or notify anyone the reason for your absence, there will be consequences...
    Note: a “Reason” can be something simple, for example:

    “I’m sorry for not posting for so long, I was bogged down by work and school work”
    “I was sick for the past weeks”
    “I was on vacation with family”

    You do not need to go into detail, just a short reasonable and truthful answer to your disappearance.

    10: Please try to interact a lot within not only the IC, but the OOC too. RP's without communication die faster than a Yak-38 falls out of the sky (yay, plane jokes!).

    11: At least in the beginning, we are all on the same side. If you wish to do something somewhat unsavory, please speak to me in a message, in order to guard the surprise for the others, NOT ON THE OOC PLEASE.

    12: Any Mary-Sues/Marty-Stu's will be mercilessly stamped out of existence, and bought down to Earth with a crashing bump. Your character cannot be the best at everything, and win every fight they're in with no challenge. Even the greatest characters in anime, games and movies take hits and damage, and find their opponents hard to beat. If there's no challenge, then it's boring and pointless, and there's nothing to overcome.

    13: On the other side of this argument, this does not need to be a gritty, miserable slog. A strong sense of adventure, heroism, fun and excitement are also part of this genre, and I play to get away from miserable things, not to have them rammed into my skull in my free time. Keep it balanced out; seriousness is the general tone, but there's moments of levity and joy too.

    14: Have fun! Loosen up and have fun! We’re all here to slice up monsters, have school romances and do other useless fripperies! So no fighting other than within the RP, thank you.

    If you have understood all of these rules, please put your or your character's favorite color somewhere in your character sheet.

    Character Sheets (open)

    Name: (full name, including nickname if they have one)
    Age: (14-18)

    Gender/Sex: (Including both for political-correctness)

    Height: (preferably in metric system. If not, put feet and inches and do the conversions on the

    Weight: (again, preferably in metric system (XX kg))

    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:

    Blood Type: (ABO and Rh, please)

    In Depth Physical Description: (can be a photo or other image if you wish. Anime is fine)

    Personality: (their outlook on life, their approach to everyday events, war, et cetera)

    History/Bio: (can be in-depth as you wish, but please tell how they came to be where they are. However, if you would prefer to reveal this through the story, send me a message with it and I'll approve it or not)

    Preferred Weapon: (see list, if you want something other than what's on the list, ask me, and I'll think about it)

    Combat Style: (Fast and weak? Strong and slow? Can be as explicit as you want, just keep it at least somewhat distinct and/or unique)

    Extra Information: (Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else; hobbies, trinkets that they carry, markings...)

    Weapons (open)

    (some of you who are knowledgable about Persona may noticed that almost all of these weapons are nicked straight from P3 & P4. When I said this roleplay was Persona inspired, I wasn't kidding :P)
    One-Handed Swords
    Short swords wielded with one hand. They have above average accuracy but quite low attack power. Basic weapon given to most students of MOA and a good all-rounder weapon. Rapiers also fall into this category; they are faster and more accurate, but are rather weak.

    Two-Handed Swords
    Large two-handed swords have average accuracy and high attack power, but are quite slow and unwieldy.

    Weapons worn on both hands that allow the user to rapidly get in close to opponents. Very high accuracy and speed of attacks but low attack power.

    Some people prefer to use their kicks as their primary means of attack. Much like fists and claws, foot-fighters wear heavy boots to enhance the power of their kicks, giving them great accuracy and good speed of attacks while having somewhat higher power than those who prefer fisticuffs.

    Heavy weapons held with both hands. Boasts exceptional attack power but very low accuracy and speed.

    Spears used with two hands that allow exceptional reach. Claim above average accuracy and low attack power and average speed.

    Bows and arrows used from a distance, both attack and accuracy are low (at least, for most users), but the range protects the user from parrying.
    An extremely new invention, they come as either rifles or pistols. Pistols are weak with low accuracy, but can fire quickly and rifles are highly accurate and inflict high damage, at the cost of reloading after every shot. Neither are very reliable and are quite expensive to use. Rumors exist of wild individuals who carry two pistols.

    Small knives designed for use as a sidearm along with heavier weapons, but those with good experience and agility can use them to good effect as a primary weapon. They have exceptional accuracy but very little attack power. Some people can carry two.

    Accepted Characters (open)
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  2. Yay! CS coming right up, but is in the works below right now:

    Name: Inoue Ran
    Age: 14

    Gender/Sex: Female

    Height: 1,48m

    Weight: 37kg

    Hair Color: Bluish Black

    Eye Color: Grey

    Blood Type: AB Negative

    In Depth Physical Description:

    Personality: War, personally, Ran thinks that simple arenas and fighting rings would be far more effective to handle everyone's stress and loathing of each others than fighting for fat, grey men in suit for something you often don't even believe in, and that was one thing considered a 'danger to peace' that got her in further trouble and finally lead her to go to that school. She is a violent girl, that Inoue girl, and never back down from a fight. She enjoys martial arts, and find self defence and even herbal lore and poison making to be fascinating. She's not without hobbies, however, as she is a fierce gamer.

    History/Bio: The eldest of three daughters, with a single mother who would rather party than take care of her girls, Ran grew up to be domineering and tomboyish, believing that might made right, and that's what threw her into all girls gangs, then skirmishes with the law as she was a strong believer that war was unnecessary and so was the government. She dreamt of an egalitarian civilisation with a strong meritocracy, having absorbed like a sponge the beliefs of her elder gang members.

    This would be paradise, to fight only for oneself and to have the chance to go far without the shackles of families holding her down, and that was what was her downfall on the day after her fourteenth birthday, when her gang stormed an usually empty military warehouse that was not so empty after all.

    Long story short, she got caught and sent in shame to the academy.

    Preferred Weapon: Fists and Claws

    Combat Style: Using speed and cunning, she stays on the defensive until her opponent waver and quickly strikes at the week points she discovered during that time.

    Extra Information: Her favourite colour is purple, and she has a cat named Kanji.
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  3. Looks good, accepted. Will add your character to the OP right away, and then I'll get to work on my own character.
    Anyone have ideas regarding how many places we'll have? I'm thinking more of a closer knit, smaller group, but it's all up in the air at the moment.
  4. Yay, I got in!

    For places, I think we can make the High School with pretty much any clubs imaginable complete with dorms to keep the areas less numerous. We will need a mall, both for shopping and plotting out of the academy's thumb, maybe also for entertainment. The third place could be a clinic or hospital of some kind for healing?
  5. I meant it in terms of how many characters I'll allow. I already have the locations chosen, but thanks for the suggestions.
  6. Oops, sorry for that ^^!
    I think a maximum of six to eight would be a nice number, to divide into two groups if we want and still being not too big that all cast events would be awkward to do.
  7. Yep, that's around the number I was thinking about. Alright then, that's that, 6 places remain!
  8. I'll finish up my character tomorrow evening.
    If anyone is considering joining, please give me a shout so I know that some people are still interested!
  9. I really hope this takes off :)!
  10. Oh, right! I was so wrapped up in chatting with Alicia that I forgot my CS! >_<

    Name: Katsuragi Daichi (大智) a.k.a. "Lord," "Captain," or "Sir."
    Age: 17

    Gender/Sex: Male

    Height: 180 cm (5' 11")

    Weight: 72 kg (159 lbs.)

    Hair Color: Azure (dyed to match his eyes; that's how much he likes the color)

    Eye Color: Azure

    Blood Type: A+

    In Depth Physical Description:
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Daichi has no respect for authority. Any courtesy he gives those in high positions is merely a necessary act to placate potentially dangerous people. He has a dark, quiet temper that most people will never notice. Daichi is a decent athlete, but his true strength is his intellect. Both knowledgable and cunning, Daichi can do most anything he sets his mind to. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), his usual goal is to have an easy, leisurely life. As long as it doesn't make life difficult, Daichi has no objections to the current government.

    History/Bio: Outwardly, Daichi had a fairly normal childhood. He did well in school, his teachers praised him, and his classmates looked up to him as an honor student. His father spent most of his time at work, so Daichi felt a distance there that he never bridged. His mother was the only person he ever felt close to. She was killed during an armed robbery, an innocent bystander that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was when Daichi was fourteen. Try as they might, the police could find no trace of the robbers for two years. Finally they found the three men responsible--when the new police station in the west suburbs burned down--the one that had been built only a year and a half ago--three bodies were discovered encased in the concrete foundation.
    The stolen money could never be found; meanwhile, Daichi has grown used to certain luxuries. Anything you may be thinking right now is pure conjecture, of course; it was a different incident that had Daichi sent to Minontone. When one of Daichi's classmates was found murdered in a dark alley, the man who killed her was discovered floating down the river by a fisherman. The rope tying him to the cinderblocks had decayed and the body had resurfaced faster than expected. After some investigation, it was discovered that his bank accounts had been emptied a short time after the established time of death. They couldn't trace where the money had gone, but they did manage to find who had taken it. Daichi was immediately sent to Minontone Academy--and the money sent to the victim's family remained undiscovered.

    Preferred Weapon: Two daggers (modified) - in actual fact, Daichi uses a pair of police batons. Though blunt and typically non-lethal, they're very effective in crippling or otherwise immobilizing a target.

    Combat Style: Indirect. If at all possible, Daichi will avoid direct confrontation. He'd rather drop a building on a monster, let it walk into a minefield, or lure it into a pool of oil and throw a torch after it.

    Extra Information: Daichi's bank account is well-padded, but he tries not to dip into those savings. The only item he possesses that has personal value is his mother's wedding ring--he wears it on a chain around his neck and tucked inside his shirt, and he'll break any fingers that try to grab it.
  11. Im considering to join this, but my half-asleep mind and pretty much dead body after 5+ hours of P.E. results to me being too lazy to actually read the story after the intro //killed

    I'll reread the story later when I feel better ~^~
  12. I honestly can't decide whether or not to use a more western name for my character, seeing as both @Hirondelle and @RayChel have already chosen decidedly more far-eastern names. :/
  13. This is quite an interesting story layout... I might be able to throw a charrie into the mix. So, consider another female charrie entering soon. I'll work on my template and get back at you.
  14. Gotcha. Looking forward to it.
  15. Finally wrote up my character, yay!
    Name (open)

    Original form: Catherine De Gaulle

    Hepburn Romanization (preferable when used with an honorific (-chan, -san...)): Dogouru Kyasarin

    Kanji for given name: 妃夜冴琳 (with the kanji for 'queen', 'night', 'serene' and 'jewel', respectively)

    Katakana for family name (being a name of foreign origins): ドゴール

    Age: 15

    Gender/Sex: Female

    Height: 1m64

    Weight: 56 kg

    Hair Color: Blonde

    Eye Color: Blue

    Blood Type: O+

    In Depth Physical Description:
    Picture (open)


    Personality: Catherine can be considered the very definition of prim and proper, from her mannerisms of speech, to her way of dressing, right down to her very name. A generous soul, she likes to aid others, but only when necessary and when it doesn't take her too much out of her way and this is reflected by her usual tone when speaking. However, she can have something of a sharp tongue when it comes to more heated subjects...

    Regarding current society, due to her father being a 'higher-up' in one of the Praesidium's closest assets, Gripen&Co., she has been led to be at least somewhat supportive of the authoritative state, though she by no means follows it blindly.

    In academics, Catherine is top-notch, with excellent marks and she is adored by teachers for her serious but interacting and gentle nature in class, though she has something of a problem with laziness when it comes to homework.

    History/Bio: A girl with a history as vague as her accent, Catherine is not forthcoming about her history or how she came to be a student at the Academy... (will be revealed within the RP)

    Preferred Weapon: Her father being a stalwart advocate of new technologies, Catherine was trained from a young age in the art of handling a pistol, becoming a fairly good shot with typical revolving handweapons. She also has experience with the rapier.

    Combat Style: When possible, Catherine prefers to stay at range and use her handgun, but when necessary, she may use a rapier for combat at close range. She doesn't move much when at range and only moves when necessary in close quarters combat; all of this results in a fittingly elegant and precise combat-style.

    Extra Information:
    -She highly enjoys reading, music and walks.
    -Her favorite beverage is tea, though she is beginning to have a penchant for the new drink on the block; coffee.
    -Catherine is capable of playing piano and violin.
  16. Is this still going on? I'd love to join!
  17. Sure! If you joined up, we'd have four players which I'd estimate is the bare minimum to start up with!
  18. Yep. Daichi is here to collect his harem.
  19. Great! I'll make my character sheet and post it tomorrow :)
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