The City In The Sky

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  1. During the year 3015 there was a city in the sky known as Cloud Central. What used to be a once beautiful place is now currently a place reduced to ruins due to an outbreak of war with land dwellers in the East. The East takes magic dwellers and imprisons them while others try to escape and fail. Will you escape sucessfully? Or will you be forced to fight with your enemies? Magic dwellers have one of the four elemental powers:

  2. Akiko ran as fast as she could as soldiers were chasing after her. She had to think quickly, otherwise she would be captured. She notices a bursted pipe that was spilling water. With a wave of her hand she manipulated the water to turn into a giant ice water behind her, making the soldiers stop. She was getting away for now. Akko has long black hair, beautiful blue eyes and water magic. She was 17 years old, her parents died in the war.
  3. "Hyah!" Within an abandoned building the noises of someone intensely training could be heard resonating through the deserted ruins around it. "Kyah!" Flashes of light could be seen reflecting off the walls, revealing the shadows of a powerful boy performing various moves. "Hmph." The boy jumped into the air, performing a flaming spin kick on a large boulder that was missing chunks, which laid around it in a powder filled with chunks of stone. Purple flames shot from his leg as he spun through the air, before it connected with the boulder sending a crack through the air, but not from his foot as one would expect. Instead, a chunk of the boulder had snapped off, falling to the ground among the other rubble, "Well, that's an effective move. I'll need to remember that." Hotaru, who wore nothing more than a pair of black shorts, observed the damage of his attack. He flipped his red hair from his eyes so the sweat coming from it wouldn't obscure his vision. His bare chest rose and fell heavily. "I think it's about time for a break." He crossed the room, sitting down onto a part of the floor that wasn't covered in debris.
  4. Coming from the surface Nou kyoshino was shy and didn't want to revel his secret, he was made up of all the elements and was a guardian of the elemental gates.
    He came to this city in the sky to stop the war with his powers but he looks around and thinks he might need help.
    Nou is a 17 year old male who, with a focused mind he can read into he deepest souls.
    This is his appearance:
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  5. He uses his powers to create a stair case that he started to walk up to the central area and startedto meditate
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  6. Being the curious girl she was, Akiko walked towards the sound of the noise. The powerful boy practiced his moves. Akiko watched blushing.
    Suddenly though, as the boy walked over to take a break two soldiers came out. They saw Akiko and ran after her. Akiko got into a battle stance. They launched at her and she used her water to create mist. One tried stabbing at her with his spear but she used her water and cut through the spear before freezing his body.
    She then saw the other guy use a sword, he swung and she had water go around her hands and turn into ice. She grabbed his sword as he swung by the blade and kicked him in the stomach. Then used her free arm and punched him as hard as she could, making him black out for a couple of minutes. With a wave of her hand the mist cleared. She looked at the boy again.
    (the redhead boy)
  7. Hearing a loud noise sounding like a solder yelling, Nou goes in that direction to see a girl. "Helo there do you need any assistance?" He yelled to the girl
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  9. Akiko looked at him then stepped aside. Two soldiers were covered in ice defeated. "I got it, thanks though" she smiled.
  10. As Hotaru sat cross legged, with his eyes closed in a relaxed position, noises of combat rushed into his ears. His emerald green eyes flashed open, and within a moment he was in a battle ready stance with his purple flames shooting from his hands which were held at the ready in front of him. The noise of combat continued on, and slowly the flames began to vanish, his arms slowly lowering to his side. His chest had calmed, and his breathing was normal, but he could still feel the fatigue of the hours upon hours of training he'd been doing weigh down on him. Slowly, he made his way to the source of the noise, being careful of where he stepped so he didn't accidentally puncture his foot on a sharp piece of rock. He stopped as the noise faded away. His hands which hung at his side began to flicker slightly as he opened them to create a fireball, then closed then to extinguish it. He continued doing this prepping activity until he caught a pair of eyes staring at him from where the source of the noise was. He stared hard back at them, his eyes seeming welcoming. He continued to stare even as another voice interrupted the silence, "Yes, I believe she's dispatched those soldiers quite efficiently from the sounds of things. Would you like to come out of your hiding spot? Some would find the act of stalking to be quite a disturbing action, but I'll look past it." He turned his back to her and headed back to where he was seated, "I guess my training can take a bit of a longer break."
  11. Watching from above Nao started to meditate. While he was meditating he started to ooz out his energy creating a vibe of dense energy wich would go out into the world a radius of 100 miles.
  12. Akiko rolled her eyes and looked around while she followed him. Why were the cute ones always so jerkish. She took out her satchel of water and opened it. Moving her hands a ball of water came out, she took a deep breath and watched as the water maneuvered around her hand. "My names Akiko" she spoke.
  13. After meditating the vibe goes away and Noa jumps to the ground next to the boy and the girl. "Hello you two do you two know where the castle is? I need to kill the imperial king.
  14. He watched as she played around with the water from her carrying bag. He felt a strong feeling to get away from the water, as came with his inclination towards fire, "Hello Akiko. It's a pleasure to meet one such as yourself in this day and age." He'd been well aware of the lack of elementalists after the war, having killed many of their type. He rose from his seat, "I must apologize for my lack of apparel. It gets in the way of training. My name is Hotaru, from what I can remember" He resisted the urge to hold out a hand, knowing that traces of his fire magic would still be active upon his skin, and knowing that fire and water didn't exactly come together well. He looked down to his body, at the excess of muscles that groaned for him to remain seated. Knowing he had no shirt, he decided his choice of wardrobe would have to do, at least until he got back to the small base he called home. He turned to address the boy who'd joined them, "That's a rather bold statement for a stranger to make. Some would chalk you up to be just another mad man." His eyes still looked to Akiko as he addressed the stranger.
  15. Akiko smiled, she wore a black long sleeved dress with leggings underneath it. She noticed that her hair was down and took off backpack. Inside was many things but one of the was a hair tie. She tied her hair up "all people who wield magic want to escape...but they fail...and I think it's because they try to force their way out, maybe we should sneak."
  16. "An interesting philosophy. But, there are a few who would wish to retain there magical ability, such as I. It makes you a formidable foe when dealing with.... enemies" His eyes looked past her to the frozen soldiers she'd dealt with, "But at any rate..." He began to become more comfortable, loosing the formal demeanor he'd had, "You did a good job taking them guys out. What'd you do to them? Use a frost breath? Or a freezing touch?" He grinned at the girl as his imagination went off onto all the possibilities a water wielder had to dispatch an enemy. His momentary feeling of comfort was interrupted slightly as he began to feel a little uncomfortable standing in front of her with no shirt. His skin, which was sensitive to changes in temperature as a result of fire wielding, could feel the cool air coming from the frozen men who laid quite a ways away. He held his arms across his stomach to cover up, but his shoulders still remained slumped as a result of him calming down.
  17. "I can make my fist into an ice fist to punch soldiers 10 times water also cuts things" she says then stands up. She walks to a bolder and with a wave of her arms water from her pouch flew at the rocks. Within seconds the rocks were reduced to rubble.
  18. His eyes widened as the rock exploded into small pieces, "Impressive! I haven't come across many water wielders in my travels, so you'll have to forgive me if my knowledge is a little... limited" He could feel the moisture in the air, sending a weird feeling through his body, glad for the cooling spray of the water, but not wanting to get too near to the water. He decided to accept the refreshing coolness of the few drops of water that made their way through his still burning aura without evaporating. He started making his way through the rubble toward the girl, "I should really get to cleaning this place up more..." The room, which had been spotless before he'd entered, had rubble littering the floor everywhere. He sighed, knowing he'd have to clean it up before he left to return home. He walked past the girl, reaching behind a boulder and pulling out a broom, "Erm, excuse me. I have a little bit of cleaning to do." He started sweeping up the rubble from around the room, resisting the urge to sneeze from the dust that flew up to his face.
  19. "Umm, this whole place is trashed" Akiko said "I don't think it matters if this place is a mess"
  20. Continuing to sweep, Hotaru surveyed the room, "Yeah, it is kind of a dump. But it's my dojo, if you will. I've gotta keep it somewhat clean. I mean, had you come in here some hours earlier, it would've looked nothing like this." He scratched his head, pushing the broom with his other hand, pushing the rubble into a pile. "Besides, it gives me time to think." He realized what he'd just said, glancing briefly to the girl, "Or talk. But it's normally the first one. Believe it or not, I don't normally get a lot of visitors out here." He blushed, his cheeks burning red, "It's kind of nice though. I rarely ever have to deal with them" he nodded his head in the general direction that the frozen guards laid.
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