The Cities of War

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  1. The world is at war. Simple and true. It is a fight between an alliance of three nations, and three....cities? Yes, the city of Agamemnon, or simply The Agamemnon. A massive walking war-city and the youngest of the three war-cities. The Kronos, The oldest of the three war-cities, capable of oceanic travel. And finally the Vendetta, the middle-child among the cities. Home to the most people. These three cities alone are capable of taking on huge fighting forces due to their massive size and weaponry. Now, you shall make a choice, which side are on, the cities? Or the Alliance?
    The Agamemnon (open)

    The Vendetta (open)

    The Kronos (open)

    The Alliance:
    The Alliance consists of three nations. The Highland Republic, The Silver Dominion, and The Grand Hierarchy.
    1. The Highland Republic
    The Highland Republic is ruled by a combination of a Senate, and multiple lower houses. Also, there is a pair of representatives of the entire country. The land upon which it is founded is where it gets it's name. The Highlands rise and fall in great peaks and valleys. The upper areas being colder and more full of wildlife. While the valleys are usually either coastal or are warmer, more humid areas. In this empire, many races make up it's people. Most of them being races that are more used to colder environments and those that have lived in a more tribal system for most their lives.
    2. The Silver Dominion
    The Silver Dominion is ruled by the Overlord and his ten Commandants. Each Commandant has a control over a certain section of government. Finance, Army, Navy, Communications, Job Management, Research, Coordination, Transportation, Foreign Relations, and Crime Control. These are what each head stands for. In the empire, the more warlike races and the "brutes" of the world reside. While not the most smart or reserved individuals, their physical strength is great.
    3.The Grand Hierarchy
    The Grand Hierarchy is ruled by the Grand Queen. This empire is dominated by those who are very smart or reserved individuals. It is the most technologically advanced of the three empires [but still stands nowhere near the technology of the three cities]. The races that live here are usually those who are more adept at uses of the mind, making engineers and mages a commonplace job in the empire. However, this is downsided by the fact that many of the empire's people have left their empire to live in one of the three cities, seeing the advantage in joining them.
    The Cities:
    The origins of the walking city Kronos is unkown. Some beleive it was a temple, blessed by a god of war and one of technology. Some beleive it was always like this. Either way, this massive structure stands at 500 m or 1640 ft tall [Roughly the height of the empire state building] and is 200X400m in width and length. It has 6 Mounted Artillery Cannons, two of which face fotward at all times, the others come in pairs and swivel omnidirectionally. Along with 6 anti-air Shrapnel Cannons, firing scrap metal mixed with explosives. Finally, it's greatest acheivment is it's ability to embark itself by charging into the ocean, the upper layer of the city allowing flotation, using it's now water-bound legs to propel itself.

    2. The Vendetta:
    The Vendetta was the first re-manufactured moving city. After Kronos became very overpopulace, the people of the city left to create a new one with the technology of Kronos. In the end, The Vendetta was the result. As to suite the needs of the population, The Vendetta was made lower to the ground but MUCH longer and wider. Standing at 250 m tall, half the height of Kronos, the Vendetta trades height in for it's massive 800X1200m width and length. It is also the only city among the three to have "Lock Down" mode. In this mode, the whole city stops and the main tower lowers, the frontal bays opening to reveal a massive energy cannon. This cannon uses a combination of combustion, magic, and steam-based power to fire a magical shell that has the destructive capability to level whole mountains. Only twice has this shell ever been used, but when it has, the battle was over in that instant. Enemies fleeing from the destructive capabilities of The Vendetta.

    3. The Agamemnon:
    Despite it's appearance from a distance, The Agamemnon is actually the largest of the three cities. Standing off the ground at only 300m, the height of this city comes from it's body, streching up to 700m tall at it's peak. This city literally pierces the clouds as it walks. The city stretches at an 650X600 width and length. This is by far the most militarized city. With nearly 70 stationed machine guns, 40 Multi-barrled Cannons, 30 Anti-air Flak Cannons, a pair of napalm cannons at the front, and finally, its giant Grinder. Located at the front and bottom of the city, this starts working when the middle body of the Agamemnon is lowered and it moves forward. Any and all enemys or debris caught in the Grinder are crushed and destroyed. If metal is caught inside, it is filtered out through a magical filter and is used for ammunition for the Agamemnon's many weapons. This city is war on legs. But it does have two dowsides compared to it's brothers, one, it cannot launch aircraft, and two, it is slower than it's brothers.
    CS and Stuff:
    Race: (Most Races allowed; Cities have combination of all races.)
    Alliance/City: [If Alliance, which country? If City, Which City?]
    Role:(Job: Engineer, Pilot, Infantry, Scientist, etc.) [Pilots = Flying Beast Tamers for Alliance]
    Bio: (Doesn't have to be super long, just a good paragraph.) [If in City, how they got there/if born there]
    Other: Special Stuff.
    1. Iwaku Rules apply.
    2. No Smut please. [I don't mind getting sexy, but the real intimate stuff goes behind closed doors/ to PM]
    3. I reserve the right to determine if a character is OP. The cities are the only thing in this known world capable of mass destruction for now.
    4.Put "Too many guns Agamemnon!" somewhere in CS if you read these. Preferably either Bio or Other area.
    5.Play nice! If an arguement gets too serious, I will step in.
    6. Have Fun!​
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  2. This seems like a very interesting RP. I would like to join when the thread is done!
  3. Finally Done, I will answer any questions. If they are important, I'll add them to the info area.
  4. What kind of races are available? Can I make up my own race?
  5. Yes, most any race you come up with will be accepted
  6. Name: Enio "Ni" Amari
    Gender: Male
    Race: Talin, a once tribe-land dwelling species that was forced to urbanize when their homelands were destroyed many centuries ago. Their old culture has been nearly lost.
    Alliance/City: The Grand Hierarchy, but lives in Agamemnon as a smuggler
    Appearance: Same as above, but a more masculine appearance with larger horns and short hair
    Role: Smuggler
    Bio: Like many Talin, Enio was born in the city of Agamemnon. His parents were highly loyal to the city, but through other Talin and species living in area of the city, he learned of the Grand Hierarchy. Always a rebellious and mischievous child, Enio soon began to dabble in the petty crime and joined the Grand Hierarchy. As soon as his parents learned of this, they kicked him out and told him to never to come back until he set himself back on the right path. Enio never did, and it's been five years since.
    Other: None
    (How does that look? I might add more things and flesh it out later.)​
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  7. Name: Bluebeard
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Race: Human.
    Alliance/City: Silver Dominion, Agamemnon.
    Appearance: Blue, majestic beard. Tall and muscular build, which seems to intimidate opposing forces. Plague Doctor mask concealing any identity face-wise. Long overcoat, boots, and gloves of a charcoal black.
    Role: Engineer.
    Bio: As a young boy was involved in a magical accident, changing his hair to a light hue of blue. When he grew up in Agamemnon, he became aware of The Silver Dominion, through family and friends. Tending to be a cunning yet intelligent male, he decided to the alliance. Too many guns Agamemnon! His parents weren't awfully tolerant of this, but neither did they decide to banish him out of the household.
    Other: Blue beard...
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  8. This remind me of a book series... I don't recall it's name, but it was all about walking war cities =D
    I'll work on a sheet.

    Question, how do you imagine aircraft would look like? Steampunky or more sci-fi-ish? I'm thinking of making a pilot for Vendetta.
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  9. Name: Rinsler (rin-slur)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Alliance/City: The Vendetta
    Pretty much that, just take off the tattoo on the right arm.
    Role: Mechanic
    Bio: Rinsler was born inside The Vendetta and spent much of her early years wandering the lower sections where the mechanics took place at the distress of her parents who often talked about how there were "Too many guns, even more than on the Agamemnon." Still, the engineering sections became her second home, and when she became of age, she took a job working on the various systems down there, tending to enjoy machines more than people. Sarcastic, and also candid, Rinsler tends to get on other's nerves, though she means well.
    Other: Doesn't really like magic, or it's users, much preferring the reliability of a gun, or sword.
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  10. @Bluebeard Good but your missing something. Check the rules.

    @Rion Aircraft on the cities will be steampunk. To be put simply, the gap in technology between the alliance and cities is that the cities have a sort of "magical steampunk" level of technology while the alliance is stuck with ancient level technology of swords, spears, and bows.

    @Jamie64 Accepted.
  11. Poor them.

    • [​IMG]
      Name: Rion Krona
      Age: 27
      Race: Escarian
      Alliance/City: The Vendetta
      Role: Pilot - Squadron leader
      Personality: Rion barely know anything his origins, and therefore stick with human traditions and culture. This "new" technology amaze him though, and is a big supporter of further development. When he isn't in a heated debate on technology and magic, he tend to be a lax guy. He don't mind drinking with people who are often seen lower than himself, and chat with just about everyone.
      Bio: Rion was born out of the city but was raised by humans onboard. Not much is known of his race's original origins, but he do know they call themselves Escarians. They have a body much like normal humans, but are covered in fur and have a face like a dog or fox. They have improved senses as well, thus making them excellent pilots. His new parents gave him a human name and raised him as their own. Adopted into the upper middle class, he was able to get a proper education. However, he grow closer to the working class doing his military career. His leadership abilities proved to be just as great at his pilot skills, and was promoted to leader of a squadron.
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  12. This reminds me of a certain book... what was it called... Mortal Engines? Something along those lines.
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  13. That was it!!! Thank you so much
    Also known as The Hungry City Chronicles
  14. Name: Beshat (Bey)
    Age: 13
    Race: Imp
    Alliance/City: The Highland Republic, The Vendetta
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Naturally blond, it's difficult to hold onto him long enough to wash up and is constantly covered in dirt and grime. Naturally skinny and small, he has no problem fitting in small spaces. However, he appears much younger than he really is, just due to his size. Bey will be quick to remind how old he actually is when incorrectly aged.
    Role: Scout
    Bio: Beshat has no describable background, working in a rich household for a short time until he was kicked out due to his pranks. Due to his prankish nature, he's often finding himself in trouble, which seems to be the premise of his history. Skipping in and out of odd jobs, he managed to get recruited for a scout in the alliance due to his ability to memorize quickly and to squeeze in and out of situations.
    Other: He gets frustrated often when people treat him like a child (which he is), often demanding to be included. He doesn't have any magic, but is very clever especially when it comes to pranks.

    If this is too young a character, I can age him up a little.
  15. Honestly I'm a little confused. If you could clarify something for me I'd greatly appreciate it. You said there is a war between the alliance and the cities. Does the alliance live within the cities and fight them from within?

    i only ask because most of the CSs say they're aligned with the alliance and live within a certain city.
  16. Edited my original application.
  17. The alliance are three entirely seperate countries that are outside the "city territory" That territory is an exceedingly large desert, making pursuit of the cities during retreat even more difficult.
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  18. Why would giant cities of war retreat?
  19. Maybe they don't have the numbers? Or the land the alliance lives on is too soft to hold the city's weight and they'd get bogged down if they didn't leave. Though if I were the alliance I'd employ a hit and run strategy rather than defend a land till death. Working on the assumption that the cities are like tanks, big, powerful, but very slow. When a city comes to town just pack up and go, cause it'll be months before they can catch up
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