The City of Tyrants [Open Group RP: 6-8 Needed.]

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  1. YEAR: 2067


    DIMENSION: Macabrephus Kosmos, -8.10-


    NATURAL LAWS: The regular laws of physics as we know them apply. The world seems to lack a significant creator. Magical entities (of all kinds) are in abundance and live in secrecy (and harmony) amongst the now far more technologically advanced humans. Basic logic applies here. [Note: Proficient in Game Theory? Do message me about it. You will be welcome to develop the plot further along with me.]

    MYTHOLOGY: Seeing as every single roleplayer out there either follows a certain mythology or has their own modified and personalised lore, I would like to make things simpler here by providing you with my own lore. You are free to choose any of the listed creatures (if their abilities catch your fancy) and the creation of hybrids is welcome.
    If you have any mythological creatures that isn't listed but you'd like to use, feel free to do whatever you please with them (I will not modify them for you).

    You can still use a more... Personalised version of those listed, however there is a unique (original) race of my own created solely for this story, which will be introduced throughout the roleplay. Moreover, you must use the descriptions of demons provided, as they are quite significant in this rp. (If you don't like this, feel free to discuss it with me. We can come to an understanding.) You may read all about them here: CREATURES [do not be overwhelmed by the amount of text. Simply skip to what you're interested in.]

    If you chose a race (such as demon, reaper or angel) please take a brief look at their respective home realms in here: WORLDS . Enjoy!

    –•– Welcome to Aerikem: one of the cities of tyrants in this world. –•–

    The world is now, unbeknownst to humans, under the control of the supernatural, most commonly known as The Eight.
    These overlords preside over all of humanity, with the aid of their more often seen underlings, the Sectorial Princes.
    Scattered all over the now divided, unified nation that is Earth, these princes happen to be supernatural and rather powerful. They have direct influence over the sector they rule and the Silverlight Police Forces (SPF), the abundantly available race of supernatural beings who enforce the laws of the Nation of Cambia (what is now Earth).

    The Nation of Cambia is your home, no matter where you are on the planet, whether you are human or not, your income–we are all under their rule. Most of the world believe they are safe and are living the best possible condition imaginable, especially with all the technology The Eight gave them.

    However, there are secret societies devoted to the revelation of the truth, to the destruction of the corrupt government that has taken over their lives. They could be aware of the inhuman natures of the ruling class, or they could just be sick of the mistreatment they live through everyday.

    Either way, they are capable and passionate. They will persist against all odds.

    Or will they be completely annihilated?


    LAWS OF THE NATION OF CAMBIA: (You can leave this for later)

    1. All demonic entities, unless provided with a special case passport that allows passage from Hell to Earth, are to be either captured or killed on the spot. If a demon is found roaming the Nation without permission, they will be in serious danger.

    2. All supernatural beings are never to reveal what they are to humans, however they must learn the ways of the humans and become as convincingly 'normal' as possible.

    3. All traffic, financial, technological and miscellaneous laws are to be followed. If they are broken, there will be punishment.

    4. Never harm or try to harm a Silverlight.

    5. Never attempt to steal the weapon(s) of a Silverlight.

    6. Always respect Silverlights. If greeted by one, respond. Never behave in a hostile manner towards them.

    7. If provoked, a Silverlight is to do as they see fit.

    8. Never attempt to approach a Prince uninvited.

    9. Freedom is yours as it is for others. Do unto others as you would like to be treated and never try to take the rights of others. (Breaking this law causes in the worst of punishments).

    10. Always obey the Nation of Cambia.



    The Cambian Nation is trying to turn Earth into a completely demon-free world. There are rumours concerning the murder of Satan in his own realm and the destruction of Hell itself.



    1. Any number of secret society members, human or otherwise.

    2. One Prince.

    3. Some sort of Silverlight (rogue Silverlights are a thing. Care for details? Will be provided upon request.)

    4. Demon of any kind, illegally on Earth (or even legally.)



    Denvian Cognitio Crowe


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