The City of Rothendust: A Rebellion

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    The StoryThe city of Rothendust

    Rothendust is a large city cut off from the rest of the world, and not by choice. Surrounding the city is a harsh terrain hunted by monsters. In Rothendust nobody comes in and nobody goes out. Despite the looming threat of the monsters hunting anyone who dare step outside the city walls the people are safe. 47 years ago a man arrived, an unheard of event, and he came carrying weapons. Many describe the day he arrived as an arriving of a god due to the feel of the air around him. He came with more than weapons, but also with a deal. He offered the people protection, many laughed at the idea, many hardened warriors lived there, the people may not have been safe but they were protected. He was ignored for 2 years, but he stayed. Maybe he just had nowhere to go, perhaps he was a fool, but many believe now that he knew what would happen. There was an inevitable attack on the settlement but this man stood before the monsters and halted their attacks with force. He earned the respect of his peers and they finally accepted his offer.

    There was much respect for him as he began to protect the settlement from unavoidable deaths. Walls were erected and people came into the town, growing into a city in just a matter of years. It was only natural, the whole world was effected by the monsters that roamed the landscape and the protection offered in Rothendust was unlike any other. However, after the city grew too large the walls were closed by none other than the new guardian of what was now a fully grown city. It became clear to the civilians that he had an ulterior motive as he demanded the people pledge undying loyalty to him. Those that didn't were banished without protection, fed to the beasts outside the walls he had made safe. He had become a tyrant bloated with power.

    Over the span of his reign he has treated people like toys, demanding to have whole harems at his call, torturing or even killing anyone who dare oppose him, though not many do. Not only is his power feared, but he has kept the city safe since his arrival. Many follow him as though he were a deity simply because they fear how many people they will lose should they oppose him and succeed, forcing him to leave. His powers are great, even the bravest gawk at his achievements. The only thing larger than his greatness is his desire to be worshiped by all of his subjects. The entire city of Rothendust is treated like ants underneath his boot, but there is no escape. This, however, did not go unnoticed. Many have tried to overthrow their tyrant in an attempt to liberate themselves, but none have succeeded thus far.

    In the recent year there have been reports of a figure hidden in shadow and shrouded in mystery, few have seen it and those that have have been called mad, but rest assured, this being is very much real. Hooded and cloaked with a rather high pitched voice, it speaks only when you are alone with only four simple words, one simple question, nay, an offer. "Care for a diamond?" The dull might see this as a question, but those with the ability to hear through words know this is a request. Many have asked this being why it is offering such a jewel and asking for nothing in return, but it only ever responds with those few words, as if it does not know how to speak anything else. Nothing visible but its dead eyes and a colored diamond being held out for the taking, and you grab it. As your fingers clasp this jewel the figure vanishes and you never see it again. The diamond given to you seethes with power and you can feel magic being poured into you, giving you abilities you didn't have before and enhancing any magic you already had.
    The RacesRothendust is rich with various races living together. If you want to create a race of your own then contact me, we will discuss it and I may approve or disapprove of the race.

    Humans: Humans are a simple race, they are durable and versatile. The humans strongest features include their tenacity, intellect, and ability to adapt to any situation. They are the most plentiful race and are found at every corner. It would be impossible to live in Rothendust and never associate with the human race.

    The humans of Rothendust have been known to have children with any of the other races and have actually been diluted over the years since even the time before the tyrant lord came to power. This is not to say there aren't many pure blood humans, however it is not uncommon to find a child of a human and any other race.

    Esper: The Esper are a mysterious race, they are spirits that have no bodies and have bound themselves to suits of armor. They are a simple people who do not identify as a species to have genders. Many Espers spend their time idling as they have no need to eat or sleep. Others occupy their time performing services for the others of Rothendust or their tyrant lord. Despite their armor clad appearances they are typically a peaceful race.

    The Espers are not born, they are created by other Espers. Having no body they are free from the shackles of organic life, feeling no hunger or fatigue, making them fierce to have in combat. However, they may seem indestructible, but with no body they are forced to be bound to the armor, should the armor break it must be mended by another being, but should enough armor break the Esper cannot be restored. Extended Lore.

    Dragoons: They stand as tall as humans and share many features in the eyes and hair, but similarities are fewer than differences. Dragoons are dragon-like beings typically associated with violence due to their appearance. With tails, claws, sometimes horns, and scales covering the body they are a tough and durable species. Physically they are excellent specimen, their scales act as a natural armor. Being descendents of dragons they have very strong instincts that are very hard to resist. Some believe their lack in magic power is made up for with their abundance of physical strength.

    The dragoons are very good at physical labor and have excellent stamina, keeping up with even the espers. However, they have tempers that tend to make them very dangerous people should you get on their bad sides. When it comes to socialization, dragoons naturally drift towards one another, even having a section of Rothendust dubbed as the Dragoon Slums. They call it the slums because the dragoons do not care how they live at home, they spend their days out and about burning energy and choose to use their homes only for sleeping. Extended Lore.

    Elves: The elves of Rothendust stand taller than most humans and have faith in many gods which they worship regularly. The tyrant lord allows them to hold their worship as long as they treat him with loyalty, and most elves comply. With longer life spans, they as a species have developed a friendship with the espers rather than the Dragoons and Humans with their normal 90 year life spans. The typical Elf dies at 150 years of age. They are held as a wise species and seem to be treated better than any other species by the lord of Rothendust. The reason for this is unclear, however it is a fact that makes the elves get the scorn of the others living among them.

    The elves are intelligent, even comparable to the humans, but they use their knowledge for wisdom and the study of the flow of magic. They are a religious species that believe magic to be a force that flows through all living beings, sentient and non, and as such believe they must treat any living thing with respect. Elves are nimble and dexterous, making them great at tasks that require a quick hand.

    Kindred: The Kindred have a history of being shunned by the humans and elves for their grey skin and yellow eyes, but they are truly good people. Their history has caused them to grow up in clans rather than familys, sticking together. This species tends to be shorter than humans only by a matter of inches. These people are known for their ability to tap into the forces of life itself. While only one Kindred in history has been able to raise the dead, it is standard for a Kindred to be able to use the spirits of the dead to make them stronger, but at a very high cost. The more deals the kindred make with the dead the shorter they live.

    Being a Kindred can be tough, but due to their treatment by the lord tyrant they have been treated as equals by the humans who have also grown to accept them, though the elves resent the kindred for their tempering with life force. Kindred are nocturnal by nature and have become excellent sources of bodies for night guard duties. Extended Lore.
    The Rules

    No power playing
    No Godmodding
    Do not kill a player character unless permission by the player is given
    GMs word is law
    Ask a question to recieve an answer
    Please when making a character try to avoid character tropes. It's ok to use a trope, but don't BE a trope
    Romance is allowed and encouraged but keep adult content in the adult section
    You must type in your template as the last sentence "I have read the rules and understand them"
    Creative liberties are welcome but anything dramatic enough to change the world or important NPCs must be discussed with me

    Character Template

    Gender: (Leave blank for Espers)
    Diamond Color:
    Appearance: Images are allowed, but please provide height and other details not shown
    Weapon(s): If applicable. I expect more details than "It's a sword".
    Personality: 2 paragraph minimum
    Skills: (Not necessarily combat related)
    History: I expect 1 paragraph for every 5-7 years your character has been alive with exceptions of older characters. No more than 6 paragraphs on older characters.

    Snips of Additional Information

    City population: Approx. 3200
    Main Themes: There is nothing more important than an ordinary person; Freedom comes at a cost.
    Races most likely to interbreed: Post Link
    Minor monster information: Post Link
    How the monsters came to be: Post Link

    Details about the Diamonds: Post Link
    The First Esper: Post Link
    Guard Duties: Post Link
    Monster Ranking System: Post Link
    Traveling Espers: Post Link
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  2. [​IMG]
    Chapters Chapter 1: The Call
    Main characters have been summoned, chapter in progress. Chapter goal: Band the people together and create a collective objective. Currently there is a monster attack, the characters must defend themselves.

    The Monsters: The City of Rothendust: A Rebellion | Page 41 |
    Var Atr
    Belyevor Orminai

    Ashfa Suban
    Kela Sojourn

    Lonewolf888978 (Withdrawn)
    Victoria Oak-Armor

    AceSorcerer (Inactive)
    Heverkiir Seo

    Cresion Breezes
    Lensue Halsig

    Cojack Ironhide

    Kyo Shinara

    Naberius (inactive)
    Fenrasa Korang

    Svana Izar

    Kenna Morrigan

    Victor Markov
    Victor Dracul

    Zora D’Rekshilo

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Keelin Oakrim[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Michale CS[/BCOLOR]

    Important NPC Characters
    Lord Tyrant Roth
    Deuk Threis
    Lonn Taiocer

    Herleva Asler

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  3. Interested 0.0 Work on a character soon.
  4. That got a post way faster than I anticipated o.o
  5. Definitely interested. I'm going to start typing up an application.
  6. Looking forward to it!

    Went through and fixed a lot of minor typing errors since I typed this at 1 AM, it should look better grammatically now.
  7. @Squee This looks really interesting! *totally skipped breakfast to finish reading ^_^'*

    Hmm I'm now wondering what race my character should be. I know I want a hybrid, but not sure of what. Which species are usually the ones that may interbreed?
  8. Humans with Elves, Kindred, and Dragoons, in order from most to least likely. Dragoons are not very well known to interbreed with anyone, but it happens time to time.

    And while VERY unlikely, it wouldn't be farfetched to say the Elves might breed with the Kindred, but it would be a rare and frowned upon occurrence due to the strife between the two races.
  9. Ooh like starcrossed lovers :D Although I hate that. Hmm.

    Probably go for a human with a.... kindred maybe... HAH! O_O I just realized my perfect character who would suit here!
  10. The only reason Human and Kindred is less likely than Human and Elves is because the Kindred live in clans, it's more a social structure thing. Emotionally and socially the two races are perfectly compatible, it's just more typical to see a Kindred marry within their own clan.
  11. Okeedokee. Uhm... what sort of powers would a human/kindred or a human/elf hybrid have?
    (sorry in advance for all the qs!)
  12. A human and elf hybrid would be VERY smart since the humans and elves are the two most intelligent races in Rothendust. Since Elves study the flow of magic and humans are all around smart, they would lack in raw power but get a large increase in versatility, they would essentially be the best all-around-character in terms of race. They'd gain the dexterity of the elves but not as dexterous as a pure blood elf and gain the strength of the human but lack the strength of a pure blood human.

    A human and Kindred hybrid would still maintain the Kindreds magic and control over life force, but it would be less potent, making it weaker and/or require more focus and maybe even a higher cost of their lifespan. Their human half would give them the ability to use other magic. Instead of their Kindred blood binding them only to life-force magic they will be able to use magic humans can normally use. Also since kindred are nocturnal, the half blood would be able to see in the dark much easier than a human. Physically they are not as strong as the other races, especially compared to the physical brutes that are the dragoons.

    Also, questions are good!
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  13. Alright, thanks for the answers, they help loads. I think I've decided who I'm going to bring in here. With a few tweaks here and there, of course. :D
  14. Awesome! I'm still working on one of my bios, actually. I'll be using 2, one of which will be an Esper who's bio I have done but will only be posting both bios in the same post because of reasons.
  15. Yep, I might change my girlie's name though *rubs chin*

    Reasons are always good xD
  16. I am interested, I just need to think of a character to post :)
  17. Name: Heverkiir Seo the Spellsword

    Age: 24

    Race: Halfbreed (Human and Elf)

    Gender: Male

    Diamond Color: Black

    His ears, unlike in the image, come to a rounded point at the tip as opposed to a sharp, triangular point which is an elven trait. He also stands at 5' 10" and weighs 150 pounds. His tattoo is a rune in the ancestral Kindred language that reads "ragnavir," meaning "family." It was affixed to him when he was adopted. He also wears two bracers above the wrappings on his forearms that contain hidden blades.


    He has two bracers like this one, although they don't have the impression in the leather cover above the steel.

    His longsword, called Lingrahtuz, which belonged to an ancestor of his adopted family. He wears it on his back.

    Heverkiir, given his unique set of circumstances, has a rather open mind. His primary care is taking care of others and his family. He is also a dreamer, seeking to see the world beyond the borders of Rothendust. He will rarely put himself before others and has an aptitude for leadership, though he has not utilized it very often due to the same circumstances that provide him with his viewpoint. Like many Kindred he is a selenophile, a lover of the moon.

    In combat, however, his persona changes completely. He becomes a powerful authority figure and a ruthless warrior who will use his body to shield. This is one of his flaws: his loyalty to his companions and aversion to unjust death. Due to his experience as an assassin he has an aversion to killing those that should be spared or those that can be of use. This leads him to spite those who act as the judge, jury, and execution by their own decision. No one man decides when lives are to be extinguished.

    -Alchemy (transmutation): This is the ability to turn one substance into another through equivalent exchange.
    -Auramancy: This the ability to see (and to some extent manipulate) life forces, including those of the dead. This magic is found only in the blood of the Kindred and was achieved by Heverkiir only due to a blood transfusion when he was a newborn.
    -Illusion: This magic allows the caster to create apparitions and hallucinations that will seem to be real and feel like it to targets and can be both in and outside of the mind. This power was enhanced by the Black Diamond.
    -Sorcery: The classic dark magic that ranges from conjuration to destruction. This power was granted by the Black Diamond.

    -Alchemy (potions): The skill to craft various potions with a miscellany of effects. This was taught to him by his adopted mother, a shaman and apothecary.
    -Assassinations/Espionage: An unfortunate result of desperate times and a clan specialty, a teenage Heverkiir volunteered for "special" night duty. This entailed learning the assassin's path as well as illusion magic to receive the pay his family needed as he fulfilled occasional contracts.
    -Bladesmanship: Given his adopted father, like many Kindred men, was a night guard, he was instilled with swordsmanship drills from a young age while keeping with traditions. In addition to this he learned how to use the twin hidden blades, the customary weapon of his clan.
    -Ocarina: Heverkiir has an ear for music, and as a result he was given an ocarina as a young child and excelled at playing it. He will occasionally improvise a tune or play some sheet music in a gathering when asked.


    Twenty-two years ago, the tyrant who rules Rothendust ordered the death of a variety of human families who had attempted to lead a secret exodus outside of the city's walls to travel out into the world. One of these families consisted of a human father, an elf mother, and an unborn son. This family lived on the outskirts of the human district and lived in close proximity to one of the night guard outposts on the South Wall. The same night she would die on the end of a spear she would give birth to her son, the contractions starting briefly before dusk. When the full moon was in the center of the night sky she held her son in her arms, her husband soon leaving to pay heed to an faint uproar,not to return as the woman who had just recently delivered was pressured to stand and run away as a dying friend came in with a warning. It was soon that she ran as the rain fell, the dirt son turning into mud as she slipped, dropping the basket that held the child as it slid down the hillside the district was set upon, the basket itself barely sticking out from behind two stones. It was soon a soldier found her, running the woman through. While this happened, one of the wall guards was relieved of his post and was allowed to return home, only to hear the infant crying out for those who would take care of him. The night guard, a Kindred man whose wife was barren, picked up the basket to see the child, whose blanket was stained with his own blood due to his skin cutting on impact with the rocks through the basket. It was then he rushed the child home to his wife, a shaman and apothecary for their Clan, who cut her left palm and let her blood drip into the baby's wound, using some herbs to heal him afterwards. They later took the child to the Clan Elder, who ruled over them. The Elder, in his wisdom and sympathy, allowed the pair to adopt the child as by giving him such a tiny transfusion they had given him the innate gift of the Kindred.

    And so Isseus and Monah Seo of the Ahvulon Clan named their adopted son Heverkiir. The boy was raised with the loved that any family could supply him with, as these two now held in their arms the child they could not otherwise have. Heverkiir was raised like any Kindred child, though as opposed to being innately nocturnal the majority of the Kindred the halfbreed developed to be diurnal. He grew up a little more sheltered than most due to his genetic heritage, but because of the fears of other parents he had some issues making friends as a result, and often preferred to stay home and watch his mother work, eventually learning the trade of alchemy himself. When he was roughly five years of age his father began to teach him in the ways of the sword and of the twin blades of their clan. He eventually made friends as time went on, leading him to become an ambivert. He would eventually begin to help his mother in her apothecary lab, beginning his self-education and exploration into alchemy and magic. As he showed interest in music his parents gave him an ocarina for his eighth birthday, which he immediately took to and kept up with.

    The years went past as he began to become an adept in bladesmanship, hidden and otherwise, as well as in magic. Soon enough he reached his thirteenth birthday, he went through the traditional coming-of-age ceremony for Kindred who reached the age. The ceremony involved the use of his auramancy and a demonstration of his skills with blades, and ended up with him having the seal of his Clan tattooed on his body (in his case under his left eye). And it was with this that a further prosperity was enjoyed by the family as it was then that Heverkiir would begin venturing further into the world of academia while occasionally joining the night guard.

    However, prosperity does not typically last long within Rothendust. Two years later there was a drought, and his mother could no longer grow nor obtain most of the ingredients she needed to run the apothecary. Prices for everything rose as water became scarce, the father and son eventually taking on extra shifts to keep their feet on the ground. Things, however, only got worse when a riot broke out in the neighboring clan that some of Ahvulon's guards had to deal with. Two men returned on shields: the village Elder's second son and Isseus Seo. The funerals were brief as widows and families stayed behind. Money and food became scarce, and Heverkiir was already extremely overwork. However, there were a few things the Ahvulon Clan was known for besides illusion magics and and being scholarly: being assassins and mercenaries for hire. Heverder, only fifteen years old, underwent the necessary training to become such an assassin. His contracts would pay handsomely, however, and for the sake of his family he had to put some morals aside and adopt new ones in order to assure that those he helped provide for and his family were well off. It was during this period he was presented the Black Diamond.

    Now nearing his twenty-fifth birthday, Heverkiir is searching for a bride. His mother, of course, wishes for him to marry within the Kindred of the Clan while he is actually open to a variety of options given his situation. He now works as an assassin only on occasion and tends to have his nose in a book or researching the sorcery the Black Diamond gave him. He, however, does perform the occasional guard duty as required of the Kindred.

    Other: "Heverkiir" directly translates to "half-breed" in the Kindred's ancestral language, which he is fluent in as well as common tongue and ancestral elvish.

    I have read the rules and understand them
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  18. Would you be alright with a more aggressive Esper? Was thinking of have a Body Guard to a second character.

    On that note, would you allow two characters?
  19. Similar idea to mine, funny enough...Hehe, yeah more aggressive espers are fine. The traits listed are trends, not necessarily universal.
  20. Name: Ashfa Suban, she is usually known as Ash however.

    Age: 27

    Race: Human/Kindred hybrid

    Gender: Female

    Diamond Color: Amber

    Appearance: Ash is about 5' tall and weighs a little more than 90 lbs. She has rather pale skin, a light taupe in colour. Her eyes are a pale yellow (kind of like Data from ST TNG). She has straight black hair that reaches her waist. She either keeps it open or in a braid, tied up tightly at the bottom otherwise it tends to open up. Her clothes are usually rather old and loose, consisting of shirts and ankle length skirts, usually with patches. She does not have any shoes. Around her neck is a single gold chain and black pendant that used to belong to her mother. She usually keeps this hidden under her shirt.

    Weapon(s): Ash carries a small knife on her person, hidden in one of her skirt's pocket. It's pretty much a vegetable knife which she keeps on her person... just in case. And also to actually peel some fruit with if needed.

    Personality: Ash is a rather shy person, even at her age. She has rather low self confidence and usually feels as if she is being a bother to others or she will annoy them. Although she tries to be friendly with others, this sort of fear tends to make her speak nervously and stammer, usually ending up with people becoming annoyed and simply leaving.

    However, once she does make a friend, she becomes rather loyal to that person, to the point that she will try to be brave and overcome her fears to help them out, even if it is dangerous to herself. She is kind to most people in general but especially those who are less fortunate.

    She is easily embarrassed and will more often than not blush, whether it's from happiness, shame, embarrassment or anger. It tends to annoy her at times, but it's something she just can't help. She doesn't have much of a poker face, wearing her feelings on her sleeve.

    Magic: Being half Kindred, Ash possesses the ability to make deals with the spirit. However, as she is half human, it requires a good deal of concentration from her as well as losing quite a bit of her life span. So, she doesn't tend to use this race based magic much. Or so she didn't until her late teens when she discovered she could 'heal'. Basically she uses her own life energy to heal, thus shortening her own life span the more she heals.

    Skills: Although she is not as strong as a human, she isn't too weak either, due to hard work during her childhood as well as into her adult years. She is rather fast and a good runner. Being small helps her get in smaller places obviously, and hiding when she doesn't feel like being noticed.

    She knows how to cook well as well as other domestic jobs like sewing and cleaning up the house.

    History: Ash was born from the union of her kindred father and her human mother. Her father was a night guard and her mother was a simple human lady who was a rather good cook who would make meals for some of the night guard. This was how her parents met and became acquainted, and later falling in love, and of course one thing lead to another and little Ash was born.

    Her mother and father didn't actually marry or live together, her father staying with his clan while her mother stayed with her family. Her mother however was shunned by her parents when they realized she'd gone off and had a baby out of wedlock and that too with someone not even their own race. They disowned the poor mother and her daughter, sending them to the streets.

    Ash's mother was a hard worker however, so even though they lived in a shanty house with a leaky roof, her mother always made sure there was some food for her baby everyday. When As was old enough to understand, she would go with her mother to the different houses she worked at, helping her mother out until she was finally old enough to work on her own. This was around the time she turned ten.

    From then on, Ash started working on her own, saving up the money she got, determined to help her mother find a better place to stay. However, that was not to be as her mother started getting ill and all of Ash's money was being used to buy medicine instead. Eventually, by the time she turned sixteen, her mother passed away. By this time, Ash's self confidence had already taken a dive down, seeing as how she couldn't help her own mother.

    It was during this time she discovered she could heal. She didn't seem to realize the implications of what was actually happening when she did and decided to do something good for the world in general. They would scorn her no more if she healed them! It was only after a year of healing did she discover that this was pretty much the same as making a deal with the spirits. Her confidence fell even lower when she realized she couldn't even do that, not without killing herself.

    She returned to her previous line of work, wishing for a better life but not knowing if it would ever come to her. Her life remained mundane and monotonous, with her becoming quieter and more subdued. Until one day when she was walking and was suddenly given a request which she decided to accept...

    I have read the rules and understand them
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