The Classic Gate Apartments

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    Ozy currently sits at the desk in her office, the only sound in the room is the occasional creak of her old office chair and the rapid 'tak' of the keys being depressed and immediately released. It wasn't long until her fingers ceased and she leaned back. The office chair's creak splitting the silence. After a few seconds she pressed the enter key and turned her head to the window. It was raining outside, that was too bad. She wanted to go to the local park today. She stood, her long black a-line dress unfurling and fanning out underneath her for a second before returning to it's neutral state. With a sigh she tilted her head, her arm raising, she placed her knuckles against her cheek. Her body began to lightly turn and tilt. She had the strangest need to dance.
  2. John looked wide eyes when seeing the room, that is after he found out he was on the second floor. The room was much bigger than he had imagined and much fancier too. Was that a? Yes it was a dish washer, he didn't even have one of those back when he lived with his parents! This place had all the appliances that could make life easier... they must have gotten the wrong room. He turned around and went back up to the fourth floor before finding his way to Ozy's office. Quietly he knocked on the door and waited to see if Ozy was still their.

    Sally smiled happily as she saw the room, when John said the room was going to be better than their last one he was right! She ran inside, turned to the room she would put claim on and jumped onto the bed with a giggle before noticing John wasn't their. She crossed her arms, he was always disappearing.
  3. Ozy blinked curiously at the door, surprised to have someone coming to visit her. It must have been one of the newest tenants. She headed over to the door, opening it cautiously. She peeked through the small sliver. "Oh." She said as she opened the door. "Hello John."
    Her head tilted back and forth inquisitively hoping he wasn't having a problem or second thoughts. She didn't even realize that not long ago she was wearing completely different attire. Hopefully he wouldn't be shocked by the dress. "How may I help you?" She finally asked.
  4. He smiled as she opened the door and said his Hello's too. He was a little confused, just a couple minutes ago she had black pants and a reddish jacket on... and now a black dress. It really didn't mater, "Oh, um. I think you gave me the wrong apartment. The one you gave me must be worth much more than what you are charging us for rent."

    Sally was getting bored, where was John?! She stood up and walked around the apartment exploring a little before coming up to the TV and hitting the power button. She jumped as it popped up with a horror movie and quickly she changed it manually on the TV. She sighed, screaming people were just not what you want to hear in a quiet room...
  5. Her eyebrows tilted down a little bit. She seemed a little worried. "Um... I don't think so." Her hands came together infront of her and she began to fidget a little bit. "I mean... All the apartments are symmetrical. They're all two bedroom apartments. They should be mostly empty save the kitchen appliances..." She was no longer in the mood to dance. She had completely forgotten about the TV the construction workers had been using for their breaks. She really had no idea what he was talking about.
  6. "Just the kitchen alone is worth how much we paid but if theirs no mistake I wont argue." He smiled a little bit seeing her fidget and hoping a smile would calm her down, "Thank you again for letting us stay here." He nodded then walked over to the door, "If you need anything you can just ask. Sally is pretty good with things around the house." He opened the door and stepped out before softly closing it. The room was worth more but if she was fine with such low rent for it he wouldn't argue. It was worth more than double what he paid... was he taking advantage of her? Did she know it was worth more?! Maybe he should?... not today...

    Sally sat on the floor and watched the TV, she had the news on. They were reporting thunder storms for the weekend which made her frown, Sunday was the only day they had off the entire week. That was the day they went to the park and played... she groaned a little and laid on her side, resting her head on her arms and continued to watch.
  7. Falco Panetta led his younger sister, Areiz Panetta, to their room, 2-4. He opened the door, and the sight that met him took his breath away. "Wow.."

    "What?" Areiz walked in, her hand on the wall to lead her around, with the other in front of her.

    "It's a lot more than I thought it'd be..." He walked in behind her, closing the door and looking around.

    Areiz stopped halfway around the room. "She said there was two bedrooms?"

    "Yeah, I'll let you have the closest to the door." He walked over to her, letting her stay by the wall as he led her to her room. "Tada."

    Areiz walked around, running her hand across everything and walking slowly. "Amazing.." She reached the bed, sitting on it and laying down.

    Falco left her to check around after setting her bag down and went to the second bedroom, setting his own bag down. He looked around, still slightly amazed at everything.
  8. The girl found herself scratching her arm lightly. Hoping that her new tenant was didn't feel uncomfortable in his new abode. Either way, she was done with paper work, and she wasn't going to go to the park because of the rain. She figured she may as well head up to her own apartment. She closed her office door behind her, locking it soundly. She turned, looking at the tiled floors that made up the first floor. Silently she looked at each of the commercial spaces. All currently vacant. She walked up to the security gate wrapping her fingers around the metal posts that separated her and the vacant space. She wondered to herself what sort of business' would take up shop here. She turned, placing her back against the gate and looking between the other three. Maybe a coffee shop? A book store? She thought again for a few moments. This was a residential area, the apartment looked really out of place amongst all the houses. But still, they may even become customers. Ooh, a little cafe would be nice... well whatever ended up taking the spots she was sure they'd be nice additions. She looked toward the door that lead to outside, her office was directly adjacent to it. Eventually she let out a simple sigh and walked around the corner of the commercial stall, where the stairwell was. From here on, the stairs and hallways were covered in a simple beige carpet. It didn't look to bad in her opinion. With no further thoughts on the color scheme she began her ascent, toward the fourth floor.
  9. [Stygian Jett]"Finally! I exclaimed, stretching out my back. All of the furniture was, at long last, moved in, including a television we had installed in the living room. All the paperwork had been turned in early, compliments of Forrest.
    Speaking of the devil, he was lounging on couch with his feet on the ottoman, clicking through the channels. "I still can't believe rent is so low for this place." He said. Both of us had today off, and Forrest was wearing a white shirt with black shorts, definitely dressed for a day of laziness. His bright ginger hair was messy, a look I wasn't very accustomed to. Forrest was known for looking formal.
    I had my dark brown hair in it's usual style: Light, fluffy, and shaped into a fin on the top with the classic comb-hairspray duo. I was wearing an old football jersey and light blue jeans, my usual attire. I rarely dressed up for anything.
    I walked to the window and threw it open dramatically, looking out over our top-floor view. "New York, here we come!" I shouted dramatically. "This isn't New York, Sty." Forrest corrected, finally settling on Criminal Minds on the television. I flopped down onto the air chair we had, reclining it as far as we can go, and watched television watched him for about ten minutes.
    "This. Is. Boring. I'm going to go make friends and enjoy the thing I have called a life." I announced flamboyantly, leaning forward until I was practically in Forrest's face. He roughly shoved me out of the way by my forehead. "Then go, Stygain. This is my day off, and I am going to enjoy it."
    "Tch," I scoffed, walking over to the door. I stopped to make sure my amazing hair was still in order, but my tan skin, brown hair, and brown eyes didn't reflect well in the microwave's glass. I shrugged, pulled my feet into a pair of sneakers, and walked out into the hallway, closing the door loudly behind me.
    The only problem was, I didn't see anyone I could talk to. I headed down to the lobby, taking the elevator. Once there, I sat in one of the chairs there, and picked up a newspaper sitting on a nearby table. I flipped straight to the comics-News was boring-and grinned to myself as I enjoyed my favorite cartoon characters up to their daily shenanigans, completely forgetting that I was going to try and meet my new tenants.
  10. While walking down the hall, John, noticed someone sitting in a lounging area, "Good afternoon." he said in passing as he got closer to the main doors. Really he could have just walked past him and no one would have thought any less but he always felt bad just ignoring someone in the hall. In mid stride he stopped. He might as well say hello to the others living in this building. "I'm John." he said turning around to face the man. "I just got here today."

    Sally sighed, it was getting boring watching the news. Sure knowing the thunderstorm was going to show itself soon was important but she really could live without knowing all the deaths that were taking place. She sighed, stood up, then proceeded to turn off the TV. Later she would have to find the remote but for now John was in BIG trouble. She was going to make sure he never ran off without telling her where he was going. She threw open the door and stormed around the building only to find him talking to some dude. She didn't care, she marched right up to him and pulled his arm, "Don't just run off without telling me where your going!"

    John sighed feeling Sally pull his arm, "And this delicate little flower is my kid sister, Sally."

    "I'm not a kid! I'm 14 and I work a job! I am a teen, not a kid!"

    "Yes, of course, what was I thinking." he said with a smile that looked real enough. "Anyways," he returned his attention to the man, "It was nice to meet you."
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  11. Corwin walked into the apartment first, followed by the shorter Odric. They both stared in amazement at the grandeur of the place. Had they gone anywhere else, they would have received less, at a much higher cost. "Well would you look at that." Odric said aloud. He was thoroughly impressed by the apartment. This was way better than their last place, and cheaper, too. Corwin, however impressed, was rather skeptical. Why would someone put up such amazing apartments for so little? Had she secretly murdered someone? Was she secretly a vampire and fed off the tenants? Was she that desperately lonely? As his mind came up with the oddest reasons the place was so cheap at such quality, Odric walked around and explored the new living space.
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  12. Sydney's motorcycle pulled up into the parking lot of her new home. It had been a day since they initally arrived and everything was doing okay. She hopped off her vehicle, her guitar case still strapped against her back from her "work". She rode over to the circle of the city where a lot of stuff was going on and played music and sang for some money.

    Today she got really lucky and got almost one hundred dollars. She climbed the stairs up to the second floor and approached her doorway. Stopping as she could hear the T.V talk about the majestic lion. It was obviously Animal Planet on, and that was Ellie's favorite channel. Sydney knocked on the door quietly even though she had keys.

    "...Ellie? Your in there I know it.." Sydney spoke loudly, hearing the T.V go off. There was the sound of shuffling clothes, and then the door opened.

    "Sydney...uh. Hi."

    "Ellie, don't tell me you skipped school again."

    "I didn't! I was just absent!"

    Sydney sighed and shrugged, tommorow she would actually see her sister off. But for now it was okay. Sydney went inside and placed her guitar on the couch. The apartment was beautifully decorated, Sydney thought for about the third time. She still wondered why the rent was so low. But putting that side Sydney left the room again and just stood there looking at the city from the second floor hallway.
  13. Areiz stood up and carefully made her way to the door, running her hand along the walls and knocking on Falco's door. "Hey.."
    Falco had just finished changing from his black t-shirt to a dark blue t-shirt. "Yeah sis?"
    "Can we go meet other people? I've got my jacket, and I'm bored.." She wore a dark blue t-shirt under a black jacket that said 'Differences don't count' on the front in white. She wore a black pair of skinny jeans that were not skin tight, they were a little big and she wore a white belt with black dragons around it and a pair of black tennis shoes with white laces. Her dark brown hair had just been brushed down and split a little further on the left. It was cut at her jaw and had a vertical incline going back. "Please?"
    Falco sighed, changing into a new pair of blue jeans and pulling on his old, balck nike tennis shoes. "Why?" He asked, going over to open the door after brushing his buzz-cut so it angled back a little.
    "Because..It would be nice to meet some of the tenants we'll be living with..if you're okay with knowing them." She fidgeted with her jacket, trying to zip it up.
    "Okay, we'll go to the lounge and we can pick up a newspaper there..Let me zip that up." He kneeled down, zipping up her jacket before taking her hand and leading her to the door.
    "Let's go to the lounge we passed on our way in..surely someone's there." Areiz smiled brightly at the idea of actually meeting people instead of being stared at by strangers.
    "Okay, if you want to sis." He went over to the stairs, letting her lead her way down until they reached the floor, then he re-took her hand. Leading her into the lounge, he immediately spotted someone reading a magazine, and apparently Areiz had heard him too, because she let go of Falco's hand and waved.
    Hearing the movement of a newspaper, Areiz followed carefully and came up to a table. "Uh..hi." She said, still smiling brightly.
    Falco chuckled a little, taking a newspaper and coming up behind his sister. "Hi. We just moved in, I'm Falco Panetta, and this is my 16 year old sister, Areiz Panetta. Nice to meet you."
    Areiz nodded. "Would you mind if I sat here?" She asked him, ignoring her brother's small pull at the back of her jacket. Her gaze was just above the man's head.
  14. Sydney alternated from outside and inside, passing her time by thinking about her newest song or cover she'd been planning. It was awhile before she got frustrated enough to take a break from songwriting and do something else. Her first thought was to go see the other people living in the Classic Gates. Surely the others would've thought the same so they'd most likely be in the lounge or something.



    "Wanna go to the lounge and see the other tenants."

    "Eh. Not really. I'm watching my program right now."

    "Your gonna end up a hermit if you don't go out y'know."

    "Next time. Move out of the way Syd!"

    Sydney rolled her eyes before exiting the room, heading downstairs and into the Lounge, looking around at the different people in here.
  15. Odric was having a grand time exploring the place, he seemed like a small child. Corwin had sat on the couch and began reading one of the books Odric wrote for a living. "Hey, Corwin, I'monna go to the lobby, meet the other tenants. Wanna come with?" he asked the giant of a man, who replied with a grunt and a turn of another page. "Well, alright, then. Be an introvert." He walsk downthe stairs and into the lobby, noticing how so many of the other tenants had the same idea. "Well, ok." he said to himself, walking into the room.
  16. Falco turned to face the newcomers in the lounge. "Hello." He waved, his smile still shining brightly. "I'm Falco, this is my sister Areiz.

    Areiz ignored her brother's change in attention, still listening to the guy she was talking to.
  17. Sydney smiled slightly at the welcome, turning to see the older man whom she hadn't realized came down the staircase after her. She wasn't exactly sure who to entertain old-timers so she offered a small hello before turning back around towards Falco, as he introduced himself. Peculiar name Sydney thought before introducing herself.

    "I'm Sydney. I too have a sister, although much younger then yours, she's upstairs." Sydney spoke, her first phrase addressed towards both the older man and the younger one, while the latter aimed for the younger man. "I guess we'll be seeing each other a lot."
  18. Their were people pilling into this place like no tomorrow, too many people. John started to fidget a little with his hand behind his back. He should have just gotten the milk. Now he had all these people here, to many people...

    Sally looked up at her big brother and understood what he was thinking. She sighed, he never really did well in crowds. "Lets go back up. Your still in trouble!" the first sentence was a bit quieter then the second... Also a bit softer. She grabbed his hand and pulled him to the elevator. "Big, BIG, trouble." slowly the doors closed and she 'lectured' him on the way up only to continue on the way to the room.
  19. Jake nodded. "Would you like to sit?" He asked, motioning to an empty table beside Areiz.
  20. [Stygian Jett] I looked up, the sound of voices catching my attention. All of a sudden, the lobby was almost crowded with people. It seemed like everyone had my exact idea, practically all at the same moment. It kind of creeped me out. None of them seemed to know each other, I could hear several introductions flying around.
    I stood up, setting the comics aside, and approached the only person who didn't seem engaged in conversation, a man who looked to be in his higher 20's, maybe 27 or 26. "This is a little odd to ask," I began, glancing around to the different groups of people, "But is there a party or something going on that I missed?"
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