The City of Rothendust

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  1. Chapter One - The Call

    The people of Rothendust. They need help. If I were only stronger I could do it myself, but I have grown weak and I cannot do much. Freedom is all I can give people now, the ability to pave their own paths and carve their own futures. This gift must not be squandered, choosing who should receive that which I can give proved to be a great challenge. I am confident the people I have chosen will blaze a just path but I will have no way to know this to be the case until it has already happened. They will need guidance, I will take them as far as I can, but in the end it will be they who will act as their own guides. I have become weak and must use my strength carefully else I will not see this to the end. Oh how I wish I could come to them just to speak with the people and tell them why I have chosen them but I have done all I can for now.

    This great city must be free from the shackles of oppression, a city chained to its savior and bound in blood and iron. I do feel responsible for everything, had I not chose to do as he wished...No, I should not think like that. All I can do now is aid in the liberation of Rothendust from it's tyrant lord. My disciples have been given the freedom they need to overcome any obsticals that may lay before them. Belyavor Orminai, you are knowledgeable. Var Atr, you can protect anyone. Heverkiir Seo, your skills will prove valuable. Ashfa Suban, I can only hope you don't sacrifice too much. S'Kar, we would have hated one another but you are a mighty Esper, please fight for the others. Viktoria Oak-Armor, Use your stealth wisely. Kela Sojourn, use the natural world in your favor. Lensue Halsig, I am sorry to take your youth into my own hands, but the world must remember the events that are to unfold. You are all my disciples, let the diamonds guide your path. Please heed my call.

    I am doing this for your sake, my friend.

    Belyavor OrminaiThe day was nearing an end as Belyavor walked along the city walls. Guard duty had been boring with the protection offered by the cities lord, but walking atop the walls that encased the city gave a beautiful view. Having mapped the entire city, Belyavor knew where everything was and where looked the best from these walls. Right now he stared a the western sun, setting over the horizon. As he was standing on the western wall as well, the sun fell beneath the plains outside where he could see many small beasts that at one time would have threatened the people of Rothendust. It was fascinating how these once threatening beasts were the killers of many men and women, and sometimes children. Monsters was indeed the best name for them.

    As the sun fell into the field Belyavor felt a wave of fatigue hit him. His body was accustomed to sleeping after sunset, but today was a late shift. As expected, a Kindred was climbing the steps that took the guards onto the wall where Belyavor patrolled.

    "Good evening, Belyavor. I am here to relieve you of your duty." The kindred man said, saluting Belyavor with the standard guard salute.

    Belyavor simply looked out one last time to watch the golden glow of the sun fade beneath the worlds surface. "Yes, it is that time. I wish you well, Velastus," he responded, giving his Kindred acquaintance the same salute. The two had the pleasure of working together before and overtime have become attached to eachother, not as friends, but as brothers in arms. It was pleasant to have the feeling of comradery with others, but his one closest friend was waiting for him to arrive at home. Yes, Var Atr, an Esper that acted as a tutor for the Orminai family. As such he had begun his walk home, he looked forward to taking his sword off his back and resting for the night.

    Taking the same steps that his Kindred comrade had taken to climb to the top of the wall, Belyavor pulled out his turquoise diamond. There was something about it today, it felt heavier in his hand. As his foot touched the concrete that made up the ground he felt a sudden drive to go somewhere. Where this sensation wanted to take him was very unclear to him, it was as though he was being pulled in a direction rather than to a location. He suspected his diamond was pulling him, but it was difficult to tell. As though a knot had been tied in his chest and someone tugged lightly at it to lure him over. The urge to follow was very compelling and Belyavor could do nothing more than comply with this.

    As he walked the darkened streets he say people lighting up their houses and streets with lamps and candles which made Belyavor wish he'd brought his own light as the sky filled with stars and he walked, following this sensation to wherever it may be taking him. He questioned if it was really worth following, but he knew if he didn't he would do nothing but wonder why this was happening. People passed him on the streets, many recognizing him as the city cartographer, but the younger knowing him as a guard. The Espers were running chores and doing labor the other races failed to finish, the dragoons were still out as well, drinking to end the day. The kindred were also waking and starting their daily tasks.

    Eventually Belyavor found himself in a formerly elven district that was now a mixture of humans, elves, and halfbreeds of the two. There he found the building he had been driven to, a church with a large steeple. This particular church was empty and neglected, possibly abandon for a greater church. Hanging beside the doorway was an unlit lamp that Belyavor had taken in his hand. Using a nearby street lamp he lit the one he now carried. Stepping inside the church he could tell that while it hadn't been maintained very well it was still used, likely as a place of prayer or refuge, but as of right now the place was empty.

    "Hello?" Belyavor asked to the area, his word echoing though the room. It seemed to be empty, not only was there a lack in response but the only source of light was currently in Belyavors hand.

    Var AtrVar had chose to spend his day standing outside the Orminai home. Being an Esper had its advantages, boredom was not a common feeling the Espers could have, making it easy for Var to stand idle. His orange glow was dim enough that it may have only looked like a candle sitting in a suit of armor, this was his way of relaxing. His good friend Belyavor would be arriving home shortly and he'd be there to welcome him, as always. Glancing into the sky, Var noticed the sun had already been tucked away and Belyavor was not yet home.

    Oddly enough at the same time he noticed this, Var felt a sudden urge to move. His dim glow turning into bright orange display that lit the area around him. Var was unlike most Espers in that he wasn't a fully closed suit of armor, just a torso, gauntlets, a belt, and lots of leather straps. Anyone that did not know any better might think Var was a "unfinished" Esper, but this was not the case.

    As the Esper lit his own way, he found himself in front of a church. It was strange, being driven here simply by the urge to move, but being an Esper, essentially a suit of armor filled with magic, it was instinct to follow where magic pulled him, one of the few instincts they had. Walking into the doors, Var saw an old friend, an old student. "Good evening, Belyavor. Why are you here?" Belyavor raised his head and his eyes filled with curiosity.

    "I don't know... How did you find me?" Asked the man, still dressed in his guard clothing.

    Var simple approached Belyavor and responded with a calm, "I did not, I was being driven here."
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  2. It had been a long day for Ashfa, a troublesome one of sorts as her employer had been making her move around furniture in their grand house. The small halfbreed was stronger than a kindred but she was still not as strong as a human, and by the time she was given leave to go home for the night, her body was aching, arms sore from heavy lifting. Thankfully her legs were fine as she was quite used to walking distances.

    Her head was starting to hurt as she slowly started walking down the path she usually used at night. Ash took hold of her braid and untied it, stuffing the ribbon in her pocket. Her hair was so straight that just shaking her head a little as she started walking once more had it slip out of its hold, falling down her back like a black waterfall. She let out a soft sigh of relief as she rubbed at her scalp. That felt much better.

    She wasn't sure why she continued working so hard anymore. It was not like her mother was there that she had to provide for her. Why not just sit back and let things pass until she finally left the world as well? Life would be so much more simpler then...

    She blinked, a little puzzled as she reached into her pocket, pulling out her diamond. She liked the colour of it, but it was mostly the feeling it gave her, giving her some strength though she didn't know from where. And yet, today it seemed to be a little different. Without realizing, she had veered off her normal path and was headed elsewhere. It was so strange, yet she felt compelled to continue onward.


    Meanwhile, Kela was actually at home, just having arrived from a trip outside. She was changing into some new clothes, much to her discontent. She didn't often do anything of the sort, hating frivolous spending on herself, but her mother had insisted that she buy some clothes for herself when they passed by a vendor. "And none of those dreary brown clothes you like to wear!" Her mother had been quite insistent on that, so the human elf hybrid had picked out something blue and white.

    "Oh you look quite lovely," her mother said when she saw Kela. "See, I told you some more colour would look nice on you."

    "Yes, Mama, I guess you were right after all," Kela replied, a slight smile on her face. She didn't enjoy these clothes, they restricted her movement, but if it pleased her mother then she supposed she could bear with it for a night. She turned and headed to her pile of old clothes, picking them up and folding them. Feeling something hard in the pocket, she pulled it out and saw the diamond, the same colour as her eyes. She stared at it a moment before she turned to look at her mother.

    "I need to go out, there's something I forgot to do, I'll be back in a while." Knowing her mother would protest, Kela quickly left the house at a run, feeling guilty but relieved her mother could not walk more than a few paces without tiring out. Even as she ran, she looked at the diamond. Was it telling her something? She wouldn't not believe that, she talked to enough critters to know that everything had a voice, even if most people couldn't hear it.

    "Where are you taking me?" she murmured, finally looking up before she halted, almost bumping into someone. "Oh dear, I'm sorry!"


    Ashfa had hastily moved away from Kela and nodded. "Uhm... it's... it's alright," she said, voice rather soft and uncertain. Her yellow eyes flicked to the diamond the other woman was holding. She had one too?

    "Well, I'll be going then," Kela said, pushing her hair behind her ear before she started off once more. She wanted to know why she was getting the compulsive feeling, and she figured the only was to see where it lead her.

    Ash watched her leave before she started in the same direction, though at a distance. After a few minutes it became quite clear that they were both headed to the same place, what seemed like an abandoned church. Kela stared up at it before she turned around, her eyes widening as she saw Ash. "What... were you following me?" Her usually friendly face looked rather wary and paranoid.

    "N-no!" Ash shook her head as she stepped a few paces back. "I just... I... I had to come..." She licked her lips nervously. "I... don't know why..." She looked at the doors, unsure she wanted to enter, but feeling compelled to. Or maybe she wanted to get away from this woman who seemed to think she was following her. Nevertheless, she hastily made her way to the doors and entered, stopping in her tracks when she saw a man and an Esper there.

    "Wait a moment there-" Kela had followed after the halfbreed, entering the doorway as well. She blinked, seeing there were two others there. "Hello?"
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  3. Cojack wandered about the city, yawning after a long day of work. He was still working for the farmer that he'd worked for many years before. The man was growing older, and could do less and less around the farm. Meanwhile, Cojack was growing older, and could do more and more around the farm. The farmer had talked to Cojack once about giving him the farm after he passed, but Cojack declined the offer. He would much rather have the farm go to one of the farmer's children, then work for that son. He just wasn't the type to run a farm on his own. He would probably just mess everything up and end up having to sell it, and he didn't want that. He practically maintained the entirety of the farm now, but that was because it wasn't his responsibility. It was a job and he did it because he wanted money. As long as it wasn't his responsibility, he didn't feel pressured to work, and he could do the work properly.

    Cojack yawned, his jaw stretching wide open and displaying the sharp teeth that was a trademark of his species. He wanted a drink so bad. He would go to a bar, but he was banned from most of them. On occasion, he would try to get a drink, only to have the bartender remember him and have the city guard kick him out. They often insisted on having rude customers literally thrown out, and didn't want to make an exception for Cojack, despite his size. Five guards and ten minutes of trying later, they usually settled for a rough shove. After this repeating at a few different bars a few different times, Cojack gave up on trying to remember which bars didn't allow him in anymore and quit trying to go to bars. However, he didn't want to go home quite yet, and he didn't know why. Maybe it was because he wasn't quite done with the day yet, or maybe it was because he loved how his sword felt on his back while he walked, or maybe something else entirely.

    Whatever the reason, Cojack suddenly felt compelled to take his diamond from his pocket. At first, he missed the gem and pulled a small leather strap from his pocket. He felt his heart tug a bit as he held the strap. It was all he had left of Vel Zoks. Cojack put a lot of emotional value into material objects like that strap. He carried the strap in memory of his friend, carried the bow in memory of the time they spent together, carried the sword on his back in memory of the vengeance he would one day have, and slept with his mother's arrow beside his bed in memory of the mom he never got the chance to know. His dad always said that she had been an amazing woman though, and Cojack took his word for it. Cojack shook his head and put the strap back in his pocket, reaching again to pull out the diamond that he knew was in there.

    This time, he succeeded in pulling out the gem. It was redder than his scales, and had a lovely gleam to it. Cojack loved how it shined, even when there was so little light to reflect off it. Holding the small jewel in the palm of his massive hand, he felt like he was being pulled to some location. Immediately, he spun around to see if there was someone pushing him. Still feeling the pulling sensation, he swung his tail, making a small gust of wind from the swing of the powerful limb. Cojack almost snorted when his tail hit nothing but air. He wasn't sure how to feel about this invisible force, but decided to follow it anyway. If there was someone at the end of the trail who wanted to harm him, Cojack had a sword slung across his back that said harming him was nigh on impossible.

    Cojack quickly followed the path that the sensation led him down, jogging towards his unknown destination with his diamond gripped in his fist. People shouted at him as he passed, telling him to slow down. Being as big as he was, the dragoon made more than a little ruckus when he decided to go somewhere quickly. Plus, since it was getting darker and he couldn't see as well, he kept bumping into things. People, carts, stands, buildings. He almost accidentally tackled a horse at one point in his journey. However, he ignored the shouts of the people behind him. He had a destination! He knew not where, but he would arrive as soon as possible! Soon, he found himself in front of an old church. It looked a bit gloomy, but it was where he had been led this whole time. He pocketed his diamond and walked to the door, ducking as he entered the building.

    "Hello?" he called, his loud, booming voice echoing about the room, "Who is here?"
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  4. Lensue was lying on top of a abandoned building on the outskirts of her town. She had skipped the classes that the human and elf children had to attend on certain days, it wasn't that she disliked learning, she just never found any thing taught by the scribes and priests there any use to what she wants to do. Or it's only her, she never really wanted to do much. As the sun slowly slid west the sky grew darker and darker, soon fading from a bright orange to a dim blue. It was time for her to leave, she had achieved nothing that day. No one talked to her, no one asked her any questions, out of the few who passed her, no one even bothered to look at her. Life was quiet for Lensue, and it felt fine.

    She tapped the roof's tiles with her finger a few times, and a few letters surfaces onto the tile. "Nothing stirs as the sun sinks today." Small black cursive letters were imprinted onto the smooth, though worn out tile. It was one of her habits, leaving small memos each day in places that she had been to. No one notices them anyways, for that they were small. Not only small though, but often pretty uninteresting such as the one written today. Lensue stared at the dimming sky. It has turned in to a shade of dark blue now in contrast of the bright orange still lingering on the horizon. Dark blue. Just like the small gem that was pinned on the collar of her jacket. It was a diamond, a diamond that goes unnoticed by most people, much like everything else in her.

    Even she didn't notice the diamond most of the times. Though today was different. Today the diamond felt different from before. The usually unnoticeable weight of it seem to have gone heavier. As Lensue got up it was made more and more clear that the diamond got heavier. Although it didn't weight toward the ground, it weighted toward a direction. Soon it became clear that it wasn't simply a weight, but also a force that was urging her to head that way. Lensue ignored the sensation for a brief moment, and bent down once more.

    "Nothing stirs as the sun sinks today. Though a clear stone stirs as the sun leaves the sky." Small black cursive letters were added to the writing on the tile.

    After Lensure stood up, and hopped from the roof of the low building to the ground. She traveled quiet fast, since she knew the streets around this area. As she ran and hopped though the streets, alleyways and rooftops, the sky sank into a darker and darker color. Night has fallen, but she didn't stop. Her parents had stopped caring about her whereabouts ever since she gotten the straight sword that was fastened in underneath her loose jacket. They assumed that she had the same natural skills as her older siblings, except smarter and more educated on what's been going on in the world around her. That wasn't really true, she wasn't too skill of a fighter, but she did understand what has been happening in the city.

    The diamond shone a little, its color almost fading into the night sky. As the glow dimmed Lensue arrived at were she was supposedly heading. It was a long abandoned church building that she had hid in when she was a child. She still come to this place sometimes, even when she had grew up a bit. The diamond on her collar felt a bit warm, or even empowered. She never really understood why she was given it, but today seems like the day that she could find out." She dropped down from a rooftop at the back of the church, and walked towards the direction of the front door. As she walked she ran her hand along the wall.

    "Though I cannot tell true or not, but it seems like that here, in the dark night, a story shall be lived. By me or others I do not know." The writing was a little larger this time, and was printed in a lighter hue to contrast from the building's aged walls.

    She didn't know what would happen, she just felt like that it was only correct to write the sentence onto the dark grey wall. As she walked to the front door she realized that there was no one there. She deiced to head within the building, though with the hilt of her straight sword clasped in her hand. There were people in the building, several of them in fact. It seemed like that they all had different backgrounds and were from different races judging by the way they appeared. Lensue found it odd that why a group of seemingly irrelevant people gathered in an abandoned, she felt as if it had something to do with the odd sensation that the diamond gave her. She didn't make that much of a movement as she slipped in the door, waiting for someone to ask about this situation.
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  5. Orminai and AtrThe two had arrived in the empty chuch, first Belyavor then Var. "Driven here? How strange..." Belyavor voiced as he pulled his turquoise diamond from his pocket. His hand with the lantern still holding it in the air as two young ladies entered, not very far in age from one another at first glance. Var remained at rest but Belavor set his lantern down and gripped his sword in hand, ready to pull it from the scabbard. He clutched his diamond harder in his hand and looked closely at the two. He couldn't see if they were armed due to bad lighting, but seeing Var was at rest comforted him.

    "Greetings, hybrids." Var spoke to the duo. He had assumed they knew eachother since they followed one another inside the church. The glow from Vars armor came to a gentle rest but still managed to light up a fair bit of the church. The light was strong enough to easily identify the dragoon that followed mere seconds after. He was large in every way, a massive jaw, towering height, and enormous build. Absolutely intimidating. Var stayed at rest but the sight of this dragoon made Belyavor grip his sword tighter.

    "Hold it!" Shouted Belyavor. "My name is Belyavor, who are you and why are you people showing up here?" Belyavor wanted answers, but he had none and that bothered him. He wanted to get to the point of this immediately.

    "Calm yourself, Sir Orminai." Var spoke, still completely at rest. His calm voice was intentional, if Belyavor knew Var was tense then he'd draw his sword and cause unnecessary tension. "See the dragoons hand?" Belyavor took a deep breath and glanced at the red diamond in the claws of the latest guest. "He has one, too." Var continued as he pulled his orange gem from a pouch that had been sewn onto his iron belt and showed it to the others. "I assume we all have one." He noticed there was another guest. When did this little girl come in? Neither Belyavor nor Var had seen her enter, in fact Belyavor still didn't see her, he was still tense. Var noticed another diamond as well. "Before we discuss, there may be others. Shall we wait to find out?"
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  6. Ashfa had looked to the two who were already inside and would have probably slunk back outside had she not heard the Esper speak. Well, she could only assume it was an Esper, seeing how he looked and was wearing an armour. Her heart pounded as she clutched her diamond close to her, her hands tucked at her throat as if trying to keep something away from her. It was simply a defense mechanism that she didn't even realize she was doing.

    She opened her mouth to speak when the man shouted. Her eyes widened and she looked around, trying to find a place she could hide. She hadn't expected anyone else to be here! Well, she hadn't exactly known what to expect, for that matter. Why did she come? She should have stayed home! Instead she was out in a strange church at night with three... She gulped. Make that four strangers. The dragoon was scary looking. Ash couldn't help but move back, wanting to flee... but she knew she couldn't. There just had to be a reason the diamond brought her here!

    "I'm Kela." Unlike Ashfa, Kela wasn't about to be scared, not when there were answers to be had. She supposed she could understand the man, Belyavor's concern. She was concerned; she would rather not have to deal with strangers at night. However, she doubted there was any good in getting panicked about it, and once she had listened to what the Esper said, she figured they were all probably here for the same reason... whatever that was. "I have a diamond, here." She lifted her hand to show the green gemstone. "That girl there got one too."

    Ashfa was not at all pleased she'd been called out but she managed a nod before clearing her throat. "Uhm... yes... I.. I do... Uhm... I'm Ash."

    Kela gave Ash a small smile before she looked around once more at the Esper and the dragoon, and then that little girl. She blinked. What was such a young one doing out at night alone? She could only assume that had she no parents. Poor thing...
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  7. Cojack looked around at the people around him. Each of them seemed to possess sparkling gems that were similar to his. This would have made him nervous, this many strange people drawn to one place, but the calm of the Esper soothed him. He knew that if the Esper was calm, there was little to fear. He had trusted the instinct of Espers since he became friends with Vel Zoks. The fact that this one seemed so similar to Vel Zoks brought him comfort too. It wasn't a closed suit, same as his old friend. He almost asked the suit if it was related to Vel, but when he was about to open his mouth, he remembered that Espers couldn't be related to each other.

    He took his focus off of the suit of armor and looked to the human. He was a good head and a half shorter than Cojack was, and seemed decently fit. He was tense, but he could see that he was holding himself back as well. The Esper referred to him by name, so it must be they knew each other some how. It was possible that the Esper was holding him back as well. If this erupted into a fight, he and the Esper would side with each other, making it a difficult battle. Of course, that would only happen if someone took hostile action, and Cojack knew himself well enough that that someone may very well be him. He just hoped no one tried to set him off.

    The small girls next to him looked frightened, as many people were. He was aware that he was massive, and his size was a source of pride for him. However, neither of these girls were even taller than the sword he had across his back. One was terrified, but the other seemed to be shaking off her terror. Possibly for the sake of the other. Both had diamonds.

    He decided to sit down, pulling the sword off of his back as he did. He figured that sitting down would make them calmer, as he would appear shorter. Plus, the fact that he had to take off his sword to sit meant that he was armed with one less weapon, making him that much less intimidating. He sat on the floor of the church with an audible thud, the floor shaking lightly underneath his mass. He hadn't even seen the small girl that was behind him, and almost sat on her. He would've been so very upset if he had. And again, another one shorter than his sword.

    Once seated, he held up the diamond in his hand for the others to see, the brilliant red glistening in his clawed grip. "Yes, I have one too," he said, responding to the Esper. "I am Cojack Ironhide. You think there might be more with diamonds?" he asked no one in particular.
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  8. Rothendustt
    Victoria Oak~Armor
    It was a quiet evening as Victoria stalked atop the roofs of the city, looking for easy prey to steal from. It was hard finding people to steal from, mostly because she disliked stealing from the poor, and she rarely found any one rich in the city. After a hour of searching, she found her man. A short, chubby rosy cheeked fellow, dressed in fancy garbs. It would've been an easy snatch in grab, if it wasn't for the mans two guards.

    The first was a middle aged man, garbed in leather armor, and wielding a large crossbow of sorts. Meanwhile, the much taller Dragoon guard was in plate armor, and wielded two axes, the size of the small Human/Kindred hybrid. Regardless though, she was confident she could loose them in the thick crowd, who was trying to get home before the sun set, and the worst of the cities inhabitants came out. Even Victoria would think twice about stopping someone in the slum district without her weapons at the ready.

    She made her move, silently hopping down from the building she was on into a bale of hay. She silently ran closer, avoiding eye sight from the man and his goons, until finally she sprung her plan. She ran along some carts, and jumped over the Dragoons head, and snatched a bag of gold from the mans waist, who gasped in response. Tripping the crossbowman, Victoria disappeared in the crowd, sliding in between people, as the shouts of the two body guards chased after her, calling for her to stop, and other various threats.

    She slowed down as her, and her companion, S'Kar's makeshift home was insight, a small alley way between a bar and an old metal shop. It had a poor wooden roof that stopped alot of the rain, a single cot for her, and a sharpening stone for S'Kars massive sword. She smirked as she entered her slum home, but froze as she heard the drawing of a sword behind her.

    Turning, she made eye contact with the Dragoon, who seemed to loose his two axes in the commotion, and drew a long sword from his hip. Behind him, the crossbow man finally caught up and aimed his bow, ready for her to run. Victoria started backing up, ready for a fight as she loosened the restraints on her crossbow straps. The Dragoon took a step towards her, entering the alley way, as he spoke slowly.

    I'm going to do this town a favor, and rid it of a filthy Kindred!
    Well good luck with that.

    She said suddenly, trying to draw her crossbows, but the Dragoon was faster, and quickly charged her, pinning her against the wall, his sword to her throat. Despite her situation, the girl smiled, struggling to say

    Big Bad Dad isn't going to like this one bit.
    *Snorts*I'm not afraid of your dad girl. I doubt he will be able to take on me and my companion.

    The girl gasped, her face growing redder, as the thug tightened his grip, but loosened as his friend cried out suddenly in pain. Turning, the Dragoon saw the Esper, who lifted his crossbow wielding by the throat with a single hand, his other hand held a large sword. The armored humanoid turned his gaze towards the Dragoon, who further loosened his grip, as his friend went flying through the air towards him. The pair fell to the ground, as Victoria gave a winded laugh, S'Kar striding beside her, snatching the gold pouch from her waist.

    He tossed it towards the two men, and gave an unsatisfied grunt.

    Get Out.

    The two scrambled to leave, the Dragoon started to reach for his sword, but his human friend was smart enough to stop the stubborn Dragoon from continuing the fight. Victoria frowned at S'Kar, her arms crossed as she yelled out.

    Why would you give it back!
    You said you were done stealing.
    Well it was a one time thing!
    Where'd you get that necklace?

    The girl ignored the question, pulling her shirt up some to hide the nice piece of jewelry she lifted from a vendor only hours before. She sat on the bed, tired from the long day of running, climbing, and snatching. The sound of gold being laid down next to her woke her up some, as S'Kar tossed a second bag of cash onto the bed.

    Where'd you get these!?!
    I have an honest job. It was pay day.
    *Pouts* This is less than last time!
    People aren't buying as much weapons any more. They trust the guard and our damn tyrant to protect them.

    The girl quickly counted the cash, but stopped as a sudden urge to get up came over her. She could tell S'Kar had it too, as he lifted his sword up to his shoulder, and slowly turned to view out the alleyway opening. He motioned for Victoria to follow, who quickly gathered her things, following her "Big Bad Dad."

    Half an hour later, the pair stopped in front of an old church, a church even Victoria hadn't seem to see before. The unknown force kept urging the two in. As the pair neared, Victoria stopped, as she picked up voices inside. She slowly continued, her hands on either of her crossbows.

    S'Kar pushed open the door, as the pair walked in on a rather large group of people, several holding a similar diamond to her gray diamond, who felt faintly warm in her jacket pocket. She glanced up at S'Kar, who seemed to be gazing at the Dragoon, no doubt reliving the encounter with the other Dragoon only minutes ago. She spoke up, slightly calmer with S'Kar near her.

    Uh hello? Mind if we hope in what ever is going on?
  9. Lensue dodged to the side as a large dragoon proceed to sit down. He was so large in sit that he might crush her if she actually was hit. Though dodging was something obvious to do for anyone when a dragoon this large in size almost sat on you. She backed into a corner after the dragoon had sat down. Her loose jacket was now a darker shade of blue as she changed the color of it. It served as some sort of camouflage in the darkness.

    Now she had gotten a better chance to see who was in the building with her. In the front was a human man, and beside him was a suit of glowing armor that is giving off the only light source in the room, likely an esper. There was also two young ladies, one seemed traumatized while the other was calmer. They were together, it seems as if they know each other. The conversation between them went along smoothly. The human man seemed alert by the others, he questioned the others in the room for the reason why they came to this place, and gave his name, Belyavor. That wasn't really a bright thing to do, acting alert like that would just make the air even more tense. Luckily the esper beside him manage to soothe the atmosphere, most espers had lived for a long time, so it wasn't a surprise how he reacted to the scene.

    A diamond. The esper made it clear that everyone in the room seem to have a diamond. It seems as if the diamonds had gathered them here.

    The two young lady confirmed that they had one too. Or, the calmer girl, Kela, confirmed it for the other who looked really scared, Ash. So did the large dragoon, who introduced himself as Cojack.

    Just as that finished the doors were thrown open once more, making Lensue back into the corner even more. The ones who came was a pair, a young lady who seem only a few years older than her, and another suit of armor, this one giving off blue light.

    Many people had gathered here, and the only similarity they shared was that they were alive, and has a diamond in their grasp. Lensue couldn't know what this mean, but the others were probably just as confused. She pressed her hand against the wall, leaving another line of cursive writing on the bricks.

    "Ones from different races, lives, and stories have gathered. For a reason that nether I nor they know, for I was one of them also."
  10. FenrasaFenrasa rose as the sun fell, making her bed in swift motions. The room in the inn wasn’t technically hers, but the innkeeper had more or less allowed her to stay there as she wished. Located as it was near the back and next to the kitchens, the keeper didn’t like placing guests there anyway. Satisfied with her work, she went through her routine of lighting the lamps and candles throughout the inn. Beings of different races walked about on the darkening streets, some rushing while others seemed to enjoy a slower pace. Stars twinkled in the evening sky, promising a clear night.

    Making her way to the kitchens to assist with cleaning up from dinner, she paused. Reaching into a pocket of her robe, she plucked out the light purple diamond. Today it felt different. Fen ran her thumb over the flat top of the gem as a feeling settled into her bones. It pulled at her, and she knew she needed to go. Stashing the diamond back into her pocket, she hurried towards the front of the inn and found the innkeeper scribbling away in her book of visitors.

    Fen stood quietly beside the desk, waiting for the human to finish her work. After a minute of two, the innkeeper set down her quill and turned towards Fen with an inquisitive look. “Yes, Fenrasa?”

    “Miss Loria, I have a small errand to run. I should be back later to help with the dishes and room cleaning.”

    The middle-aged human was already turning back to her book, waving Fen off. “Yes fine. Just be back.”

    Fen whispered a thank you and left the building without further ado. The city at night was something of beauty, lights flickering like yellow stars against the dark backdrop of buildings. The pull felt rather urgent, so she didn’t spend time meandering about. She tried to keep herself as inconspicuous as possible, using her Kindred appearance to hide in the shadowy areas. The diamond’s pulling led her to a mixed race district and eventually to a church. The church was obviously older and no longer used, falling into decrepitude. Bright orange and blue light shone through the windows and broken wood, obviously not candles and lamps. Espers then. Fen paused a few yards away from the entrance, anxiety twisting in her stomach. She could hear a mix of voices, short questions and shorter sentences.

    The pulling turned more insistent, like a child yanking on an elder’s sleeve to show them something. If this gathering did in fact turn out to be hostile, she could always run away. Her short stature made it easy to hide in odd places.

    She crossed the distance to the door in quick strides, slipping in as they were already open. Seeing the gathered group, she nearly turned right back around. A massive dragoon sat on the floor, while two Espers stood next to their human compatriots; the orange, loosely constructed Esper stood next to an older, obviously well trained human male, while the bright blue Esper accompanied a half-breed woman with intricate tattoos along her entire body. A younger girl stood a few paces away from the dragoon and a pair of different half-breed woman stood next to each other. Most of them had visible weapons, and goose bumps ran up Fen’s arms as she eyed the swords in the room.

    The only similarity between all of them was the diamonds they all held. Fen reached subconsciously for hers, taking it out and gripping it tightly to her chest. She wasn’t the only newcomer, and she decided to wait for the conversation to die down. If she didn’t have to introduce herself, then she wouldn’t. Maybe the others knew what was going on.
  11. Kyo Shinara

    Kyo was wandering through the town she came across during her travels. The little Dragoon was wearing a hooded robe she managed to find on the outskirts of the small city, probably belonging to somebody that was long since dead by now. Kyo had the hood drawn up over her head, doing her best to hide her scaled features.

    It had been her time on the move that she became more aware of the racial tension between the races. Her mother had briefly explained it before her sudden death, but had gotten no further on who disliked what. Asking was the wrong choice, in case she conversed with the wrong person. The world she lived in was a horrible and cruel one, with one wrong move leaving you broken and bloody on the side of the streets.

    Kyo had been contemplating on buying some apples for her trip, since she planned on leaving soon enough. The Dragoon preferred not to linger in a town for too long, in case she was caught in the middle of something she had no idea how to fix. It was better to turn tail and run than try to fight with the weapon her mother left her. It was literally the only thing, no knowledge of how to weild the dangerous thorned rope. It seemed to glow with an eerie blue light whenever she held it. It was some sort of whip, and most of the time when Kyo tried to handle the thing, she only managed to injure herself.

    Her weapon bounced against her hip as she walked, before stopping in front of the fruit stand that had a wide spread of juicy red apples. Her mouth watered and she reached into her robed pocket, pulling out a few coins to pay for the one she picked up. Kyo didn't remember the last time she had eaten, and her stomach growled with the sight of the ruby fruit.

    By accident, Kyo pulled out the little Gem that she had kept with her. It was normal in its appearance, except for the glow that was pulsing off of it in what seemed like waves. Almost as if the wind was tugging the opalescent beams, it pointed south. South? It was odd, and there was s compulsory feeling to follow the little streak of blue light.

    The little Dragoon paid for her apple, stuffed the fruit in her pocket, and followed the beam. It seemed to dissipate as it reached a few inches from its source. It was beautiful, in a creepy sort of way, and her curiousity was piqued when it led her to an entrance of an old church. It didn't look like it was in service anymore, but she heard voices inside. She was confused, but her interest in her little Daimond bothered her more. Kyo wanted to find out why her precious Gem was leading her here.

    Walking inside, she kept her head low so her hood covered her face, moving to the back of the Chapel. There were others, but beyond the cover her hood, her eyesight was limited, and she could only make out blurry shapes. The Dragoon went to the corner, trying to observe and listen to the others, in case they were any indiciation why she was here.

  12. Cojack looked at the half breed and Esper as they walked in the church. Yet again, another person shorter than his sword. The girl seemed to be rather calm, and he didn't mark her as a threat. The Esper was another thing entirely. The suit of armor was massive, a full head taller than Cojack was. He found this hard to believe at first, and immediately decided to be cautious of the glowing blue Esper. Seeing the Esper's massive sword didn't help calm Cojack's nerves though, and neither did the glare that the armor was giving him. He knew that Espers couldn't make facial expressions, but something in his gut told him that if he could, the stranger would've been scowling at him. Perhaps he was family of Vel Zoks and blamed Cojack for what happened so many years ago? Cojack had to remind himself for the second time in a matter of minutes that Espers don't have families. No one is related to Vel. Nevertheless, the gaze of the suit of armor was unsettling. It made Cojack grip the pommel of his sword a bit more tightly.

    Soon after, a small kindered came through the door. Why were so many of the people gathered so short? Excluding Cojack, there were only three present who were even taller than his sword! If this broke into a fight, he could likely step on most of them and win. The only real issue he saw was the glowing blue Esper. He was of enormous stature, but Cojack had a bow, and it didn't appear that the Esper had any ranged weapons. However, he could see that his smaller companion had two crossbows. Simple, he would defeat her with his sword, then the Esper from a distance. But he had to keep in mind that the diamonds led them here, and that must be for a reason, and it appears that the kindered carried no weapons. So, there was no way the diamond would lead her here if it were a fight. The kindered seemed the least threatening of the group so far. The small timid girl that he almost sat on would've been the least threatening, but she carried two weapons, and the kindered carried none. Additionally the kindered's gentle appearance only reassured Cojack that there would be no fight.

    The next guest ensured in Cojack's mind that there would be no fight. She was a dragoon as well, but she was young, and she was small. She looked to be not much older than a child. Her head barely reached Cojack's chest! How small were they going to get? She fled to the corner, not really seeming to know that the girl he had almost sat on was already in that corner. Cojack immediately felt responsible for her, even though he had never met her. She was small and helpless, he was massive and powerful. He was sure he'd feel obligated to protect her should a fight break out, but he would be sure to keep an eye on her if the group did begin to fight. He shook his head. Hadn't he just convinced himself that there would be no fight? There had to be another reason that they were here. Fighting couldn't be it. If they were meant to fight, there were plenty of places that would be better to bring them.
  13. It was then as they settled into a mere silence that a voice that held quality like that of one in a leadership became prevalent around them, audible everywhere in and out of their minds.

    "I see that all of you are here, though some of you hide. It appears my spell has worked. So all of you make yourselves present. My eyes see life, after all."

    It was then that, in the center of the room atop a point that appeared to be the center of their conversation's form, a form appeared. It was then an invisible curtain lifted as an illusion faded as a half-elf became visible as the illusion vanished from the feet up to reveal a set of robes crossed between that of a spellsword and of an assassin. He removed this hood to display this face, as his came to a rounded point at the tip as opposed to a sharp, triangular point (which is an elven trait). His hair was not the white of the bleak midwinter snow but that of the moon's beckoning craters, complimented by pale blue eyes that could pierce the soul of any being. His stature was tall for his human half, short for his elven half, and an appropriate size for his Kindred upbringing. To those of elvish and Kindred blood the sword that rested on his back would be familiar: Lingrahtuz, also called "Kingkiller" in reference to an ancient war between the two races where the Kindred emerged victorious. A curious figure, given to be a further melting pot as he was clearly accepted into Kindred society as his tattoo signified his coming-of-age ceremony. He spoke again after extending his arm, allowing his Black Diamond to appear in his palm and gleam after it passed through his hand to be in its position. He then rose his voice once more, beginning to speak.

    "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Heverkiir Seo, and I possess the Black Diamond. I am a spellsword and assassin of Clan Ahvulon among the Kindred. The reason you were all drawn here today is an ability of the Black Diamond: the ability to call all but one of these Diamonds together. We have all received these Diamonds from a mysterious hooded figure in times of distress. Each has given us a new power and/or enhanced those we possessed already. But what is the story behind these? If you will allow me to speak further, I will tell you what my research has uncovered.

    "About seventy-five years ago, two childhood friends, one elf and one human, came together and decided to embark on a journey to search for a great treasure said to offer immortality and power to all who held it: the Philosopher's Stone. They traveled across the world until they found a cavern temple left by the Ancient Ones, the ancestor race of the Elves and the Kindred, within which they found the magnificent Stone. Now the elf wished to use the power of the Philosopher's Stone to become a conqueror, though he disguised it through the human's will of healing the sick and deathly. And it was such his intentions came to light when they found the Stone and his true nature was revealed, and it was such that, when they grappled over it, the Philosopher's Stone broke into various Diamonds. Into the elf went the White Diamond, and into the human went other Diamonds. The White Diamond, however, can repel the other Diamonds and disable their abilities. And so, with his great newfound powers, the elf slaughtered the human, but the Diamonds preserved the human's life without giving him a physical form.

    "Soon enough, the elf became what he determined he would be: a conqueror. We know him as Lord Tyrant Roth. The human is the mysterious figure who has given these Diamonds to us. These Diamonds give us the freedom and the opportunity to defeat him and, as I see it, there are two things we must do. First, we must free Rothendust from the grip of the Lord Tyrant. After this we must take the White Diamond and recreate the Philosopher's Stone and then we have two options: destroy the Stone or seal it away. Regardless of what we do, these Diamonds seek to become whole again. These Diamonds each do something to their fellow Diamonds, but I only know what the White and Black Diamonds do.

    "Any questions?"

    The halfbreed then allowed the Black Diamond to return inside his body, the man adjusting his gauntlets as he flicked his wrist and his blades popped out of them and then had them retract back in. These blades were the last things many people has seen, but he believed that none of those who stood before him would find themselves purposefully pierced by it. He remained still in the center of them all, given he would likely be subject to much inquisition regarding the knowledge he had obtained and his conjecture regarding their future. Heverkiir did not have all the answers. He knew what he did after years of research, after all. And even then, his research was limited due to resources. But for now he would do the best he could for these people.
  14. Kyo Shinara

    Kyo listened to the man, her tail wrapping around her ankle in curiousity. Her hood was still drawn over her head, and she refused to take it down. In case this was some silly happening and she had to make a quick break for it, she didnt want any of these people to know her face.

    Kyo rested one of her hands on the handle of her whip, but it wasnt like it would do you much good. She hardly knew how to use the weapon, and if anything, she would most likely hurt herself in the process. Her wings were virtually useless at this point in the aging process, so flying away like a bird was hardly an option. Her only use was to run and hope none of the other creatures in the church would catch up, let aloe follow her.

    The little Dragoon kept quiet after the man asked if they had any questions, and just opted to look around the church at the other specimens located around the church. There was another large brute of a Dragoon, and she desprately wanted to go talk to him. Kyo wasnt at all intimidated by his appearance, but she did fear of what he could do to her if he felt like it. The giant Dragoon could flatten her if he feel motivated enough.

    Kyo held her Gem in her hand, staring at the little translecent stone. This little thing could give her some sort of power? This must be one of the many freaks her mother had been talking about, always absorbed in religion and trying to get others to follow their crazy visions of world peace. If anything, Religion made their situation worse. However, Kyo could sense a little truth in his words. Lately it had been hard to decipher fake from real, and the little Dragoon had hardly anything else to lose at this point. Her father and mother were dead. She was on her own.

    Closing her little fingers over the Diamond, she angled her slitted pupils on the man at the front of the chapel. Could she trust this man? She didnt know, and did he really expect them all to travel with this group of mishmashed species? A lot of these species held hatred torward another, and if they were to travel, there would surely be a lot of fighting, wouldnt there be?

    Kyo leaned her back against the wall, the cloth of the cloak itching her scaled skin. She had no idea what to do, and wished her mother was here to help her through this. Surely she would know what to do, but as a little Dragoon trying to find her way through this too big world, Kyo had no idea what to do.

    Sighing, Kyo put her Diamond in her pocket and listened to any of the other questions that would soon rise. It didnt really matter where Kyo was, as long as she stayed alive throughout all of this.

  15. Lonn Taiocer

    The day had ended but the shift was not over. In fact, the night was the busiest time for the Rebellion Control Squad. Lonn was standing in the back, drifting place to place while his captain and men drank, rudely shouting and hooting at women. They were not in a bar but still getting drunk enough so one might think that was where they came from. While his men were all distracted, Lonn had noticed an unusual amount of activity around a certain church he had known to be abandon. Granted, this church was used to house the homeless in the past, but not only were some of the people eh saw enter definitely not homeless, there was a fairly high number. "Captain Deuk, I'm going to patrol," He shouted in the distance.

    His captains deep voice responded with a simple grunt to acknowledge his request. Lonn approached the church, not to one of the doors, that was too easy a way to get caught. Instead he went to the far side and sneaked behind the church, standing by a stained glass window. His sense of hearing was keen and there was certainly a fair gathering of people here. This was why he came without his captain, if Deuk had his way the entire church would be burned down with them inside, including the children Lonn had noticed enter. What was happening that could possibly draw the attention of this many people? Deciding it was best to gather information before coming to any conclusions, Lonn stood near the glass, keeping his head just low enough that no height would shine on him. With both hands pressed to the exterior wall, he put his ear closer in hopes of getting a better shot of what was being said.

    Belyavor OrminaiSeeing the massive dragoon take a set relaxed Belyavor, the grip on his sword loosened. The tension in the air was so thick he could feel it on his skin, tugging at his hairs begging him to leave, but he refused to leave. Shortly after he gave silent words, a massive Esper and what seemed to be another halfbreed walked in. Normally the sword the Esper carried would have bothered Belyavor, but he knew that Espers liked their weapons. Var was over there still holding his spear in his hand and pointing it to the ceiling. It was rare to see Var drop his spear unless he was tailoring. Belyavor had suggested many times in the past to Var that he should give himself legs, but Var always responded by saying that he couldn't do that, Espers may not modify or repair their own bodies. That was why they were suits of armor, the Esper were a durable race, possibly the hardest to kill.

    Still, Beyavor sized up everyone in the room. So far the ones that would prove to be a threat were the Dragoon, the giant Esper, and perhaps the Kindred that came in. Dragoons as a species were ferocious, especially when angry, and this one in particular was a sizable foe. Sure, Belyavor could use wind magic, but nothing to blow over that much force. Judging from the sword he was extremely strong, a sword so large that Belyavor certainly would barely even get it off the ground. Comparatively it made his sword look like a glorified kitchen knife. He'd keep his eye on that one.

    The rather tall Esper had a decent sized sword as well, and as Espers don't fatigue it probably used the sword well. Espers were tough and sturdy, this one was not like Var in that it was a fully closed casing. He would be easier to strike but harder to break, and again his wind was not powerful enough to do anything to something of that size. Still, the menacing look of the Esper actually put Belyavor at ease as counter intuitive as it may have seemed. It was simple, the intimidating look of him made him certain that should anyone want to start a fight here then they would be turned off that idea by looking to the threats they would have to face. For now he released his grip from the handle of his sword and put it at his side.

    As for the Kindred that had just walked in, she did not look like much but that was the Kindreds biggest advantage. Physically they were not impressive, but if they wanted to they could use their magic to devastate any opponents they may have. Thankfully his sword could cut magic making her threat much less concerning.

    Soon after, another one appeared, though this one was not through the doors but rather lifted from the air as though he'd been there the entire time. A half elf, but there was a tattoo on his face that resembled a particular clan of kindred, which was rather strange. He wasted no time speaking and explaning, which made Belyavor happy that the point was to be made so quickly. Still, throwing in a story about a stone Var had told him about made him very skeptical. The story would indeed fit with their tyrant, it would explain how he came to be so powerful, but Belyavor still had his doubts. "This sounds to me like a childrens story taken too seriously," he voiced. "The philosophers stone? Don't be ridiculous!"

    Var AtrAs suspected more people were filling the church, no doubt all of which carried a diamond much like the ones Belyavor and himself carried. Once the half elf revlead himself, Var jumped a little and instinctively raised his shield, still clasping the diamond in the same hand. Having a shield attached to the back of his gauntlet had its advantages. Still, his worries were soon relieved, it was more reflex than anything else. Var also listened to the story with a keen ear. He'd heard about the philosophers stone before from Espers older than himself but the story was new to him.

    Soon after, Belyavor voiced his own concerns and Var quickly responded, "Lord Orminai, settle yourself. It may be true the philosophers stone is a legend, but all legends are birthed from somewhere." Var also had his doubts but his mind was far more open than Belyavors. "Lord Seo, My name is Var Atr, and I have some concerns. This information is not like what I have heard before, though the story of a stone granting power is an old tale, many like my companion Lord Orminai believe it to be no more than a wives tale. In light of your information I can only ask how you know we are meant to face our tyrant, Roth is not a force to toy with. I have seen him and he is frightening." The memory of watching Roth rise to power humbled Var and his orange glow reflected this as it dimmed down ever so slightly.

    "Setting aside the fact that he is mightier than any one of us, there come complications with removing him from this city," Var continued, intent on sharing his thoughts. "If we remove him the city will not be protected. As hard as it may be to swallow, I was here before the city rose and Lord Roth became a tyrant, even with our strong walls and any guards, the creatures that lurk outside the walls are dangerous and they will kill the innocent without him. Like him or hate him, Lord Tyrant Roth is the reason the people of the city are safe, why should we remove that security? I do not wish to be responsible for the death of so many."

    It was rare for Var to speak so strongly against someone elses ideals, but no matter how badly he felt towards Lord Tyrant Roth it was a fact that if his protection was removed many people would die to the looming threats outside. Ferocious beasts that took lives. Granted they attacked for sustenance, they wanted to eat and it was natural for them, but the sight of monsters attacking and raiding settlements was disgusting.

    Aside from that complication, fighting Lord Tyrant Roth would not be easy. Not only was he powerful, but he had forces that would do his bidding, so much as getting close to him would prove to be difficult. Could these small gems really be the key to doing such a deed? If a philosopher stone really did exist and Roth carried a fragment from it along with all the others in the church then why would there be children here to fight against it? There were still many questions and as smart as Var was he could not piece together so much information so quickly.
  16. Lensue moved further along the wall as a little girl about the same age as her. She looked harmless enough, but taking chances might not be the best idea.

    The young hooded girl seems to be listening to the man up front. At first Lensue only assumed that he had a diamond also, he indeed had one. It surprised her that it was the man who had called them here, and the story he told seemed familer.

    Lensue had seen many diffrent people. Though young, she was curious about what the world has to give her. She had heard of the legend of a powerful stone from an old historian, and the story of a human and elf from her grandparents when she was a toddler. Though she never pieced these information together, as she never thought of them as related events. The thought made her certain that the man must have spent a great amount of time researching the story. It's very likely that he's been gathering information before she was even born.

    The difference was there, the diffrence between ages, and experiances. She was weak because she have no experiances. Lensue gazed over at the small girl who was hiding under her hood. The tail around her feet gave out the fact that she was a dragoon. The girl looked about the same age a Lensue herself, maybe a little younger, since Lensue is oftent said to appear older than she is. She returned her focus back to the halfbreed, his words sounded confident, as if he knew that he was speaking of justice.

    Now the only question is how this man learned this. There were many sources to knowing old legends of the past, but he sounded so confident that what he said was true. It was unknow wether the story was real or not. The human man seemed to agree to the fact that the tale was unreliable. Lensuenhad always kept skeptical about all of the legends she had heard. It might be a huge mistake to take them as the truth. Though the same goes for the fact if you think all of them are only silly stories.

    What interesting was the fact that man said about over throwing the tyrant. It was something that seemed vague, her parents had always told her how hard it will be. Her siblings all died trying to do that, and what difference did she have from them. She looked to the side, were her dark blue diamond was hanging on her collar. What did the diamond mean? If it was meant to give great powers, then why was she still so weak?

    Pressing her hand on the wall, words appeared under the previous sentence.

    "How does he know this?"
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  17. Ashfa could only watch as others continued entering the church. There was one more hybrid like her, she could tell immediately by the tone of her skin and the colour of her eyes. Then there was the Esper. Unlike the other one who was there when she first arrived, she felt rather wary of him. She didn't know why, it was like a sixth sense. She moved back, wanting to keep in the shadows and stay the wallflower that she always was. Much more impressive and distracting looking people were there, the dragoons, the espers, the full Kindred. No one need pay attention to her.

    She clasped a hand over her mouth when she heard the voice in her head. Her heart pounded once more; who was this?! Her answer was given right away when she saw the form appear in the middle of the motley group. A half elf, that much she could tell, and she assumed the other half was human. But then what was that sword doing on his back? Goodness this was all so confusing!

    She didn't know who he was but from the way he was talking it seemed as if he had figured it all out. But how was she to know if he was telling the truth or not? Anyone could just come and claim anything, right? But it did at least give some sort of sense to the reason they had diamonds. But... why would she be chosed for such a task? She was a nobody! She wasn't strong, she wasn't smart. There was really nothing she could do.

    At the same time, Kela was sizing up the man who called himself Heverkiir. Well, he certainly knew how to make an entrance and keep peoples attention; even the young ones seemed to be paying heed to him. His story was impressive, but she didn't know if it was true. The Philosopher's Stone? Who hadn't heard of that and dismissed it as something of stories, even if it sounded tempting to chase after. Most people had a hard enough time just living these days, leave along chasing dreams.

    One thing that piqued her interest however was when he mentioned freeing Rothendust from Tyrant Roth. That sounded like music to her ears. She never said it aloud, not even at home in front of her paranoid mother who was quite sure their ruler's spies where everywhere. Kela could understand her paranoia after losing her father and brothers, so she kept her thoughts to herself.

    She had to admit, ever since she received the diamond, her train of thoughts about toppling their leader had only increased. And here was a man who was saying that this group had been chosen to do such a thing?

    She looked over to the Esper, Var Atr. As much as she wanted to disagree, he had a point. She was too young to know how life was before Tyrant, but she had heard stories that her grandparents had told her parents. What was the point of taking down one rotten ruler and then dooming themselves to being slaughtered by the monsters?

    "Say," she said, pushing a lock behind her ear. She felt slightly conscious of talking in front of all these people, but here went nothing. "There has to be a reason why he could keep the monsters at bay. Could it be the white diamond maybe?" She hoped she didn't sound silly but it was a thought that came to her and she decided to throw it out in the open.
  18. It was then that the half-breed's eyes saw another speck of life on the other side of the church wall, and raised his hand in a motion that all who gathered knew to be silent as he gingerly approached the window. In his hand a grey ball of light began to glow and it was filled with whispers that sounded like the voices of those gathered within. He noted the man on the other side of the wall was a dragoon, the race most susceptible to his illusions (with the exception of humans), and more than likely not a member of the guard who served Roth. He then released the ball as the light passed through the window and slipped into the of the victim, Lonn soon leaving as a signal he fell to the illusion.

    In the false reality he had implanted the ground gathering in the church was discussing its restoration and adding onto it as a shelter. They spoke of the paperwork and materials required as well as basic floor plans. This would be more than enough to convince the dragoon to leave.

    Heverkiir then focused his attention to the others, speaking once more. "I have just dispelled a member of the dragoon guard using illusions. I will answer your questions after we move to a safer place... Follow me." It was then that Heverkiir donned his hood and cast an illusion over all present so they matched the illusion Lonn experienced. Many of them were disguised as clergy and acolytes, others as scholars and lawyers. He led them in a calm procession as the group's appearances reverted to normal as they were far from the dragoon squadron. They soon entered the district belonging to Clan Ahvuloz, where their destination waited. They stopped before a large, two-story home that contained five bedrooms and three bathrooms that was owned by Heverkiir. He made the purchase some time ago after an assassination contact that yielded an immense profit, and given his investments in some of the local businesses it was easy to pay any upkeep.

    He let them inside his home, taking them to his private library that contained many books rarely found, as well as a corkboard web filled with notes due to years of deductive reasoning. He had them all get comfortable before he spoke to address the questions asked back at the church.

    "I welcome you all to my home. I have many spare beds if any of you need a place to stay. As for the last questions that were asked, these volumes and the research I have done since I obtained the Black Diamond is how I know what I do, as well as a few explorations outside of Rothendust. These were mainly business ventures, however. As for monsters and the White Diamond... I have a few theories, but one of the most likely is due to the fact the monsters that attacked Rothendust were nonnative species and nomadic... they haven't even been seen since he became Lord Tyrant. Given their documented patterns, they don't even go near Rothendust, and this was before Roth stepped up to the plate. It is possible Roth could have somehow convinced the monsters to assault the city like they did by paying them with some odd means."
  19. FenrasaA large assembly had gathered, of many different races and backgrounds. Fen’s fingers found their way into her hair, twisting the ends of the locks around her fingers. It was one of her more common nervous habits.

    Another being had slipped in after her, a dragoon by the looks of it, especially the tail sweeping behind it. The dragoon kept to the shadows as she did, hiding her face behind a hood. The chapel was quiet then, silence dragged across a long moment in the flickering of the Esper’s fire.

    It was then that the last arrival made himself known, his voice slipping through their heads as he left his hiding. The half-breed man, Heverkiir, bore a blade across his back and his coming-of-age tattoo on his face. He was of the Ahvulon Clan, a Clan still rooted in the ancient traditions of the Kindred. Fen’s own clan, the Reave, had been slowly but surely acclimating to a less traditional lifestyle. She did not have a coming-of-age ceremony, and one could only learn the Kindred language by visiting a different Clan. Some believed they were abandoning their heritage, while others joined them in their movement towards a more “modern life”. Fen personally didn’t care. Heverkiir appeared proud and powerful spoke with all the confidence and strength of a leader, even though the tale he weaved was somewhat absurd. Philosopher’s Stones and childhood friends murdering one another over power. It sounded like a tale she would read in her adventure books, not real life.

    But still, this talk of overthrowing the Lord Tyrant was treason. If they were caught… A cold prickle ran up her spine and she glanced out one of the broken remains of a window into the darkness beyond. There was nobody there, she told herself; they were in a rather worn out side of the city in a rotting church where the floorboards groaned under each step. Even so, anxiety made her fingers tighten into fists, and she pulled herself a little closer into the shadows. The diamond suddenly felt like a heavy weight in her pocket, a burden instead of a gift.

    Some of the others gathered echoed her internal doubts and voiced troubles she had not thought of. A woman expressed her thought on the White Diamond, and Fen began to roll all the new information over in her head. Whether Heverkiir’s story was true or not, they all had a diamond that granted them special abilities. To believe the Lord himself possessed such power was not actually too hard to believe. If that stone was able to assist him in taking down the beasts, then maybe theirs stones could too. Roth was known to hunt beasts, so the stones were not simply meant for repelling, but merely an advantage. Clearly, the White Diamond possessed a great deal of power. Fen unclenched her fists, tapping her nails rhythmically against her skin. There was a lot to be processed and thought through, and her fingers itched to write it all down. It was like a riddle that needed solving.

    Suddenly, Heverkiir raised his hand, motioning for them to be quiet. Fen’s thoughts stuttered to a halt as he crept towards the window, one not far from where she had looked out. Quickly and quietly, he weaved magic and cast it through the window before returning his attention to the quiet group. Fear tightened in her chest. "I have just dispelled a member of the dragoon guard using illusions. I will answer your questions after we move to a safer place... Follow me.”

    A wave of nausea passed over Fen and it took a great deal of strength to remain upright. She gripped the pew beside her. A member of the dragoon guard had just listened to them discussing treason. If they hadn’t had the illusion caster there, what would have happened then? Would any of them had noticed, or would they have gone about their merry way and found themselves stuck in shackles and murdered in the streets tomorrow morning?

    She felt a longing for the inn and the easy night she would have been having. A large family had just left that morning, meaning their three rooms would need a good once over. It would have been simple, mindless work, far less risky than traipsing through the night with these warriors and mystics who whispered of overthrowing the king.

    Nonetheless, there wasn’t much she could do about it now. She already knew too much, and part of her was ravenously curious. Suppose they could take down the king, suppose they could fight off the monsters, suppose this city could thrive and be beautiful, suppose her Clan could travel and see the world beyond the walls...
    The cold blanket of illusion magic fell over her and she followed their congregation out, taking a strategic place behind one of the Espers; far enough back to not draw suspicion, but close enough that if something happened and the illusion dispelled, the guards would hopefully be more distracted by the near-indestructible suit of armor and allow her time to flee.

    The illusion slipped away as they entered a more recognizable part of the city, the district of the Clan Ahvulon. People around here were not a curious bunch, and most kept to their own. A necessity considering the mixed group of eleven now standing outside a single house probably looked a bit suspicious.

    After filing in and being led to the library, Fen again attached herself to a darkened corner of the room, attempting to be as unassuming as possible. The house was obviously well-maintained and very nice, although she hadn’t seen much besides the entryway, the hallway, and now the library. The carpet underneath them was plush and decorated in swirling patterns, spinning reds tangled with vines of gold. Her gaze floated about the room, stopping momentarily on each being. Most of them didn’t appear to know each other, and the group was so incredibly diverse. None of them really knew anything about the others, save for a few names and the fact they all had diamonds. How many of them could truly be trusted, she wondered, and why were they all chosen. She was nothing more than a maid at an inn, after all, who bore no weapon and did very little magic.

    Her head once again swirled with thoughts, unanswered questions and loose theories. She spun her fingers through the ends of her hair. Even if what the half-breed said about the monsters and Roth were true, it didn’t change the fact that now native monsters had attacked after Roth’s ascension to the throne. They would still be a burden even if they did rid themselves of the king. Her other hand slipped into her pocket and she brushed her thumb across the surface of her diamond. It all seemed too easy, too simply laid out. Roth, from what she knew, was no idiot. How many rebellions had fallen at his hand, how many children were without their families because of him? He was hiding something, and she doubted that this patchwork group of beings could take him down so easily.
  20. Kyo Shinara

    Kyo followed the man to a house that looked slightly out of place in the run down city. She stayed to the right of the group, her hands hidden under her cloak. She was grateful that nobody could see how nervous she actually was, seeing that she had never even seen any of these people in her life before. Alarm bells were sounding off in her head, and her feet were itching to run, but yet, Kyo still followed. Her curiousity to know more about her gem kept her from bolting from the spot.

    She hadn't noticed the giant Dragoon in her path, and she bumped into him. Her hood flew off, and she hissed and threw her hood back on, her tail lashing in annoyance.

    "Watch were you're going."
    Her outburst was more like something a kitten would do when they tried to look intimidating. It was hardly threatening, but Kyo puffed out her chest anyways, narrowing her eyes as she followed the man indoors. The house looked smaller on the outside, but in truth, it was huge. There was almost a full sized library, but Kyo felt a little ashamed. She never learned how to read or write, so the words were a foreign language to her.

    Did this man expect her to stay here? With strangers, not to mention? For all she knew, somebody would slit her throat to moment she closed her eyes, or pick her pockets for the little amount of money she did have. Her cautious nature was adopted from her mother, who never took a step withot analyzing the problems and benefits of doing so. In this case, Kyo hardly felt safe at all, and saw no benefits of staying here with a bunch of people who she didnt know.

    "Do you really expect us, me, to stay here with a bunch of strangers?"

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