The Circle City Chronicles- B.L.O.A.T.

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  1. THE
    Current Team Members-6

    TEAM LEVEL- 1 Each level earned gains the team one extra bonus ( TBA)


    "Time... what is time. is it a measure of a lifes span or is it a chronilogical perception of worth. "i work hard five days a week." " I earned eighteen thousand dollars last fiscal year"... Humanity is vain and at its core wicked. "

    The words echo across the hollow spanse of existance from the lips of a conqueror... the conqueror who made life what it is now, some three thousand years aftera worldwide war upon this evil being that we almost lost a dozen times. Now, after the shattered earth regains its poise, there are no massive mountains or sprawling forests. now, there is only a great plainsland covered in various grasses and small bushes, now, humanity lives in only two places, Circle city, and Cross city. After the war against the conqueror, spirits and demons freely walked the world, usually not even attempting to hide from humanity, as there was no point. but a scientific mastermind invented a way to harness this new resource in the world. the power of souls.
    Circle City is the center of the universe now. a sprawling and ever expanding metropolis by the sea made of twisted steel and mankinds modern experimentations. All things are powered by spirits now, not electricity. a tiny ghost for a cellphone battery, and a behemoth for a city block. but where do these spirits come from?
    THAT, is exactly where the AMARANTH coorporation comes in, they supply the souls for the entirity of Circle city, and their independant agents are the worlds finest spiritual warriors, traveling in pair, the AMaranth teams, the slayers fight off the demons that hoard the spirits, and the 'witches' capture the spirits within their own bodies.
    However, the amaranth coorporation is not quiet what it appears, and the scientists are finding new,and evermore dangerous ways of implementing the spirits of the world.

    The slayer is granted a special device implanted in their chest(s) and a reciever in his hand(s). (All complaints about bad jokes are welcome, and frankly, well deserved.) The power of ones soul is forged intoa weapon to combat the demons that hoard the innocent spirits. the weapon can take a hundred different forms, and varies in color and size from person to person.when a demon dies, its power is absorbed by stabbing the weapon into either the heart of the demon or the head of the demon. demons take several forms, varying in size, but none so far have been anything that could pass as human.Most SLayers have a problem passing as human after a certain point as well, but not on a physical level.

    THE WITCH-The Witch is by far the more important of the two in the team, and usually the weaker one. Witches are always Female, as the amaranth coorporations device for absorbing souls requires the physiology of a woman above sixteen years of age. the witch uses her limited attack magic, and ensnaring abilities to capture the spirits ghost, and wrench it free from its corporeal form made of ectoplasm. once the spirit is but a glowing orb in their hand, the witch 'swallows' the spirit into her body, usually throught he bellybutton . while sometimes a spirit cannot fully be brought into the orb for ingestion, some witches are reputed to consume a spirit NOT free'd from their corporeal form as their normal means of capture. they must literally swallow the spirit whole no matter its size. once arrived back at the station, the spirit is excorcised fromt eh body, leavign its ectoplasm inside the witch until her soul absorbs it fully. this technoque is frowned upon by others, but not by thecoorporation. A witch is hired after a long coarse of tests and trials, anyone may test to see if they have the skills, and once their soul energy is unlocke,d a witch BELONGS to the amaranth coorporation. several women have made their way out of the slums of circle city this way. however, the life is not glorious.

    Will you rise to the challenge in this world of greed and hunger? can you live with yourself when you know what it is you are actually doing?

    (currently reworkign EVERYTHING.. you'll find out soon. )

    The BLOAT division of teh amaranth coorporation is a new program designed to deal with singularly uncontrolable threats. normally, a crissis of huge magnitudes woudl mean the coorporation would liquidate and destroy everythgin in the area instead of trying to banish all the demons, the BLOAT program seeks to make teams capable of dealing with such epidemics fo spirit and demon outbreaks in a minimaly invasive manner.

    Team one-Scallion- island unit
    SLayers-Sato ( matthias lanier)
    Witch-Miranth ( duchess_bastet)
    Team ones specialty is water, and the slayer has TWO witches to deal with because of the constant amount of water dwellign spirits coming up from the waves. their missions are frequent and demons are few and weak.

    Team two-Leones- Grass forest unit
    SLayer-Nero Demyan- (Kairoga)
    Witch-Hiaril aesomolylor ( kairoga)
    Team two specializes in grass and nature, these two are hardened soldiers each and don't fear alot. their jobs are constant, but harder than unit one

    Team three-Urzallis- Subterannean Unit
    Slayer-Marcus fellhound (Krolik)
    slayer-Cid ( critis )
    Team three specializes in underground missions, they have the hardest demons to fight, and the most powerful spirits, their Witch must be one who swallows the spirit whole more often thatn not as a means of capture.


    Weapon style-
    Weapon color-
    Short bio- (why joined, temperment, how long have you been in amaranth?)

    Age- (Must be at least 16)
    usual method of capture-(Excorcise, or consume)
    Attack spells- ( limit two)
    SHort Bio- ( Why joined, tempermant, how long have you been in amaranth)

    Stream of events outline
    <o:p></o:p>Part One
    -meet and greet
    -travel tot eh docks
    -problem at the docks
    - get ont eh boat and got to eh oilrig
    -get ahold of your only contact there
    -first run in with the demon(s) of the place
    -begin extended mission one- search and destroy

  2. -SLAYER-
    Team-Team Two-Leones-
    Name-Nero Demyan
    Weapon style- Primal Fang (Tiger Claws)
    Weapon color- DemonSteel Black
    Short bio- At first Nero was in it for the money, 6 years of being with Amaranth later, Nero is now starting have trouble passing as human, his eyes which were once a hazel green, is now a demon red; His soft side is now rarely seen. Nero is one to normally keep to himself when in public, Nero does open up to his partner becoming defensive in public if he feels they are threatened. He feels truly free when out hunting for Amaranth.
  3. Very nice. dark, sinister yet fragrantly droll. approved. will start as soon as we have probably 4 players.
  4. Team- Urzallis
    Name- Marcus Felhound
    Age- 32

    Appearance- A tall man with a sleepy dull expression. His golden eyes seem in a slight droop as if weary of the world around him and his entire form seems to almost be tired and weak form his experiences. He is tall and lithe, seeming very slim beneath the heavy armor and robes he tends to wear. His boots are simple combat types that go up into a pair of soft cotton pants dyed crimson. The pants have layered metal armor on either side of his hips down his thighs to his knees, sown into the pants. He has a sash tied tight around his waist the ends hanging out the back down to the middle of his calf the silk constantly flowing around behind him. His chest is armored with a simple metal breastplate engraved with a two headed eagle. His arms are bare of armor but covered in soft cloth, a shirt that he has on under his breastplate, the cloth simple cotton and the same crimson as his pants. Beneath the armor and shirt however is a heavily scarred and muscled chest that shows his experience in the underground fighting the most powerful of enemies. His hair is a tawny brown and very long, tied in a single thick braid that trails down almost to his ankles.

    Weapon style- Technically three seeing as his sword is not his main weapon of choice when fighting demons. In his young days he realized rushing head on against the most powerful of foes was not always the best option so he had a large cannon made. The weapon stands a good 7 feet long and fires simple solid metal slugs. It has a large blade running along it’s underside that acts as a simple spear against the more feral and headstrong demons that just tend to rush. His soul’s weapon however is a large single edged two handed sword. The great weapon is nearly as tall as him, it’s cross guard ornately shaped and the blade itself seeming to come from a dragons mouth. It is single edged with a heavy spade shaped tip.

    Weapon color- The cannon and it’s blade are a color of silver and steel but his sword however is a soft gold with a burnished bronze blade.

    Short bio- Marcus was born into battle and his family can trace their line all the way back to the Great War. They have always been a clan of warriors and that is why Marcus joined, this was simply another battle for him to participate in. The felhound, as he has been come to be known in some circles, seems to seek out conflict, seeking powerful demons, maybe out of some sense of a death wish or maybe to help no one can really be sure what the dull man is thinking or why he does what he does. He has been with Amaranth for nearly 12 years now and has chocked up an impressive reputation for a skilled combatant and peerless demon hunter in the underground. Due to his job he comes off as cold to his fellows, rarely speaking or initiating conversation, and with humans they seem to avoid him, seeming to know the price of his duty that weigh heavy on his soul.
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  6. Character accepted KROLIK,

    I posted up some plot num-num's for now, will probably get some more info up later today.
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  10. -SLAYER-

    Team- One: Scallion- Island Unit

    Name- Sato

    Age- 23

    Appearance- Sato stands at an elegant five foot eleven height complimented by a thin but athletic build only martial artists could possess. Sato's normal heighth is pushed up to six-one by the black hard soled boots that he found perfect for his feet to wear even in a combat situation. He wears a pure white long sleeved button down shirt tucked into white slacks accented with crimson bottom cuffs and held up by a crimson colored belt with a silver buckle. The choice of clothes Sato adorns most days accent every detail of his thin but deathly powerful muscles, though these clothes are loose enough to not restrict his movements in anyway. When in the field Sato's clothes are covered by a long white coat accented on the shoulders with crimson as well, and his hands are fitted perfectly into crimson gloves. His head is topped with straight shoulder length raven black hair that frames a chiseled and hardened but understanding and kind face.

    Weapon style- Sato is an essential weapon master, credit being given to his 18 years of training in Shao-Lin Kung Fu. Though Sato is well experienced in many weapons, he uses almost none of them except the well known chinese straight sword, also known as a chien. Being the martial artist that he is, also trained in many fighting systems of kung fu, but is very adverse to aggression when fighting so he is devoted to using tai chi chuan as his fighting style.

    Weapon color- Sato's chien, proudly and correctly named blood fang, is of average length and is seathed in a crimson scabbard adroned with white at the points where it attaches to the belt of the user. Blood Fang has a hilt white as ivory with crimson vine-like decorations swirling on, through, and around it. The blade of the chien is pure crimson (weather from the marterials that is was made from or the blood of enemies is unknown) that is sharp enough to cut through most solid objects in this world.

    Short bio-Sato was born 23 years ago and was instantly thrown into the unfairness of life. His mother died after 18 hours of laboring to give Sato life and his father had not days earlier in an altercation between a mob of people and the police, his father being one of the police. Sato was left in the care of Shao-Lin monks being that he was an orphan. At the age of four, after many difficutl chores some would consider too hard for a young child of the age of three, Sato was allowed to start learning Kung Fu. Over the next 18 years he trained hard night and day with breaks far and few between, and at the age of 22 Sato completed his training at the rank of elder master and consequently left the monks to seek out his purpose in life. After weeks of traveling, Sato saw a man trounce a creature (now known to him as a demon) he had never seen before. He ask the man where he got such training and what the creature was, and the man had told him if he wanted to know this information he should seek out Amaranth. Sato is now twenty-three and has been with Amaranth for only a year which is why he is part of Scallion. He may be new and somewhat inexperienced but is a master in battle and is a great asset to all who know him. He is calm and collected in and out of fighting taking in all information before making a decision about one subject. He is quickly becoming a great slayer and will stop all demons who wish to disrupt the world as we know it.
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  12. Character approved, Mathias. good to have you.hmm now if we can only get a fricken WITCH in here we can start >_<
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  16. How many witches are we needing exactly? Des are you just being GM and NPC's in this story?
  17. At least ONE witch is needed, I'll be postign an senior officer soon. believe me, our '[demons' are goign to be shadow of the collosus, tough to beat. each one IS the level.... *evil grin* you know how devious i roll, Matthias. this is a whole new game.
  18. oh damn lol well this should definatly cure the boredum and disenchantment i have going on lol. I cannot wait to start. Now where the hell is our witch? lol
  19. This may be a stupid question but what is meant went you say that the slayer becomes less and less able to pass off as human? Like if its physical change what happens, and if its a non-physical change what is it and what happens?
    Another question that popped into my head is since i worry about god moding and taking enemies down to easily, what is a good level, compared to the demons, should our characters battle at or rather how tough should we make the battling? just questions i though would be good asking before the story began. :)
  20. hahah. good question matthias. the demons will be enough of a challenge just because of the way I will be posting them. If you come up with a good tactic, I will make sure th demon goes down a littel faster, but expect to be wounded a few times. the problem with beign a slayer is that eventually the demonic energy seeps into you, but the change is mostly non-physical unless extremes occur. but NONE OF THIS MATTERS WITHOUT A WIIIIIIITCH!!!! T_T *sniffle*