The Circle Of Friends: The Last Summer

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  1. <p style="text-align: center"> <font size="7">IT&#039;S UP!!!!</font> </p>

    Friendship is said to last forever, but how can it possibly last when the future is so unclear: with High School ending, everyone's higher learning plans unclear, and the rapidly changing paths of their lives how can ten childhood friends possibly hold together?

    Ever since they were toddling they really never had need for anyone else because they had always had each other. Same classes, same neighborhoods, same friends, same experiences. Think as thieves they never had a need to change, but now, more so then ever, it's apparent that things can't always be this way.

    Knowing that this may be their last summer together then ten piled into a nine seater Volkswagen Bus, with and without permission, and head off onto the road. They hit land marks, stay at interesting locations, and focus on having the most unforgettable adventure of their lives.
    ...All on their parents dime(wether their parents know it or not).

    They'll throw it all to the wind and really live because they know at home acceptance and rejection letters wait. Life Waits.
    It all waits to rip them apart.


    (The SS Freedom)


    • A posting order will be set come the start of the RP It will be posted:
      • Here

    • I won't get to on your butt if your slow to post, after a week passes I will poke you. If you don't answer with in two days your turn will be skipped. (if you are interacting with a character that needs to post and you didn't post they will be granted power to briefly move your character so they can move on)

    • If drama starts in OOC you better believe I will kick you. I made this to not stress. Do not stress me or the others. IC drama is smiled upon.

    • Don't argue rules or judgement calls, you can ask or offer a solution but if it's still no. It's No.

    • If characters get in a fist fight or something, decide a winner before you start writing. It's no fun to have both people grand standing and refusing to lose. If you can not decide I will roll a dice. This goes for most arguments or fights.

    • Follow basic Iwaku rules. That means no M rated content guys.
    • You can have two playable characters if you want. I can adjust the number of characters bigger or smaller depending on how many characters you guys want. (but once the first 10 are filled I won't take more RPErs. I do wanna keep this a small group.)

    Playable Characters


    The Circle of Friends

    Heather Maria Grey

    Blair Elise Davenport

    Alianne Sundavar

    Amanda "Mandy" Jay Watson

    Toby Kyle Newton

    John Delacourt II

    Xavier Tate

    Ken Thornton

    Yumma Kashigowa

    Dominic Gabriel Banks

    Jason Lee Whitmore (The tag along)

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  2. Circle Character
    Amanda "Mandy" Jay Watson 19 Female Pan-Polysexual

    Hard Candies --- Gummies
    Sunny Days --- Cold Weather

    Nascar/NBA --- Reality TV
    Sports Drinks --- Sodas
    Exercising --- Having Nothing To Do
    Horror Movies --- Cheesy Romantic Movies

    1. Tried to be very girly and flirty from a very young age (perfect future wife material) to appease her mother, and then later on her boyfriend(and then ex) Andrew Yankazich. It never felt very her, but she wanted to be what people wanted her too be, thank god her friends helped her grow out of that.

    2. She went through a very bad relationship from age 13 to 17, her only relief from it was time with her uncle and friends. Those of which eventually helped her see just how badly the relationship was ruining her self image and esteem. (It ended officially when he punched her.)

    3. An dedicated health enthusiast, she can often be seen jogging or doing reps in at her local gym. The habit carried over from when she strictly watched her weight to keep herself from getting to a weight that would have made her mother mad.

    Heather Maria Grey -FRIEND (Pending...)

    Blair Elise Davenport -FRIEND (She loves her to bits an pieces, she loves all her friends. She owes a lot to Blair for making it easier to ease up and relax into who she really is. But lately there has been a kind of elephant in the room between them. A mutual attraction to one of their friends. Ahhh, teenage romance, it ruins EVERYTHING.)

    Alianne Sundavar -FRIEND

    Toby Kyle Newton -FRIEND (Pending...)

    John Delacourt II -FRIEND (They don't hang out nearly as much as she's like, but that's ok. The time they do spend together is well spent. It'd be better spent if she could step the palpitations in her chest. She enjoys is very stress free company and their similar dispositions. It always makes for a good time.)

    Xavier Tate -FRIEND (Probably one of her friends she feels closer too. He's fun to pick on and doesn't take it all to seriously. She knows she hedges on his nerves at times, but hey. That's all part of the fun.)

    Ken Thornton -FRIEND (Pending...)

    Yumma Kashigowa -FRIEND (Pending...)

    Dominic Gabriel Banks -FRIEND (Pending...)

    Jason Lee Whitmore -FRIEND

    Elaine Watson née Prisse -MOTHER

    Jebadiah Watson -FATHER

    Eric Prisse -UNCLE

    Lana Watson -SISTER (She passed away when Amanda was only sixteen. It was a real shock to the family, especially their mother. Lana was always the girly girl their mother had wanted. Mandy was the kid she could care less for. Must have hurt Elaine to bare the loss of her favorite daughter.)

    John Delacourt II (Develop after her break up with her EX, slowly cultivated during horror movie binges.)

    1. She's the one who borrow her uncles old van in order for them to be able to take this trip. He allowed her to take it since she helped him put it back together after he finally gathered up all the parts when she was fourteen.
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  3. Reserve Character

    Jason Lee Whitmore 23MaleBi-Sexual(Male Preference)

    Country --- Classical
    Romance --- Tragedy
    Elephants --- Monkeys
    Heights --- Spiders
    Fruits --- Vegetables
    Happy Endings --- Sad Endings
    1.Nothing the others would know, other then the fact he works for Amanda's uncle.
    1.He's Amanda's Uncle's right hand man at the shop. Her uncle asked him to tag along to keep an eye on Amanda them.
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  5. I'd like to reserved a female and a male. Is there any type of CS you want?
    Face claim
    Michiko Malandro
    Zoe Tamika Daley 21 Female Lesbian

    ✔ Mystery Books ------ ✖ Non Fiction Books
    ✔ Rom Coms ------ ✖ Musicals
    ✔ Lollipops ------ ✖ Chocolate
    ✔ Sour Candy ------ ✖ Non Sour Fruity Candy
    ✔ Holiday Flavors ------ ✖ Energy Drinks
    ✔ Hoodies ------ ✖ Skirts/Formal Dress
    ✔ Gel Nails ------ ✖ Conservative Assholes
    ✔ Foosball ------ ✖ Silence
    ✔ Kids Movies ------ ✖ Heels
    ✔ Rock Climbing ------ ✖ Kids in Movie Theaters
    ✔ Mohawks ------ ✖ Sexism/Homophobia/Ageism (all the isms!)
    ✔ Nature Channel ------ ✖ Fun House Mirrors
    ✔ Motorcycles ------ ✖ Ferrets
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  6. You can find the CS on the cast page
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  7. Hey can I reserve a guy and a girl^^.
  8. Sure, i'll get right on that!
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  9. Now that I got them lol, will have them up tonight^^, I post cses here right? Just wanna know lol.

  10. [​IMG]
    " Life is a Journey and Baby... I'm going to live it to my very fullest."
    Blair Elise Davenport




    ~ Romantic gestures
    ~ Boating
    ~ Tanning
    ~ Running
    ~ Music
    ~ Singing
    ~ Piano
    ~ Dancing
    ~ Parties
    ~ Romantic Books
    ~ Pretty Girls
    ~ Handsome Boys
    ~ Painting
    ~ Traveling
    ~ Midnight Swims
    ~ Snow
    ~ Spicy Food
    ~ Ramen
    ~ Japan
    ~ Shopping
    ~ Lace
    ~ Dogs
    ~ Oversized Sweater's
    ~ Make - Up
    ~ Hairstyling
    ~ Laughing
    ~ Horseback Riding
    ~ Hiking
    ~ Chocolate
    ~ Writing
    ~ Photography
    ~ Dresses
    ~ Stylish outfits
    ~ Fast Cars
    ~ Green Tea Kit Kat's
    ~ Bluegrass Music
    ~ Liar's

    ~ Cats
    ~ Plaid
    ~ Overly dramatic people
    ~ Weird Food's
    ~ Backstabber's
    ~ Snakes
    ~ Spiders
    ~ Rude People

    Blair was raised to be a happy go lucky kind of girl. From the day she was born she was never really an unhappy baby. She was always giggling with a smile lit to that of her face. Her father was an extremely well known journalist/Reporter.. He was always traveling about the world and giving his view on everything he ever witnessed. Her mother was a highly demanded actress who became best known after her movie ," Thorns and Roses." From that day on her career all but sky rocketed. Her parent's adored her and her older sister greatly but within time of trying to raise them both and keep a bond.. They realized they weren't as strong as they once were and not the madly in love people they were the day they met in Ireland. When Blair was seven they separated and went their separate ways unaware of how broken their children's heart's were by it. They both made sure to give their children all their love and attention they could possibly.

    As time passed she grew older and old wounds healed. During all that occurred that smile never faded from her lips once. She soon discovered a great talent she had for acting and that of her father's skill on telling things how they are. She dreams of becoming an actress who can help the world with all the developing issues at hand. She has an older sister who is all but conquering the Movie Industry as a leading actress alongside that of her mother. Her mother recently remarried a man half her age.. Nice guy but still so not her dad. From that he brought his daughter into their family alongside that of their adopted daughter. Her father now lives in Japan and still visits when he can. Blair spends her days becoming better at what she loves and keeping constantly happy with the friend's she love's and adore's the most!
    N/A at the given time.
    Ezra Watson ~ Step-father - 29 - Alive

    Jackson Davenport ~ Father ~ 45 - Alive
    Ivanna Watson ~ Mother ~ 42 - Alive
    Aria Davenport ~ Older Sister - 21 - Alive
    Hannah Watson ~ Younger Sister - 13 - Alive
    Giselle Watson ~ Younger Sister - 9 - Alive
    ~ Open! ~


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  11. This is exactly where you post them~
  12. OKay cool probably will have both up in the next hour or two^^, This looks really fun
  13. Can do~
  14. One girl and two boys left
    (don't worry though i'm willing to work out a way to get more characters in.
    ...might need to close sign ups to people not already mentioned in the thread soon.)
  15. May I reserve One female and two Males (If not two males would one be okay?)
  16. @Shayla
    @Wonderful Thing

    In the interest of keeping things fair, any second character made can not be one of the ten friends. But instead someone who they meet along the way or all knew before hand. Wither way the second character can:

    • Be someone they meet and they decide to come along with their own mode of transport (I.E. second car or motor bike or something)

    • Be back in the home town (which could be fun, like a little rp in a rp)
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  17. Okay cool. My girl was gonna be the main char than. My guy could be her cousin who will meet them on the trip? Like the new guy who wants to join the group on this fun vacation or something lol. Is that cool?
  18. I did some quick counting (aka as counting slowly on my fingers) and changed my mind. You will be the last person I am admitting (unless of course someone decides they don't want to be in this rp any more) at this time. Your first character can be one of the main ten but for your second refer to this:

  19. That sounds like a solid plan to me!
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  20. This got up fast, I'll reserve one male. Working on cs now.
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