The City of Purge

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  1. Welcome to The City of Purge. A city where criminals live until they are deemed worthy to live in normal society called Saint City or be locked up forever. A place called Morador.

    There are rules in Purge. the first rule is to not kill anybody, second rule is to survive this place before someone breaks the first rule, third is to never fall in love. Some people never leave Purge, others do.

    Jasmine climbed the dilapidated tower. As she scanned the city above she took a deep breath. This junkyard of a city is a place of survival, and running it was a woman named Mrs. Taylor Sanfua. She was the headmaster, making sure everyone behaved in Purge. She was the only headmaster to claim that love was distracting and useless, so with the council of the Elite which were the highest members of all the cities combined they forbid love in any shape or form.
  2. Many called this place hell on earth. James scoffed at that remark. Mainly it was the rules that made most people leave if they could. He grew up on what is known as the decades. Basically four streets making a square block. 10th street, 20th street, 30th street, and 40th street. You could take 20th all the way to city hall. 40th went to Grand Lane. It is dubbed killers road. Many can't walk three blocks without being jumped, raped, or killed. Or worse any combination of the three. He had walked around with his only thing he has found since he learned about this hell. Two baseball bats he always keeps on him. Given his black leather trench coat from his mother before she was killed. Growing up in the decades most kids are homeless orphans with dead parents. They ban together to take care of one an other. He now about 18, for all anyone knows he could of been 22, felt at peace here. Fighting for survival was the game as always. 10th street had a mysterious rumor that it would lead out of the city. But, James has walked down it till he couldn't anymore. And as far as he could tell it just kept going.

    The rule of love always made him laugh. Truly he had hoped that one day he might find it. This hope was the only thing that made anything worth while. Otherwise like he'd seen before many succumb to the fear of this world. Mostly they take their own life. Over the years he had met many women. None he'd think about dating or even marrying. Most of them gang leaders who had banned together to survive. He was told he was the most reckless. The lone wolf tactic. Many who tried never survived. Those that survived became legend.
  3. Jasmine looked around and saw a food truck going by. The people that were still alive crowded around it. Outside of the crowd were children who were too weak to even push through the adults for some food. She jumped and landed by the kids who backed away. "Exuse me!" she said loudly and the people turned to Jasmine and backed away out of respect. "Have you forgotten the rules? Women and children first, then the men...remember there is enough for everyone and the children are our future..." Jasmine said and everyone looked down in shame.
    "It's okay, I know we are all hungry but we need to survive...and this is how to do it." She said then stood up on a box "okay everyone line up and I will give you fair amount of portions."
    Everyone lined up, waiting for their portions as Jasmine handed them out fairly. After a little girl named Susan had her portions she ran excited to eat but then bumped into James. She smiled and took his hand leading him to the back of the line wihout a word.
    For what felt like two hours he finally was the last one to have something to eat. He was greeted by a beautiful face and she was greeted by a handsome man. She looked at him curiously for a moment then with a soft smile she asked him if he wanted some food. Her eyes were soft with a gorgeous green color. She had a little dirt on her face but her dark long brown hair was combed neatly and put up in a ponytail, with the remainder of bangs pushed to the side of her face reaching just below her jaw. "We could give you some supplies too"
  4. To get to the food truck all you had to do was walk down 20th. He got in line for the kids of the decades. Rarely ever eating himself. Until she brought him to the back of the line. Full well of knowing the rule. She must of now known about him. All he had eaten was half of the five loaves of bread he was given and wrapped the rest up. Of the people who manned the food truck, three of them were from the decades. They understood and always gave him more than the others. Slowly he shook his head. "No, thanks though. I don't need anything but my jacket and my bats."

    Since now he hadn't seen her face. After he wrapped up the loaves he stood up, turned and faced her. She's beautiful, he thought. He had a soft look to his hazel eyes. His shoulder length, jet black hair, straight and dirty. Baths and showers were once a month for the area he lived in. He was amazed by her eyes and how beautiful her hair could of been if let down. Anyone watching would say they were staring at the other.
  5. "Uhh miss?" one guy said and placed a hand on her shoulder. She snapped out of it blushing. "Right, least stay one look tired" she asked hoping in her heart he would say yes.
  6. He smirked but shook his head. "Everyone looks tired in here. Besides I have the children to get back too. Here." He walked over to a middle aged man who was about to collapse it seemed. "Take him. He shall need the bed more than I. Thank you though miss. You are kind." He bowed to her. Turning and started to walk back towards the chaos that he lived in. He didn't want to tell her no. But he had too. Day in and day out he protected the decades. Very few did. He hated the idea that no one did. So when he became of age have took up that role. "She was beautiful. And kind." His thoughts turning into mutters as he walked away.
  7. Jasmine continued to stare at where James once stood as he was in line. She stayed there not knowing why but she liked thinking about him, it made her smile.
    It was getting late but she didn't notice at all.
    The middle aged man whom James was concerned about walked up to the young woman and put a hand on her shoulder. "He's not coming back my dear" he said.
    "I know dad" she said
    "Walter, if they caught you calling me your father..." Walter said hesitantly.
    "I'm sorry, your right" she began then stood up. "I have to see him again..."
    "Jasmine" Walter said in a annoyed tone.
    "Ita not because I'm interested in him or anything" she lied. "'s for business purposes..."
    Walter crossed his arms "like what?" he asked.
    "If his clan join with ours we would have a pretty good survival rate..." she then started jogging towards where he was walking away. She didn't know where he was but she would find her way.
  8. His walk was a brisk walk down 20th. The sun was going to soon set. And that's when the real work begins. He sighed. She was really pretty. But, there is no room for love in his way of life. Finally he made it back to the decades. It seemed like that walk back was further and further every time. Looking around as he walked into the field it was a giant square of land with a old abandoned house where he slept and took care of the boys and girls. He did the secret knock and walked in. "Everyone I have food!" The scamper of at least 15 kids came running from all about the house and sat in the dining room. He smiled full knowing that he had brought them up well. He sat the loaves down and scattered them among the children. "Now share and take only a little so everyone can have a slice. The food truck only comes once every other day." He commanded. Turning toward the back wall he sat in a older recliner chair. Finally a little relaxation for a bit.
  9. Jasmine stifled a giggle as the kids attacked him playfully for food. They were all so cute. Just then a little girl spotted her peeking from the window and giggled. She then turned to James tugging on his pants. "Pretty girl out the window! Pretty girl out the window!" The girl said, she was only six years old. Jasmine gasped and quickly hid next to the window against the wall. "If he has so little why didn't he bring them to us for food?" she asked to herself whispering.
  10. "Shit! Everyone hide. You know the drill. And Toby!" A kid about 13 a boy came running up to him. "Yes James?" He gave a hard look and spoke. "Take care of them. You're the oldest after me." Then gave a slight nod. Toby nodded in reply and ran to hide. James got on his coat and took out his two bats. He walked of the door and closed it behind him. Walking down the steps of the house he started to swing his bats. "Who's out there!" He shouted scanning the area. Then he smirked and turned toward her in a defensive stance.
  11. Jasmine held up her hands "take it easy it's just me...I have a proposition for you" she began.
  12. He glared not getting out of his stance. "What is your proposition." He didn't want to hurt her. But he would do anything and everything in his power to defend those kids.
  13. "Bring your kids where I can barley feed them and we have extra food" she explained then saw that he was still in a defensive position. She slowly inched a little closer. "Please...your kids are in danger by living so close to gangs that could hurt them..." she kept her hands up. "If I was your enemy then I would have hurt you by now...or even tried..." she scooted a little closer and placed her hand on the bat lowering it. She then took off her backpack and unzipped it. A bunch of food was inside. "They are for you and the kids" she explained.
  14. He lowered himself. He wanted to trust her. But in this day and age you couldn't trust anyone. "They can't leave. This is their home. Plus it's dangerous for a large group of kids to be herded. Especially here." He wasn't trying to be cold and mean. But it probably would come off as such. He looked to the sky. It was nearly dark. "Do you have any weapons?"
  15. She nodded and looked around "we have fighters that can escort the kids and protect them...I can sneak them off one at a time" she said. "In the meantime though maybe we should feed the kids" she said.
    Suddenly there was a group of men, a gang looking for trouble. One of them grabbed the bag of food "thanks for the offer" the guy smirked then held Jasmines face. "Maybe I will come back for dessert" he said and Jasmine yanked her head away and bit his thumb. The man shouted and reached for his gun but Jasmine then tackled him and fought for the gun. She then looked at James . Yanking the gun out of the gang members hand she looked at James "RUN! GET THE KIDS OUT OF HERE!" she yelled. Before he could say anything she pointed the gun at him "Im not giving you a choice!" she growled and the man punched her. She collapsed as the gun slid away. The guy punched her and she pushed his face away. She kicked him in the stomach and crawled to the gun. The man grabbed a knife from his back pocket and swung at her, slicing her arm. She winced and grabbed the gun. As he raised his knife again Jasmine rolled over and shot him twice in the head. The other men pointed their guns at her and she used the dead gang members body as a human shield. She grabbed the mans knife from the ground, got up with the body and pushed it onto one guy distracting the three of them as she whipped around and sliced the guys leg. The man fell screaming about his leg and she grabbed his gun as well. She then shot the two other men killing them. She had killed 4 men within minutes. She started scrounging for their items and weapons.
  16. As she was being attacked he heard a noise behind him. Instinctively he turned and swung. He also had four people two with guns and one with a chain, finally one with a knife. He attacked one of the ones with a gun hitting his temple. He tackled the other to the ground. He felt the chain wrap around his neck. Slightly being dragged, the second gunman pointed. As he fired James threw his accomplice at him. Then he heard her yell at him. "Don't tell me what to do! They live there by their own free will." He picked up his bat and smashed the second gunman in the face, as the chain user rolled off of him. Then it hit him. The knife wielder came rushing at him. A narrow dodge. But he wasn't fast enough. The blade man's knife went into his thigh. James cried out slightly. He was used to beatings and other things. But being stabbed was not one of them. He fell to the ground. The chain got rewrapped around his neck. Gasping for air he kicked under him and backwards tackled the guy holding the chain. Thanks to the sudden hit of the ground he was able to get unwrapped. Then he wrapped it around the chain guys neck and it made a crisp snap sound. The knife user charged again. James picked up a bat and swung at his hand. Knocking the hand from it, he came back around and smacked him in the temple.
  17. Jasmine hears screaming, a gun was being pointed at one of the little girls through the window. Jasmine yelled "no!" then tackled the man. He punched her off and then grabbed the little girl, yanking her out of the window. He then pointed a gun to her head "you will not make a mochary out of our gang! You need to be taught a lesson!" he said and Jasmine ran and covered the girl with her body before he shot Jasmine in the back three times. Jasmine whipped around and shot the guy in the head before turning to the girl. Blood was everywhere around them both. Jasmines face slowly became pale. She was bleeding out and only had minutes to live. Jasmine slowly smiled at the girl and held her. The little girl touched her face with tears in her eyes before the young woman turned and shot as many men as she could before collapsing on the floor. The rest of the men heard a call from their boss and left in an instant. The little girl was over Jasmines body. She was alive for now.
  18. James was busy fighting as well. Finally he broke himself and pick up two guns. He wasn't a bad shot ever. He just preferred melee. But, every shot, he hit. Perfect and deadly. Getting about seven when the clips emptied. That was when they left. He sighed heavily tossing the guns to the ground. He saw her on the ground and shook his head. He looked to the girl. "Diamond prepare the kitchen for me, will you?" She looked to him and nodded. He picked her up and carried her princess style into the house and locked it. He carried her into the kitchen. There was pliers, a bucket of water, at least ten towels and a full bottle of Vodka. He laid her on the floor. "This will hurt, but, I have to get the bullets out." His tone was blank. No expression.
  19. Jasmines breathing was very fragile, she kept her eyes closed as she continued to fight for life.

    Suddenly there was another knock on the door. A 14 year old girl stood at the door. She had dark brown hair that was ties up in a ponytail that touched the back of her neck. She wiped her nose a little as she waited.
  20. "Toby answer the door I'm busy." He dug into her back using the pliers. He pulled out the first of the bullets. I knew this pain he's had to do it to himself. Toby grabbed a bat and slowly walked to the door. "James its a girl." He gritted his teeth. "Just be careful. You never know who her allegiances lie." He warned as he went in and started to dig out the second one. He felt bad for how much this hurt but, it had to be done. Toby cracked the door. "Who are you and what do you want?"
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