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  1. In a world bred of fantasy and ruled by opportunist rulers, a single island offset in the great Ramadi Sea houses what might be considered the single greatest city in all of Norindul. Kalt a wondrous city with five grand tiers is the center place for great market and trade. The world strewn in chaos and conflict is all but an outsider to this great city. A haven for those within its great Walls of Marble. A home to the greatest guild in all of Norindul. The Darkmoon Mercenaries.

    Kalt is simple to understand if you take the time to do so. A circular form with walls that might touch the sky. It houses over 100 different guilds in its great city. How does this work? Well simple. For every guild there is a leader, or well representative. That leader is part of a circle of 100 People that council at the center of the great city atop the highest tier of this great sanctuary. From every guild there will be provided guardsmen or Sentinels that act as the cities specialized guard. This is made efficient because the skill placed in these guards is equivalent to about 10 normal castle guards in a singular city. This is what makes this grand city capable of sustaining itself and defying the laws of Kings.

    Kalt prides itself as a separate entity of Norindul. They do not obey the laws of Kings ruling the land. They are their own law. And so that brings me to the idea behind this roleplay.

    This roleplay will be focused on a Uprising guild of misfits. The Darkmoon Mercenaries are a group more akin to a family hardly running 30 members strong but their skill in their individual trades is almost unmatched. The Guild is lead by a hardened Human male from the Northern wastelands. Wolfsin Silvermoon and his brother in combat A sneaky Human from the Southern bad lands, and the slums. Elite Darkshade. The story will revolve around the journey and intercity struggle for those involved in this guild and other guilds closely associated.

    The breakdown~

    This rp will be run in the form of chapters. Every chapter will be somewhat random and might happen thanks to the actions from the previous chapters. This is storyline so all fights are pre-planned and will be written as such. Storylines should be discussed, romances should be established. Character death is encouraged I hope for this to be a fairly long running roleplay that really captures the life of the Darkmoon mercenary guild and Kalt. I have a lot more information concerning this roleplay but for now Im looking to find out who might be interested in this?

    So Please show me the interest just comment below to let me know if we get enough people Ill establish this roleplay more. Thank you for reading.

    ~Wolfsin Silvermoon~​
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  2. Anyone at all?

    I'll be running the main merchant guild of the city, for those interested in masons/smiths/crafters/etc :)
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  4. I shall now declare interest unto this RP.
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  5. Awesome got a few more than will respond here when they get the chance.
  6. Much Interest.
    Such Excite.

  7. Fuck this rp as a whole, the guy that is behind this is a teeee total asshole and needs to be lynched in the streets. So I would like to express my interest in this rp because I like people like that, they are right up my alley.
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  8. Count me in as well!
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  10. Kelsi is present, Wolf! I'm shall take my spot in the crowd of interested people!
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  11. -Comes back to life-
  12. THOSE that expressed interest and haven't visited the Character sheet page yet~

    @I.S. Zero

    Just checking in to see if still interested, and make sure you are getting notifications concerning this! =)
  13. Erm, would you guys mind putting the character sheets in spoilers, pretty please? I'm sorry, but it's slowing my computer and phone down horrible to where it takes forever to load the entire thing TTnTT
  14. Oh, I didn't even realize the signup thread had been posted already, I'll get on it right away.
    Also, wow. That is one monster of a CS. I'll try to fill it out as quickly as I can.
  15. I think you can exclude the parts that do not apply, @Sol-Et-Luna. That's what I did, and Wolf hasn't said anything concerning the things I left out. You can fill out everything else, or most, if you have stuff to put into all of it. But yes, I agree with @Sinopa. We probably should. Not only does the spoilers make it less to have on-screen, but it really does make it look more neat as well.
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  16. Spoilers have to be a thing. Make sure you spoiler your whole cs so its not taking up the whole freakin page XD
  17. Way ahead of you! I wasn't sure I did the spoilers right, so I had to 'more options', and preview it, but it's fine! I added Picture Reference, solely because I wanted people to know what she looks like, just to be safe.
  18. SO Sin is awesome! use the new character sheet rather than the old one, because the other one is ridiculous and I like this one more . if you have already used the first one I presented, stay with that or change it, That is up to you but Im using this new CS presented in the Character sheet premise paragraph. For all other character I make.
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  19. @Kelsi Kitsune

    You are great to go. You still need to pick a rank for the guild. Refer to the group to see what thats about and ask me otherwise if you need more information. Also you seem to be missing something at the end of your character sheet =P

    Refer to the rules once more pls =D

    ALL OF YOU REFER to the RULES. You all seem to have forgotten something required on your cs =D
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