The Climbers of Mt. Kilm

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  1. The green truck came to a stop directly in front of the great mountain. They weren't lying, the massive Mt. Kilm's top was hidden in the clouds as it cast its mighty shadow over you. Your concentration is broken by a loud voice from the front of the car. The lean woman with sunglasses that had driven you here was checking a clipboard with four names and a list of supplies you had gotten earlier on it. "Right, roll call."

    "Dr. Jackson Fidwell, geologist."
    "Present." The pale man with glasses sitting next to you responded, lifting his hand up slightly. "My main man Leoooo!" The woman held out her fist and it was pumped by the well-built african american in the passenger seat. "Finally... Russel Richards."
  2. Russel climbed out of the vehicle to take a look at his environment. This new assignment was one he took very high interest in. An unscaled mountain was the chance of a lifetime. How could he pass it up? When he received the call, he was quite serious but once he hung up, the party began. He danced around like a child being told they were getting a thousand dollars allowance every week.

    He heard his name, "Here, ready to go."
  3. Vell rose an eyebrow at the last name. Russel Richards was a name she had never heard of, he must be some skilled climber or something. The phone call was no big surprise to her, of course they would need her, she was the greatest explorer ever! The woman let loose a big yawn and exited the truck along with the others. Leo, her trusted partner for a long time now, went to check on the supplies while the good doctor took in the scene. She went over to that Russel guy and lowered her shades to look him up and down.

    She held out her hand for him to shake, but her expression was not particularly friendly. "Vell Amadeus, explorer. I'll be leading this expedition."
  4. He stood there watching Vell looking him up and down. Was she checking him out or measuring him as an person. He quickly realized that she was just measuring him up to the task with the unfriendly she spoke. Her manner was quite cold. He was actually quite shocked that she even offered her hand.

    "Russel Richards, experienced mountain climber. It's great to be part of the team, Ma'am."
  5. Vell's grip was strong and somewhat painful, however it was hard to tell if this was intentional or not. "Good," was her only response. She let go of his hand and walked to the end back of the truck. "Oi, Leo! Everything set?" "Yes Miss. Vell, everything is ready," his thick accent replied.

    "Right, time to ready up guys! Grab your packs and gear then we'll discuss the plan."
  6. Russel didn't care about Vell being cold, as long as she was good at what she does. He grabbed his pack, and gear going over his checklist twice to make sure everything he needed was there. He grabbed another view of the cloud covered mountain and wondered if Vell knew what she was doing? An explorer was great but this was a climbing mission. Who was he to judge her, though. He just met the woman. As he looked at the mountain, he wondered what the vast bit of rock was trying to hide. He rejoined the group, crossing his arms. He was ready, he just hoped everyone else was, too.
Thread Status:
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