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  1. Syringa is called the city of Memories, but ironically, a few people here have none at all. in the tragedy that is death, not all find their way to heaven or hell, some get stuck in this city between life and death. most people have memories, but unbeknownst to them these memories are false.memories lost, or replaced as these souls are placed in families whose memories are also altered. they dont know they are dead, nor do they realize their family memories are falsified. others have no memory at all. will they regain it? will false memories slip to real memories? and who is the one trapping these people, manipulating their precious memories?

    this is a revived RP from elsewhere, i hope you all like the story idea!


    -obviously follow MLs rules
    -be original!
    -tragedy, drama, lots of feels are a must, but dont go overboard with the cliches
    -romance and fighting are fine, lets keep anything inappropriate fade to black please and thank you
    - if you want to do something unusual or throw a wrench in the story please ask first(only if its REALLY big)
    -no killing of characters without permission
    -have fun duh :P

    Character sheet:





    Time of Death:

    Pre Death:(background, family, how they died)

    Post death:(how they arived in syringa, stat of their memories[replaced or removed?])




    Appearance(any type or picture or description)

    Name:Theodore Beckett

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Personality: bubbly, wild and fun, upbeat to the max, sporty, outgoing yet protective and often reckless.

    Time of Death: mid 1960's

    Pre Death: Theodore was an orphan, he had a best friend at the orphanage but they were separated when she got adopted out at the age of 15. she was a year younger then him, and he had just started to develop feelings for her. he was happy that she got adopted, and wished her a good life despite knowing nothing about her new parents. he graduated from high school as an orphan, his age and unpredictable personality deeming him less favorable for adoption. he moved away from the orphanage, finding odd jobs here and there and living in a small apartment above the local general store on main. unfortunately with his time periods building materials and structure, a fire broke out in his building leaving him scortched and crushed in the ash of the building.

    Post death: Theodore arrived with no memories at all, the only things he knows well are the fads, trends and feelings of his time period, and behaves as he did before he died. he now waits tables at a small cafe, coincidentally living in the apartment right above it.

    likes: peaches, outdoors, hiking, walks, swimming, the feeling of freedom, cats.

    dislikes: technology, small spaces, sitting still for long periods of time.

    Other: he still has feelings for a girl he sees in his dreams but cant remember(his friend)


    Name: Elri Nari

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Personality: prideful but not boastful, independent, caring towards children and animals, free-spirited and relaxed.

    Time of Death: current, 2013.

    Pre Death:Elri was the happy daughter of a foster family. her three younger siblings were all adopted, as was she, and her foster parents were very kind. she took care of her siblings while she made her way through college for patisserie(sweets and pastry chef) work, managing to get around on her own despite her disability. her real parents were killed in a car accident when she was 8. she lived, however sustained a brain injury that cost her her sight. ironically, on her way home from university classes one day she was struck by a driver who lost control of their car. her body ended up smash between the bumper and the building she was walking by, her precious dog beneath one of the tires.

    Post death:miraculously, her German Shepherd remained with her when she arrived in Syringa. her memories have been replaced, and she lives on her own, but has two 'parents'. she occasionally has little visions of children that seem vaguely familiar(her siblings)

    likes: animals, noise, her sense of taste, cooking.

    dislikes: bland food, pity, being helped, silence makes her feel lost.

    Other:She is blind, she has a German Shepherd named Jethro

    Drew this one myself:
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  2. Name: Nathaniel Canover

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Nathaniel is a normally happy person but tends to keep to himself most of the time. His only real friend is his pet hawk, Aquilla.

    Time of Death: 1560 (Renaissance Time)

    Pre Death: Nathaniel lived like any other gentleman in the time of the Renaissance. He was the heir to the family and was a perfect gentleman, being nice to any woman no matter how she acted and got along well with most men. On the day of his 19th birthday, which also happened to be the day he would take over the family business, Nathaniel was taking and evening stroll after the festivites of his "Coming of Age" party. He was walking down a dark street on his way back to his house when a horse-drawn carriage came bolting down the street. Nathaniel had no time to react as he was ran over and killed instantly, his hawk as well.

    Post Death: Nethanial has no memories of his prior life, exept that he still is a perfect gentleman but dresses a lot differantly than his time period thought was proper (see below), and his hawk is Aquilla and is still with him.

    Likes: His hawk, walks in the dark, stargazing, staying alone

    Dislikes: Rudeness, uptight people

    Other: Nothing that hasn't been mentioned already

    Appearance: [​IMG]
  3. accept [MENTION=5107]Kokierra[/MENTION]
  4. Wow I totally know this RP I think. Baaack like last year/early this year. I may be wrong but I think I'm not! Anyways yay. This reminds me of one of my fav animes.

    Name: Annabelle Carters

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Personality: A charming young lady of the time period of knights and barbarians, she is very friendly easily lovable. She can seem quite innocent and naive but she has a strong heart and will. Can be energetic and playful when she's at her top condition.

    Time of Death: 1540 (Medieval Time)

    Pre Death: Annabelle the daughter of a older couple she was raised with manners and such nice things until they eventually died when she was thirteen. She was put in the orphanage afterwards where she was very quiet so shy she would cry when too many people were looking at her. It was only when a travelling minstrel band came by and she saw the most beautiful dancer did she know what she wanted to be.

    She started to come out of her shell to the other kids, offering dances to them. She ended up practicing all day and night, to the point where her feet and ankles were severely bruised but she didn't stop, she had to become a dancer. When she left the orphanage at the age of eighteen she travelled with a minstrel band like the first dancer she had ever seen it was not long after she reached twenty one did she meet her untimely fate.

    One night after she had danced for a group of mercenaries they followed her as she walked home planning such evil things for the poor girl when they confronted her she ended up jumping off the cliff they were stationed on. That ravine she fell in, later named Belle Canyon.

    Post death: After Annabelle died she later woke up in the border world. Not knowing anything aside from her name and how to dance. She has constant head-aches around heights, but she doesn't know why. A good thing and a bad thing.

    Likes: Dancing, Nice Food, People.

    Dislikes: Heights, Being Sick,

    Other: Nothing really.
  5. [MENTION=3536]Rufiya[/MENTION], this is the revival of this RP after it failed on my old site. i like how you have your character picture next to the sheet, it feels very novel-like! youre accepted, hopefully we can get a few more people for this :)
  6. Oh is that so? I swear I've seen this. Hmm.

    Yeah I seriously hope it does!
  7. [MENTION=5107]Kokierra[/MENTION], [MENTION=3536]Rufiya[/MENTION], if I don't get more people I will just get this started Sunday evening, ok?
  8. Yeah, sure. That works for me
  9. [MENTION=5107]Kokierra[/MENTION], [MENTION=3536]Rufiya[/MENTION] so sorry i didnt get this up yet, got caught up with work! i promise it will be up by tomorrow night!
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  10. Ah, don't worry about it. Real life is more important than the forums.
  11. Name: Landon Burns

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Smart, but tricky. Usually thinks to himself and sees all from afar. Not afraid to say anything to himself and doesn't usually talk. When he does, Landon stutters.

    Time of Death: 1937 (Around the Great Depression)

    Pre Death: Had a poor family and was an only child. Landon was very thankful for the little things he had. Landon used to be interested in movies and had Thomas Edison as a role model. His parents doubted that Landon would be as smart as him, so he gave up on it. Soon, Landon was interested in cars and how they worked. he thought that how they moves automatically was festinating. Landon died at the age of 17 because of the great depression.

    Post death: Thinks that he arrived on a bus. Landon has no memory, but has dreams of his past. Though his dreams are blurry and always the most memorable parts.

    likes: his things

    dislikes: Being sad, trash


    Appearance. (Left[​IMG]!!!!!!!!)
  12. accepted, start when youre ready!
  13. Name: Grahm Jasper McLoghlenn III (Mic-loff-lan)​
    Age: 28​
    Gender: Male​
    Personality: Grahm could be considered the typical Scottsman; a bit gruff at times, but more or less fun to be around, and outrageously prideful of his heritage. Unless he's sober, of course. Then it's basically the opposite; no cheer, no smile, rarely words, and a rather pessimistic outlook on the world.​
    Time of Death: October 17th, 1930​
    Pre Death:
    Grahm's grandparents had moved the family to America from Scotland in 1905, when he was five years old.​
    He remembers nothing of his homeland but what his Grandfather had told him, yet he is extremely patriotic.​
    In 1910, the family moved to New York, New York and, within a year, Granhm's Grandfather had managed to aquire ownership of a little back-alley pub. For the longest time, Grahm worked with his Grandfather as assistant manager, but became owner when his Grandfather retired.​
    Had three children in his lifetime. Two twin boys and a little girl; Andrew, Callum, and Jennie.​
    His wife, Audrey died in an automobile accident when the girl was six.​
    During prohibition the pub lost most of it's clientele due to Grahm's outright refusal to deal illegally,and he had to sell it in 1922.​
    In order to keep food on the table, and the kids in school, he took a job working in a factory. Eventually the boys quit school to join him.​
    Grahm was layed off in 1924 along with his sons, and replaced by younger, cheaper workers.​
    Since no other jobs were available at the time , he was forced to turn to street fighting in a last ditch effort to keep the money flowing.​
    During this time he made quite a large number of enemies, due to his prowess in the alleyways, as it were.​
    He was murdered October 17th, 1930 in an unmonitored fight, only a block away from his home, and his body was dumped into the Hudson.​
    Post death: Grahm remembers nothing but his patriotism, his little girl as she was when she was young- though he doesn't remember her name, or his connection to her-, the night of his death, and his arrival.​
    He has no delusions of being alive, but keeps this fact to himself. Subconsciously, he continues to search for his little Jenni, and still slips into a depression every so often because of her absence. As for his arriving, Grahm believes he washed up on a beach and, upon recollecting himself, had stumbled upon this strange society.​
    Other: This old boy has become a bit of a drunk. He just can't come to terms with the fact that there is, indeed, 'life' after death, and the fact that he is 'living' that life. He also has a rather "expressive" vocabulary and a rough scottish accent.​
    Though he's unsure why, Grahm keeps up the 'street fighter' persona. The loose, tattered clothes he died wearing were the clothes he arrived in.​
    Likes: Anything even remotely Alcoholic, Solitude, the color purple, 'fuzzy' animals. (The cute and cuddly type.)​
    Dislikes: Rain, Snow- any form of precipitation, really.​
    Appearance: (Disreguard the is not there. You never saw it. It never existed.)
    Also, as a side note, his eyes are a nice shade of blue, and technically his hair is supposed to be "Scott's Red."
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  14. interesting character! youre accepted~ [MENTION=5111]Sam[/MENTION]
  15. Name: Peter Chapman

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Personality: He is smooth, charismatic, and can deceive the most witty. He will always be a gentleman first. He will get a bit vicious if someone insults the less fortunate in his presence

    Time of Death: November 1st, 1863

    Pre Death: Peter grew up on a Ranch in Texas. With his Father, Mother, and 2 Brothers. He was the oldest of the three. His father taught him how to handle himself at a young age do to the Natives in the area. So he can handle anything with gunpowder that you put into his hand and can wrangle any critter. His father also taught him how to cook out in the wilderness. These skills came in handy, because at the age of 14 When peter was out hunting he came home to see his farm house on fire and family strung up in the yard. As a child his father tried to prepare him mentally for this do to the dangers of the area but it wasn't enough. Peter joined in a gang called the Lavey Boys and lived the life of a criminal. So he didnt concern himself with the upcoming war but if it came down to chosing he would have joined the union. He believed in equality except for the natives that took his family. He specialized in native hunting that's where he got the most thrill tracking human beings. He loved a good poker game where he could double his profits from bank heists. He was special with the ladies, but it ended up being his demise. He fell in love with the Marshals daughter. Her name was Brooke she was nineteen beautiful with brown hair blue eyes. They fell in love fast and met in secret. They were together for almost 6 months before Peter was caught by the marshal on October 31st, 1863. Climbing out of the marshals window half naked and blowing a kiss to his daughter. The next day Peter was strung up and hung until dead.​

    Post death: Peter remembers Brooke and how much he loved her and that is all

    likes: Gambling, Rolled tobacco, and a group of close friends

    dislikes: Natives(although he does not know why yet) and disrespect to the less fortunate


    Appearance(any type or picture or description)​
  16. I forgot to mention he arrived in a coach blind folded and when the dust cleared and took of his blind fold he was in Syringa.
  17. Accepted [MENTION=5253]Des[/MENTION]
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