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  1. It is prehistoric Europe, and a clan of innovative people patrol the land, hunting animals and foraging for food in order to survive. In this time of invention, new hunting methods, tools, knowledge about plants are constantly thought of and made. War, trade and peace is made with rival clans, which can either trade resources from their own land and be generally friendly... Or they could steal, hunt and kill your resources and people. They do what they must to survive.

    You are one of these people

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    (The clan home is a cave with an open entrance on the side of a cliff, but still on the ground. It is like a quarter semi circle except more rough. Their is a coloumn in the middle of the entrance. The rest is up to you)
  2. Ragga the Hunter yawned as the sun began to rise. The chilly wind had blown out their fire and nipped at his scarred skin. He wrapped himself in more furs and grabbed his spear and rocks. He knelt before the revered stone column in the middle of the clan entrance for luck, a sign of fealty before the gods. He rose and began his trek down to the plains below. The other hunters might still be asleep, but Ragga would scour the area for prey and predators.

    He took care where stepped. He could never know whether there was a serpent waiting for his ankle, or a jagged rock. He trailed through the underbrush, taking a berry or two and eating them. There wasn't much to be seen today, not until he found a saber-toothed tiger taking down a giant sloth. The kill was quick and clean, and the saber-tooth gorged on its prey. Ragga watched silently. He mentally marked the spot where the giant beasts fought and made his way back to the cave to tell the others.
  3. ((In case it looks like a spelling error, Sha is my characters name))

    Sha sat down on the rock holding her staff, planning for the winter ahead. "May the spirits help us through it," she whispered to herself. The season of festivals was coming to a close, and the Bear Of Plenty was going to sleep on a full stomach. The stocks of food were held in the very back of the cave and blocked by a boulder to stop animals from taking it. The caribou meat from the rush was smoked and dried, as well as lots of rabbit meat and others. Herbs and vegetables that could be harvested were noted, and nuts, other vegtebles and fruits have been dried or smoked as well. Even after this, the shaman had gone through many winters, and had a hunch this was not enough. Sha cloaked herself in her shaman fur coat made from wolverine, caribou and bear skin and swiftly moved out of the cave. Before leaving, she knelt down next to the column.
    "I thank you cave spirit for giving us shelter. I thank you for watching over us. But I beg of you," she started, channeling her energy.
    "Please help us through this winter."
  4. Zhari sat on a bearskin spread across the floor, weaving another basket for food storage. She had just returned from foraging and the cold still clung to her, chilling her to the bone. She had been advised to stay in the cave but she could not pass up the oppurtunity to search for food. Winter was here and the Clan needed food, so she had to do as much as she could. Luckily the grove had not stopped producing fruit as of yet and she was able to bring back a haul. The small farmed patch had been doin well and some crops were ready to be harvested but they were beginning to go dormant. She had been meaning to go on the hunt with her little sister but she wanted to make sure that they would be prepared back at the cave first. She doubted she would be much help out there any way seeing as though her tracking skills were almost nonexistent but she was getting better with her makeshift bow. It was nothing special because she made it herself but it was something.

    She smiled at Sha's prayer, no doubt believing they had survived this long thanks to Sha's prayer. Ragga returned, and she put her finished basket down, pushed the basket of fruit and crops to the wall and smiled in greeting. " Welcome back Ragga. Any luck so far or have all the animals been playing hide-and-seek?" She grinned.
  5. Suriya pulled the bearskin over her shoulders. Her body filled with the cold air. Every step she took made her even colder. She had returned to the cave from her first hunt with little luck. That luck, being a small hare. She stopped in her steps, she tilted her head up enough to look up at the sky only to see an empty sky with no clouds. As Suriya began to approach the cave she heard a hissing noising she looked behind her only to spot a snake trailing behind her. She noticed that on the snakes body was a splotch of green in a triangular form. Gazing at it she had not noticed it was trying to nip at her ankles. She hissed at it showing that this was her territory. The snake slithered away leaving a trail. Suriya entered the cave only to see her older sister Zhari sitting on a bearskin.

    "Hey Zhari my first hunt didn't go very well but at least i caught something."She held up the small, thin rabbit.
  6. Sha nodded a welcome to the young one entering the cave. She doubted that many had faced a harsh winter. Continuing to walk, she slowly felt the sun rising into the sky, warming up the landscape. The hearth of the sky spirits was bright with godly fire which brought life to the world. The shaman stopped to think, afraid of when the fire of the sun would stop. Ignoring it she closed in on the holy cave. Almost completely invisible, climbers, weeds and bushes shrouded the entrance to the cave, but she slipped through. The light glittered through the gaps illuminating the cave, but beyond there, darkness darker then night consumed the cave. With a stick, she moved it back and forth quickly starting a fire, which she reached into her coat and took a out another stick with the top doused in oil. The torch alight, she moved further into the cave
  7. "Hello Sha." Crim suddenly poked his head into the torchlight. The flickering light eerily making the shadows that covered his eyes provided by the deer skull on his head dance. He gazed at her with a quizzical and slightly annoyed look and asked her what she was doing.
  8. Sha sighed and half glared back at him. "Making this an easier winter," she snapped back, and continued down the tunnel. Crim's way with the spirits was... Unnatural. Dark. Still, she withstood him in their clan because the spirits wished it be. As she continued along the cave, slowly the paintings of their ancestors came into view. Paintings of animal spirits, hunts, and more all appeared as she made her way into the cave. Slowly, she saw what seemed to be the be the end of the cave. The huge flat end was doused in hand prints of clanhood. When clan members grew to 12, and their rituals of adulthood done, they will mark their hand on the wall by blowing paint onto the wall. She swung her torch around revealing a large crack in the wall. She grabbed one side, and rolled the relatively lightweight boulder from the crack that it was concealed in, revealing a passage way. Only shamans knew of this, and had been in this passageway, and were forbidden to tell anyone. She slipped the boulder back and moved on
  9. Crim did not follow. "The dead tell me that we will need it. My task here is done. I will be returning to the cave." He waved in a sort of creepy way as Sha rolled the old bolder back. The then exhaled deeply. "Always have the worst timing dont you Sha..." He whispered. Out of his bearskin robe he produced his saber tooth dagger and a very frightened hare. He went to the animal spirt of the jackal and performed his sacrifice, letting the blood drip into a circle. He sat in the middle of said circle and began to mumble, a lot.
  10. Suriya had seen others enter the cave. Some stopped to say hi but she was too focused on the strange snake she had seen. it was dangerous. She was suppose to fear things dangerous. But this dangerous thing was beautiful. She wondered why is it dangerous maybe if She could learn more her life would be fulfilled. She wanted to know more. When she entered the cave only to see a figure at the back of the cave.She wanted to know who it was. If she knew too much it would be dangerous. She turned her head away and saw Sha moving out of the cave she waved. Hoping to get a hello. And they went different ways. Only to make a second acquaintance with the beautiful snake.
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  11. Past the boulder was the land of spirits, the oesophagus of the mountain spirit. Only shamans even knew of it, and had let alone been in it. Occaisionally a gentle gust of wind would flow down, to gentle to knock anything down, but enough to supply air in here. It was where the air came down in the mountain spirits body. Sacred paintings were scattered across here, much more detailed and better than the others. She made her way deeper into the cave where she saw what she thought as the most beautiful art she had seen. Sculptures. Carved into the walls was intricately designed horse heads, lions, bears, stags. They held every single cut and curve on each animal, astonishingly similar to real life. When she had first travelled into this cave to become a shaman, she remembered jumping back from the lion head, actually thinking it was real. Except the truth was... None of their clan had made them. Not even the ones before. Long before, there was a different type of people. A handprint of one lay beside it, thick and small. The Old Ones made this. The Neanderthals.
  12. Bran awoke from his slumber, somewhere near the front of the Clan Home's Cave, and sat up wearily, yawning. His small frame stretched, being only 10 years old, wearing the normal 'clothing' of the age; a sewn skirt covering his lower parts, and his torso was left to the cold environment. Bran's greasy hair, naturally forming dreadlocks, fell in his tanned face. Tucking it behind his ears, his brown eyes flashed as he suddenly realized how cold it was! He rubbed his lightly muscled arms to create friction, thus warmth, and looked around outside to see the forest surrounding them, but a small field next to the lake was the only difference in environment.
    Bran looked over to Sariya, who was staring hard at a snake that was moving steadily towards her, and he yelped at the sight. He grabbed a fist-sized rock and threw it at the snake. It hissed loudly as the rock hit it's target below the snake's head. Moving over to get the rock, Bran smashed the snake's head, which broke its' skull. Bran laughed, looking up merrily at Sariya and smiling at her with his crooked teeth.
    I killed it!
  13. The load noise echoed though the cave, disturbing Crim's fragile bond. He got up and angrily marched to the source of the noise. Wonderful, the two youngest members of the clan, his favorite idiots. "Why do you find it needed..." He began, his skull hat and dark grey fur robe making him look like some undead beast emerging from the cave. "To make such unneeded noise trying to kill a snake?" He bent down and picked up the now dead snake and examined it. "Deadly poisonous. If we can't eat it or it could have killed you, then why bother hunting it?" He wrapped it up into a ball and threw it into the bushes.
  14. Bran looked nervous as he stood, wincing at the negative tone in Crim's voice. He looked over at where Crim had tossed the snake, then at his feet.
    Sorry, Crim. I didn't mean to interrupt something.
    He looked up slightly to Crim, an apologetic look on his face. He looked at Crim's outfit, something he usually wore when he was doing something special, and shivered a little at the sheer.. creepiness of it. Bran tried to tell him,
    The snake was going to attack Saryia, and if it was poisonous, it would've killed her.
    Gaining a little confidence in his words, he straightened and looked at Crim in his face, speaking with words a bit wiser than would've been expected of someone his age.
    I would've felt so guilty if I would've just watched her die. We need as many people as we can get.
  15. Sha nodded in respect at the sculptures, and continued further into the cave. She found her painting tools and struggled to picked them up. Placing the torch in a holster on the wall, she quickly found an empty spot on the wall. She pulled out a fibrous straw, the end turned into a brush, and got to work. With experience and skill, she painted a leafless 'winter' tree, surrounded by sprouts and piles of food. She quickly made another prayer, then left the cave. As she exited, through the blinding light she saw Crim talking to Bran and Sayira. Picking up the remnants of the situation, she disturbed them.
    "Hurry back to the cave now Bran, come help me make a basket," she said, patting him on the head. Turning to Crim, she said, "Go back to what you were doing now," she said quickly to him in a calm manner. She smiled at Saryia, and quickly restrained Bran from escaping as they made their way back to the Clan Cave.
  16. Suriya watched as the snake was shot into the bushes by Crim, like it was nothing. She should have acted but Bran had made her look even younger, like she could do nothing. She wanted to protect him. She wanted to show how great she could be. but all she could do was daydream. And she wanted to know more about why we had to fear things like beautiful creatures she wanted to know. Suriya had not noticed Bran was yelling to get her attention. Why had i not moved That beautiful snake was dead but it was still beautiful. She was a fool. Suriya entered the cave and approached her sister Zhari to tell her she was going to hunting to lifts some weights of her back Then she emerged from the cave to Bran Crim still arguing "Bye Crim and Bran i'm going hunting." She walked a few but turned around to give Bran her Bearskin.
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  17. Bran looked up at Sha with puppy-dog eyes, and complained, But... Sha! I don't wanna make a basket... His lip trembled, but he followed his elder without further argument. Looking back at Crim, he made a small wave of goodbye as he said, Good luck, Crim. Sorry again. Bran was surprised when Sariya handed him the overly large bear pelt, and it was all he could do not to drop it. Around the heavy mass of fur, he tried to shout but it came out more of a mumble, Fanks, Fariya! Fee you leeter! (( Thanks, Sariya! See you later! ))
  18. Suriya waved back while moving into the forest.She could not hear exactly what he really said but she was thankful she could help in him some way.She soon began to get chilly. The chill made her forget why she even came out here for. while walking she then spotted a beautiful flower it was like a Lilly was was combined with a rose it was beautiful. What concerned her was that things like thing should be dead or wittered. this was special it could be important it could help us survive. She wanted to know. She came back with a small deer her second try was so bad She went out on her own. She brought it hoping it please the elders. She sooned reached the cave and passed by Bran and Sha making baskets. And showed her sister Zhari the prize she brought back." Hey Zhari look what i brought back"
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  19. Zhari looked up from her weaving when Sariya entered to annouce that she would be out hunting. She nodded her head. "Okay, but stay away from the mountains, and do not go too far away from the cave. Be back before night falls." She watched Sariya leave and did not look away until she was well out of her sight.

    Her parents had left Sariya in her care and it was hard not to worry especially when Sariya expressed her desire to become a hunter. But Zhari had to let her grow up, she could not coddle her and, keep her in the cave all her life. Because as they were now, the weak did not survive, and Sariya needed to become strong. Soon enough Sariya returned.

    She was lugging a smalk deer behind her and Zhari could feel a huge smile spread across her face. "Hey Zhari look what I brought back." Zhari laughed at the excitement in her voice. "Well done little Sariya... perhaps you are not so little anymore." They were only 4 years apart, Zhari being 19, but Zhari had called her that since the day she was born. She stood up and began to look her sister over. "You did not encounter any danger on your hunt right? Are you hurt anywhere?"
  20. Bricius prowled around the outside of the cave, hidden in his mud covered bear skin and matching camoflauged skin. A girl walked back into the cave, carrying a deer. He needed to act fast, if he was going to steal some medicine. He looked down at his mangled knee. He just needed to find the shamans chamber, where there would almost certainly be medicine. He silently slipped into the cold confines of the entrance chamber. He prowled to the back of the clan cave, where the shamans cave was usually located. He turned into a few rooms and walked into a cave obviously owned by the shaman. He approached a stone table, where there were herbs of all shapes and sizes. He took a couple of each and exited the shamans cave. As he left he picked up the pace, and his knee buckled under him. He let out a strangled yelp that was much too loud, and crashed to the floor.
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