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Everything was quiet, save the almost silent "Shhhhhhhffffff" of the leaves shifting in the wind. No one was in the streets, no busy cars or problematic pedestrians. It was a ghost town, in the most literal sense of the word. There used to be people under the sky, going about their business, gazing at anything but eachother. There used to be cars in the streets, clogging up the air with chemicals and steam. And of course this place remembers the time of man and machines, but t'was only a memory, nothing more, nothing less.

Although the buildings had been overrun by vines and root, and the roads had deteriorated, the sky was still an everpleasant blue. It was one of the constants in the vastness of the silent city. And even though the buildings had deteriorated and sunk, they were still towering, that was another constant. It wasn't lonely there, no... Just quiet solitude existed. Not the kind that drove you insane because there was nothing else, but the kind that left you content with the way things are there. The kind that made you want to stay and live peacefully. The kind that made you want to watch as the seasons changed and the world shifted but only watch. Not join in because you were comfortable and content here and now.

Maybe you will stay, after all, who else would watch as this city grew and changed? Or maybe you'll go, to find greener pastures (although, that's doubtful you'll find anything greener than this)... Who knows. This city was okay when you came to it, and will probably be okay if (when) you leave.

In reality, the choice is yours, small human. What do you choose?
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Kit chose to stay.

After all, it was everything he'd hoped for and more. After months of travel, after watching the seasons change all around him, he'd finally arrived at the city his grandfather had whispered about over a crackling bonfire. It certainly wasn't anything like what the human race knew these days. Even the atmosphere suit Kit wore was a relic of the past, handed down to him from father to son over the generations.

A lost city had been found and the first thing the discoverer did was take a knee and worship it in all of its sky-piercing beauty. The vegetation was so vibrant, arguably alien, and the heavy moss under his boots felt like sponge when he scaled a dilapidated single story building to get a better view of the layout before him.

It had to be here somewhere. That thing. His sole reason for being here.
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