The Classic Gate Apartments.

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  1. The apartment has Four floors. On the first floor, there are four commercial slots. Each of the next floors has four two bedroom apartments. On the corner of a quiet residential street there sits a brown apartment building that has just finished construction. The rent is cheap and utilities are included. It seems like a god send for those who need a place to live but can't afford any where else in town. There must be a reason the rent is so low. But nothing that's advertised is out of the ordinary.
    The land lord is a girl named Ozy, you talked to her over the phone after sending in your application. She seemed interested in having you. An interview was set up all that's left is to go and talk with her in her office. Before she hung up she reminded you to bring all the tenants who would be living in the apartment.
    Floor one​
    Commercial slot 1:​
    Commercial slot 2: Serge's Shop of Strange Things
    Commercial slot 3:​
    Commercial slot 4:​
    Floor Two​
    1-1: Powell​
    1-2: Unoccupied​
    1-3: Yorvi​
    1-4: Unoccupied​
    Floor Three​
    2-1: Unoccupied​
    2-2: Ordic/Corwin​
    2-3: Unoccupied​
    2-4: Panetta​
    Floor Four​
    3-1: Jett/Forrest​
    3-2: Unoccupied​
    3-3: Unoccupied​
    3-4: Ozy​
    To request to join, use the following form.​
    How many tenants:
    Multi - charactering is fine and encouraged.​
    Inactive members will be evicted.​
    To join, Start a private conversation with me titled "A knock on Ozy's Door."​
    Using a commercial slot does not require you to live in the apartment.​
    Link to the RP Thread: Here
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  2. number of tenants: 2
    Names: Odric Shistershire & Corwin Buldetsky
    Ages: 27 & 32
    Professions: Writer, Architect
  3. Number of tenant's: 2
    Name's: Joseph Bridstrom III, Nicholas Deanos,
    Age's: 25, 22
    Profession's: Artist, Unemployed
  4. How many tenants: Two
    Names: Stygian Jett, Forrest Kipling
    Ages: Both 24
    Professions: Photography teacher at an art studio, tech support at a superstore
  5. How many tenants:
    John Yorvi
    Sally Yorvi
    John- Cashier at the local supermarket
    Sally- Bag Girl at the local supermarket
  6. How many tenants: 2
    Names: Sydney Powell, Ellie Powell
    Ages: 19, 14
    Professions: Aspiring Indie Artist, Student
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  7. How many tenants: 2
    Names: Areiz Panetta and Falco Panetta
    Ages: 16 and 21
    Professions: Student (To-be writer), Architect
  8. I had nothing better to do so I found photos of Ellie and Sydney. owo

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  10. How many tenants: 2
    Names: Tatsuo Ryuu Hemington & Zvonimir Oden Oscro
    Ages: 21 & 23
    Professions: Bartender & Personal trainer
  11. I will be sending out eviction notices tomorrow afternoon.
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  13. How many tenants: 1
    Names: Liesel Serge
    Ages: 34
    Professions: Shopkeeper -- "Serge's Shop of Strange Things", Commercial Slot 2
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