The City Between Dimesions (Open world RP)

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  1. The City Between Dimensions got its name from its set location, the center of all dimensions. There are 5 other dimensions, Alfa, Foxtrot, Geronimo, Beta, and Omega. They all link to The City Between Dimensions, or TCBD for short. Since this is an open world RP you can do anything, if you want to be a shapeshifting dog/cat/human, go for it! If you want there to be a bar THEN LET THERE BE A BAR!!!! Anything is possible. Please no godmodding or controlling other characters. Let's start! (BTW I am the mayor of TCBD. If you wish to be a mayor of one of the other 5 dimensions then please PM me. If you want to be a police officer in the dimensions PM m, you will basically be the RP mod when Im not on.)

    Last thing. When you talk in another dimension please colorcode so people from Omega dont read useless stuff from Foxtrot.

    TCBD = White text
    Alpha = red
    Foxtrot = green
    Geronimo = Orange
    Beta = Blue
    Omega = Yellow (not too bright to where we cant read)
  2. Jackson walked outside. "I love my beautiful city." He was a slender man in his 20'swho was the mayor of his own dimension, the youngest mayor ever.
  3. Emiel bounded along the streets of TCBD. His long, teal hair and bony tail whipped along behind him as he sped down the complicated twist of alleyways and small shops that made up the main part of TCBD. The demon quickly noticed a tour group from Foxtrot up ahead blocking the street. Using his clawed feet to grind to a halt, he quickly scanned his surroundings. Catching sight of his destination, the large white building in the center of the city, he decided to scale a nearby office building and continued running along the rooftops without having to worry about the people below.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.