The Circle Of Life

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  1. An FtM (Female to Male) transgender kid can certainly have a complicated life. This is the story of Kei and his life.
    ((Author's Note: I actually have an FTM friend who suggested I make this RP. This is for you bro. :)))
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  2. Name: Kei Night
    Age: 17
    Look: ((Just picture his hair brown and his eyes a deep ocean blue.))
    Kei got up and grunts. Great, first day of school... He got up, grabbed some clothes and some AC bandage wrap. He turned on the shower and jumped in. When he got out with clears the fog from the mirror to look at himself... Good, he thought, My face still look boy-like... then he turned his attention to the rest of his body. He looked at it with disgust. He lets out as big sigh and puts on his camo cargo pants and a white undershirt. He then grabbed the AC wrap and wrapped it around his chest area, making it look very flat, just the way he liked it. He put a black t-shirt over it then put on socks and shoes. Before he left he took one last good look at himself. Once he was satified, he grabbed his backpack and ran out the door.
    He got to the bus stop as soon as his bus got there. Just in time... He went into the bus and took a seat in the middle of the bus. Once he sat down the bus driver started driving and Kei looked out the window.

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  3. Name: Alexandria (Alex) Hunt
    Age: 16
    Look: Long brown hair and blue-green eyes

    Alex grunted, pulling her covers over her head, trying to ignore the blaring of her alarm clock. She normally would have hit snooze, but she hit it so hard last year that it broke, so she was in a rut. Finally irritated at its incessant blaring, she sat up, yawning at turning it off. First day of school. Urgh. She got up groggily, stumbling to the bathroom and brushing her teeth and hair. She then put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, slipping on a pair of tennis shoes.

    "Alexandria? Are you up?" Alex's mom called, her voice echoing up the stairs.

    "Yes, mom!" Alex called, grabbing her backpack off her bedside table and running downstairs. "Do you know where my keys are?"

    "Right here, sweetie!" Her mom said, tossing them to Alex as she walked into the kitchen. Alex's mom looked disapprovingly at her. Her mom was already all dolled up - wearing an expensive, designer dress, a pair of heels, and at least seven pounds of makeup. "That's what your wearing?"

    "Yes, mother," Alex said, sighing. That was the bad thing about your mom being rich. She expected you to wear fancy dresses and expensive makeup everyday, but that's not how Alex worked. She didn't wear any makeup, and she preferred jeans and a t-shirt. "I'm going to school now. Love you," Alex said. Her mother just offered her a judgmental glare as Alex ran out the front door, unlocking the door to her red convertible and jumping in the driver seat, starting it up. She pulled out of the driveway of her "house", which in reality was a four-story mansion. Sometimes - okay, take that back. A lot of times, she wished she was like normal kids - she wished she lived in a regular house, had a regular, non-superstar mom, and could ride the bus to school. But, her mom didn't like the bus - said it was a "bad influence," though, she did love the car. She sighed, and started driving down the road.
  4. ((Shall they be friends? XD))
    The bus stops in front of school and Kei gets out of the bus. He lets out another sighs and takes out his schedule. He enters the school and looks around for his first class.
    First day of hell, he thought.
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  5. ((Sure c: Though, Alex is a junior. What about Kei?))

    Alex pulled up into the parking lot, pulling up into one of the good spots in front of the school. She took the key out of the ignition, stuffing it in her black backpack and exiting the car, cursing when she realized she forgot to lock the door. She fished her keys back out, locked the door, and then stuck her key ring back in her book bag. "There," she grumbled.

    She walked towards the front of the school building, digging around in her bag for her schedule. "C'mon," she muttered. "I know you're in here somewhere.... Aha!" She pulled the crumpled schedule out in one fist triumphantly. "Victory is mine!" She glanced at the wrinkled piece of paper. English first with Mrs. Reynolds. "O-kay," she muttered to herself, walking into the building and starting to look for her first class.

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  6. ((He is also a junior XP. Idk why I decided to pick the title, 'The Circle Of Life' XD))
    Kei cursed to himself, he was having trouble finding his class. As he looked around he spotted his friend Alex. But he called her Lexi. He smiled and yelled, "Hey! Lexi!" he managed to make his voice stay in a boyish tone.
  7. ((XD))

    Alex spun around. There was only one person who called her Lexi. "Kei!" She exlaimed, grinning, and walked over to him. "I haven't seen you in forever!" She said, tilting her head back to look up at Kei. Alex was extremely short - she stood at 5'1, and even that was stretching it, as she was probably more like 5'0 and 3/4. "How was your summer?"
  8. Kei grinned and shrugged, "Eh it was alright. And yours?" Kei was actually surprisingly taller than you would think, He was 5'10. He kept smiling and looked down at her.
  9. She shrugged. "The usual. My mom trying to drag me across the globe for a vacation by my hair and me just screaming and hollering that I want to stay home." But then she brightened up. "But I actually convinced my mom to let me stay home for the summer, instead of going to, like, China and having to get seventy-million shots." Last year her mom had dragged Alex to Egypt, and she had needed to get twenty-four shots in order to keep from getting sick. Alex shuddered just thinking about it. Not to mention getting all those stupid shots, once they'd gotten there some random Indian dude had tried to buy her from her mother because she had "exotic eyes" or something like that. Creepo.
  10. Kei laughs, "Well lets hope she doesnt."
  11. Alex laughed, grinning. Then, she asked, "Who do you have first? I have English with Mrs. Reynolds..." She frowned. "But I'm having trouble finding her room." No surprise there. Alex had the sense of direction of a rock - she could get lost in her own neighborhood.
  12. Kei laughs, "No way! I have her too!" he rubs the back of his head, "I am having trouble too."
  13. "This says she's in room 301..." She said. "And I was by the 300's a while ago, but I didn't see her room..." She looks around. "And right now we're in the 700's. Shit. We're on the totally wrong side of the school." She laughed.
  14. Kei facepalms, "Oh wow!" he laughs, "Come on lets go to the other side of the building."
  15. Alex laughs. "Alright. You lead the way. I'll probably get lost." She followed Kei to the other side of the school, until they reached the 300 classrooms. "There it is!" Alex said, pointing at Mrs. Reynolds room. "Right there! 301!"
  16. Kei grins, "Great!" he walks in.
  17. Alex walks in right behind him, wrinkling her freckled nose at the strong smell of cinnamon that emitted from the room. "That's some strong stuff," she coughed. "Holy crap, I'm not going to be able to stand this room." She coughed again, covering her mouth. She tried to stifle another cough, but it came out sounding weird, like a seal being stepped on with a boot.
  18. kei laughs and pats her back, "You will be fine."
  19. "Hopefully," she said, and sneezed. She sneezed again, coughing at the same time. She giggled, still coughing. She noticed Mrs. Reynolds sitting at the front of the room. "Excuse me, Mrs. Reynolds?" She said, walking up to her. "Where's that cinnamon smell coming from?"

    "A wall plug. Why?"

    Alex responded, coughing again. "Do you think you could take it out? I'm like-" She coughed again. "-Dying."

    Mrs. Reynolds nodded. "Of course." She stood up and took it out of the wall, and though the smell of cinnamon didn't immediately fade, it did start to ease a bit.

    "Thanks," Alex said, heading to a seat in the back of the classroom. Mrs. Reynolds seemed nice. Good. She liked nice teachers.
  20. Kei chuckles and takes a seat in the back row.