The clan of six

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  1. So before I continue I just want all readers to know this will be a READ AT YOUR OWN RISK roleplay.

    There will be sex and murder and blood and what not very detailed so here is the idea...

    Two man and a woman.
    Brothers and sister, siblings. When they wee younger they lost there money and father. There father was a creature of the night, but never caused any pain to the humans. One night a demon never seen before wreaked terror on many villages. Killing off all the woman and children. The men of the village were furious and went after all demons that they grew to live in peace with. Snatching the three siblings parents and stoning them to death. Burning the rest of the village down along with the children inside of it. The three of them young were able to escape. After escaping they hid in the forest. They went insane and felt nothing but darkness killing any human that came there way. Going to villages and slaughtering many. Using their gifts to slowly torture the humans.

    One day the three of them come across a village that is to be known to hold humans with creature like powers. They keep them prisoners afraid that the humans might turn out to be like the the clan of three, as people call the trio of siblings. If a human shows any sign of power they bring them to this village to be killed. The humans using special chains to prevent the humans from using there powers. The humans have gotten smart creating things to protect them from demons, finding good powers of their own to use against the demons.

    The three siblings go to this village each of them kidnapping one person of their choice. Their plan is to turn the humans they capture evil, so that they can become unstoppable villains, but what they don't realize is that these people have pure hearts and even if they unleash their full demon side they wont become evil unless they kill another human. An innocent human. Though these humans have no trouble slaughtering demons they would never harm a human. Which is why they didn't put up a fight when they were being sent to their deaths.

    It has kinks that need to be worked out, but I think it can be a good roleplay.

    Basically you have six people

    The clan of three
    Older brother-25
    Younger brother-20

    The younger brother and sister are fraternal twins

    Then you have the humans with demonic curses or powers
    Older female-24 (reserved for me)
    Younger female-22

    Older brother X Older female
    Younger brother X Younger female
    Sister X Male

    This is where I want to keep their ages at. You can submit for which character you want to play and the powers they have. Hopefully we can get all sic and start the roleplay.

    There will be murder in this roleplay from killing and hunting down villagers.
    Also there can be romance and sex, but I want to keep it between the partners.

    Character Sheet :
    Which character you are
    Description (Picture is fine)
    Creature Type (feel free to be creative)
    History (optional)
    Weapons (optional)

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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  2. dirty creole vampire.jpg

    My character
    The Older Female

    Name: Cataleya

    Creature Type: Dirty Creole Vampire

    Age: 19

    Personality: Catalayia is a girl who doesn't think twice about what she says. She has learned to care about nobody's feelings, but her own. She is a fighter with a bad attitude, but she is very smart. Though she may not enjoy the company of other humans and creatures she does enjoy the simply things in life. She loves the ripples in a pond, the cool breeze of the wind, the birds chirping high in the tree. She has grown to love the little things that earth has to provide. She gives off a hard exterior and loves a challenge, but if you push the right buttons and probe deep enough there is a kind side to her. At least people say there is.

    Powers: Catalayia has many powers, she has the power to cause anything to form and appear in real life by simply thinking it in her head. Her eyes change color based upon her mood. Her nails grow out long when she is in the middle of battle along with her fangs, and she's an excellent combat fighter. With the skills from her gypsy family.

    Weakness: High pitched noises, Extreme bright lights, Holy water

    Strengths: Her gypsy magic, fighting skills

    History (optional): Catalayia is from a family of gypsies. She was born from dark magic. Her mother was to have a child, but was ill and was about to lose her. So she used forbidden dark magic to bring her child to life. The magic she used held a powerful dark curse over the gypsies. Causing her daughter to be born as the devil's servant. She was cursed as a dirty blood gypsy, causing her to have devil like powers. Causing her to have to drink blood and live as a vampire to survive. Her mother was killed the moment the gypsies found out about what she had done. Although as a baby Catalayia was protected by a force unknown. When she got older the force disappeared and she was forced to take care of herself.

    So she roams around village to village praying that someone can cure her curse. She never drinks the blood from humans only animals. One day as she was drinking from an animal a villager spotted her taking her to this place where other humans with demonic like powers were held and although she has never killed a human soul she has been sentenced to death by be-heading.

    Weapons (optional): The only weapon Catalayia carries is a dagger. Either in her boots or on her side hidden from sight.
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