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The IC Thread.

I ask you, have you ever stopped to consider that the strangers you meet daily are actually normal? And not in the sense that you’re obviously thinking of, I mean who’s to say if they are actually human? Truth is you can’t be sure… can you? Now you’re thinking about that employee at Starbucks, that one guy with greasy hair that just watches people as they drink their coffee. He is probably normal, if not a little weird and in dire need of good shampoo. The ones you never expect, are the ones to surprise you. Chances are you have been exposed to Werewolves and never even noticed. I mean come on, you’re not so dense that you wouldn’t notice a bulking beast with fur and fangs. When you think of a Werewolf, you imagine a man bound by the moon, forced to change into a beast, but it’s not that simple. Werewolves have adapted, evolved even. No longer shackled by the moon Werewolves are free to change at will, and because of this they have effectively lived alongside humans for centuries. Don’t let this unsettle you, Werewolves are just like most people. All they want is to live their lives, support their families, and be left alone. The one exception however, are the Nomads. Werewolves without a home that still cling to baser instincts. These Nomads are always on the move, only staying in one place long enough to hunt before moving on. Nomads are dangerous and unpredictable, wherever they travel they leave a wake of woe and sorrow behind them. Tread carefully and if you ever find yourself face to face with a Nomad, steel yourself for a fight, and pray you have the strength to make them work for their meal.

Your story is about to be told, but it won’t begin as you might expect. The city of Immokalee is a gateway to the Appalachian Mountains. Immokalee is a Cherokee name for tumbling water, fitting considering the rapids and waterfalls the city is known for. Near 11 million people a year pass through Immokalee on their way to the most visited National Park in America. The city is a major tourist destination, having an aquarium, several resorts, a ski resort, and an amusement park built on the mountain that overlooks the city. Despite the amount of people that pass through this city, only 4,000 actually call this place home. The city itself is not that large. You will find no skyscrapers here, homes and buildings within the city are designed to have a rustic mountain thyme. Before this city became such a hot spot for tourists, it was a secluded mountain settlement. Werewolves first immigrated here in the late 1840’s searching of a home, land was plentiful and the locals looked out for one another, better yet they didn’t pry in the affairs of others. For generations several packs and families merged together to form a community alongside the humans. Together they helped the town to grow and prosper into a city. Werewolves even continued to move to the area well into the 1900’s. Werewolves can be territorial and stubborn, not many packs can live alongside one another without eventually shedding blood. To avoid conflict the merging families agreed to sign over power to a single family. Like wolves in the wild Werewolves however, follow the strongest among them and challenges are not uncommon. As the years progressed the role of Alpha has swapped between families many times as one Alpha loses dominance to a rival family. As a werewolf you will be a part of this community; belonging to one of the original families to settle in the area, or among the newcomers that settled much later. You have lived here all your life, you work, you go to school, and you keep the secret of your race at all cost.

Thus raises the question, how do the families and Alphas from among them keep the peace? How can one Alpha, one family lead them all? The answer lies with the Elders. The Council of Elders came into being after a string of disputes in the 30's threatened to spill out into the town. As a way to keep the peace several families sent forth their wisest elders to delegate peace treaties and ensure all conflicts were settled justly and away from the public's eye. They proved to be very effective at keeping the peace, so much so that the Council harbored the largest share of power among the Werewolves. Disputes were settled at the Council, bloodshed was all but discarded unless absolutely necessary. Diplomacy achieved what sheer force could not. Today the Council has grown even larger, with an Elder delegating over every family within the city. One family can not risk opposing the Council without earning the ire of the other families. The Council ensures the current Alpha keeps his authority, and that he is properly advised on all matters.

Such a coexistence with humans are few and far between. There are hundreds of thousands of packs across America, but only a few have succeeded in creating what your ancestors achieved, peaceful coexistence. Such an achievement shouldn’t be taken for granted, it should be cherished and protected. There are many that covet what you have and they will try to take it from you. In the past the families have protected their way of life, but over the years people change. Negligence has replaced vigilance, and there are few warriors left in Immokalee. The families have lived alongside humans for too long and because of this they have lost much of their primal nature. The threat of a Nomadic clan of Werewolves have never even crossed your mind. How could it when you’re so well protected? Sadly there is such a group making its way to your city. A feral clan of Werewolves may very well cause you to lose everything. Do you have the strength and cunning to fight for what is rightfully yours? Our will you let outsiders destroy your way of life?


The Rp will take place in and around the mountain city Immokalee, starting in the year 1993. To put it simply, this is your home. The city is considered a gem locked away in the mountains. Built on the outskirts of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park; 540,000 acres of untouched forests and mountains. The city has developed into a tourist hot spot, with roughly 11 million visitors vacationing yearly. Families spend a fortune vacationing in the city. Some choose to stay in the city, perusing the various shops along main street. Children enjoy the famous marine aquarium located in the heart of the city. During the Summer the more adventurous tourist take to the rapids that flow along the city. Others take to the Park, climbing the trails, watching the wildlife, and enjoying nature at its finest. Some relax at the various spas and resorts open year round. Some prefer the luxurious cabins built along the mountains that ring the city. A tram way transports visitors from the city to the top of Ogle mountain were a ski resort is open during the Winter. Crime rate in the city is rather low considering the amount of traffic the city sees yearly. Some incidents do occur however, hikers and campers tend to get lost and most are never found. A group of Nomadic Werewolves are fast approaching the city. They're traveling as a biker gang, with their leader being an immensely powerful Werewolf. These Nomads are ruthless, they hunt humans as prey and other Werewolves as sport.

Powers and Abilities:


Some Werewolves are born with a natural affinity to magic. As a draw back their primal instincts are reduced. Magic is drawn from their own bodies, meaning the more you use the more fatigued you become. With that being said, the power of magic comes from the earth, and Werewolves born from the earth can tap into that power using their bodies as a conduit in which to focus it. The earth's Elements consist of Fire, Wind, Water, Nature, Ice, and Lightning. Being born into one of these elements is rare, those that are so lucky are considered invaluable among their Pack.


Werewolves that draw their magic from the moon use their bodies as a conduit the same as those that derive their magic from the earth. These Werewolves are much more common then their counterparts but less powerful in a sense. Unlike the earth that takes away the more animal instincts of Werewolves, the moon enhances them. Those born under the moon are more violent and physically fit then their earth birthed kin. Predatory instincts are raised to a unprecedented level. Self healing is more efficient to the point that even fatal wounds can heal in a matter of hours.


Werewolves have two forms in which they can take. One for discretion and hunting, and the other reserved mostly for combat. All werewolves can communicate through telepathy if in range with one another. The range is extended depending of the form you take. Werewolves have a desire to change and hunt, a drawback from their gift. If a Werewolf goes extended periods of time without changing and feeding, that Person will begin to have fever dreams, followed by flu like symptoms. Finally the body will force a change and take over. If you are forced into a change it is very painful and almost always causes you to lose all control. All Werewolves have the ability to self heal, though the extent of this ability depends on the bloodline. Like people, bloodlines are each unique and different. Different families each have unique traits and abilities common to their bloodline. One bloodline may produce stronger more fit werewolves, while another may produce scrawny werewolves gifted in the Fire Element.

Wolf Form: This form is almost identical to a wolf. In fact, different families change into different species of wolves. Families with pure bloodlines turn into a species of Gray Wolf, while more tarnished bloodlines take on the form of smaller species of wolf such as the Timber Wolf and Red Wolf. If you are lucky enough to born with an Element this form will be the main body you take in which to use your abilities. You have all the senses and instincts of a wild wolf, making this a common form for hunting. The change is not quick and by no means painless, but through constant use the change becomes quicker and less painful. This form also causes the least amount of damage on the body, allowing for werewolves to remain in this form for longer periods.

Lycan Form: This is the final stage of a transformation, and by far the most painful. Changing from your human form into the Lycan form can take several minutes, each one agonizing as your bones expand and change dramatically. While in this form your predatory instincts are greatly increased, even beyond that of the wolf form. Your desire to hunt and feed is also increased, although these urges can be hard to control it is not impossible to do so. Young werewolves have to be trained and taught how to focus their minds by Elders before they can control themselves while in this form. Remaining in this form for extended periods can be hazardous, the change causes a great deal of wear and tear on the body making it hard to self heal afterwords.

  1. All Iwaku rules take apply here here.​
  2. Respect your fellow Role Players.​
  3. I expect a post per week. If for any reason you have to bail on the RP then have the courtesy to notify me or the Co-Gm Sir Pinkleton.​
  4. Characters are not immortal, they can die and will die.​
Character sheet:

Family Name: (This is like your pack name. Each Pack consists of a few members, mostly blood relatives. Older families garnish more respect than newcomers so keep that in mind.)
Race: (Obviously werewolf or Human)
Appearance: (no anime pls.)
Wolf Form: (Include a picture, along with the name of your species, Red Wolf, Timber Wolf, etc.)
Lycan Form: (Brief description or picture. Note that the Lycan form is a bi-pedal form and more human like.)
Power/Element: (Are you born under the Moon, or Earth born? Those that choose the Earth may pick one element as their born element. Using that Element is hard while in your human form and more exhausting. Your wolf form allows you to tap into the Earth without so much strain, while your Lycan form cannot tap into this power at all. Those born under the moon gain no Element, but are not hindered by their transformations, instead as they transform their instincts and primal characteristics are bolstered, along with their desire to hunt and feed.)
Job: (Do you go to college, do you work in the city, etc.)​
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Quick question: about how long do these werewolves live? Does the self-healing element help them to age more slowly than humans?
Name: John Braddock

Family Name: Braddock

Age: 42

Race: Lycanthrope

Gender: Male

Wolf Form: Gray Wolf.
Lycan Form:
Rank: Alpha

Job: Sheriff


John is a comical sort of man, even going as far to joke during serious confrontations. Because of his ability to make lite of the situation John can often talk his way out of almost anything. Despite his outgoing personality he takes his job very seriously, the safety of the town and his pack is his top priority.


John’s father was Alpha before him, and upon his death John succeeded him. Before that however, he was a bit of a trouble maker. Preferring to drink and party with his fellow pack members than actually contributing to society. John would cause so much trouble for his father, whom at the time was also the local sheriff, was forced to incarcerate him for 6 months. During his stent in the county jail, John learned the hard way that it was time to grow up.
John took a job as deputy and worked beside his father for some time. Together he and his father made sure the town was well protected. There were a few close calls during his time as deputy, one incident with an arsonist left John’s father severely burned. After a long investigation and a game of cat and mouse John finally managed to incarcerate the arsonist and put him behind county bars. This earned him a deal of respect from the city, and with his father unable to continue as Sheriff John took his place. Eventually John succeed his father as alpha when the man became too old to defend himself against challengers. As of now John is a respected member of the community, and a well-liked alpha.

Skills: Skilled fighter, powerful, charismatic, gritty, marksman, hunter, survivalist, and a born leader.

Power/Element: Earth Born, Ice.​

Name: Samuel Braddock

Family Name: Braddock

Age: 19

Race: Lycanthrope

Wolf Form: Gray Wolf
Lycan Form:

Personality: Samuel is a very troubled young man. Having being raised by his father and grandfather Samuel developed a bit of a rebellious streak. It was always expected of him to inherit his father's role as Alpha, and because of this Samuel resented the responsibility. Because he never knew his mother, there was no one around to teach him compassion. This lack of compassion makes him seem distant and unapproachable, as a result he didn't make a lot of friends. In truth he isn't a bad guy that is angry all the time, he just never developed social skills.

History: The Braddock family has held the role as Alpha for four generations, and he was raised to believe he would be the next Alpha, something he never wanted. His grandfather is a bit of a local legend, and an old school hard ass. Because his father's job, John wasn't around much to raise Samuel so the job fell to his grandfather. A stereotypical drunken Irish bastard half the time, so needless to say Samuel grew up with some grit in him.

Skills: Marksman, hunter, survivalist, meddling carpenter, electrician, and a capable fighter.

Power/Element: Born under the moon.

Job: Game Warden at the Smokey Mountain National Park.​
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Quick question: about how long do these werewolves live? Does the self-healing element help them to age more slowly than humans?
They have the same lifespan as an ordinary person. Self healing doesn't keep them from aging, only helps them heal wounds and broken bones faster.
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Name: Nathan

Family Name: The Lost Boys

Age: 24

Race: Werewolf



Wolf Form:


Lycan Form: His Lycan form is a more even, dark brown than his Wolf form, and the body is closer to human. The upper chest, the length of the legs and the handlike upper paws are all more humanoid. His arms are still nearly the length of his legs, making it easier to run on all fours. His eyes get lighter the further he gets into his transformation, transitioning from dark brown in his human form, to amber in wolf form, to pale yellow.

Personality: Nathan is mellow, but snarky, difficult to surprise and cool-headed in a crisis. Very optimistic, sometimes to the point of denial, and he invests a lot in each patient he treats. He respects his Hippocratic Oath more than any other authority, and doesn’t care who he upsets to follow it.

History: Nathan grew up in a secretive, isolated tribe in New England. In order to protect their status they all lived in a single compound, remained in constant telepathic communication and scheduled hunts and feedings strictly. It worked but left a number of the younger wolves alienated. They started sneaking out to see the human world, and Nathan was one of them.

Unfortunately, one of the kids got into a fight while out there and was drunk enough to transform and attack. The others were forced to turn in order to stop him and drag him back home. The pack was able to shut down the story as a bear attack, but they exiled the teens who'd been escaping. They banded together, calling themselves the Lost Boys, and started to wander. Nathan became the team medic. Eventually they reached Immokalee, where they settled in, though they were treated with distrust by the established families, but were allowed to live there so long as they didn't cause any trouble.

Nathan was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of Dr. Weston, a doctor who ran a clinic for the town's werewolves. Under his mentorship Nathan was able to learn a lot more about medicine than he knew, and to settle in and gain some trust from the town at large.

Skills: Medicine, both magical and mortal and specializing, keen sense of smell, distance running in all forms and specifically parkour in human.

Power/Element: Earth born, Water

Job: Assistant and doctor-in-training at Dr. Weston's clinic.
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Name: Rione Fairwaters (Often goes by Rio)

Family Name: N/A

Age: Twenty-three.

Race: Werewolf

SPECIES: Red wolf

Appearance: Looking for one.

Wolf Form: [spoili]

Lycan Form:

Personality: Light-hearted and often air headed. Believes hard work and perseverance are the ways to pave one's life, doesn't practice what she preaches. Often times lazy with little worry of deadlines; "It'll get done, when it needs to be done."

History: Born to a single mother after a one night fling by a hiker come to see and walk the park. Though raised with love, attention, and a fair amount of discipline Rio's mother never could be home with her all of the time, thus the girl developed a rebellious streak early on, and learned to hide her antics well. Drugs were always a problem to try when your mother could tell what you had for breakfast after coming home late at night.

At seventeen years of age Miss Fairwaters met an early grave at the young age of forty-three when she lost control of her vehicle on a wet mountain road after a tropical storm sputtered out along the mountains. It devastated the young girl but strengthened her resolve to be as strong and independent as her parent. With the meager life insurance she paid off the home her mother strove so hard to keep over their heads, fixed it's many ailments, and put the rest in the bank for a 'rainy day'. She took her place at the Sheriff's office as a dispatcher while also handling the town's emergency radio station just like her mother.

Despite the very normal and human upbringing her mother didn't much like her mingling with other's of her kind, worried that bloodshed would befall and drag the pair into it. Not that it stalled her social delving when it came to fooling around with wolves her age, running the mountains, and just being young.

Skills: Trained in basic handling of radios and radio equipment, though not very mechanically inclined. Knows CPR and basic first aid.

Power/Element: Earth-born with an affinity for nature magic, untrained and doesn't understand it very well. Can mend withered plants and trees, accelerate small plants growth.

Job: Dispatcher/Radio Operator at Immokalee Sheriff's Department.
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Name: Aly Lockwood
Family Name: Lockwood
Age: 19
Race: Werewolf(Grey Wolf)
Appearance: Human:
(Attached file)

History: Aly's past is unremarkable. She has lived in the town since birth. She loves hanging out in the forest and can often be found there if you need her.
Skills: Aly has an appreciation for the longbow and has taken up archery as a hobbie. Dhe is also an excellent tracker.
Power/Element Moon Born
Job: Aly is a Park Ranger/Guide, as she knows the forest well.

(I'll finish later)


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Name: Ophelia Haight
Family Name: Haight
Age: 26
Race: Werewolf, Grey Wolf​

looking for lycan form
Personality: Lia has a hard stare. She doesn't back down from a challenge and most people would say she was born angry. Angry at what, no one can seem to figure out. She takes pride in living further from the city than most; likes being closer to the world, as she'll say. People aren't really her forte, but the woods will do.

History: Lia's father was never in the picture, she took her mother's name, but that's all she knows. Her mother died when she was 11 - shot by a tourist hunter while in her wolf form. This left herself and her younger brother. The Haights have always lived further up the mountain than most other families, but this circumstance pulled Lia away from people beyond physically. She likes her world untouched by tourists and as many others as possible. Her grandmother took care of her after her mother's passing, and its her grandmother who reminds her that she is part of a larger family than the three of them and the other Haights living in the same area.

Skills: survival, hunting & tracking, firearms, combat (speed over strength)

Power/Element: Moon born

Job: Smoky Mountain National Park - Ranger & Guide/Expedition Leader​

Name: Elora Haight
Family Name: Haight
Age: 71
Race: Werewolf, Grey Wolf​

looking for lycan form
Personality: An opinionated woman, but not unbending. She is wise to reason and careful with whom she shares her thoughts. She takes care to stay connected with the pack and in with the goings on. She believes in their larger family and often offers any service she can to those who need help. Elora is a respected member of the city, both human and wolf.

History: The Haights prevail through their women. For whatever reason, the men simply haven't made outstanding examples of themselves. Elora's own mate was somewhat dull. Pure, rippling strength in his day, but withered away to a boring conversationalist by the time he passed on. He was the Elder, however. Elora took care of him in his final months and took care of the family, as well, becoming the representative when he passed. She grew up living a hard life up on the mountain, hard when you considered the city below in all its comforts. Elora always preferred company, though, unlike the part of the family that prefers silence. Elora enjoys laughter and life. Without it, you may as well not be at all.

Skills: knowledge of people, deductive reasoning, survival

Power/Element: Moon born

Job: technically part-time now and phasing out, but is at the community center more often than not, Supervisor​

Kinda late, but here it is, my sheet.
I'd like to mention that Michelle the Editor and I have worked out a partnership to work as medical professionals together in a clinic for all your discreet needs.

I think I went overboard with details in the CS, but whatever. I always do that for some reason.
Name: Dr. Daniel George Weston

Family Name: Dr. Weston has no living relatives and is not part of any pack family.

Age: 44

Race: Werewolf





Dr. Weston is a bit of a serious man. This isn't to say he's unfriendly. Dr. Weston is approachable and he's a good listener as well as a good person to ask for advice. His standing in the community has made him a bit of go-to person for personal issues. While his tone is usually quite straightforward, albeit with a bit of colorful wording every now and again, most people like him and his work. He does, however, have his bad days here and there. After his wife's death eight years ago, Dr. Weston tends to have his moody swings. Otherwise, he is calm and collected; a necessary trait in his position.

Daniel Weston attempted to get a medical degree at the age of eighteen, but didn't manage to finish due to financial issues and put it on hold. Instead, he joined the U.S. military and trained there as a combat medic before being fighting in Cambodia during the U.S. campaign in 1970. While being deployed into a combat zone was a difficult experience, Daniel learned more about surgery and medicine in the Cambodian badlands than he ever could from a textbook. It was also during this time that Daniel Weston became a Lycanthrope. With local forces busy, many werewolves took advantage of the area's destabilization to hunt both civilians and soldiers. Daniel's squad was making a routine patrol when they were attacked. Daniel was bitten, but managed to survive. Out of the fifteen men, only four were still alive when the lycanthrope eventually died of the wounds continuous gunfire had inflicted upon it. Three had been bitten at least once.

After being rescued, their stories about a monster attacking them were written off as post-combat panic. In a few days after their wounds had been treated, the survivors were reassigned and put back out on patrol. Daniel's first change happened during a routine scouting with three other troops. His lycan form proceeded to kill the other men, and Daniel was later found with his torn uniform and was believed to have escaped capture from the enemy. The other two men who had been bitten experienced similar things, but died during their transformation, as is usually the case with bitten lycanthropes. He kept his problem a secret for the rest of his tour.

Afterwards, Daniel Weston returned to school and completed his doctorate. He worked as a doctor in Chicago, but constant hours and late nights as a doctor made handling his lycanthropy difficult. In the end, Dr. Weston quit his job and left to travel around as a way to cope with lycanthropy. It was during this travel that he found the town of Immokalee. While acceptance into the town's community was shifty at first; since he was technically a Nomad upon entering the town; his establishment of a clinic quickly made him a well liked member of the community. His clinic served to resolve medical issues that one simply couldn't take to a hospital where questions would be asked and reports would be filed. He provided discreet and helpful assistance to werewolves who needed it. If a member had recently had a bad hunt or a fight of some kind, his clinic was a good place to go; hospitals would ask about bites and scratches, perhaps even going as far as to file a police report. If one was coming off of a very bodily destructive transformation, his clinic was the place to go and get patched up. If one doesn't think they can control themselves during a change, the clinic has a sturdy basement they can spend the night in. Being a lycanthrope entails several difficult problems one can't just take to a public hospital. Dr. Weston's clinic exists to solve those problems away from prying eyes.

Dr. Weston has had many years to get the hang of his lycanthropy. He can go nearly a month without a transformation and while in his lycan form he retains a very good amount of control, especially considering that he's affinity is with the moon. However, Dr. Weston is reluctant to change forms unless he absolutely has to, usually preferring to sit out a change alone in the clinic basement. This has left him with a lack of fighting skills. However, what Weston lacks in raw strength, he makes up for in experience and tactic. Either way, Dr. Weston's skill doesn't come in fighting but rather what he brings to a community. While he can hold his own in a fight, he can't do so as well as more skilled fighters, at least not in lycan or wolf form.

During his time there, Daniel Weston met and married a Rachel Adams, an aspiring writer. While the two lived quite happily for some time, Rachel passed away eight years ago. The details of her death are something Dr. Weston doesn't talk about, and most respect this decision. Rachel was not a lycanthrope, but her brother had become one early in his life; the reason she knew of their existence and community. While not one of them, Rachel was well liked in the community as Dr. Weston's wife. She is remembered as a thoughtful, helpful woman.

When Nathan of The Lost Boys came to town, Dr. Weston saw his skill when it came to medicine and offered him a place at the clinic. Since then, Nathan has been a sort of assistant, but is quickly becoming an equal in the medical field. Dr. Weston tries to be a good mentor for Nathan, both personally and professionally.

The doctor's years of service have made him a prominent figure in Immokalee. Among the family elders, Dr. Weston is an adviser within the pack's hierarchy and a friend of the town's alpha. His interaction with both the members of each family and the leaders of those families makes him an excellent conduit for news and advice. Along with the alpha, he acts as a mediator between any families that may be fighting or feuding with one another. His job as well as the job of the alpha and council is to make sure the town's werewolf community is safe, civil, and functional. Despite having always been within reach of the alpha, Dr. Weston has never attempted to take the alpha position for himself, nor does he ever plan to.

Skills: Medical expertise, Person-to-Person Relations, Record Keeping, Firearms Training (Very Rusty)

Power/Element: Moon Born​
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Aly and Sam will confront the Rogue at the Haights home. This will be the Wolf responsible for the attack on Elora's goats, and will also serve for a way to introduce Ophelia into the RP.
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