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  1. Multiverse - Anime/Manga/Gaming/Comic Book Fandoms - Adventure

    There are numerous universes out there, whether one realizes it or not. Billions and billions out there. Whether humans from our Earth realize it or not, in other universes and dimensions, those comic book characters and their adventures may actually be real. The universe containing our Earth, where we are, every time a video game, anime, or really any form of fictional media, is published, that fictional world becomes reality in another universe, separate from ours. This is because our universe is the Alpha one. Our universe may create others, without even knowing it. Yet, there are "rules". A universe created may have many variations, where events and people are different than the original universe it is based off of. "AUs" or Alternate Universes, do exist. Because of this, even fanfiction writers may create their own universes. The only universe that has never been able to happen is a crossover universe.

    Since the creation of our universe, all universes have been kept stable--away from each other. But a problem has started. Those in charge of all universes--those in charge of our universe, have become corrupted and controlled by some form or being of darkness, or madness. A new universe has been created. Various beings, creatures, characters, have been mysteriously brought to this universe, which appears to be made up of an island, and nothing else. This island is large, but some areas are cut off by an invisible barrier of some sort, preventing further exploration. On the strange island, is a lone city.

    This city is populated by strange people, who act repetitively, and say the same thing over and over again, as if they are an "NPC" in a video game. These NPCs run businesses, farms, restaurants and really anything else necessary to a full-fledged society. Those who first woke up here, confused and unaware of where they were, have started a society here. Exploration, as well as finding a way off the island is prioritized. But with more and more people from other universes arriving here, is there truly hope to return? This RP is a multiverse crossover RP, which will include various missions that characters can choose to take. Characters mysteriously wake up upon arrival, usually quite close to the city. Most characters will probably want to find out the truth behind the island, as well as how to leave. It's going to be an adventure RP with sandbox elements to it. The players will get to choose a lot of the story and it's various elements.
    This RP is a multiverse crossover RP, which will include various missions that characters can choose to take. Characters mysteriously wake up upon arrival, usually quite close to the city. Most characters will probably want to find out the truth behind the island, as well as how to leave. It's going to be an adventure RP with sandbox elements to it. The players will get to choose a lot of the story and it's various elements.
    Amarita City
    A densely-populated city, with popular shopping and entertainment qualities. The uptown district is full of colors and neon lights, and it is often that new fashion trends are created there. Over a dozen stores can be found here. Everyone can find something that appeals to them.
    Notable Locations:
    Center Street: A prime place for excited youths to gather during the night hours. It's littered with shops and neon signs that attract attention. It has stores, boutiques, night clubs and gaming centers.
    Europe Slope: A 100 meter long pedestrian street with stairs leading up the slope to the Parco department store. It is lined by boutiques, cafes and restaurants, and was nicknamed for its resemblance to a Spanish street scene.
    The downtown areas tend to have more temples and prestige to them. Most of the guild and government buildings are set up there. It's of equal size to it's uptown counterpart, but tends to be more reserved and calm.
    *Both uptown and downtown have apartments to live in.
    Residential District
    The Residential District is full of houses, but is definitely not far off from the city. It's honestly smaller than the uptown and downtown districts. But this is the only district where there are houses instead of apartments.

    reserved characters

    Alucard - Hellsing

    Character Sheet (open)

    Universe/Fandom From:
    Name[First/last, middle name optional]:
    Age[if immortal, make an estimate. it doesn't need to be exact]:
    Apparent Age[Optional]:
    Birthday[if your character does not have a canon birthday... give them one!]:
    Occupation[If any]:
    [Image Here]
    Overall Appearance[written description, may be brief, OCs only]:
    Clothing Styles:
    Overall Personality:
    Enemies[if any]:
    Rivals[if any]:
    Place of Residence[Uptown, Downtown, Suburban?]:
    Fighting Style:
    Weaknesses[Battle-wise, not personality wise]:
    Garou's Characters (open)

    Universe/Fandom From: Persona 4
    Name[First/last, middle name optional]: Naoto Shirogane
    Nicknames/Aliases: N/A
    Age[if immortal, make an estimate. it doesn't need to be exact]: 16
    Apparent Age[Optional]: N/A
    Birthday[if your character does not have a canon birthday... give them one!]: April 27th
    Occupation[If any]: Detective
    Species/Race: Human, Persona-User


    Clothing Styles: She mostly wears blue, with a blue coat that has gold buttons with white lining on the fabric near them. She's most often seen wearing a blue hat.

    In the warmer seasons she won't wear that jacket. But her fashion style is mostly neat and dressy, but no too overly formal. Sometimes she'll wear a pale blue dress shirt with a yellow tie, or a plain white dress shirt with a black tie. Her pants are relatively simple, being blue pants with a plaid pattern or regular black pants. She will wear a suit and tie formally. She isn't the type to be flashy and almost never wears jewelry.

    Naoto Shirogane is a complex and intelligent individual. She's very mentally dexterous, and is a focused and skilled multitasker. She can balance her checks, write an essay and research through criminal records all at the same time. She's a fast learner, and has easily been regarded as an utter genius by most of the others in her field of work, as well as outside her field of work. She's incredibly young to be a detective, nonetheless one that is famous throughout the area and perhaps the entire country. As a result of her young age, she has been frequently underestimated in her workplace. Others who are first meeting her often expect an older man, and are surprised to see such a small and youthful individual being introduced to them. She despises the feeling of being disregarded and underestimated. She has had discrimination aimed towards her, mostly due to her age since many believe her to be male.

    Yet, she refrains from openly and directly stating her dislike of being ignored. But she makes it clear by working obsessively on each case she's given. She's absolutely dedicated and stubborn about solving all of the cases she can. While she does have the wits and boldness to solve mostly every case she's given, many detectives dislike such a young person taking their places. Naoto is very insecure about her gender and age. Most male detectives don't take female detectives seriously. As for her age, she yearns to be seen as an adult-or an equal, to every highly known detective that she works with. She hates being looked down upon as a weirdo, or being too young for the job that she does. Since the occupation field she's in is so sexist, she at one time was fully ashamed of her gender. Whenever someone treats her like a child, it's likelier that she'll lose her temper and lash out. It's one of her only berserk buttons that can make her fully angered. She hates bigots of all kinds.

    Naoto is quite mature and has an expansive vocabulary. There were once rumors that due to her size, she skipped a couple of grades. But said rumor was shut down immediately after she became irritated by it and retorted. While she makes her own discoveries, she is a person who is dedicated to leaders that she respects, such as Yu Narukami. She has an extreme amount of loyalty, and is fiercely dependable. She does not tolerate any slander being aimed towards her friends or family. Underneath all of the intellect, she is actually somewhat sensitive. She can take certain insults to heart, and they can shake her self-confidence. She is incredibly good with hiding her true feelings. Since she's masqueraded as a male for so long, sheh's also a rather talented and dexterous actor. She prefers not to lie, but has felt tormented by her guise in the past and how untrue it is to herself.

    Naoto is someone who is very accustomed to change, and is quite adaptable to alterations in her surroundings. At times, she may fear the unknown. Having order in her life is something that she feels comforted by, and when that order is disrupted, even she can become a bit irritated or unnerved. For the most part, Naoto Shirogane is a very sensible young woman, which comes as a part of her career. She's an expert at deductions, and is someone who hardly ever loses her cool. She isn't a person who rushes to get things done, and she can tend to function well under even under an immense amount of pressure. She's practical, down-to-earth, and if she had not seen the TV World with her very own eyes, she wouldn't have believed in its existence. She has never been a dreamer, but instead she is a person who mostly relies on facts and reality. When dealing with money, she is a prudent spender who has a relatively balanced budget.

    Likes: Tea, detective novels, sci-fi novels, sunny days, wintertime

    Dislikes: Summertime, weather that's too humid or hot, bigots

    Past: Naoto's parents died in a car accident when she was of a very young age. Although she doesn't remember them well, she knows that they were both famous detectives, leading her to take up the same career. She was raised in her grandfather's estate, forcing her to mature quickly. Throughout life, she was a mentally sharp young woman, who excelled at deductions. Often, she would be buried in the sci-fi and detective novels that were in her grandfather's library. Thanks to her grandfather's influence, she was allowed to become a detective at a very young age. Due to an early, negative experience regarding her gender, her confidence was shaken and she began to masquerade as a young man instead. As she matured, she found herself rather distant from other students her age, most likely due to the immense workload she had due to her occupation. As she continued solving cases and becoming more famous throughout the region and country, her search for notorious cases landed her in the small town of Inaba. There had been two murders and several kidnappings there, which caught her attention.
    Naoto was unpleasant surprised, when the police force just about disregarded her appearance. She despised being looked down upon. She began to be a workaholic, and started to investigate on her own rather than with anyone else against the police force's advice. She was among the first to discover that those shown on the notorious Midnight Channel would be the next kidnapping victim. Thus, she questioned Kanji Tatsumi about the recent happenings in his life. She was frustrated after he was kidnapped and returned, leaving her with no leads. However, she continued to work and later enrolled at Yasogami High. Her serious and at times deadpan nature pushed away any admirers that tried to swarm to her. After Mitsuo Kubo claims himself to the culprit of the murders and the kidnappings, Naoto came upon most members of the Investigation Team and scolded them over their efforts, only to be rebuked by Rise Kujikawa.

    After Kubo's arrest, Naoto became so suspicious that she uses herself as bait, appearing on television in order to lure the killer in. The culprit did come and throw her into the TV, leaving her with her shadow--who revealed Naoto's true gender as female. Her shadow taunted her for not being male, and she subsequently denied that her shadow was apart of her, leading it to attack. After it's defeat, she accepted it, allowing her to obtain a Persona, and join the efforts of the Investigation Team to find out the true culprit.
    • Yu Narukami - Naoto's relationship with her grey-haired senpai is one of utter respect. She acknowledges him as the Investigation Team's leader and doesn't really challenge his authority. Despite her own status as a renowned detective, she looks up to him for being such a diligent leader. She also knows that he's rather intelligent, due to his ability to solve complex puzzles as well as riddles.
    • Yosuke Hanamura - Yosuke Hanamura is someone who she regards as her senpai, but admittedly knows him to be a silly and at times foolish individual. She looks at him with respect, and recognizes his deduction skills. Even though he's called the 'Prince of Disappointment' by some (or many) she knows that he's honestly an individual with an admirable for justice. She had respected his resolve to uncover the truth behind the murders in Inaba, and knows that the unfortunate death of of senpai, Saki Konishi, only pushed him along. The fact that he drew such strength from his pain makes Naoto perhaps look up to him. Despite his teasing, Naoto acknowledges him as a good friend.
    • Kanji Tatsumi - Naoto is at times thoroughly bewildered by Kanji Tatsumi's erratic and embarrassed behavior around her. She has no idea that he has feelings for her that he ultimately struggles with for the time being, due to how emotionally dense she can be towards affectionate feelings. Yet, she honestly feels as though she can depend on him as a friend. And she also admires him for his strength, even if he can behave a bit rashly at times. She does have feel more than an inkling of affection towards him, however, which will have the chance to grow.
    • Rise Kujikawa - Rise Kujikawa is a beloved friend of Naoto's. Even though their relationship had been rocky at first, Rise is now one of the most supportive people towards Naoto. Naoto holds Rise rather dear to her, but knows that the idol is no delicate flower, but is effortlessly strong and sassy. Rise encourages Naoto to embrace the more feminine side of her, encouragement which Naoto never knew that she wanted.
    • Yukiko Amagi - Although gentle and kind, Yukiko Amagi is certainly a force to be reckoned with. The young Amagi is someone that Naoto respects as an upperclassman, but at the same time respects her as a fighter. Yukiko is never to be underestimated. Although Naoto doesn't know her like she knows the team members who are the same age as her, Naoto considers her a friend.
    • Teddie - Teddie is a young and energetic soul, who may act perverted at times. Naoto knows that he's been with the Investigation Team ever since the beginning, and she wouldn't want him to be anywhere else other than with him. She was severely worried when he disappeared, and considers him to be a very dear friend.
    • Chie Satonaka - Chie is another person she doesn't knows as well as she might know Rise or Kanji, but she admires her senpai's bravery and fighting spirit. Chie seems to be someone who keeps Yosuke in line, and she admittedly finds their little banters and arguments amusing.
    • Father [Deceased]
    • Mother [Deceased]
    • Grandfather
    Enemies[if any]:
    • Adachi Tohru
    Place of Residence: Uptown
    Weapons/Gear: Pistol
    Powers/Abilities: Naoto has the power to wield a Persona.
    Persona Skills
    • Tempest Slash - Hits one opponent, Yamato Sumeragi hits an enemy once with its blade.
    • Agidyne - Yamato Sumeragi sends a powerful blaze of fire out towards the opponent.
    • Mudoon - Dark attack. Has the potential to instantly knock out an opponent.
    • Hamaon - Light attack. May instantly knock out an opponent.
    • Makarakarn - Reflects a magic attack once.
    • Megidolaon - Casts Almighty damage onto an entire party of opponents.
    • Vorpal Blade - Deals heavy physical damage to all members of an enemy party.
    • Tetrakarn - Reflects one physical attack
    Fighting Style: Naoto is a person with stamina that's on the weaker side. Yet, her fighting style tends to be very mixed as well as being balanced. She does not prioritize attacking over defending, but does not prioritize defending over attacking. She has several powerful magical Persona attacks at her disposal, as well as several physical attacks that her Persona can utilize. Her Persona tends to use light and dark affiliated magical attacks. When fighting, she is best at medium to long ranged fighting. She can shift to close-ranged combat, but has a hard time fending off fierce opponents who specialize in close combat.

    Weaknesses[Battle-wise, not personality wise]:
    • Has a hard time defending against bulkier opponents.
    • Has low stamina compared to most other fighters.
    • Not too good with close-combat.

    Universe/Fandom From: Blazblue
    Name[First/last, middle name optional]: Jin Kisaragi
    Nicknames/Aliases: N.A
    Age[if immortal, make an estimate. it doesn't need to be exact]: 19
    Apparent Age[Optional]: N/A
    Birthday[if your character does not have a canon birthday... give them one!]: February 14th
    Occupation[If any]: None at the moment
    Species/Race: Human


    Overall Personality: Jin, much like the element he reigns over, is cold and indifferent to the struggles most others go through. While confident, he sometimes lacks empathy, and has cut down innocents before. He dismisses the feelings of others, believing them to be needless and that they won't affect him. He thoroughly dislikes mentioning the past, such as his time at the military academy, or worse, his childhood. He shows no remorse over killing the woman who took care of them, taking off Ragna's arm, or stealing Saya away. Whenever someone brings up his past, he'll try to shut them down. But if they persist, he just might lose his calm, detached demeanor and snap at them completely. He is notoriously brutal, in and out of combat, and is one of the coldest people one might ever meet. He despises "wasting his time" with those who may actually be weaker than he is. He claims he despises those who "cling to the past" and denounces such people whenever he has the opportunity to. Jin is very anti-social. He lacks annoying arrogance, but is despicable and frigid in his own ways. He dislikes sentiments of affection and proclamations of love. He is not one who is very in-tune with his inner feelings, and tends to push them all away without care.

    When his brother, Ragna, is mentioned, he loses it. Every ounce of coldness evaporates and disappears, being replaced by a demented, insane demeanor. He is positively addicted to the idea of killing Ragna, but some sort of strangled, mangled affection for him still remains, although it's much more twisted and maybe incestuous by now. Jin is a rotten young man, through and through, who rests at nothing to achieve his goals. He rarely has anyone who he considers to be close to him. But those people often find themselves protected whenever he has the opportunity to protect them. He wishes to shield those who he has affection for, even if he knows they can stand up for themselves. As much as he is antagonistic towards his brother, he has put his murderous desire aside in order to save a close friend before. He does not like to dwell on acts of "kindness" and in no way likes to be thanked. He also appears to embrace the concept of justice and righteousness.

    Likes: Winter, cold weather, vintage motorcycles

    Dislikes: Snakes, worms, Arakune, anything slimy or "squiggly", Noel, anyone who interferes with his "destiny" to kill his brother Ragna, humid weather, summerrtime, meat dishes, the moon

    Past: Jin's history varies throughout many different timelines, but the one focused upon primarily in the series first depicts him as a jealous, snide little boy with affection for his older brother, but malice and spite for his younger sister. He constantly bullied his younger sister, Saya, as he was jealous at how much affection was given to her by their older brother, Ragna. Eventually, Ragna chose to look after and take care of Saya due to her persistent illness, resulting in him being distanced from Jin further. They all grew up as orphans, in a church looked after by a kind nun. However, all was not well then. Their younger sister, although sickly, was rumored to have some sort of special, uncontained power which was sought after. Jin's jealousy only amounted and grew, turning him into a small, abet deadly monster. All of his malice was aimed towards Saya.

    It was then on, when the malevolent entity Yuuki Terumi came into his life, having perhaps made previous attempts to kidnap Saya. Yuuki Terumi informed the young Jin about a horrifying creature called the Black Beast, a creature which had been responsible for killing half the world's population before being vanquished. Jin was told that the beast would remerge from his older brother Ragna, and that it was his destiny to kill Ragna before that happened. The peaceful days at the church came to an abrupt close as Jin allowed Yuuki Terumi to possess him and do what he pleased, including burning down the church that had once been their home and murdering their nun caretaker. Yuuki Terumi cut of Ragna's arm as he arrived on the scene, before kidnapping Saya and vanishing. Jin, after the incident, left Ragna's life he was taken in by the Kisaragi Family, a family of prestige, power and nobility. He later on joined the Novus Orbis Librarium, the central autorotation which played a hand in developing weaponry to combat and defeat the Black Beast, and the central autorotation organization that governed over most of the world.

    Jin raised sky high in N.O.L's ranks, gaining a weapon called a Nox Nyctores in return for his services. The Nox Nuctores were a set of ten weapons that were said to choose their wielders, and alter the mental state of those who used them. Jin's Nox Nyctores caused a dramatic downslide in his sanity. Sloping into emptiness and sociopathic tendencies, even after he was showered in awards and rewards for his services, Jin's life took a different turn later on. During the events of Calamity Trigger, Jin abandoned his post once hearing about rumors of a notorious killer who had begun destroying N.O.L's bases. Said killer being called the Grim Reaper, after traveling to Kagutsuchi, an imperial city under N.O.L.'s control, Jin discovered that said Grim Reaper was his brother. Jin became sickeningly ecstatic to meet his brother and kill him to fulfill his destiny. During one of the multiple time loops, Jin's and Ragna's battle is interrupted by Nu-13. Nu-13 being a being called a Murakumo Unit.

    (A Murakumo Unit is a special type of Boundary Interface Prime Field Device. Such beings were made to go to the other side of the Boundary. The Boundary is a place where separate timelines intersect. It is where events go when they're actually happened. However, Boundary Interface Prime Field Devices were built to see what was inside the boundary. Regular humans cannot go into the boundary unless they have extraordinary abilities, or they'll mutate and become deformed before being spit back into any timeline that's available.) After that battle, Nu-13 dragged Ragna into the Cauldron. Not wanting to lose his brother, Jin threw himself in after them, and was transported back many years in time. After he was found there, he became one of the six legendary heroes, Hakumen, who would save the world from the Black Beast.

    However, Hakumen's extraordinary stories are for another day, as the Jin we know now is a much different person, even if they are two sides of the same coin. After being badly incapacitated by Ragna, our Jin awoke in a hospital. He heard a rumor that the NOL was planning to kill him, and fled into the night immediately afterwards. He's been traveling about ever since, still undoubtedly searching for Ragna.
    • Tsubaki Yayoi
    • Ragna the Bloodedge
    • Saya
    • Noel Vermillion (kind of?)
    Enemies[if any]:
    • Hazama
    • Ragna the Bloodedge
    • Noel Vermillion
    Rivals[if any]:
    • N/A
    Place of Residence[Uptown, Downtown, Suburban?]:
    • Downtown
    Weapons/Gear: A fierce, sharp blade called Yukianesa, that also has control over ice magic.
    Powers/Abilities: But Jin is most adept with swordplay. He wields his blade confidently, and it has properties than control ice as well. Jin's control over ice is so adept that he can make different shapes, formations and projectiles with his powers, and he skillfully combines these powers with using his sword. Although his true power is "suppressed" due to Yukianesa's influence on his mind, his powers rival many others as supreme. While his brother fights savagely and rampantly, Jin deals the same amount of damage, but uses a more elegant and poised fighting style, that rivals or beats out most others'. One of his most notable powers is titled Frost Bite, and it allows him to encase his enemies in ice structures, temporarily incapacitating them.

    Fighting Style: Jin proves his elite status in the Librarium with his magnificent skills on the battlefield. He controls the element of ice, and is able to shape it into whatever object he wishes to. He is elegant and agile, but others have claimed that his true powers are closed and sealed off by Yukianesa. He the necessary fighting style to fight short-ranged, long-ranged or even in the air.

    Weaknesses: While he tends to be a jack of all trades, he is a master of none. He doesn't excel at anything in particular. If anything, he has below average stamina and defenses.

    Universe/Fandom From: Fire Emblem: Awakening
    Name: Morgan
    Nicknames/Aliases: N/A
    Age: 16
    Apparent Age[Optional]: N/A
    Birthday: May 5th
    Occupation: N/A
    Species/Race: Half-human, half-manakete


    Clothing Styles: Morgan at times wears an outfit similar to Nowi's, but can wear armored dresses into battle. She prefers to wear pink and green specifically, with leather boots to make traveling easier on her feet. She isn't one for jewelry or anything extensively fancy, but during the colder seasons she will adorn a thick, purple or green cloak.

    Overall Personality: Morgan has an optimistic outlook on life. She will always look for the good in a situation, rather than emphasizing the bad. She always looks to the bright side. When a situation is truly terrible, she looks for a solution rather than sitting around and moping about it. She has a powerful sense of determination, and she's absolutely determined to achieve her goals, including becoming a grand tactician like her father. She is constantly attempting to outdo her father in terms of wits, and is always up for a challenge. When challenged, she's competitive, but isn't usually a sore loser. She can tend to gloat a bit if she wins, though. But she always has a childish enthusiasm for the world around her, with many questions to be answered. She's one who asks "why" to almost every mystery around her. When there's no explanation, she'll search for an answer (or consult Miriel or Laurent, the two brainiest people in the Shepherd's camp).

    She can tend to be insecure when questioned about her memories. She has missing memories, most likely due to her passage through time. She can't remember her mother or sibling very well. She still loves her family and would do absolutely anything for them. However, she can tend to be distressed whenever she thinks of how many memories she must have had, but are now gone. Morgan is exuberant and wacky, having her eccentric moments, like when she attempts to stack Laurent's tomes up repetitively. However, she can tend to be a bit insensitive when regarding the feelings of others. She has often ignored her sibling's distress over not knowing her, and demands that her sibling beat on her in order to recall such memories. This only distressed her sibling more, however. She once would have done almost anything in order to get her memories back. But Morgan also has a bit of a sadistic streak. She'd agree to a night on the town with Inigo, just to watch him crash and burn with the girls he flirts with.

    Morgan tends to try and be a leader at times, due to her wish to become a tactician. She feels like she needs to get used to helping with arranging troops and coming up with strategies. She has a deep devotion towards being in the same occupation as her father. Nonetheless, no matter how air-headed she can seem at times, Morgan is generally reliable when asked for a favor. Yet, she's not above asking people to pay her back for what she's done when they least expect it.

    Likes: Sweets, stacking Laurent's tomes, bugs, sunny days, spending time with her family, friendly competitions

    Dislikes: Bitter foods

    Past: Morgan's past is a curious one. She has forgotten most of it as a result of her amnesia. But when she was a child, she held the same enthusiasm she does now. Other children were often curious about her strange and pointy ears, but any attempts to bully her for it were immediately shut down. She loved her father and mother, as well as her sibling, for as long as she can remember, and would put her life on the line for them. As she grew, her family found that she had the same talent with strategy that her father had. Thus, she became eager to become one like him. Robin spent a lot of time with Morgan, even as the Risen began to overtake the entire world. Eventually, her father left her after finding out he was the incarnate of Grima. Her mother fled after him, but never came back. With both of her parents gone, Morgan and her sibling were split up and sent to separate places. Morgan was placed with Lucina, and eventually got used to fighting. She trained using her Dragonstone, and eventually traveled back in time with Lucina and the others. However, she was split up, and lost her memories in the process. She wandered for awhile, but eventually was found and taken in by the Shepherds.

    Friends: Laurent, Inigo, Owain, Nah, Noire, Lucina, Laurent, Yarne, Cynthia, Severa, Gerome

    Family: Robin - Father



    Enemies[if any]: Grima

    Rivals[if any]: N/A

    Place of Residence[Uptown, Downtown, Suburban?]: Downtown

    Weapons/Gear: Dragonstone

    Powers/Abilities: The ability to transform into her dragon form, for combat purposes

    Fighting Style: Morgan is a strong and defensive fighter, capable of breathing a rare type of fire called Ice Breath, or Mist Breath. She is a floaty fighter, and due to the bulkiness of her dragon form, is not very capable of moving that fast in battle.

    Weaknesses[Battle-wise, not personality wise]: Low Speed, weak to weapons specifically designed to kill Dragons

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  2. This may seem like a nobrainer, but I didn't choose a character or fandom I was going to be RPing.... Hmmmmm... I'm in a crap ton of fandoms... But I don't know that I could play any of the characters well. xD
  3. Can you tell me what fandoms you're in? O:

    I'm just curious, but if you're uncomfortable with playing canons, OCs are allowed. But I would need an equal number of canons and OCs.
  4. WIP

    Universe/Fandom From:
    Fiore in Fairy Tail
    Name[First/last, middle name optional]:
    Amaya Kotaki
    Age[if immortal, make an estimate. it doesn't need to be exact]:
    Birthday[if your character does not have a canon birthday... give them one!]:
    15th of March
    Occupation[If any]:
    S class wizard of Blue Pegasus


    Overall Appearance[written description, may be brief, OCs only]:
    She is rather short and has long curly purple hair. She has pierced ears and one small piercing on her nose. She never wears her hair down.
    Clothing Styles:
    (Not what's in the picture)
    Amaya never wears dresses she always wears shortish shorts, and a colorful t shirt
    Overall Personality:
    Amaya is very laid back. She despises work and avoids it whenever she can. If she's in a battle, she will never use her slayer magic unless she needs to. She doesn't really realize how much power she has. She is easily angered and will get revenge for anything and everything anyone does top her or her guild.




    Enemies[if any]:

    Rivals[if any]:

    Place of Residence[Uptown, Downtown, Suburban?]:


    Shadow dragon slayer
    Fighting Style:

    Weaknesses[Battle-wise, not personality wise]:

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  5. I'll be rping a cannon character aswell.
  6. SLAMS MY FIST ON THE TABLE Hello, can I reserve Alucard from Hellsing? If that fandom fits in with your idea and stuff. He'd be more manga based.
  7. Are all of your charactersite cannon?
  8. Are we allowed one than more character? I have two in mind and I can't decide between them
  9. Garou has three characters.
  10. @Some_Bloke
    You're definitely allowed more than one!
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  11. Universe/Fandom From: Doctor Who
    Name The (10th) Doctor
    Nicknames/Aliases: Mr Smith
    Age: 904/905 (estimate)
    Apparent Age[Optional]: Looks around mid to late 20s or early 30s
    Birthday[if your character does not have a canon birthday... give them one!]: Unknown
    Occupation[If any]: None
    Species/Race: Time Lord


    Clothing Styles: Suit and tie with convers. Sometimes wears glasses too.
    Overall Personality: Fun-loving, adventurous, extremely enthusiastic and humorous. He is also very compassionate and sympathetic, unless you are hurting people in which case he is angry and vengeful. He carries a lot of guilt and is quite lonely.

    Likes: History, the human race, Earth, adventure
    Dislikes: Pears, genocide, guns
    Past: He has lived for many years, and experienced a lot of trauma. He stole a TARDIS and went to Earth with his granddaughter Susan who he eventually left behind and regenerated for the first time during his encounter with the Cybermen. Later on, he was tried with interfering with human history and was forced to regenerate, being exiled to Earth where he worked with UNIT to defend the human race from alien threats. Throughout over 900 years the Doctor has saved billions upon billions of lives. Most of his companions, such as Sarah Jane Smith he left behind but others such as Adric lost their lives.

    But one day sacrificed billions, activating a Time Lord doomsday weapon called "The Moment", destroying the Time Lords and (for a while at least) The Daleks as well. This was during a time he did not consider himself The Doctor. His 9th regeneration had him try and recover from the loss of his people. He would sacrifice himself, regenerating to save the life of his current companion Rose Tyler who he would fall in love with, only for her to get trapped in a parallel universe later on.

    During an encounter with Davros and the Daleks, the two would meet again and the Doctor would regenerate, however he cheated and was able to stay the same way, creating a "clone" of himself in the process. Being reunited with many of his friends during this time The Doctor was alone again after all of them went their separate ways. Sarah Jane Smith went back to her son, Rose went back to living in a parallel Earth with his clone, Martha joined Torchwood and eventually became freelance with Mickey, Jack went back to Torchwood...

    But his current companion, Donna Noble had her memory wiped, leaving the Doctor to be alone once more. The Doctor awoke in his TARDIS in a new world but found his TARDIS damaged and thus, unable to go anywhere in it unless he repairs it.

    Friends: Sarah Jane Smith Rose Tyler, Dona Noble, Captain Jack Harkness, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (the Brigadier), Mickey Smith, Wilfred Mott, Martha Jones, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Vicki, Steven Taylor, Katarina, Sara Kindgom, Dodo Chaplet, Polly, Ben Jackson, Jamie MCCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield, Zo Heriot, Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, Sergeant Benton, Captain Yates, Harry Sullivan, Leela, Romani I, Romani II, Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Adric, Kamelion, Peri Brown, Mel Bush, Ace, Grace Holloway

    Family: Susan (granddaughter), The Master (possible brother), Jenny (cloned daughter), clone of himself also called "The Doctor"

    Enemies[if any]: Davros, the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Zygons, the Weeping Angels, Vashda Narada, (ect)
    Place of Residence: Suburban

    Weapons/Gear: Sonic screwdriver, damaged TARDIS full of alien technology, psychic paper
    Powers/Abilities: Extremely intelligent, when mortally wounded he regenerates
    Fighting Style: Is adapt in many fighting styles, including swordplay/fencing but prefers to use his brains
    Weaknesses[Battle-wise, not personality wise]: He can permanently die if he dies before regenerating. Time Lords can only regenerate 12 times before dying (he is on 11th regeneration)


    Universe/Fandom From: OC
    Name[First/last, middle name optional]: Gregory Nelson
    Nicknames/Aliases: Tom, Robert, David (fake names he has used), Captain
    Age[if immortal, make an estimate. it doesn't need to be exact]: 32 (ish)
    Birthday[if your character does not have a canon birthday... give them one!]: July 3rd
    Occupation[If any]: Bounty hunter/Space pirate
    Species/Race: Human

    Overall Appearance[written description, may be brief, OCs only]: Gregory is a slim Caucasian man standing at six foot one inches. He often has messy long, dark hair that slightly covers his ears and stretches half-way down his neck. On his face it is parted, revealing a set of dark blue eyes and a scar on his left cheek. He has a some stubble on his face as well.

    His body is covered in several physical scars and two tattoos. One on the left side of his chest, over his heart of a howling wolf's head, looking upwards, the other one is of Chuthulu:


    Clothing Styles: When not wearing his armour Gregory sometimes wears a suit and tie or other times a long dark brown overcoat with denim jeans and a buttoned red shirt as well as pair of boots. Sometimes he will also wear dark red circular shades.

    Overall Personality: Gregory hides his pain behind a shell of humour and the pop-culture that he knows. Underneath he is angry and covered in scars. He is sometimes compassionate despite his profession and cares deeply for those close to him.
    Likes: Pre-war art (film, television, videogames, music, literature), money.
    Dislikes: People who harm children, corruption, his lifestyle, the Exen, injustice.

    Past: In the year 2060 world war three started, lasting only several hours due to advanced nuclear weapons. Five years later Operation: New Earth was started, causing what was left the human race to work together to leave the now poisoned planet behind in search of a new home. Most of humanity lived underground for many years, which is where Gregory was born, eight years before the first launch. The years leading up to 2099 when the first ship was launched were chaotic. Amongst the chaos Gregory's biological father was able to be abusive. However, Gregory stood up to him in order to protect his older brother.

    During a riot that broke out in 2098 both Gregory's father and mother were killed and the two boys were taken under the wing of Earl on launch day on the final ship to leave the planet. Exodus which launched in 2105. Due to the rushed process, Gregory's cryo-pod malfunctioned for what would be an eighty year trip. His body would be in stasis and thus would never age, but his mind would be awake.

    In order to combat this the ships AI used simulation programs in order to keep Gregory sane. During seventy years (Gregory spent ten separate years on the ship as part of a rota) Gregory's mind was filled with entrainment, pre-war art in this simulation. During this time, Gregory decided that in order to create a better life for him and his brother he would become an officer in newly founded Human Navy. The AI trained Gregory in skills the two of them believed he would need. Gunplay, martial arts, mechanics (ect). When out of stasis, Gregory would train his body in order to use these skills in the real world.

    However, due to the AI pushing his mind too far, combined with the isolation of eighty years Gregory was left with severe mental scars and was rejected from the Navy. Still wanting a good life for him and his brother Gregory became a scavenger alongside his brother and Earl. Upon searching a dead Union ship, the three discovered Seeker, an AI who was meant to be destroyed but instead, was abandoned. Steven and Seeker formed a close friendship and they would later go on to help Seeker find a colony set up for AI and androids who had run away from societies that treated them as slaves.

    They would help save it from several space pirate crews, too and the androids of Caelum owed the brothers a favour. Steven remained on Caelum for several years while Gregory returned to the criminal planet of Mars and using his skills quickly became a bounty hunter while also working in the fighting pits.

    While searching for a shapreshifting, telepathic serial killer he met Mirus, an alien falsely accused of the murders as she was the same species (Curabitur). By the time Steven returned to Mars the two were romantically involved.

    After a successful bank hiest, the three were set up by the Valhalla Mars colonies' gang lords who had held money in the bank, forcing Gregory, Mirus, Steven and Seeker to go on the run. While they killed all of the gang leaders, causing the bounty to be dropped they were still wanted by the authorities and fled to the outer-rim systems in the Valkyrie, a ship given to Steven and Gregory in return for their efforts in saving Caelum.

    Taking jobs under new names for a while, the three eventually rescued an alien diplomat, the Curabitur representative who's ship was being attacked by the Exen but were arrested for their crimes. When the Exen attacked a station the Union council and several other species representatives were at, they helped in the rescue and so had their charges dropped as the Union and the Curabitur prepared for war against the Exen. The Exen, a race of extra-galactic cybernetics who wanted to "improve" all life by turning other species into Exen had been fighting the Curabitur for fifty years before others got involved.

    A charge was led against the Exen's fleet but the Exen won the initial fight, causing the Union fleets to scatter. Gregory, Mirus, Steven and Kennedy fled to some of the outer-rim systems in order to help refugees. The Valkyrie was currently laying low when Gregory suddenly woke up in a world he didn't understand.

    Friends: Seeker (an AI in an android body), Kennedy (the same), "Cleopatra" ("the pirate Queen of Mars"), Legatus (an alien diplomat), Morgan (fellow bounty hunter), Alex (contact), Boyle (an arms dealer/smuggler)
    Family: (living) Steven Nelson (brother), Earl (surrogate father), Mirus (girlfriend), Rosie (Steven's girlfriend)
    Enemies[if any]: (living) Semos (an Exen captain), the Exen, the Eight Legged Brotherhood (religious fanatics who worship giant spiders)
    Rivals[if any]: None living
    Place of Residence: Suburban

    Weapons/Gear: A custom-made katana composed of Erekrese metal, an alien substance stronger, yet lighter than titanium. It was modified to be more lightweight by an expert weapons maker on a human colony.
    Also carries, a custom 2091 revolver, modified to be lighter, a 2091 machine pistol which has the same modifications and a sawn-off Curabitur shotgun. All of which he carries armour piercing rounds for as well as some EMP grenades.

    His armour is modified Usurha battle armour made by the same blacksmith who created the katana. As the Usurah are a tribal race slightly smaller than humans with smoother skin, this armour is designed to fit and suit a human. The armour is mostly black with golden gauntlets. The armour is lightweight but has a bulletproof chest is, equipped with several holsters for Gregory to hold his gear, two grappling hooks and a flightsuit consisting of bulletproof gliders in his arms and legs. This material, and the material on his chest will not hold out against armour piercing bullets though.

    The armour's most impressive feature however is the helmet. Inside the helmet is a small tactical computer that can help him in battle by pointing out dangers and even forming possible strategies to combat those dangers. However, it is up to Gregory to respond to those dangers.

    Powers/Abilities: Skilled in several fighting styles: kickboxing, karate, Aikido, Krav Maga and Keysi Fighting method Some detail on these styles here

    Not to mention skilled with his blade, for he has trained in swordsmanship.

    He is also skilled in firearms, gymnastics/parkour, stealth, mechanics and history.

    Fighting Style: While in close quarters he will often use his sword Gregory is skilled in hand to hand combat too (see above). He uses speed to his aid and sometimes uses the environment as well, especially when dealing with larger opponents.

    Weaknesses: Gregory's anger can be used against him and while he is more than capable of taking on foes larger than and the same size as him, smaller foes are more difficult for him. As stated above, while the tactical computer alerts him of dangers it is up to him to respond to them. If the helmet is damaged, Gregory has to rely on his instincts which, while they are useful is is less effective.


    Universe/Fandom From: Batman: Arkham Universe (somewhere inbetween Arkham City and Arkham Knight)
    Name[First/last, middle name optional]: Harleen Francis Quinzel
    Nicknames/Aliases: Harley Quinn
    Age[if immortal, make an estimate. it doesn't need to be exact]: 20-25
    Birthday[if your character does not have a canon birthday... give them one!]: October
    Occupation[If any]: Psychiatrist (formally), professional criminal
    Species/Race: Human


    Clothing Styles: (see picture)

    Overall Personality: Harley was academically intelligent, but demonstrated a lack of common sense both before and after she took on her criminal alias. As a psychiatrist, she was skilled, responsible, very caring, and strongly empathized with her patients, such as leaving a note in Calendar Man's cell saying: "Happy Holidays, Julian! - HQ". However, she became intolerant of the GCPD because of their cruel acts towards the defenceless. It wasn't until her meeting with the Joker that Harley underwent a drastic change.

    Over the course of her relationship with the Joker, she became much more fixated on her patient to the point of it becoming unhealthy. Once she accepted that she was in love with the Joker, she demonstrated extreme signs of regression (as noted by Dr Young) such as an increased intonation in the pitch of her voice, becoming less assertive and appearing less intelligent - possibly to try to appeal to him. On a daily basis, Harley was cheerful and optimistic, but also sadistic and maniacal which she may have learned from the Joker.

    After the Joker's death, however Harley became more ruthless and dangerous, while still her usual self for the most part, she became feared by her own henchmen. For a time, she was even suicidal.

    Likes: Crime, chaos, the Joker
    Dislikes: Batman, GCPD (the law in general)

    Past: Harleen Quinzel became fascinated by the extreme criminal mind and intended on studying this as a career. She therefore attended Gotham University where she undertook a medical degree in which she specialized in psychiatry - a strong interest of hers. While at the university, she also developed her skills in gymnastics, which accounted for her acrobatic abilities displayed later in her life as Harley Quinn.

    After the Joker was arrested and taken to Blackgate she performed a psychological profiling on him, using assessments such as word association. During their session, Joker described the encounter between him and Batman and stated that it had changed the way he thought, but he never specified that he was talking about Batman. Harleen therefore thought that Joker was talking about her, so, she grew an affinity toward her patient.

    The Joker used her to escape and took over Blackgate prison. When she was rescued by Batman from convicts who were holding her hostage, she brushed it off as an "occupational hazard"

    Harleen continued to study the other patients and that her relationship with the Joker was not particularly close or affectionate during this period. At around the same time of the Blackgate Incident, Arkham Asylum had become renovated and was in fit condition to function as an institution for the criminally insane. Following this incident, Joker, along with a number of other patients, were shortly transferred to Arkham Asylum where they could be studied and treated more safely and appropriately.

    After finally completing her prolonged residency at Blackgate Prison, Harleen became a fully trained psychiatrist with an M.D. in Psychiatry. To continue studying extreme criminal behaviour, Harleen eventually interned at Arkham Asylum for a while after it had been fully renovated - possibly because it aimed to rehabilitate insane patients, unlike Blackgate Prison. Here, she was given a permanent office. In this institution, Harleen continued her work as a criminological psychiatrist and voluntarily assigned herself to psychologically assess and treat the Joker after previously experiencing his behaviour first-hand at Blackgate Prison.

    Over the course of the taped interview sessions with the Joker, he recognized Harleen's affinity for him and he began to manipulate her by complimenting her, giving her a flower, and victimizing himself. Harleen strongly empathized for him and believed that Batman was instead the criminal.

    As a result of the Joker's manipulation, Harleen had eventually fallen in love with her patient and following his orders, Harleen smuggled bombs into the penitential to break into his cell and free him. Wearing her trademark jester costume, Harleen introduced her 'new' persona to the Joker and assumed her own criminal identity as 'Harley Quinn'.

    After ending her relationship with the Joker, Harley was released into the custody of Roosevelt Halfway Home for Abused Women but was arrested after an incident in which she bit off one of the staff member's ears and put into the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller. During the mission in Arkham Asylum, Harley and The Joker reformed their relationship.

    After the Joker's death, Quinn became even more psychotic and fierce, and managed to strike fear and respect into the Joker's old henchmen, who had previously seen her as a useless bimbo. She was shown to be constantly mourning, donned a darker outfit, and frequently cried. Her bursts of anxiety lead her to kill a henchman at random and instead of becoming annoyed at the henchmen when they made a pass at her (as she had usually done prior to Joker's death), she became infuriated and murderous, and declared that they should not try to seduce "a widow."

    Two weeks after Joker's death she took police officers hostage in the steel mill, planning to blow herself up but was stopped by Batman and Robin and taken back into custody.

    Locked up in Blackgate and still in mourning, Batman needed to know where the Joker had hidden his supply of the antidote to his toxic gas which Commissioner Gordon had been exposed to. She showed him where the stockpile was, but did not reveal that she had persuaded Killer Croc to guard it. She escaped custody and visited the Penguin, and offered herself to him in exchange for being made his partner.

    Harley stole a tablet PC from Lucius Fox as a present for Penguin, and cut off Fox's right forefinger to get past the security measures. She became frustrated that, after an entire week, she couldn't access Wayne Enterprises computers with the tablet, though Penguin had managed to find a small security hole before Wayne Enterprises shut off its network access that he used to identify the delivery of Batman's new Batmobile.
    Penguin later got his new partner to reform the Suicide Squad and persuade them to work for him. She, Captain Boomerang and Deadshot rescued Killer Croc from the GCPD (possibly with the help of a mole that Harley had seduced into working for her within the GCPD) before Quinn took them to Wonder City where Penguin had established his new Iceberg Lounge.

    Upon arriving in this strange world Harley was extremely confused, but still plans to cause chaos.

    Friends: Poison Ivy, Penguin, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc
    Family: None
    Enemies[if any]: Batman, GCPD, Robin, Nightwing
    Rivals[if any]: Two-Face, Scarecrow, The Riddler, Catwoman
    Place of Residence: Uptown

    Weapons/Gear: Baseball bat, Jack-in-the box bomb (used to lure enemies in before exploding), laughing gas smoke bombs, snare trap (confetti-filled trap/bomb used to blind enemies), dagger and pistol.

    Powers/Abilities: Gymnastics, leadership and psychiatry
    Fighting Style: Uses her gymnastics and speed in fights.
    Weaknesses: Clumsy.


    Universe/Fandom From: Star Wars Expanded Universe (OC character)
    Name[First/last, middle name optional]: Syeron Hunwess
    Nicknames/Aliases: None
    Age[if immortal, make an estimate. it doesn't need to be exact]: Late twenties
    Birthday[if your character does not have a canon birthday... give them one!]: Unknown
    Occupation[If any]: Jedi Knight
    Species/Race: Human

    Overall Appearance: Syeron is Caucasian, has blue eyes and long red hair that is often tied back in a ponytail while part of it hangs loosely over the right side of her face, hiding a scar. She stands at five foot seven inches. Her left hand is cybernetic:


    Clothing Styles: Wears standard Jedi robes.

    Overall Personality: While having been taught the Jedi code of not letting your emotions cloud your judgement, Syeron can be considered a bit of a hothead and cocky by some. Despite this, she is quite caring towards others, especially the weak.

    Likes: Pushing herself
    Dislikes: The Dark Side, the Yuuzhan Vong

    Past: Syeron was born after the fall of the Galactic Empire and so never experienced the tyranny held by it. She trained under the New Jedi Order on Yavin 4, learning the ways of the force from Kyle Katarn.

    She was present during the Battle of the Jedi Praxeum. It was the first time she had seen actual combat at such an early age she was inexperienced and lost her hand during the battle. The next time she saw combat would be during the Yuuzhan Vong War where her parents and friends were killed by the invading Vong. During the war she became more and more alone, allowing her feelings to cloud her judgement and further drifting towards the Dark Side. However, when the war was over she slowly began to recover from the mental scars.

    Friends: Kyle Katarn (master)
    Family: None living
    Enemies[if any]: The Yuuzhan Vong, the Sith
    Rivals[if any]: None living
    Place of Residence: Downtown
    Underneath her Jedi robes she wears standard battle armour on her chest.

    Powers/Abilities: Syeron is a somewhat skilled X-wing pilot skilled in the force. She is capable of Jedi mind tricks and using the force in combat such as the force push, pull and is able to propel herself forwards using it. She is also capable of telepathy/Force Empathy.

    Fighting Style: Fighting one-handed, Syeron will use the force in combat to either draw opponents towards her, to push them into a vulnerable position or to use the environment against her opponents. However, she was trained in defensive combat too, sometimes allowing her enemies into positions where it appears they have the upper hand but for the most part she prefers more direct forms of combat.

    Weaknesses: Cockiness and fear of the dark side can be manipulated in combat. While she is strong in the force, Syeron can be considered physically weak compared to someone like Kyle Katarn.
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  15. Universe/Fandom From: The CW's Beauty and the Beast
    Name[First/last, middle name optional]: Vitani Keller
    Nicknames/Aliases: Tani
    Age[if immortal, make an estimate. it doesn't need to be exact]: 19
    Apparent Age[Optional]:
    Birthday[if your character does not have a canon birthday... give them one!]:
    Occupation[If any]:
    Species/Race: Human/Beast
    [Image Here]
    Overall Appearance[written description, may be brief, OCs only]: 5 foot two inches in height. Weighs about 150 lbs. Her hair is long, dark brown. Her eyes are hazel. The become animal like and amber when she 'Beasts Out.'
    Clothing Styles: T-shirt and jeans that are loose in the legs to allow for a better range of motion.
    Overall Personality: Wary, cautious, primal ay times.
    Family: Vincent Keller (father)
    Catherine Chandler(mother)
    JT(Vincent's best friend;"Uncle JT")
    Tess(Cat's best friend;"Aunt Tess")
    Place of Residence[Uptown, Downtown, Suburban?]:
    Powers/Abilities: Superhuman speed, strength, and enhanced senses. She can 'Beast Out.' It was her parents tern for when her dad, and now her, access their Beast side.
    Fighting Style: Ambush and close contact.
    Weaknesses[Battle-wise, not personality wise]: She can loose herself to the Beast and go into a primal frenzy.

    (I'll finish later.)
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