The Closed World (Fantasy, Persona 3/4 Inspired)

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    Before I get into what this RP is about, I shall tell you a small story about how I came up with it;

    Recently, I took a school trip to the south of France, to see Roman monuments and ruins in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. It went pretty well, but on the way back, my iPod Classic's HDD crashed, so I was left with only my PS Vita for listening to music. However, the only thing I had on my Vita was, aside from games, the OST of Persona 3 FES and Persona 4.

    Suddenly, as the TGV was speeding alongside the absolutely beautiful mountains in the countryside, with Persona in my ears, Romans and medieval France on my mind, and reading a book on spies, I had an idea for a Persona inspired RP, in a fantasy setting.

    So, after reaching Paris, having a dinner of sushi and boarding the train to head back to my home-region of Normandy, I started writing the first thing that came to my head was regarding the setting (which, if the RP gets interest, will definitely be expanded upon).

    With the story of my school trip aside, here's what I wrote, and the music I was listening to when I wrote it. It's a bit short, but I was incredibly tired when I wrote it and I needed sleep as soon as possible...

    Feel free to ask any questions regarding the setting and RP and I'll be happy to answer them. I know this post is a bit light in terms of explanation, but I prefer to either surprise people or let them know about things they feel that they need to know through answering questions.


    Some background...

    We are currently in the Minontone era, thus named as our current leaders, the High Consuls of the Praesidium, rule from the city of Minontone. The Praesidium is the current ruling body of a stretch of land known as United Republic of Armand. In recent years, the discovery of a mineral called Yosaoka which possesses the ability to power groundbreaking machinery; the most famous use being in the Gripen&Co. Automatized Rail Transport, most commonly called by the more simple name of "train".

    The new technologies springing from this discovery have industrialized many of the lands of Armand, especially close to the current capital of Minotone, but large swathes of our country's territory remain relatively rural and especially technologically undeveloped, though most towns have at least a small station that connects them to the extensive rail system built by the Praesidium and their main contractor, Gripen&Co..

    On the subject of the Praesidium, they are an organization of which the information of their origins is elusive. They took power from the old monarchs of the Armand kingdoms around ninety-nine years ago during an age of strife and established a so-called republic, where anyone can run for the position of High Consul (of which there are no more than two), though many people wonder if the candidates aren't actually people chosen by higher-ups in the Praesidium as many citizens who run for office have a tendency of failing to even become a candidate. Nonetheless, for all of the Praesidium's ruling, the people of the URA have remained satisfied with whichever High Consuls are elected for that year.

    For all of the years since Armand's kingdoms were united, the economy has remained stable, peace has been kept, crime has been low and overall, times have been good, in large part due to the Praesidium's powerful methods of keeping the peace. One of these is the Minontone Officer's Academy, a school in the capital where youths considered a present or future threat to the peace are sent, where they must remain until graduation. While there, aside from typical education, students are assigned various duties in the surrounding areas of the capital with regards to holding the order.

    You, cherished reader, are one of those considered a current or possible threat to the peace of Armand and sent to the Academy...

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  2. "A bit light" may be an understatement. From that, and no understanding of what Persona is, it seems like it is going to be an RP about getting on a train while there is fog.
  3. I really just meant Persona as in taking inspiration from how the Persona video games are structured; ie, lots of time management.
    Like I said, I'll answer any questions you may have about it, if you want me to elaborate more on it, I'd be happy to.
  4. yeah some elaboration would be appreciated. The thing in the quotes is really well written though I really want to know more!
  5. I liked both game, but will have to know more before throwing even a maybe, as this make a scene and not much of a plot or a setting. It is well written, however.
  6. Expect much more elaboration within an hour or two.
  7. Excellent, thank you :)!
  8. Hmm, I'm not sure what kind of elaboration you need, whether on the RP or on the Persona series, but from Persona 3 and 4 I can help you out.

    I'm not sure this applies to Persona 1 and 2, as all I am familiar with is Persona 3 and Persona 4. In Persona 3 and 4, hereafter P3 and P4 respectively, there are beings called Shadows and Personas each of which are manifestation of a person's personality and/or spirit. A Shadow is the evil, negative, malevolent manifestation whereas a Persona is the true essence of a Shadow that has been tamed and/or understood.

    Both P3 and P4 feature a mechanic that requires time management. In P3 the time mechanic was called the Dark Hour, the twenty-fifth hour of the day occurring immediately after midnight. In the Dark Hour, Earthly time comes to a halt, most humans reflexively turn into a coffin for self-preservation and Shadows roam. The humans which do not turn into coffins are then in danger of Shadow assaults. On nights of the full moon, Greater Shadows appear. These Greater Shadows appear to be the reincarnation of Nyx, who is a Shadow of Death. Upon her revival, death will overcome the world, so as to satisfy human's self-destructive nature.

    In P4, there is something called a Midnight Channel, a strange "television channel" that appears on a TV screen turned off on a foggy night. On these nights, one may see a person inside. These people are real life people who have entered the TV world and are thus featured on the Midnight Channel. After seeing someone clearly on the Midnight Channel, that person trapped inside is facing his "inner demons" in the form of their own Shadow. If they are overwhelmed by the Shadow, they are killed and found murdered, strung upside down along telephone wires after then next foggy night.

    In both games, it is important to accomplish the tasks assigned. In P3, it is to destroy the Greater Shadows. In P4, it is to save those who have entered the TV World. However, you're still a student. You need to juggle your homework in order to do well in school, social activity to create bonds (and thus strengthen your Personas who are also associated with them) and train within the unknown world so you are strong enough to defeat the enemies you face.

    I have personal love for P4. Everyone finds a character they identify with in P4, and mine is Kanji Tatsumi.

    It sounds terribly corny, but he's kinda the reason why I understand why I was afraid gay. After playing this game, it just kinda made sense.

    But that's about the entire game, paraphrased, summarized, and synopsitized(?). I didn't go into too much detail because there's a lot of spoilers and a LOT of story to cover.
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  9. Well thanks a bunch. Now I want to play Persona. mainly the third one.
  10. The third one is awesome. I never completed it, as I was only able to borrow it from a friend for a short period of time, but I am currently midway through Persona 4 Golden and can easily say I much prefer P3's setting, music and story, though P4 is definitely still an amazing game.

    Personally, I really connect with Naoto, for various reasons that I would prefer not to delve into for the moment.

    EDIT: Also, both P3 and 4 are incredibly addictive. And by addicting, I mean "Wait, it's 5AM? Wasn't it just lunchtime?" addicting.
  11. I know, right? I must have nearly finished the third one (got stuck on Avatar-Nyx for lack of grinding) and gone to the frustratingly hard Game dungeon in the fourth in record time!
  12. I have a strategy in Persona 4 of doing each dungeon twice, so that when I finally have to do the boss, it's a complete beat-down. The only one who this didn't work on was the Game dungeon, which has probably the most frustrating boss ever (and that music added in Golden which is cool the first time then becomes incredibly annoying), especially when he kept rebuilding the character in two turns despite me spamming agidyne like crazy.
    On the other hand, Naoto felt like the easiest to me. No idea why, especially since I rushed the Secret Lab and only did it once.
  13. More information is now in the OP! Questions are still welcome!
  14. I'm playing P4 Arena on the PS3 and let me say dayummmmmm Akihiko sure buffed up hella good. He was all awkward and scrawny looking but now he just makes me HUNGRY.
  15. Ooh, this threat to the peace could be anything, I like :)!
    I'm pretty sure you got me now :).
  16. Yippee!
    I'll begin writing the OOC tomorrow morning, though of course, I'm definitely going to stay open to questions or suggestions on this thread!
  17. Super happy yay-yay, the OOC IS UP!!!!

    If you deem what's there a bit short, don't worry; more will be added as I think of it and a lot will be given through what happens in the RP.
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