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  1. I am going to take a moment to brag about my badass Disney Animated movie collection. o__o I have almost the entire set of feature classics and a few of the GOOD sequels. Childhood favorites and new flicks!

    TELL WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE OF THE ANIMATED CLASSICS! I'm not talking the new trend of CG animated. But the good old fashioned kind. >:D

    I like my Disney Princesses. ;__; But I freaking love Lion King. c___c I watched Lion King so much, I used to be able to quote the entire movie.
  2. My favorite all time Disney movie is probably Sword in the stone. Next would be Alice in wonderland, Peter pan (The original!), Lady and the tramp and Snow white.
  3. I'm out atm but just thought I'd say that I intend to post in CW tonight. : 3
  4. Those aren't classic disney! >:[

    Robin Hood. :|
  5. MIA (open)

    "character quotes goes here"
    ⦙⦙ RACE | Human ⦙⦙ LOCATION | Maldvir ⦙⦙ MAGIC | Inner Light ⦙⦙ AGE | 31 ⦙⦙ WEIGHT | 5'10" ⦙⦙ HEIGHT | 161lbs.

    Azzara is about as warm and fuzzy as a person can be. She welcomes all with open arms and a warm smile to boot. While she isn’t a mother, Azza manages to express a motherly vibe to the young around her. She carries herself with an air of nobility that was taught to her since birth but has since lost its base and materialistic pride. She strive to be kind to others, but is highly perceptive of those who wish to misuse that kindness for their own gain. Azza prefers to use her diplomatic skill and impressive intellect to solve dilemmas but will not hesitate to use violence if acted upon by a hostile opponent. Despite this, she holds no quarter for those of the shadow, bringing to bear the full power of her Inner Light on them when needed.

    Weapon specialization || Scimitar, Recurve Bow

    Profession || Travelling Scholar/Monk

    Skills || Azza is a fantastic cook, novice sailor and learned survilalist.

    Azzara was born the only child to a wealthy family of traders based in one of Maldvir’s numerous coastal cities. In spite of what was expected of her, she did not grow up to be a spoiled brat. Her parents had instead insisted on her having a religious education once it was decided that their share of the company would go to Azzara’s aunts and uncles. This was a revelation that never truly bothered Azza as she very much enjoyed the idea of making one’s own way in life. She instead was much more interested in the teachings of her Elders and being able to bring out her Inner Light.

    She was finally able to do so by the age of twelve and from then on spent the majority of her adolescent life travelling Maldvir with her teacher to deeply learn both the religion and the function of the Inner Light. During these times she had a number of run-ins with bandits and a few shadow casters and was given a chance to effectively hones her skills in war and peace. By the time she was seventeen, her teacher had decided that she had learned all that he had to teach and that she would now have to go and make her own way in the world.

    Having traversed a good portion of Maldvir’s lands, Azzara had decided to travel alongside Maldviri merchant caravans moving north through Faledren to get a taste of the world outside of the country she called home. She spent an immense amount of time learning about the Fallenites before moving further north into the lands of Thallas and beyond. After ten years of travel, Azzara returned home upon hearing that her father had fallen ill. She remained there to help nurse him back to health and to visit old friends when she received a letter in the mail calling her back north.





    Protective at the expense of her own health

    Emotional under great stress
    Azzara’s most defining features are her waist-long dreads that can take many forms at any given time. Often she will keep the majority of them tied together into a single braid, and sometimes futher rolled into a large bun, when travelling long distance or when she expects trouble. Otherwise she will let the locs flow free. Her face is defined by her golden eyes and angular features that often make her appear to be more serious than she truly is. Azzara has an average frame that is rather well-built and muscular but is not without her curves where it matters.

    Azzara will often forgo armor in her attire and will usually tend towards light materials in combinations of white, silvers, golds and sometimes reds, depending.
    writing sample
    “Azzara, are you okay?”

    The words of the young Maldviri’s teacher fell on inattentive ears as the young woman stared at the numerous corpses strewn about the dunes around her. Her breaths were quick and panicked, but were subsiding nonetheless. Between sparring with her fellow students and training her Inner Light with her teacher, Kokali, Azzara thought she was ready. But nothing could have prepared her for her first run in with shadow casters. A battle to the death that she had come out on top of. She had just got finished killing, not because she wanted to, but because she had to, in the end it was her duty. But none of that mattered when adrenaline and tactics were battling against mind-numbing fear to help keep her just one step ahead.

    Below her was the lifeless husk of an older female, likely in her twenties. Her face frozen in painful surprise, hands clutched at the leather armor around her stomach where Azzara had cast a blast of light.. The shadow casters were to be inhuman, something otherworldly. They had to be, to set up an ambush by using the dead bodies of a merchant caravan that had long since been murdered by their hand. They were monsters, and yet, this woman’s reaction was as human as it could get. But it was a lie, from their words to their reactions and to their appearance, the shadow casters were a lie, a false shell of humanity. They brought chaos where Azzara was to bring peace. She blinked as Kokali’s words finally registered.

    “I’m….disturbed. Disturbed at the treachery commited here by the shadow casters.”

    Kokali sighed and rested a large hand on her shoulder. “This will not be the last time that you will witness a scene like this. Should you travel north, it will be much more prevalent, and much more severe…”

    Azzara understood that fully. That’s why she wanted to go in the first place. The Maldviri had been battling against those of the shadow for a long time, her actions there would be one among many. In the north, she wanted to make a difference. She wanted to find a way to stem the growth of what plagued their lands before it swallowed them, and maybe even Maldvir, whole.

  6. Mulan is the best Not-Princess Disney Princess.

    Also, Aladin just for Gilbert Gottfried.

  7. Hmm... We should ask everyone
  8. I'm sad because you guys won't ever get to watch and hear the latin american spanish version of those movies, each one of those is at least ten times better than the original in english.

    Except some of the songs though. I CAN SHOW YOU THE WOOORLLLLLLLLD

    No wait, just saw the song in youtube, it's twenty times better.

    Except for I'll Make A Man Out Of You.

    And Jungle Book is the deepest shit ever bro, Bambi would've had the title but it's all HURR DURR MUMMIE DEAD DURRRR
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  10. I will always love the Aristocats and Marry Poppin's my favs!

    [ame=""]YouTube- Scales and Arpeggios - Aristocats[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Uncle Waldo[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube- Penguin Dance Sing Along[/ame]

    I also found this but Im not sure about the song, I just think it's cool since you guys were talking about Robin Hood and stuff.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Penguin Dance Sing Along[/ame]
  11. I love the Lion King. I can still quote most of the movie. .___.;

    Other than that, I would definitely say Mulan ... and I loved Hercules as a kid. >>; Mostly because I liked mythology a lot back then.
  12. Dimitri walked through the streets of the kingdom, his red eyes glowed slightly in the darkness cast by the ever present cloud that spread over the sky. He looked around and gnawed slightly on his black nails. He needed to find a new job, but advertising wasn't exactly someone of his expertise had access to so his clients had to find him through the word of mouth which was a slow nd dreary process. Dimitri into a bar and sat down, ordering for something strong. While sitting on one of the stools-