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  1. The man sits against the wall, gripping the paper with white knuckles.

    They were coming back. All of them. God knows why.

    All six of them.

    All from different places, different years, different cultures.

    All with different secrets.

    And in three days, in a cornfield unmoved by time, they were going to meet. They were destined to go into the screwed-over world of the 21st century. And most importantly, they were destined to kill him.

    He could only hope they would kill each other first.

    After all he knew their fatal flaws.

    He knew their secrets.
    Open Characters (arranged by era)

    Character from 1786 America: open
    Character from 1890 London: open
    Character from 1863 Confederate South: open
    Character from 1925 America: taken by Enjolras
    Character from 1965 San Francisco: open
    Character from the bad side of Manhattan 2014: open


    Character Sheet:
    Appearance (picture preferred):
    A title (what they bring to the group, so to speak):
    Secret/Fatal Flaw:
    How the Man lured them to the Cornfield:


    In-Character Thread is yet to be created!

  2. Name:
    Roula Bodner
    Appearance (picture preferred):

    This, of course, was taken on a school trip during high school. A favorite of hers, though she did get detention for fiddling with historical items.
    Personality: Spunky, witty, and brutally intelligent, with an arrogant, bitter side that she doesn't like to let out. Though a hard-worker, she laughs a lot on the job. Almost too much.
    Skills: "I can, uh, wait tables at the speed of light. And read a five-hundred page book in the middle of the night, and... I talk during moving pictures. And- I think that's it.)
    A title (what they bring to the group, so to speak): The Intellect
    Biography: Born from two very poor parents, she has six brother and sisters, and though she could have had a bright, bright future in college, she chose to work at a small diner, sending half of her proceeds home every weekend.
    Secret/Fatal Flaw: Extreme,
    extreme bitterness about her position in society.
    How the Man lured her to the Cornfield: She was sent a letter from the Baltimore City Treasury saying her long-deceased Uncle had left land open on the coast of Maryland, and left it to her.
  3. Can i reserve the 2014 character?
  4. I want to reserve the 1965 character
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.