The City of Secrets

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  1. Despite everything, Mara knew what she was talking about. The woman frowned, looking at the men gathered around the crime scene. This had been the third one since she had arrived in this area. Castor, also known widely as the 'City of Secrets' was just that. It was hard to get anyone to say anything about a crime.

    Even these two parents, who had just been bawling their eyes out refused to have any part in this investigation. There was only so much that she could do when they weren't helping. Mara and her team weren't allowed in the house. They weren't allowed near Timothy's toys and items, so how could she properly do her job?

    "Dun worry, Mars." Her new assistant who'd taken an almost immediate shine to her said, "Th' people 'round these parts 'r jus' a li'l big skeptical wit' all th' sciencey stuff. They like thing th' way they were. Ain't gotta ask no questions."

    "Alan." Mara looked at the tall man from the country side. "I understand that you've been here longer than I have, and you might understand the people more than I do, but I have a job to do and damnit, I'm going to do it."

    "And I feel ya, but ya gotta give it time. Once th' detective an' all those important police people come by, these folks'll open up like a book. It'll be easy from then on."

    Mara frowned but nodded anyway. She sighed, this was the third case this week and nothing made sense. She was sent here to do a job, to help the police with a forensic edge, help put them on the right track but nobody seemed accepting of the methods from the newer cities, methods that Mara spent years trying to perfect and finally she was on her own, the head of a rather new department with only three other members excluding herself and Alan. "When is this detective coming? We need to hurry before the evidence starts to fade."

    "Patience." Alan said. They were quiet for a moment when Alan said, "Didya here 'bout th' theory Goin' around?"

    "What theory?" Mara asked and Alan shook his head.

    "The people are whisperin' bout some kinda beast with flames tailin' it. Says it attracts th' children an' eats th' pets o' people who leave 'em out at night."

    Mara grunted her acknowledgement and frowned. This couldn't be good. Was there another near here? Even though she didn't want to, she had to find out, even if it meant… transforming.
  2. Elisabeth shivered and pulled her woolen frock tighter around herself. She still wasn't used to the cooler climates of the northern city of Castor, and she regretted not listening to her cousin, who had specifically told her to 'wear more layers'. Her dark curls were pushed back from her face by a late autumnal breeze. Elisabeth looked to her two companions - Officers Jamie Dunley and Robert Blake.

    Jaime turned to Robert and Elisabeth. "We're 'ere for what, another disappearance? Christ, it's the third one in the last six weeks. What d'you think is taking these kids?" Robert remained silent, mouth thinned and eyes grim. His younger son, Markus, had been one of the 'disappearances'. Elisabeth gave the big man a comforting pat on the arm before hissing to Jaime.

    "Are you serious? You couldn't be a little more tactful?" Jaime laughed.

    "Naw, Lisa, tact is something I don't got." He paused, then looked at his fellow officer. "Sorry, mate. Didn't mean to sound so..." He trailed off as they reached their destination.

    Elisabeth shot Jaime a quick scowl before smoothing her face into something a little more professional. The dull thud of her boots on the asphalt of the street sounded louder than they should have, but the brunette just put it to nerves. She stopped in front of the woman, who seemed to be the leader of the team gathered in front of the small house.

    "I'm Detective Elisabeth O'Riley, from the CPD. You must be Mara."
  3. "Ah, yes, they told me about you, Detective." Mara quipped shortly. The tan-skinned female offered a genuine smile to the other woman, pushing her peculiar brilliant red hair behind her ear. The curls were tangled, a mess from being tossed around constantly. Overall, Mara had a slightly disheveled appearance, even her frock seemed to reflect it.

    Mara looked to Alan and the rest who seemed involved in a conversation amongst themselves. Mara coughed, "In any case, the family won't let us investigate Timothy's room or any of his possessions. We're hoping you can persuade them since, after all, we're the best chance you have at any type of clue, considering nobody's speaking about anything, even if they know something."

    "We're a quiet city where the happenin's don't get t'lked about like dey do in yer town, Mars." Alan said, patting Mara on the shoulder.

    "Well, your help would still be appreciated, I'm interested in this case and I don't take no for an answer... It's just a minor setback." Mara said, looking back at the detective, a small smile of hope in her face. She then looked back at Alan, her demeanor changing. "And that's Dr. Carlisle to you when we're on the job."

    "Dr. Carlisle, we must move quickly, as the evidence won't be as acurate as it would be if we hadn't been setback. We needn't delay ourselves much longer if we're to collect semi-acurate information."

    "You're right Joshua." Mara replied, "Officers, would you be so kind as to…?" She gestured towards the door.
  4. Robert nodded, black-brown eyes cheerless and serious. Elisabeth gave Jaime a discreet kick to the shin, silently willing him to follow his companion. The lanky man grunted, winked at Mara, and then followed Robert to the disconsolate couple. Elisabeth rolled her eyes.

    "Sorry about Jaime. He's an ass, but he really is one of the best in the department." Elisabeth tugged on a stray brown curl, thinking hard - or at least, she was trying to. She kept getting distracted by the odd hue of Mara's hair. "So..."

    She cleared her throat.

    "I assume you're more than ready to get on with your work. Looks as if Jaime and Robert have worked their magic - now it's time for you to work yours." The woman blinked, grey-blue eyes sparking in the dim light of the lamppost.
  5. "It's quit alright, I've had my fair share, so I'm used to it. Great, thank you." Mara replied, clearing her throat once more. Pushing her hair back once more, she looked to her crew, "Alright, it's time to get in there and see what we'll find." She turned around to face them fully. "You already know the rules, I don't want to have to say anything I don't need to, do I?" The five seemed to murmur agreements and Mara smiled, "Splendid. Get the supplies. "Alan, you're with me. We'll give the room a once over."

    The redhead walked forward, sparing another glance at the detective before she and Alan passed by Jaime and Robert. The parents were staring blankly at the two as they walked by. Either they were restraining themselves or they were just too grief stricken they couldn't even make a move. Either way, it was easier for Mara and her team. After all, the only talking they needed to do was amongst themselves about their findings.

    The boy's room was easier to find. Mara pulled a glove out of her pocket, using it to turn the doorknob and enter the room. It was just how one would be expecting it to look. Messy. Toys and clothes were strewn everywhere, although it seemed a little too messy. A desk sat in the far corner and the window was open. Alan entered after, taking a look around while Mara smelled the air. Though faint, it still smelled like... "I knew it." She whispered, "You've got to be kidding me..."

    Either Alan chose to ignore it or he didn't hear it was unknown, as he had something of his own to say. "Ma--er, Dr. Carlisle..? Come look at this over on the window sill." Mara wandered over, her eyes wide upon seeing what Alan had found. "They're--"

    "Claw marks." Mara leaned closer, squinting, "And it also seemed to be fingernail carvings. Whatever took him had to try harder. Timothy was fighting back."

    "That would explain why his room is a little bit messier... that lamp is broken and the chair's armrest is broken in half." Joshua said as he and the others arrived.
  6. Bess quietly followed the forensics team into the missing child's room. As she listened and watched from the doorway, she pulled out a notebook and began taking notes on what was said. However, when people began crowding around the open window, the dark-haired woman began shoving through to see what was causing all the commotion.

    One of her eyebrows rose imperceptibly. Claw marks?

    She cleared her throat in an attempt to gain Mara's attention. "What the - ? Dr. Carlisle, what is that?" Bess peered at the scratched windowsill, ocean-grey eyes picking up the gashes in the oakwood frame.
  7. "They're exactly what they appear to be." Mara replied. She slipped on the glove, reaching out to touch the marks. "However these markings don't appear to be from any animals I've seen around the area... it's bigger." She snapped her fingers and in her hand was a magnifying glass courtesy of Joshua. "Maybe that of a wolf... or... what were they calling that animal, Derrick?"

    "They was callin' it a halfa--er mo' specific'lly a werewolf. Changes fr'm a h'man t' a beast." Derrick responded, "But it ain't real. Aint nobody been able t' prove it."

    "Right, well, the rest of you lot fan out, see if you can find anything else significant." Alan said. The group murmur and disbanded, taking different sides of the room to invesigate. Mara stayed by the window, peering through the magnifying glass at the marks. Putting on her other glove, she leaned out of the window sill, looking downward. "The news I've come to share with you, detective, is that the boy may still be alive. However, he may not be. There's no blood aside from the scraping of his finger nails on the wood," She pointed to the blunt fingernail marks on the wall, "However there may be some evidence left outside as long as nobody's touched anything and there hasn't been a windy day of any kind."

    "Crystalline, we're going outside to check things out." Mara said and the girl, busy inspecting the bed nodded as she gathered up her bag and followed Mara outside. "Are you coming along detective?" Mara said as she paused at the door.
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