The Clearing

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  1. You may do with the setting what you wish - this is simply a clearing. You want a lake? Well, by golly, I say let there be a lake! You want to have your own house a bit into the forest? You've got it. the setting is completely alterable - and you can change it to whatever you want - just make sure that it's still a clearing.

    Also, there is no set theme - no story line. Be whatever you want - be it human, vampire, werewolf, elementalist, angel, demon, God/Goddess.. whatever you want. If you don't like what you've made your character to be and want to change it, just announce it in a post so that we all know that you aren't what you were before. ( My character is gonna be weird. Her name will be Rii, and she is Zeus' adopted daughter. She's human. It's weird, I know. I told you... :P )

    There are a few rules, though...

    1. Don't be a party pooper. >->
    2. If you decide to spar... please don't kill eachother. <-<
    3. Be nice!
    4. If you are RPing as a couple, please no PDA... kissing is fine. Save the rest for the mature threads. ;b
    5. FOLLOW THE RULES! ._.

    And finally... have fun! Mingle! RP! Goooo! :3
  2. Aryn lounged under an oak tree, the sun shing down softly on the clearing. Flowers were scattered around, growing in many different hues, shapes, and sizes. Their scent wafted up his nose and he breathed in the scent of lilac, rose and others, familiar and unfamiliar, sweet and bitter. His wings curled and uncurled lazily and he watched others mill around contentedly. For the first time in months, he smiled, leaning his head back on the tree and closing his eyes.
  3. Marshall Lee appeared on top of the oak tree sucking the red out of an apple. He then throws the apple down onto aryn's head. Hey Isaac Newton. What are you doing down there. Marshall flew down to Aryn and floated infront of him his head up as his body laid flat like he would be if he was on a table. He then turned upside down and smiled. Whatya thinking about Newton? He says while poking his forehead.
  4. A slender young woman watched he clearing. The tall grasses arund her hiding her presences slightly. She moved forward, a bit clumsily, but never the less, she made it work for her. She was awkward, or. thats what most told her. The sun was bright, though it didn't botther her. It was more of a relaxation. Besides, sh wanted to work on her tan anyways. Her short jean shorts barely covered her butt and her lose fitting green jersey was see through. Through the mesh material one could see a dark green bikini top. Rizika looked up, her cat-like emerald green eyes falling on two boys beside a tree. Curiosity filled her mind, and she walked towards them. Her bare feet were covered in the soft dirt by now, but, she smiled and seemed not to mind it. As she neared she began to hear the one boy who was talking. She brushed her long brown hair behind her ears.
  5. "WHAT?! I HAVE NO MORE?" Juku yelled while noticing that in his pouch he had no more food, only water. While water was good..Juku preferred the sandwich he had earlier, guess that's the past and he'd better find some more food now. Walking into the clearing, the group of people already present was what caught his attention first. He leaned against a nearby tree, taking a few seconds to catch his breath from the long distance he traveled, and headed towards the group of people with no idea how to start up something, so he figured the best way to go was to ask a completely random question. "Where is the food here?"
  6. Marshall turned his head towards the stranger and floated up to him. He sniffed him a little all over then looked back at his face and tilted his head, which was also tilting his whole body. He planted his feet on the ground. Well to me bro, you /are/ the food, but I can restrain from killing guests so in the mean time you can have one of my apples. he said while tossing one towards him, pulling one out himself. He sucked the red out of the apple and tossed him that one too. You can have that one too. It should still have taste in it.
  7. Juku chortled at the man who responded to him, waving his index finger. "Ah, vampire I take it?.. The infamous blood suckers?" Imitating how he remembers vampires from back in the day. "Yep..Good Ol' Vampires, never had a problem with em honestly..They always tell me.." Clearing his throat and putting his hand on his chest. "My, you taste awful!" In the most strangest of voices, before switching back to his original pitch. Catching both the apples, Juku frowned a bit. "I thank you for your kind gesture, but tell me..Do you have any mushrooms? I mean..Wild Mushrooms." Yes, such an odd request, but his tastes buds were in heaven every time Juku had some.
  8. Marshall tilted his head at the imitation. Uh dude...don't do that again...and uh I'll go find you some sir. Marshall said. He flew up into the air and flew into the forest looking for wild mushrooms. After he found some he flew back to the guest and dropped some in his hands. He continued to float in the air. He seemed to be standing on an invisible ceiling. You're welcome bro. Marshall said while pulling out his guitar axe. He then sat under the oak tree and started playing random chords while making up words to sing with.
  9. "Splendid! Thank you!" Taking the mushrooms into hand. Juku took a deep breath, ready to enjoy the taste of his snack. Without waiting any longer, he opened his mouth and plucked a mushroom in. Sounds of delight coming from him, making sure to lick his lips so he could get every last bit the flavor. "So delicious..." Hearing the sounds of the guitar from the man, he looked towards the source, listening intently, chowing down the remaining mushrooms. "Rockstar?"
  10. He squints at the odd mushroom vacuum man still eating his mushrooms. Yeah man! Indie Rock. A little R&B, etc...why you like? he asked with a smile.
  11. "I've never really heard it before, pleases me." Finishing up the last of the mushrooms, and rubbing his stomach. "You definitely need to show me some of those types you spoke of." Juku was pretty musically inclined, having only listened to the sounds of pianos and lyres, shuddering at the thought of hearing another one. never again! Guess there was something to this guy after all, introducing him into something completely new. "Ya'know, I never caught your name.."
  12. Marshall rolls his neck and whips his hair out of his eyes. My name is Marshall Lee my man he says with a warm smile king of the vampires. Only reason why, is because I recently killed my dad, but still...KING of the vampires. He then got up and bowed, then sat back down and played some more.
  13. Aryn had successfully ignored the vampire, choosing to keep his eyes closed and pretend he was either asleep or in deep thought. He now opened his eyes again and noticed a young woman in rather revealing clothing. His eyes raked over her as she approached him almost cautiously. He reached out his mind easily and retrieved her name from her mind. "Hey, Rizika." he said with a mischievous grin, standing to greet her and his wings unfurling fully.
  14. As he played he looked up at Aryn and the girl. His eyes widened. He slung his guitar behind his back and got up quickly in a curious crouch. Who's that...Juku...come here and check this girl out. he gestures Juku to come over. He tilted his head at the girl.
  15. Rii stood propped up against a tree, allowing her golden honey-coloured eyes to wander about and scan the clearing and the beings that were currently within it. She smiled and moved around to the back of the tree to wrap her arms around the large trunk as best she could, and leaned over to the right so she could continue to watch the goings-on of the clearing. What she could see were three boys, and a girl. "I wonder what kind of creatures they are..." Rii wondered out loud, tilting her head, her mind filled with curiousity. She was human, but she knew how to handle herself quite well. But, if things ended up turning to more than what she could handle... she could call upon a friend of hers. Well, her father, really. She was... adopted by Zeus. How, she didn't know. Why, she didn't know that either. But, she just kinda went with it. There were quite a few perks involved in being in with the big guys.
  16. Marshall frowned a little then turned around and noticed a girl leaning against a tree. uh....Juku. I'll be right back. he said walking towards the girl. He flew up onto the tree she was leaning on and sat there staring at her. Hey there stranger!
  17. Juku went over to Marshall. "What? What? Who's over here?" Taking notice to the new girl that had entered. "Oh yeah, she's a pretty one alright." Taking notice to her right away, however..It seemed Marshall got to her before Juku did, which was fine. "Yeah, yeah I'll be right here.." Deciding to see how things went with Marshall and the new girl, Juku wandered over to the nearest tree and leaned against it watching, but at the same time not trying to entirely eavesdrop.
  18. Marshall jumped down to greet the girl, then secretly gestured Juku to come over. Hey there. My name's Marshall Lee, vampire extraordinaire. he smiles and sticks his hand to shake the girl's.
  19. Rizika smirked. "you know, it's rather rude to just wander along into my thoughts, it's much easier to just have a lovely little conversation." she mused lightly. She offered a joking smile. " But, nice to meet you, ah, well whoever you are." she said, offering a hand to shake. Her cat like eyes wandered over his wings, tracing their outline mentally. She took a few steps closer so that he would be able to reach her hand. She turned her head quickly to the others. a girl and a boy beside a tree, and another boy alone, seemingly watching the others. she raised her brow in curiosity, before turning back to the boy infront of her.
  20. Seeing that he was being beckoned, Juku followed Marshall. "Yeah, whatcha need Marshall?" before noticing there was another girl in the clearing, seemed that Marshall was pretty outgoing and not afraid to greet anyone, Juku admired that in a person...Well in this case, vampire. "Hello there, nice to meet you he said to the girl." nodding his head in respect to the girl.