The cleric, The Druid and The World Tree

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  1. The year is 2014, a girl stands on the edge of a sidewalk waiting for the crossing lights to turn. Walking across the street, Willow slowly made her way home from school, opening a door off the sidewalk and made her way up to her parents apartment. She let out a deep sigh as she turns the key and opens the door, Figaro purring loudly at her entrance.

    Walking past the TV and into her room she fell back into bed, "10 years old tomorrow" she thinks to herself. The parents are home shortly after as the rest of the night is a blur, distracted, she stares at her diner plate, another silent diner. Her parent barely talked to each other, father slept on the couch, mother in her own bedroom. Willow laid awake in her bed for a few hours, then she sat up to gander from her window and she saw a man standing on the sidewalk across the street looking up at her.
  2. Definitely looked like her. This was also the right time and place. He always hated missions like this. There was hardly ever a silver lining, other than maybe it won't hurt so much next time. Of course, it never does. At least, not for a young man like Issac. What was about to befall her would be something that would scare them both. This would be a terrific time for a cigarette, if he fucking smoked. The sky began to whisper sounds of raindrops that came down in little numbers. "I'm coming..."

    With that he makes a track across the street, and into the apartment building. Willow can hear movement outside of her door. It sounds like shambling and is probably just daddy heading to the bathroom. Issac moved quickly up the stairs, as his shiny, gold pendant swung back and forth. He had better get there in time, or it could all be over. EVERYTHING could be over.
  3. Wood splintered into the air around as a Bloody fist came bursting through the door to Willow's room, The fist of her mother. Willow's silver eye widen as she stood quickly atop her bed smashing her head on the shelves above her, "Ouch" >.o she yipped.
    She diligently rubbed at her head and thought quickly ripping the shelf off her wall and swung as hard as possible, CRASH!! Glass shattered around her bed as the shelf bounced into the window. Whack....Whack....Willow kept lifting and striking the sickly looking version of her mother, to no avail. She only got back up, now her father coming closer to the doorway.

    Willow snapped at them yelling how they never paid attention to the world around them, and exclaimed she was having a nightmare, beginning to shout at herself to awaken.
  4. Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step CRASH is what became of the front door. He could hear the little girl writhing and yelling. They must have already been here. Groans came from the hallway...they left him some presents. "Pelor, grant me the strength. These undead souls do not know what they do. May I return them to you cleansed of the evil that has momentarily taken them." His whispers was just loud enough to gain attention. In response to the infected group that had gathered, they would meet the will of a divine follower of the Sun God. "Turn!" A light emitted from his hand, eyes glowing a bright sky blue, making the mindless drones turn into dust.

    Moving quickly, he spotted the father and merely shoulder tackled. With the chance presented, he forcibly slammed the one undead in his way to the ground. His blue robes flowed swiftly in the methodical movements. Standing over her, his face held no joke or humor. "You must not fear me." Grabbing firmly, the pulled the child into his arms and burst through the already damaged window. Falling quickly, the young man turned so he took the fall into the dumpster. A snap was heard, followed by a cry. It was his shoulder blade. The injury would have to wait they had to get out.
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  5. Willows eyes widened at the sigh of the man, face turning red as he held on to her. Everything was happening so fast, so quickly she couldn't think and as he pulled her through the window she clung to him slamming her eyes shut. Landing roughly on top of him She lifted her head to see him cry out, She pulled herself out of the dumpster, for anyone to help them. but quickly ducked her head back down as the undead began to lagishly wobble their way. "They're more of them" Her whisper was panicked but quiet. "Are you allright?"

    The panic in her eyes branded a kind of fear she never felt before, what was happening, were her parents done for good, and who ws this man and where was he taking her? The unknown whirled through her mind as she peeked her eyes over the rim of the dumpster, eyes darting back and forth from creature to creature. She began to shake uncontrollably as she shuffled for a stick, a rod, a bat anything in this trash to help defend herself with. Grasping hold of a long metal rod and swung it up and reeled the other end of it into the head of the nearest creature....attempting to take long, controlled breaths but coming up short as even her lungs shook within her.
  6. Her hand was quickly grabbed but the seated cleric. "I will be fine, don't worry. Child, you must save your energy. There are far too many for us to take on, for now." He pulled her down into the dumpster and pulled the door closed. "Help my shake this thing over the incline. We are nearly there." The moans and shuffles of the undead were now started to slap against the metal trash container. "Follow my lead." He began shifting his body back and forth, making the structure move. At the same time, he was trying to hold the lid down so the creatures couldn't open them.

    Slowly but surely the dumpster worked its way to the smooth incline. At the end of the alley, there was a fence. Hopefully, it would burst right through it. If not...well Issac would have to think of something. Then they stopped. They couldn't move. "Grr. Why?" He quickly launched his good shoulder into the side and they ended up free from their obstacle. The wheels hopped over whatever it was before the whole structure started to tilt. "Hold on!" The dumpster started to barrel down the incline.
  7. Silver eyes fixate on the cleric as Willow's arm is stopped. Her lips part as he speak and then the slamming of the lid follows, for a moment she only watched him then quickly caught on and followed suit. swaying side to side.slamming into the metal of the Bin as the wheels caught something Willow rubbed her head again, but kept moving. Suddenly the cleric flew past her slamming himself into side of the dumpster and knocked it lose, grabbing onto his arm as they started rolling down the alley.

    worry written over her face as she clung to the cleric, closing her eyes tightly,she waited. Imagining herself falling though open space, Willow held on and stayed behind him, Bracing herself for impact.
  8. He wrapped an arm around and tried to cradle the young one. Adrenaline has already been rushing, by this point, but this ride put some intense feeling in his stomach. The descent almost made his eyes pop out of his head. Then it was suddenly over. A crash sounded and trash flew all over them. Metal screeched and the wheels came off. Issac cried out again, as the force pushed his broken collarbone back and forth. He probably shouldn't have done that but there wasn't anything else he could have thought of. The dumpster began to roll again and again, sending the new pair up and down from the force. The cleric tried the best he could to keep her from harm...but this was difficult.

    It stopped entirely when they smacked the side of a building. He cried out one more time before the force had knocked him unconscious. The lid was still shut and no moaning could be heard. They were safe for now....perhaps. Meanwhile, the stranger was laying there with a girl in his arms...with danger coming from who knows where.
  9. Crying out as they crashed through the unseen, Willow sheltered herself from the rogue trash and debris. Slamming around withing the dumpster as it rolled away. She had no idea what was happening and reached her peak, letting out a long yelp as they stop. she waiting a moment in the darkness feeling around and along Issac's arm and poked her head up pushing the lip up just enough her your Grey eyes to scan the area, pools darting back and forth.

    She finally sat back into the dark and waited....
  10. The sounds of shuffles began to ring around the dumpster. It was slow and dragging, and was probably more than six creatures. As the seconds ticked by, the shuffling began to surround their hiding spot. Issac still lay motionless with a banana peel on his chest. Something began to lightly beat on the top. It was rain and it was coming down hard. The lid began to wiggle with sounds of moans.

    Issac was out. What would Willow do?
  11. She shook him and went to extreme lengths to stay silent, wanting to scream but swallowing the sound and the lid began to move. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small, LCD, Key chained, flash light and frantically looked around the dumpster. Then looking over Issac she finally realized she was not dressed as normal people, like she was...something was different about him so she grabbed the metal Poker again and took a few deep breaths, gripped at the metal like it were a baseball bat.

    She burst out from the trash, papers, and food scraps flying in all directions. She swung, and swung again. standing on top of the dumpster she thrust into the eye socket of the closest un-dead. Slipping from the rain she hit the lid of the dumpster as one of the moaners latched onto her ankle. Screaming she swiped at the creature until she stuck the metal into it's head, creating a hole that leaked a slimey black ooze poured from.

    Finding her way back to her feet and smacked the top of the dumpster with the metal rod, she couldn't do this on her own, One grabbed at her collar and pulled her while another found her ankle and She yelled out loudly as vines began to erupt from the dumpster and wrap wildly around the creatures keeping them from getting to her flesh. Confused and scared she began to slam the rod down on the dumpster "Wake up!...Wake up!" She didn't know his name but right now He was the only help she had.


    The vines slowly encased her into a safe dome keeping the creatures from her and the dumpster, wriggling to get back inside the trash bin. Falling into the pile of rotten waste she brushed the debris and waste from the cleric and gave him a good hard smack across the cheek of his face.

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  12. Her screams and smacking were finally answered. Issac didn't wake up. At least, he didn't quite stir in a way she was probably use to. His eyes shot open and glowed a blue seemingly only reserved for car headlights He slowly sits up, staring forward. "Willow... you don't want to be temporarily blinded, I would somehow cover your eyes right about now." Blue light emitted from his hands and it was feint at first. It grew brighter and brighter. Seconds later the light overtook the darkness in the dumpster. It felt very much alive in it's strong presence.

    "HEAL!" The blinding light resonated and then Willow grabbed by a hard but gentle hand and she was pressed against the firm chest of her only help. Her bumps and bruises would all be gone. Screams of the undead there sounded around the ground and the foliage mound. With his arm that once housed the broken bone, Issac carried Willow out of the dumpster and through the now destroyed tree dome from the burnt remains of the roamers. Flames, ash, rain framed their exit from the alleyway. His eyes still glowed blue...and lit the way to safety.
  13. Eyes filled with light, willow stared into his being. She didn't really hear his words but knew he spoke. Feeling weightless and much like one feels underwater, willow slowly shut her eyes a her head was sincerely pressed against Isaac's righteously thumping heart. She felt New air in her lungs as a brightness bled through her eyelids, feeling safe, and for the first time, looked after.

    Fading light turned to darkness behind the flesh of her eyes. She hesitated to open them and overwhelming sense of affection swelled and she wrapped her arms around his waist only shutting her eyes tighter. For a moment she thought her parent got way they deserved...but the thought melted away with the light and was soon forgotten for the present moment that shortly would dissipate into a memory worth remembering.
  14. His heart beat like a boxer going for the knockout. Even though he had been doing this job for most of his life, it always seem to fill him with joy when the people being protective were so...grateful. The good aura about her and the obvious thank you gesture filled up his own heart. Things like that powered it. The only other thing he notices was that they were getting terribly wet so he walked under awnings. Water still hit them but it was less often. Not to mention they still needed to get away from any remaining undead. He doubted there were any left but you can never be too sure in this day and age. Of course, when you are a man like Issac....undead isn't the best method of attack.

    "It's over, child." He said softly, planting a small kiss upon her head. Willow's hair was damped so strands of her locks were pushed back behind her ear. "I am going to take you someplace safe. Somewhere you can be yourself...and maybe even discover who you really are..."
  15. Silver eyes peered up at the kind stranger, closing for a moment as he placed a kiss upon her forehead. Brows burrowing at his his words, her mind began to wonder the possibilities. Willow was too tiered to ask questions, so in her exhaustion she let her imagination take control. She held on gently, snap fingers curled his fabric, crunching them into her little fists.

    The rhythm of his steps sounded like an echoed metronome, her eyes became heavy and the silver pools soon hid behind long thick lashes. "Thank you" she almost whimpered with a tiered voice. So comfortable, she couldn't recall the feeling of being cradled or held. Willow was overwhelmed with a peaceful serenity that began to show on her sleeping face. Ready to dream about the unknown future.
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  16. As she seemed to meld with his form and sleep, Issac's eyes slowly went back to begin their normal baby blue. Even the rain started to let up, but by that time they were drenched. He slowed and cradled her into one of his arms and managed to slip off his warm, azure robe to wrap her up in. It wasn't on very snug but it would do fine until they were safe. It wouldn't be long now.

    His thoughts drifted to the current situation. A wake up call and suddenly he is told the world is going to end. It seems all he ever gets used for anymore. Any other time he just slumbers. How was much has he really wasted waiting for something terrible not to be going on. Perhaps he will take it up with the Head. "Not are now, young one." Issac whispered to the sleeping girl.
  17. Subconscious images flooded the child's mind, resting only in the physical. The dream leaked around her and she found herself lost in the wood. Where there had once been skyscrapers ,colossal trees stood, looming over the small willow. She climbed over there large roots with ease, until she was running along the forest floor. She tried to grasp at thoughts and reasoning but all logic failed her and slipped through her fingers like water and sand. She came across a silver lake, flickering towards its surface to drink. A woman began to rise from the water and pointed in a seemingly random direction.

    Willow turns her head to look but when she returned her gaze the woman was gone, leaving only ripples in the waters surface. Willows eyes were fixed to these ripples being called by them she began to walk into the water. Suddenly she felt jerked away, being pulled by a force away from the water. Isaac was ripping her away from the lake as suddenly as a scaly iridescent hand latched on to willows ankle. Like most dreams when willow attempted to sound left her throat. Isaac yanked her back and began to run in the direction the lady of the water pointed and before long stood before a gargantuan tree that bore a large and elderly face.

    The tree creaked as its eyes opened to reveal green eyes larger then willow herself. Roots snapped front the ground around the two as the tree became restless and bent its truck to see them closer. And with a voice that sounded like thunder growled into the air,"Willow,come!"

    Willows silver eyes shot open as the sun hit her face, flailing in Isaac's arm. She tangled herself in his robe and as surely as he caught it and lowered her to the ground. She started to whimper desperately trying to free herself and surely enough her head popped out. Eyes starting around she saw nothing but trees around her the sunlight shooting through he openings of the treetops. Isaac must've arrived her for days, or so she thought, the closest forests were miles and miles from her home. She looked up at Isaac and with that a low and sustained growl came from her stomach that made her brows furrow.

    "I...had...a strange dream."She said before rethinking the meaning of strange. "There was a lady in a lake trying to tell me where I needed to go...She led us to...a huge tree...with a face!" Willows eyes grew large at the explaining of the tree, as well did her arms reach up past her head as far as she could reach her fingertip.

    This action caused spikes of earth to rise up around her and point in Isaac's direction. Willow gasped and quickly sat on her hands, and the spikes quickly retracted beneath the dirt. Her eyes were filling with concern as she tried to take long, controlled breaths. Her hunger was making her a little dizzy and being in the forest clearly made her sensitive to the druidic blood flowing through her veins.
  18. The flailing had caught him off guard. Sure enough, the young cleric layed her down on the soft, green grass. It was still a little wet from the rain but the robe had kept her dry. As Willow popped her little head out his hand went to her face brushing the hair away and try and see what the problem was. The sun shined and seemed to make her eyes glow with the silver that lined the iris. The half a day that pasted since the undead encounter seemed like a long time ago with the scenery giving off a vibe of hope. She felt extra warm of the touch, but the sun and being wrapped in a robe didn't really help. "Tell me what happened, child."

    His facial expression had stayed in between focused and confusion. Her explanation was certainly animated and it got the point across. There seemed to be a lot she didn't understand yet, but Issac knew exactly what was going on in her dream. He could explain it all to her right now, but this 10 year old had enough to worry about. Not to mention she was bending the earth with her emotion. Seeing the spikes, he tensed up. The cleric was ready to defend himself from any of her druidic power, but as soon as she sat on her hands he sat next to Willow. "It's okay. All things will be revealed in due time. For now..." He got up and began chanting and waving his arms in various motions. Ten minutes of this past, before -- "FEAST!" It came from thin air. The table for two, two chairs, sun umbrella, and the food. There was lots of food. Needless to say there were drinks too. He turned slightly and beckoned her. "You must be hungry, I know I am."
  19. A frown crossed her lips unsure of mostly everything...She began to think she was still dreaming. Her mind raced with what felt like a billion questions. Before she could even ask his name a meal dropped from the sky and her eyes lit up she shot up from her feet but stopped quickly to gather up Isaac's robe, shook the dew from it, folded it as neatly as she could and handed it back,"Thank you very much for keeping me warm," she said bowing her head slightly.

    Then whipped around for the table, the ground behind her very step, sprouted green life from her foot prints. The vines followed sluggishly after her direction, sprouting flowers and colors of the forest. Leaving a trail of vegitation in her tiny wake, she reached for the bread first and took as big a bit as she could, forgetting the butter, then taking a few sips of milk, sausage, and egg, even bacon. She indeed feasted. For a small child she put a good amount of food away, she finished the meal with a spoon of whipped cream and emptying the glass of milk. She didn't like sweet things very much so instead she would take only a spoonful of whatever was sweet on the table, willow did this for what seemed like her entire life.

    She wiped away the white moustache of milk and with large silver eyes looked back at the trail of flowers left in her foot steps. This amazed her. "Did I do that!?"
  20. "You're welcome." He gave a small smile and put the robe on an empty spot of the table. As she went the foilage and nature just seemed to bend to her happiness and enthusiasm. Just by her mood the earth seemed to be within a worthy definition of a playground. It made him curious as to how she didn't know she could do this...or anyone else, more importantly. Unless it was just incredible timing that somehow brought them out of dormancy. He might have to give her a talk to make sure the forest doesn't begin following them everywhere. It's no good if you are trying to hide from something. For now, it was time to eat.

    It seems they both were rather large eaters. He grabbed a large slab of steak, goblet of orange juice, lots of shrimp, and couple of potatoes. They were gone rather quickly. She looked like this was the most she had in a long time. Or maybe she was a bad of a trash compactor as he was. It made him feel just a bit closer to the little girl. When Willow watched her trail, her question made him laugh. "Yes, I suppose you did." He laughs again and eats a slice of bodacious bacon.
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