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  1. Amarita City

    A densely-populated city, with popular shopping and entertainment qualities. The uptown district is full of colors and neon lights, and it is often that new fashion trends are created there. Over a dozen stores can be found here. Everyone can find something that appeals to them.
    Notable Locations:
    Center Street: A prime place for excited youths to gather during the night hours. It's littered with shops and neon signs that attract attention. It has stores, boutiques, night clubs and gaming centers.
    Europe Slope: A 100 meter long pedestrian street with stairs leading up the slope to the Parco department store. It is lined by boutiques, cafes and restaurants, and was nicknamed for its resemblance to a Spanish street scene.

    The downtown areas tend to have more temples and prestige to them. Most of the guild and government buildings are set up there. It's of equal size to it's uptown counterpart, but tends to be more reserved and calm.
    *Both uptown and downtown have apartments to live in.
    Residential District

    The Residential District is full of houses, but is definitely not far off from the city. It's honestly smaller than the uptown and downtown districts. But this is the only district where there are houses instead of apartments.



    The heat was sweltering.

    Naoto Shirogane walked the semi-crowded streets of the Uptown District. The weather was sunny, but nonetheless ridiculously humid out. The climate of the unnamed world seemed to change whenever it pleased. Due to this, planning what one would wear for a day could be incredibly difficult. The morning temperature was of no use when predicting the temperature for the rest of the day. While the strange, blank citizens of the city always seemed to be appropriately dressed for the weather, occupants from other universes never seemed to be able to get a hang on what to wear, including herself. Apparently, her usual blue-jacket atop of a dress shirt wasn't working out too well, resulting in her needing to take the jacket off and sling it over her shoulder. The blue-haired detective gave a small sigh, directing her gaze somewhat skyward. There were many mysteries to be unraveled in this strange place. She had seen and been involved in many different oddities in her life. But she had only read about this sort of world, which seemed to serve as a bridge between worlds, of some sort.

    Regardless, the heat was only making her sweat. Perhaps it would be a good idea to duck into a store along the way. She was on her way to one of the guilds in the city. In the city, there were three guilds. Aries, Gemini, and Cancer were the three guilds in the city. All three were western zodiac signs. Strangely, they seemed to be in chronological order as well. She had definitely done investigating on the guilds of the city. While all three gave out missions, they all had their differences.

    Aries was called the Heroics Guild by many, and was famous for making individuals famous. Most flocked to the Aries Guild in search of grand adventures and fame.

    Gemini was the Tactician Guild. It was apparently highly-noted and praised for its strategists and heavy involvement in public works projects within the city.

    Cancer gained the title of the Healer, or Cleric Guild. Many people here learned healing magic (which she guessed was similar to her Persona's healing skills.), and many were health workers such as doctors or nurses.

    Naoto was on her way to the Gemini Guild, in hopes of investigating it. As a detective, she guessed that was where she kind of fit in. The blue-haired young woman's thought process had temporarily distracted her from the climate. But the heat was completely unavoidable. Sighing, she knew she had no other choice, and ducked into a nearby cafe. The cafe had soft brown walls, and smelled of heavenly coffee and pastries.

    While most citizens were attempting to beat the heat, Morgan was exploring the city. She hadn't come far from where she lived, and was scurrying about the downtown area of the city. While not as active as the uptown, where she would often spend her time, Morgan enjoyed poking around. She had run into quite a few secret stores and even taverns while wandering around. Due to her keen eye for details, almost nothing went missed. She walked down the street with a wide, enthusiastic smile. The fact that she had not yet seen any familiar faces was certainly nagging at her. She would miss her father and mother, as well as her sibling. She was beginning to struggle after being away from them for so long, which was why she had started to explore. It was important to take a good look around to see if there were any clues. Of course, she would also eventually go to the guilds of the city, in order to see if there was any clues to how she could get home there,

    The sun beat down on the city viciously, and she kind of pitied anyone who had predicted cooler weather today. At least there were several swimming pools in town. She was also very much curious to see the level of technology and advancements in the city. Conveniences such as "vending machines" and "escalators" and "cellphones" didn't exist in her home world. So she investigated anything she really could. She was very intent on at least bringing some of the information home. She was definitely getting to go home. There was absolutely no doubt in her mind about that. She refused to give up! Nothing would stop her from seeing her family again. But still, she wished to see a familiar face. Any Shepherd would do. She didn't think badly about anyone in the Shepherds. Sure, everyone had their flaws. But the Shepherds were all good people who had been fighting for a good cause!

    Sighing, she moved to rest against a nearby wall of a tall building, momentarily exhausted from all of the thinking.

  2. The Doctor: Residential

    The Time Lord let out a moan in pain and rubbed the side of his head. Despite being in a daze, he managed to stand to his feet, leaning against the TARDIS console. As his vision restored to normal, he knew something was wrong. There were no lights on in the TARDIS.

    She'd crashed before, taken damage before, even lost power before but this was something different.

    "No, no, no..." He muttered to himself

    As hard as he tried to think about it, he had no memory of crashing at all. The last thing he remembered was...The Doctor placed his head in his hands and ran both hands down his face, struggling to remember.

    "Ah ha!" He shouted out loud. The last thing he remembered was talking to a detective in London who was trying to arrest him. "I'll just step inside this police box and arrest myself." After trying to travel to the 1920s to gatecrash a party, he'd woken up here.

    As he tried to step forwards, the Doctor almost lost his balance and leaned on the TARDIS console to steady himself. He tried pulling several levers but got no response, next he reached into his pocket and pulled out his sonic screwdriver. He sighed in relief, seeing that it was still intact and tried it on one of the levers , still getting no response.

    With a glum expression on his face, The Doctor continued to examine the console. It was almost as if, she was dead. He kept telling himself that this was impossible.

    If she had lost power, it meant that the shields were down. Anyone, or anything could easily walk inside. His first instinct was to simply lock the doors and be done with it, but the feeling for adventure would never fester in the old man's heart.

    Until she was repaired, the Time Lord was for a lack of better words stuck wherever the TARDIS had taken him. He straightened his coat, took a deep breath and opened the doors. He tried to prepare himself for what was on the other side.

    The residential district was lying in front of him. The houses and the blank faced people. As usual, the Doctor was on guard. Although things seemed peaceful, they looks could be deceiving. Curiosity and cautiousness ran through his brain.

    He stepped out of the doors, sighing in relief to see that the Chameleon circuit still worked and locked them by clicking his fingers. He would have time to check through other TARDIS rooms later to see what else was working.

    The TARDIS itself was in an alleyway, out of sight from most of the street. A convenient spot.

    The Doctor continued walking, constantly looking all around him with both hands in his coat pockets. He bumped into one of the citizens

    "Oh, sorry about that." The Doctor smiled, getting a blank stare from the resident who continued walking. The Doctor glanced over at the citizen then licked one of his fingers and pointed upwards.

    "Well...Earth-like climate anyway..." He muttered "But this isn't Earth. No..."

    It was warm, but still colder than a lot of planets he had been too. He could face the heat without a lot of difficulty.

    It puzzled him. Whatever planet this was he hadn't been to it before. He liked a new place to visit, to explore but there was something very off about this place. He looked around cautiously before he continued walking. Somewhere there had to be a clue on where he was. He just had to find it.


    Harley Quinn: Uptown
    Watching from an alleyway next to a clothing store, Harley continued to try and get her bearings. This city wasn't Gotham, she had figured that out within seconds of waking up here. This place was peaceful from what she could tell...Too peaceful. She knew something was off by looking at the people. Even by appearing in the open, they had barely reacted to her at all. She had ran into them, threatened them with violence but had got no response from any of them. They seemed to be aware of her presence, giving her blank stares but they never reacted in ways she would expect a normal person to react.

    In Gotham, she had her goons to rob and beat people up for her, doing it on her own was a feeling she had missed. It reminded her of happier times.

    She had been here for several hours and still had no clue on where she was. It wasn't a dream, she had figured that out by pinching herself. She tried once more for good measure. This wasn't a dream, and this wasn't as a result of Scarecrow's toxins. This wasn't nightmare fuel, this was just confusing. The heat, she was already dressed for but it was still bothering her.

    Frustrated and confused, Harley walked out of the alley, wielding her baseball bat in one hand and her pistol in the other. She fired one shot into the air, hoping to get a response.

    "What the hell is wrong with you bozos!?" She shouted at the citizens who continued to give her a blank stare "You're supposed to scream or something!"

    Syeron: Downtown

    Syeron knew something was wrong with this city the second she woke up. It wasn't so much that she detected a disturbance in the force, but she did detect something unnatural, something she could not comprehend. Her initial instinct was to ask the people around her for information. Her robes were recognizable and a lot of citizens, depending on where she went would be more than willing to assist a Jedi. She didn't like the way a lot of the citizens treated her, as some kind of war hero but she had gotten used to it.

    She didn't want a hero's welcome everywhere she walked, but the way people behaved in this city disturbed her. All of them had the same, blank expression. They would not even respond to conversation. The heat was also starting to affect her.

    She sensed someone in the crowd who was out of place compared to the blank-face citizens. Perhaps they knew something? Her pointed ears made her stand out and Syeron approached her as she leaned against the wall. As Syeron approached she felt something. This girl had something on her that possessed a lot of power. It wasn't force power, but something else Syeron couldn't quite put her mind on as she hadn't felt this type of power before.

    She would try talking to the girl first, but readied herself for a fight just in case.

    "Hello." She spoke, trying to get the girl's attention as she approached her. For good measure, she shot the girl a reassuring smile "I seem to be lost. Can you tell me where I am?"

    Gregory Nelson: Residential

    Gregory continued to sit in the bed of the apartment he had claimed as his temporary home. He needed to find a place to clear his head, and the door had been unlocked. If a tenant walked through the doors, Gregory would simply have to leave. He didn't want to start an unnecessary fight.

    The past six hours had been rough, but he'd had worse days. He had woken up naked and lying in the middle of the street, but thankfully he had his gear and clothes with him. What disturbed him was that the blank-faced citizens seemed to have no reaction to this. They continued as if nothing had happened. No naked man lying in the middle of the street.

    He'd been to his fair share of weird planets but this one disturbed him. His first step, after getting out of the street was to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't' dreaming. After all, the dream of waking up in a public place naked wasn't uncommon. His next move was to call out to Mirus. If April was able to create illusions that seemed so real, maybe Mirus...

    He shuddered at the name April. It brought back too many painful memories. Mirus could have been playing a trick on him, but she wasn't as powerful as April had been.

    Gregory ran one hand through his hair. He had spent so much time worrying about where he was and the well-being of his family and friends he hadn't explored the area. He slapped himself across the face and stood up, walking into the bathroom and staring into the mirror.

    "Right you bastard. Find out where you are." He spoke to himself. He continued to tell himself that they were okay, that he would make his way back to the Valkyrie, back home.

    He put on his coat, holstered his revolver in one of the pockets and reached for the bag with his armour and other gear in it. He didn't want to draw too much attention to himself but he didn't want to go unprepared.

    Gregory put on his glasses as he left the apartment and walked deeper into the town, he looked all around him as he walked, trying to prepare himself.
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  3. [BCOLOR=#000000]Dante - Uptown Area[/BCOLOR]
    This clearly wasn't a natural place, the Son of Sparda had decided. It wasn't just by the virtue of the common citizen being a blank-faced everyman, nor was it just by the fact that this was a city with modern-level activity on an otherwise isolated and lonely island. Among those things, something in the atmosphere just felt wrong. Sort of like that feeling one gets as a child when they've wandered somewhere they're not supposed to be - dread, with a strong hint of curiosity.

    And there were many more things that were quite visibly wrong with this place. Every so often, one could spy a curious individual in the crowd, someone who looked displaced in their mannerisms or fashions. It was those people, Dante noted, that notably more self-aware than the common civilian here. Perhaps those people were somewhat like himself, as far as circumstances...

    Because last Dante remembered, he wasn't even on Earth. And Devil May Cry wasn't established in a place called Amarita City- well, that part was more of his own fault, really. He figured that as long as he was stuck here, he'd need a place to stay and do business.

    Getting a small walk-in office/apartment downtown like the old place wasn't a major issue. That part was reserved for when he discovered the three apparent 'guilds' within the city. After a bit of trepidation, Dante actually figured out what the guilds did: they dispensed jobs and operations for those seeking particular brands of work. Since it meant pretty much everyone who had practical problems came to the Guilds for help in some way, it essentially made the installation of Devil May Cry nigh-useless.

    Not that Dante had much issue with that. It just gave him more time for pizza and ice cream. Leaving Devil May Cry lazily open (as he wasn't expecting company in any case), Dante wandered around the uptown district, keeping an eye out for any good restaurants or bars. He simply bore a grey shirt with black pants and shoes under his crimson longcoat, not even bothering to dye his hair as he might do for Tony Redgrave. What he didn't change was the faded black guitar case at his hip that carried Rebellion in secret.​
  4. Gregory Nelson: Residential
    Gregory continued walking, one or two people caught his eye on the way. There was something different about them, like they were aware of Gregory's presence unlike the regular blank-faced citizens. Before he could talk to any of them and ask them just where the hell he was, they seemed to disappear into the crowd amongst the blank-faced citizens.

    Gregory kept walking, the heat beating down on his face. He took little notice of it as terraformed Mars was normally warmer. Although the streets of colonies like Valhalla were full of crime and Gregory was on guard every second, this place still unsettled him more. It made him feel more afraid for his safety. He remembered a quote about fear he'd read in a book "Fear is not knowing what's hiding under your bed, whereas terror is knowing what the monster in your closet is." He shuddered a little as he passed by more blank faced citizens and continued making his way through the city. On Mars at least he knew what he was up against. Even when fighting an Exen he knew what he was up against. Here, he felt powerless and that only added to his fear.

    Eventually, he made it to the Downtown districts. He fixed his glasses and continued. He heard his stomach rumble.

    "Oh for God's sake." He muttered to himself. He had to eat, would this strange planet accept Union credits, the same currency he was used to? He hoped so. While he had stolen plenty of things, including food he didn't want to draw attention to himself. He feared that these blank-faced citizens would become more aware, or even hostile if he stole something or caused them harm. He listened to the feeling in his gut and told himself it was better to see if the could buy something instead.

    "Blank faced citizens unaware of what's going on..." He muttered out loud "Am I in the Matrix or something?" He smiled and continued walking. The downtown district seemed to be calmer, but he didn't feel any calmer himself. One of the buildings had a sign he recognized on it.

    "Aries..." He muttered. His younger brother Steven was an Aries, born on the 24th of March. Gregory cautiously walked up the door and opened it, stepping inside.

    The Doctor: Residential

    He continued walking, slowly and on guard yet also curious. A blank-faced citizen walked in his direction, prompting the Doctor to show him his psychic paper. The citizen continued walking, causing The Doctor to shoot him a confused look in response.

    As another citizen walked in his direction, The Doctor snapped his fingers in her face multiple times. There was still no reaction.

    Finally, The Doctor jumped in front of one of the citizens, waving his arms around wildly

    "Look at me, I'm mental!" He shouted "I'm completely mental!" He facepalmed "These people are caught in a trance or daze...It could be a case of mind control." He muttered to himself. A glum look appeared on his face as he thought about the possibility that he was the only one not affected. It could have something to do with the TARDIS, it had protected him or maybe...Whatever turned these people into mindless drones happened a long time before he crashed here.

    The Doctor continued walking into the next district.
  5. Vitani Keller walked the streets of the Uptown area. She lived in a small two bedroom house in the Residential district, but she was out shopping today. Tani figured she would get her shopping done while the sun was out as to limit surprises. She hated being followed, stalked, or jumped in any way. It just made her animal instincts buzz and made her edgy. Her style was chosen for comfort and ease if motion. Loose fitting jeans, but only around her legs. If the slipped off her hips it could slow her down and possibly make her fall mid-pursuit. Her tops were generally basic t-shirts or occasionally a graphic t-shirt. Very seldom was she seen in a dress and heels.
  6. Harley Quinn: Uptown
    With reaction to the gunshot, or the multiple threats she made, to say that Harley was getting impatient would be a complete understatement.

    "Alright..." She muttered bitterly "I suppose I gotta make my point."

    She aimed her gun at the head of one of the NPCs. He had no response and actually continued walking, as if the gun wasn't there. Any normal person would react to a gun being pointed at their forehead. Most would panic, braver or foolish people would try to disarm her. Sometimes they succeeded. As a memory of Batman entered her mind, her anger only grew.

    "What the hell!?" She shouted angrily as the NPC continued to walk away. She ran in front of him and aimed the gun at his forehead again, shooting a grim smile before pulling the trigger.

    The gunshot, like the previous one echoed across the Uptown district.

    Gregory Nelson: Downtown
    The inside of Aries guild spoke one word to Gregory "adventure". It appeared to be empty of people, but there were several notice boards around the guild. From reading one or two of them, Gregory discovered that Aries guild was "the heroics guild" for those "seeking adventure and fame"

    "Hello?" Gregory called out, hoping that someone might be in the back. There had to be more than one person around here who wasn't a mindless drone.

    He heard something coming from his bag, a beeping sound. He opened it up and looked inside to see that his helmet was alerting him of something, or someone. Gregory quickly put it on and read the display. Two shots had been fired in an area not too far from the guild itself.

    He feared the armour would give the drones an idea that he was going in "guns blazing" and they would react in a hostile manner. He did not have the strength nor the ammo to deal with an entire city of blank-faced drones.

    Gregory began to pace the room as he thought about the possibilities in his head. Had the drones tried to attack someone? Had someone lost their cool and attacked a drone? Maybe even Mirus and Steven had arrived to rescue him.

    He read the location of the gunshots from his helmet and put it back in his bag before heading outside. He would have to check out Aries later, the gunshot was more important at this point.

    The Doctor: Downtown
    The TimeLord passed Aries as he watched a man in a blue jacket and red shades run out. He also noticed that he had a gun holstered. He was definitely not affected by whatever had turned this planet's inhabitants into mindless drones, but the Doctor also assumed that he was dangerous.

    He approached cautiously, watching the man from around a corner as he continued to run into the Uptown district.

    "Where are you going?" The Doctor muttered to himself. Although he could not see the man's eyes he knew there was a sense of desperation in him, in the way he ran. He was afraid. Was something inside the building? The symbol on the outside was instantly recognizable to him...Aries.

    The Doctor now had two choices. He could explore Aries guild or he could follow the man.

    "Don't wander off." He muttered, pointing at the building before he continued to follow the man.​
  7. Vitani ducked instinctively gunshots rang out. With her heightened senses, the shots sounded like they were right next to her. Her facial features contorted and became more animal-like. Her eyes became a wolfish or cat-like yellow. Her teeth became sharper, more predatory. Her whole demeanor changed to something primal. Tani had Beat Out, but only partially. She was still in control of most of her actions. She could switch it off herself. If she had done a full Beast Out, she would have to be talked down out of it and she would loose control to her primal side.
  8. Gregory Nelson: Uptown

    Gregory continued running into the Uptown district. He pushed one drone to the side as he ran "Move!" He shouted. The drone took no notice of being pushed and continued walking. The citizens continued to creep Gregory out.

    While no more shots had been fired, he continued to follow the path his helmet had pointed out to him. What if this other person was dangerous? What if the drones had already got them? He had to find out. If there was another living person, they could have at least a clue as to where Gregory was and how he could get home.

    He turned a corner and saw someone, a woman go through a change.

    "What the hell are you, a werewolf or something?" Gregory asked, trying to hide his fear. There were no aliens he'd encountered like this, maybe it was the result of an experiment? Whatever the case was, he didn't think this creature was not the one who fired the shots as he wasn't at the location his helmet had pointed out. That and he didn't see a gun.

    "I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand, Walkin' through the streets of Soho in the rain. He was lookin' for the place called Lee Ho Fooks. Gonna get a big dish of beef chow mein!" Gregory sang out-loud "Seriously though, who the hell are you?"

    Pissing off the "werewolf" probably wasn't a good idea, especially when he wasn't wearing his armour. He looked for possible exits while at the same time keeping the "werewolf" in sight. Were this creature and the gunshots connected?

    He raised both of his hands in the air "Not here to hurt you. Just need to find out who's shooting. You wouldn't happen to have any ideas David Kessler?"​
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  9. During the few days Vitani had been in this strange town, a town she didn't even know the name of. It was unfamiliar, which set her on edge as it was. This place was definitely not New York. She picked up a human scent and a male voice. The pod-people of this odd place were scentless, which unnerved her, and they rarely spoke. Shaking her head and snapping out of the Beast's hold, Tani returned to normal. The whole process took seconds. "Shit." She muttered under her breath. Her parents had expressed, on multiple occasions, that she not expose herself. And had she gone and done now! They would be furious if they found out about this. Even Uncle JT and Aunt Tess would lecture her. "Please don't tell anyone." She pleaded. "If Muirfield catches wind of this, they would come after me, and others like me." Even though her parents supposedly shut down Muirfield, Tani believed the organization was still out there somewhere.
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  10. [BCOLOR=#000000]Dante - Uptown Area[/BCOLOR]
    The red-coated mercenary was alerted by the tell-tale sound of a pistol shot ringing out somewhere nearby. While the citizens continued looking as droll and complacent as ever, Dante found himself slightly concerned - and more excited. A gunshot meant not simply another 'alive' individual within this town, it also meant someone that was looking for trouble. The prospect of a fight always got Dante's blood warmed up; even if he was sworn not to kill humans, he couldn't often bring himself to put down a fight.[BCOLOR=#000000][/BCOLOR]

    So it was that Dante managed to trace the sound to a street relatively close by, and find what looked to be the perpetrator: a lady in a short black dress with various accents of red and black in her clothing (and her hair). What stood out about her was the stark white makeup she wore, giving her the appearance of some sort of odd living doll.

    Of course, she was the one holding the gun (along with a stylized baseball bat on her shoulder) while looking notably pissed-off about her turn of events. So was she a criminal, a crazed killer, or what? Whatever the case, Dante was about to get an up-front taste of it.

    "Hey, what's the big deal, huh?" Dante strode up into the scene, arms out to the side as if he meant to shrug. "Are you trying to mess with these guys or something? I mean, why bother? They don't talk or react or do anything-" The half-devil slapped one aside the head for emphasis. "Hell, I don't think they even like pizza," Dante chuckled a bit at his joke of a last comment, neglecting to pay full attention to the odd lady.​
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  11. Gregory Nelson
    Gregory was taken aback by the woman's response, but at the same time relieved. He was expecting a fight. The woman appeared to be in distress, but he had been fooled before. He kept his guard up.

    "Woah. Slow down their Mrs Kessler. I won't tell anyone about this..." He paused, still trying to wrap his head around it. Out of an entire city, possibly an entire planet of what appeared to be mindless drones this woman was right in the middle of it. It seemed too suspicious to him, and while she was trying to hide something, he had likely already discovered it. He wondered if she was hiding anything else.

    "Well, I'm not sure what to call it. That's providing you answer a question or two or three. Make it three of mine. After all, everything comes in threes, right? Shall we call it a deal?" He shot her a reassuring smile.

    He figured that if she was manipulating him, he'd be on guard the whole time but if she was genuinely desperate and scared of "Muirfield" he could help her, or at the very least use her to his advantage.

    The shooter, this "werewolf" woman and Gregory himself seemed to be the only three people that weren't mindless drones. If this was the case, he told himself they had to stick together.

    Before the woman could reply, Gregory continued talking.

    "I'm not sure if we have a lot of time, so I'll just ask my questions now. First question, what's Muirfield. Is it a person, a group? I assume they want to kill you, or at least experiment on you. Second question, are you a werewolf..." He paused "Wait, is that word racist? I'm not sure. Wait, don't count that as a question!"

    He removed his glasses and looked the woman in the eyes as a sign of trust.

    "Final question. Do you know who's firing the gun? Do you know where we are? I know that's two questions and so that's technically cheating or something but...I dunno, I'm under a lot of stress so give me a break."

    Harley Quinn
    The first person who wasn't a mindless drone approached Harley. He had white hair, a red coat and was armed. Her first instinct was that he was an enemy, perhaps the one responsible for her being here.

    "I figured that out for myself!" She snapped in an angry tone, aiming her gun at Dante "So just what the hell is their problem!?" She gestured to one of the citizens beside her before hitting him across the back of the head with her bat. He didn't even flinch.

    This only enraged her further. She couldn't see the one she shot through the crowd but other seemed to show no emotions, let alone fear or pain. This frightened her but she didn't show it. They couldn't be robots, they seemed far too life-like. So what were they?

    She focused her attention back on Dante "What the hell is this place?! And who the hell are you!? She yelled, close to screaming in anger.

    The Doctor
    The Doctor had kept his distance from the armed man, but was still closing in on the location of the shooting. He watched from an alleyway as a man with white hair who was wearing a red coat and a woman he assumed was someone who who took cosplay far too seriously. Perhaps this place had corrupted people's minds? Or perhaps she was already mad?

    The white haired man appeared to know more about this place than the madwoman or even the TimeLord himself, at least from what he was saying. If things escalated between them The Doctor told himself he would intervene.​
  12. Vitani shook her head. "My name is Keller, Vitani Keller. And you are awfully long-winded. The amount of questions is not a problem. I have questions myself." Tani replied, trying to stay calm. "Answer one: Muirfield is an organization that worjed with the military to create super-soldiers years ago. Well, the experiments went awry, so they destroyed them. All but one, my dad. He and mom, a New York City Police Detective, had, secretly, shut them down. Turns out mon's parents were part of Muirfield, but that's a different story. " Vitani took a breath before speaking again. "Answer two: We're called Beasts. And three, I don't know who fired the gun, but because of the Beast abilities, I can tell you where." She said. "I was actually preparing to track the shooter."
  13. Gregory Nelson

    Gregory shrugged at the long-winded comment "I talk fast when there isn't a lot of time." He'd have to put some of his further questions, such as what Muirfield's goals were to begin with and why Vitani's mother was somehow involved to the side for now. "I know where the shooting came from. I have the map memorized in my head, so I have a rough idea of where to go. If I forget, I can just check my map again."

    He reached into his pocket and put his glasses back on.

    "Kessler, you neglected to answer my final question. I know it was cheating asking an extra one but..." He shrugged again "Anyway..." His tone turned serious and somewhat cold "Where the hell are we? What planet is this?"
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  14. "Ok, first, my name is Keller. No S. Get it right." Vitani growled. It was a rather animal-like sound. "As for where we are, I haven't the slightest idea." She said. "Last thing I remember was chasing a mugger down a New York alleyway."
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  15. Gregory Nelson

    "I meant Kessler as in David Kessler." Gregory complained "As in An American Werewolf in London. Jesus, watch a movie." He paused "Why would you be chasing a mugger in a city that's complete rubble?"

    New York had been nuked to oblivion, leaving behind nothing but rubble. Even scavengers crazy or desperate enough to go to Earth left it untouched. He'd heard stories about creatures lurking there, but until now he assumed they were urban legends. Maybe she was one of those creatures? This certainly wasn't Earth though, it seemed too...Alive.

    She couldn't be telling the truth, it seemed too fishy.

    "Tell the truth you mewling quim!" Gregory yelled "Or I will decorate the walls with your blood and brain matter!"

    He was bluffing, of course but he didn't expect the "werewolf" to see though it.
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