The Clans of Raeym

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Raeym has always been a mighty country. Landlocked, it lies between five separate countries, on the continent of Dal-Gaea. Usually peaceful with its neighbors, Raeym has also been known for its unique system of military. While not a military in truth, the King of Raeym has always relied on the strengths of the Clans of Raeym. Each clan is headed by the Clan Leader, and the Clan Leader personally chooses the members of his or her Clan.

It is said that the system of Clans was adopted by a now mythical race. Their Clans, however, were based off of bloodlines and family, and, as such, they had a powerful bond with one another. As such, the members of a Clan look out for one another, and help each other with commissions. For a clan to form, the Clan Leader must visit one of the many Ministry Halls to legally form a clan. Once the Clan Leader has legally sworn to the King, he or she may go out and dearch for members. The Clan Leader is then responsible for all of his or her members.

During war, however, the King reserves the right to call on any and all Clans to fight for their country, and any Clan that refuses is labeled as a Dark Clan, and its members may be killed on sight by other Clans or civilians.

Raeym - and, in fact, the whole Realm of Shaniv, is a crossroads of sorts. Darendal is incredibly diverse, and one can see any race or magick here. Religion of all sorts is tolerated, and many of the strangest of friends can be seen here.

Raeym is so diverse, in this RP, I will accept characters of ANY RACE- literally. They can be Elves, Humans, Patryns, Moogles, anything, so long as they aren't omnipotent.

As such, any type of magick is allowed, too, so long as, obviously, it isn't all powerful and has no drawbacks of any sort. It should also be easy enough to explain.

Sign Up Sheet~

Name: Kyrienna An'Te
Age: 200
Race: "Drahgonian" (The true name of this race has been long since lost)
Magick: Celestial Magick. This magick is gathered from the moonlight from the two moons that orbit the sky. While best used at night, with an infinite supply of Celestial Magick, it can be used during the day, if reserves of the magick are kept.
Appearance: Kyrienna, or Kyrie, for short, has deep blue hair. Cut so that it only reaches her jawline, it always appears messy. She has eyes of emerald green, bordered with a vibrant yellow. Her eyes are also slitted, like a felines. She always wears tight clothing, which shows off her tall, slim body, though it's truly for maximum mobility, and detests wearing dresses or frivolous clothing. She also wears a cloak that seems to be sewn from the thickest mist, as well, and it tends to blow in a wind that is never there. She also has two, small horns on the top of her head, which gently, yet also sharply, curve back the moment they protrude from her skull. Her body is covered in tattoos as well, from her collarbone all the way down to her ankles, and has a tattoo of a fang underneath her left eye.
Personality: Kyrie is a strong, determined woman. Because of her history, she acts motherly to little children, and does her best to protect them. To others, she is all business, yet still feels the need to protect them. She is almost always courageous, though there have been a few times where she has broken down in fear and shock.
History: Kyrie grew up with her mother, who had little to do with raising her. Her mother hated all the other races, and was often seen cursing or muttering about them, thinking them inferior barbarians. Her mother often talked about their race, and its proud and noble blood, which had been betrayed by the very gods that had made them. While her mother did not know the true name of their race, she said that they had been known as the First Race, and had, eventually, been granted the gift of immunity to God Magick. The rest of their history, she said, had been erased with time. Kyrie sensed her mother's hatred, but said nothing. Then, one day, Kyrie awoke to find her mother had left, taking all their money and valuables with her. Since Kyrie had been unable to work real jobs, she resorted to becoming a thief. She was quick and nimble, never being caught in the act. Until she tried stealing from a High Mage of the Tower of Astara, one of four places of learning for Magick. The Mage, instead of punishing her, saw the glow of magick within Kyrie, and took her to the Tower. There, she quickly became an adept at Celestial Magick, and soon left to live as a Mage. However, she soon realized, once visiting a city, that she could not sit by and watch people getting hurt. So, after having witnessed one of the girls of a brothel being mistreated in broad daylight, she decided to play the part of a street urchin selling her body for money. However, she only targeted those who hurt the girls, and she killed the men in dark alleyways, leaving behind no proof.

Eventually, she was asked to join a Clan. A Clan her mother led. Surprised to meet with her mother, she joined. After quite a few years of being a member of Clan Nightshade, she realized her mother's true reason for starting the Clan. She wanted to free a demon imprisoned eons ago, to take over the realm. Attempting to stop her mother, she was thoroughly beaten and thrown out of the Clan. She then went to start a new Clan, Clan Silverlight. Once she had found the right members, they proceeded to take commissions and make money, and all the while Kyrie kept an ear out for news of Clan Nightshade.
Weapon(s): Kyrie has an assortment of weapons, which she changes at times, by placing and retrieving them from her stock-realm, a type of closet space in between realms. These weapons include a Celestial Staff, made of an ancient substance known as DragonTear, with a Crescent Moon floating just above the top of the staff. It is old, and said to have belonged to Astara, the founder of her respective tower, one of three triplets, the other two Lunara and Solara, and daughter to a legendary mage-warrior. Her second weapon is a rapier, with a guard in the shape of water spewing from atop a fountain. The blade itself is special, for if she lets Celestial Essence course through it, the blade becomes a razor sharp whip, capable of extending itself.
This is the one you were telling us about in the cBox right?

Haha. That's fine. So long as he's magick based, I suppose.
Eh, somewhat I guess. I intend him as more of a barbarian sort with the whole metal thing being a "magical" equivalent. Char-sheets mandatory?
Yeah, just so I can have it as a reference, mostly.
Name: Kroylrev "Tyrannizer" Zsmertni, "Warlord of Mars", "Scream of Death"
Age: 28
Race: Human

Magick: It goes by a variety of names. The Secret of Steel, The Wrath From Unknown, the Codex Infernal, The Superion, among others. Whatever its true name may be, it a sort of esoteric form of magic, shrouded in the mysteries of ancient and warlike lands. It is said to have been born from the immortal conquering and transcendent spirit of those of those who lived in a land somewhere far beyond, one of hardship and a constant battle for survival. The god-entity said to rule these lands and created its inhabitants is a cruel and harsh god, who purposely gave them a violent and unforgiving world as their home, but it is said that he did not despise them. He granted them a gift, a powerful part of their souls, a driving and relentless, unwavering, and almost instictive sense of courage, power, and force, one that can conquer all adversity and opposition.The magic of these people is strongly linked to their fearsome and warlike music, where it is said that you can feel the very force of it flowing through your own, like a stream of raw destruction just waiting to happen. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways; sometimes as raw lightning, horrific and amorphous shapes summoned from beyond, the very earth exploding beneath one's feet, or even a momentary transcendence from man into demigod. It has no real definite element, but rather seems to manifest a part of one's raw consciuosness/spirit into reality.

Standing at 6''8, Kroylrev seems almost like a living pillar of strength and wrath, with burning eyes that seem like an abyss and a sullen face, harsh, and scarred like the rest of his body. His hair is dark brown, going down a bit past his shoulders and can sometimes look rather unkempt and messy, further lending to his savage appearence. He is usually waring a rugged and sleeveless vest of a dark blue material, upon which strange markings and patches have been attached, bearing fierce and eye-catching symbols. Upon the back of this prized vest is a large patch bearing the mark of the clan he originates from. Beneath it one can often find one of his various black shirts, often having similar symbols inscribed upon it. There are spikes upon the shoulders and it goes down to his waist. Upon his hands and extending down to near his elbows are spiked and studded gauntlets, and he sometimes wears protective and hardy gloves of metal. His pants seem torn at the knees and worn from age, made of a blue denim-like material. He has a suit of armour he may wear at times as well, but he only equips it for when he thinks he's *really* going to need it.

A man of action and experience, Kroylrev Zsmertni lives up to his harsh image. He is powerful and destructive and knows that, but he he still has a sense of the honourable to him, with a strong sense of loyalty to those true to him. At the same time, he often seems restless and wild. He respects the strength of others, but it is not the physical strength but rather that of the will, the drive to survive, and their adaptability to the world around them. He is usually rather straightfroward and simple, yet he has a cunning and harshly analytical side to himself. While he is no paladin, he does have some degree of moral belief, and has been known to take vigilante-like actions, sometimes becoming an avenger for those less capable, although these are things one usually doesn't hear about him doing.

Born into a savage and harsh world, Kroylrev's life was a daily and violent struggle for survival, but one that made him incredibly perseverant and an impressive specimen of his kind. Unsatisfied with a simple life as one of his clan's warriors, he soon set out alone to experience the vastness of the world and to burn with life, becoming many things in his life. He was a musician, a thief, a mercenary, a bodyguard, a warrior, a leader and countless others. He travels often alone, seeking extreme experiences and going to the edge. He's found himself in Raeym lately, looking to experience the sights, the sounds, and all the possibilities.

His main weapon as a large sword, a two-hander, although more often than not, he can wield it with a single hand. It is a cruel blade, one that resonates with his conquering spirit and is said to contain the very energies of the strange so-called "magic" his people use, along with an entity from beyond of immense power. A large knife, a modified hunting one he's turned almost into a short sword, may often be wielded in his other hand, and a secondary weapon, such as a small axe or a bladed shield, may often fiend itself in his personal inventory.

Yet perhaps his most distinctive weapon is one that is half stringed instrument and half battle-axe, the signature tool of the musician-barbarians of his homeland. Drenched in otherworldly power, it can be used to channel the forces from the world beyond as well as to turn his wrath into something tangible and able to be experienced, often with devastating results.

He keeps a pair of chains which he can use like whips, sometimes wrapping his fists in them for when he feels like getting up close and personal. Sometimes blades are attached to them and they are known to be mana receptive.

Might I use a hybrid Draconic/elven character?
Sure, Aragon! Like I said, so long as the race works, it's fine, hehe.
Name: Michael Dragon-Singer

Age: Looks 29, but age is unknown

Race:Elven Draconic Hybrid (shifts between forms)

Magick:Water Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Telepathy

Appearance: Stands 6' 4" and weighs approximately 160 lbs. Hair: White- Blond, Eyes: Blue with gold flecks, Skin: He has blue skin, with small scales covering legs and forearms. His ears stand atop his head, his eyes are slightly feline, and his teeth are sharp. He is well toned, but is much, much stronger than appearance suggests.

Personality: Quiet, and often smiling, Michael is known to be an unassuming individual, but his skin and hair often draw trouble, as does his bisexuality. At heart, he is a pacifist, but he will fight if it becomes necessary.

History: Born on a date far into the past, he does not know his age. He was raised in a forested place. At a young age, he was Rider-Mated to the three year old Dragon Renka. She has been with him since. His parents died when he became of age, due to a freak accident.

Weapon(s):Carries a 7' carved oak staff topped with a blue diamond, through which he can channel the energy for manipulation. He also is armed with a black dagger made of a strange metal. This cannot be dulled. It is sheathed in a sheath of the same material. Also, a small, six-hole flute.
Name: TAIKO!(Yes, spelled exactly like that, bold, italics, underlined, everything)

Age: BAKA!

Race: BAKA!

Magick: Sonic Spirit Resonance
Basically, he can project whatever song he wants from the speaker in his mouth, and actually sings the vocals himself (He can perfectly mimic any voice). Depending on the music, he gets different buffs. The louder the song, the stronger he gets. The faster the song, the faster he gets. The louder the base, the more sturdy he becomes. There are a few songs that combine these things so well, and have them in such magnitude that he is able to pull his arms free. After the song ends, the straight jacket repairs itself.

Appearance: Ok, take one of those paper ghosts, you know, with the ball-shaped heads and the string around their neck. Now, make that human sized, add a torso in a straight jacket and long legs in red and white sneakers and tight jeans. Now, change the string into a noose that extends infinitely upwards, and is intangible. Give him scribbled circles for eyes and a zig-zag line for a mouth. Ta-da! Oh yeah, nearly forgot. At the back of his mouth, where the start of his throat would normally be, is instead a large speaker. Also, he can hang by the rope around his neck with no ill effects and can even have it lift him a foot off the ground. (He can't climb it though)

Personality: Completely totally bat-shit insane. Is prone to random seizures. Most frequently occur when singing.

History: One big path of insanity.

Weapon(s): Kicks, headbutts, and bodychecks. Also punches when his hands are free.
Name: Leon / Quadrilliax

Age: 27

Race: Damned Soul, Ex-Human

Magick: Inferno-Geomancy. A unique ability stemming from his role as a geomancer in life, Leon can alter the immediate landscape towards one of Hell's landscapes. This includes superheated spires of rock, grass 'blades', or whatever creative use he can think to come up with at the time. He is also capable of minor abilities tied to his link to Hell, such as minor pyromancy.

Appearance: Previously human, Leon clearly shows the taint of Hell upon him. Four horns have begun to poke out of his hair, which has become a fiery red color, and grown shoulder-length. His nails have turned black and become vicious claws. Down his back, dragon-like spines have grown, and quills have begun to poke up upon his shoulders. His sleepy eyes have turned yellow, and his iris has altered into a vicious cat-slit. Both his upper and lower set of teeth sport canine incisors. A thin, black-scaled tail is clear as day, ending in a spiky tuft of quills. He stands at a height of 6'2", and is slim - though supported by infernal power. He leaves a temporary trail of superheated ground behind him.

Personality: Leon's smiling face and outgoing personality hide the fear of going back to hell. Kind, sweet, and gentle, he hopes to redeem himself for his errors in life and never return to the madness of the afterlife chosen for him. He has a horrible fear of being left alone in dark places.

History: Leon did not believe in an afterlife when he was alive, though that did not stop him from doing good things - or bad things, depending on what was easier at the moment. While he was a natural geomancer, he never really did much with it. Ever the slacker, he never got a job, and became a musician for the slight money involved, with very little work. Falling under the sin of Sloth, he was sent to Hell when he died - at the mere age of 22... being slain as an innocent by a warlord's marching army.

He spent four years in Hell... doing nothing. Struck blind and mute and left to wander Hell in silence and darkness, never knowing when the next attack would come... though they never came. He was left merely, utterly alone. He had no idea the itch of his body was it changing, becoming similar to Hell's own people. Wasting away out of starvation, loosing hope every passing day...

It was strange, when he began to see again. Behind him, the mouth of Hell closed, stairway sealing off from him. The fluttering of wings caught his ear, and he looked up to see the Raeyrm sky - he heard the trees rustle... and he wept.

Escaping the area, he has wandered, keeping an eye or ear out for great deeds he could do to redeem himself. He keeps his infernal body parts open for the world to see, understanding their negative judgments of him... his mutations have been growing worse, more violent. His magic has been tainted by Hell, and he hopes that it is not too late to save himself. The denizens of Hell have not followed or tracked him down, and he constantly worries about this.

Weapon(s): His natural claws, spines, quills, and teeth are extremely strong, though he prefers to use his magic. When melee is truly required, he keeps a purely metal spear - which he superheats using magic, using that in both hands, while remembering to use his taloned feet and spiked tail.
As soon as I can get online, heh. I'm using my brother's iTouch right now, and it's a bitch to type on. Also, it won't let me start a new thread on it, and automatically signs me off.

Edit: Okay, I'm gonna put up the IC up soon (probably in a few minutes). I've just been busy with my brother's impending eye surgery, which is why I haven't posted it yet.
Enter the warriUGH!

I take it presumably once Aragon and Reaper post, it's time to hit the road, IC-wise, eh?
Aye. But first, we shall meet a very important character who shall join the Clan.

Also, as a side note, the Clan will have many NPC members, since a Clan of merely soon-to-be five members is hardly imposing. As such, feel free to make lesser characters that can join the Clan, or another main character.
I think we can assume that a fair share of people will join up; we won't have to describe every single one, but we could describe in passing the numbers and the sorts of people that sign up.
Name: Kinra

Age: 25

Race: Human

Kinra is an empath who can sense moods and affect them in a very subtle way.
Her magick isn't very strong, but it helps her in battle, as she instinctively deduces opponents moves.

She is a medium sized young lady who prides herself in her long brown hair and inconspicuous brown eyes which give her the looks of an innocent girl. Standing at 5"6" she can easily be mistaken for an adolescent the way she braids her hair into silly plaits crowning her head. She favors green tunics and lose trousers that allow her to hide her weapons well. The only thing that makes her different than the usual girl in the neighborhood is the tattoo of a green snake around her neck which could be really easily covered... if she only wanted to.

Kinra is a very laid back individual, bordering on childish but never quite crossing the line (she has grown out of it) She is very proud and decisive, although is is usually a bad thing and just like the fact she tries to be friends with EVERYONE it often gets her into trouble. She is a fierce fighter and a believer in Karma which she loves to discuss, which can get quite annoying. She is loyal and brutally honest.

As a child, Kinra was an acrobat in a traveling circus that entertained the Clans of Raeym. This life did not satisfy her though. As soon as Kinra turned of age, she seperated herself from the group and traveled around on her own, doing odd jobs for people she met on her way to earn money. Becoming tired of the constant moving about, she hopes that she can join a Clan under a strong leadership that could make her a useful part of society with her acrobatic skills and empathic abilities.

Her weapon of choice is a switchblade that she always carries around with her hidden withing her loose tunic. She is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and with the enhancement of her magick, she can use her size and proportions to their maximum potential.
(I just wanted to say that this is my first ever post describing a character on this site, and that all comments and advice are welcome)
Name: Eclipse Centuri
Age: 100
Race: Mask, the end result of a specific form of soul stealing, leaving faceless, soulless creatures. Masks also tend to lack blood and most organs, essentially being animated flesh and bone.
Magick: Mask Crafting, Centuri can create masks of people he has met that, when worn by one of the Masks, gives the appearance and physical abilities of the individual, and to a small degree, magical abilities.
Current Masks: Eclipse mask: deaf and mute, but gives slight telepathic abilities. Turns the wearer into an animated puppet with a face that is half black and half white
Appearance: other than mask description, wears a brown cloak and a backpack
Personality: Logical, and uncompromising. Often appearing emotionless.
History: the only history belongs not to an individual, but to the surname Centuri, all Centuri claim to be 100, never older, never younger. They are also a family of moderately skilled mask crafters and martial artists.
Weapon(s): none