The Cinderella Effect (IC)

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  1. The Cinderella Effect
    Do you believe in magic?

    The bells of the castle towers rang loud throughout the land of Evercrest, the ball had begun. Lords and Ladies lined up to welcome the dashing Princes as the announcements of the royals quieted the room. Eligible woman watched the four princes like hawks watching their prey, despite this ball only being to celebrate the return of all soldiers to their homelands. War was put to rest. Judas, a strong man, came back from the front lines many moons ago battle harden, but soldiers still stayed to secure the peace with other nations. If anyone was going to raise above and start another war, it would be short lived. The five neighboring kingdoms were tired of losing lives and wished for peace...for now. The stunning ball room was themed with the colors silver and gold, a sign of wealth for the kingdom. Everyone seemed to dress in the best they could dream of. Magic filled the night as gentlemen began dancing with ladies. The ball was breathe taking and something of pure dreams.

    Amelia Owens

    • Magic seemed to wisp around the small chamber. Fabric draped on mannequins, each with their own unique design and magical trace. Occupying the four corners of the room were four sisters: Elly, the youngest; Cassandra, the second youngest; Emelyne; and Amelia, the oldest. Amelia was a quite girl when focused on her magic, she learned far too much that if she wasn’t going to focus than she wasn’t going to succeed in what she wanted. Silver and baby blue wisps seemed to swarm around the mannequin that Amelia was working on. Sure the girls may have known how to sow, but none of them seemed to know how to make a dress that would be acceptable for the ball…which none of them were invited to. Yes, the kingdom was, but not the servants---most could not afford such a luxury so many choose to celebrate the soldiers return at pubs. The girls on the other hand wished to be at the ball after all they helped prepped the ball room the entire day for this.

      Amelia’s dress was beautiful. A light teal formed the base of the long dress, the same color teal also belonged to the tool fabric that covered the skirt of the dress and a white laced top hooked the tool in. The dress was simple, elegant, and specially made for Amelia. Magic had a unique way of creating something designed specifically for the user. Amelia seemed to like that.

      The short brunette soon found her dress complete and it almost time for the ball.


      Looking around to her sisters, Amelia smiled. “It’s almost time,” she noted as she looked out the balcony at the moon in the sky. The full moon was beginning its ascent into the darkening sky of Evercrest, a beautiful and gracious town that Amelia called home for many years. Though she still called another place home, somewhere far from this kingdom.

      Finding her way into the dress, Amelia sat in front of the mirror and began the war on her hair. Braiding along the crown of her head, Amelia made a simple hair style that would complement her the most. The natural wave to her hair made Amelia smile, it was finally working with her. Her outfit was coming together nicely.

      Make up was next. Red berries mixed with honey allowed for her to dye her lips a redder color without being sticky, smelly, or messy. Next came an extremely hard ingredient in which Amelia knew no other girl than her sister’s would have. Moon dust. It was rare, and could only be produced by a sorceress with a connection to the lunar side of life. It took Amelia weeks to even produce a little. The dust was to brighten their eyes without saying a spell.

      Once everything was in place, and each girl was ready to set out for a night like no other, Amelia opened the door and led them to the front door. One of the other three sisters were able to falsify documents that would allow the four sisters into the ball. The girls were smart in getting what they wanted, but others could see their antics as reckless.

      Each girl fell in line behind each other as they entered the ball room through the left side entrance. Lords and Ladies were to enter through the right entrance, commoners through the left, and higher up royals such as the princes, queen, and king would enter via the staircase. No one seemed to see Amelia and her sister’s come through the entrance as the princes were already making their descent doing the staircase. It was perfect. The lack of people noticing them meant that they would have an easier time mingling with others.

      Amelia took her place near a male as she watched the princes enter the room. Judas, a noble warrior prince that carried many scars. Akinli, a prince that knew tactics well. Reginald, the prince that had a way with music. Lastly, there was crown prince Chance, the next leader of Evercrest. Each prince seemed to bring something unique to the plate. Despite Amelia’s hatred for being a servant, the princes weren’t overly ruling over their servants so they weren’t that bad in Amelia’s mind.

      After the princes entrance, Amelia found her way away from her sister’s and to a table containing small snacks and appetizers. They weren’t that appetizing so Amelia left the table and walked to the window. Music played softly in the background as she stared outside. Amelia could see the village from the window, she could see the pub in which her few friends were in. Maybe she should have gone there, but then again she wouldn’t have left her sisters alone when they could be arrested for forging papers that stated they were wealthy commoners.

      Breathing air onto the window, Amelia took her fingers and began tracing the outline of the town. She didn’t understand what was so amazing about the ball, sure the gowns and ball room was gorgeous, but the small talk was boring and didn’t pertain to her well. She had no clue who Mr. Harold was or why Miss. McKinley left town abruptly. Maybe he died and she got pregnant, who cared anyway.

    • Outfit: Dress, Hair
      Location: Window
      Mentioned: Her sisters, and the princes.
      Interactions: Her sisters

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  2. Prince Judas DePointe
    The afternoon air had taken a strange chill as the castle grew more and more crowded for the upcoming ball. Servants pranced around, gathering all necessary materials to place within the massive room that would hold every eligible person within the kingdom of Evercrest, from the white roses and lilies that were placed in massive golden vases tied with silver bows to the overly fancified tablecloths that would decorate each and every table. Even the men and women who catered to the musical needs were shuffling in to rehearse before the long night ahead, carrying with them their precious instruments, each with their own servant to carry other necessities, including their outfits for the night. Some were harsh with their words, others even daring to use a small whip.

    To Judas, such things were nothing more than the cruel euphemism of aristocracy. In their eyes, these people willingly placed themselves beneath their employment, having no sense for the fact that some only did so out of sheer desperation to feed their hungry families. The thought of such things…being around such people…made him spit as bile lodged in his throat.

    His hand tightened around the grip of his blade as his dark eyes took in the sights of those around him. At his feet, Zandara gave a whine, which alerted the nearby man to place his hand on the prince’s shoulder.

    Now, now, Highness. Don’t work yourself up too much before tonight. You’ll need your energy if you’re going to survive it.” General Dumont’s witty words forced Judas into a slightly more relaxed state, a chuckle escaping him as he turned his gaze to his cherished friend.

    I know you are right, General. I just wish they would let me leave the area for a short while to cool off beforehand. Could you imagine the look on Father’s face were I to disappear right before the ball held in the honor of our most glorious army?” His voice dripped with heavy sarcasm at the last part. “After all, if the Warrior Prince were not to show for the ball held in victory over war, what would be the point of it?

    Perhaps you should try to get yourself a lady for once, my Prince. It might help your nerves a bit.

    Judas chuckled once more, shaking his head as his sweaty curls bounced heavily over his shoulders. “I have no eyes for love. You know this better than anyone.

    When did I say anything about love, Jude?

    Sobering, the young prince looked at his old friend, his lightened expression once more turning to its typical darkness, the frown growing beneath his well-manicured beard. “You know I would never commit such a thing to a woman. It is not in my heart to do so.

    Saving yourself for a woman you do not search for? Your thoughts on women baffle me at times, Highness. Just be ready for many of them to throw themselves at you. You will certainly be the highlight of tonight, and the only one shining brighter than you is the future king. We all know that women want the princes only to become royalty, themselves. That is why I do not see why it is such a bad thing to take a few to your bed and enjoy yourself for once.

    A pained expression fell across the prince’s face at this. He hated balls. Not only for the bastardly aristocracy, but for the gold diggers, the wenches of women who want the highest rank they could get their talons on. Every time he went, dressed in uncomfortable clothing with his curls combed back and nothing more than his sword on his hip for defense, he was swarmed with them. They were like vultures! And to think that many of the servant women were much the same, thinking he was no better than his lecherous father, mating with anything with breasts and a nice ass. Perhaps they saw him as worse than the king, for at heart, he was nothing more than a soldier. And the soldiers were very well known at the local brothels. But Judas was never seen in such establishments. In their eyes, why would he when he could bring the wenches to him?

    I wish you could take my place, Simon…I think you would do better than me as a prince of this kingdom.

    It was the General’s turn to laugh, tossing his head back to give a hearty bellow. “I would never trade lives with you. I do not envy what you must endure day after day. Just know that you have a great many people who truly love you. That includes your brothers, Highness. Do not ever forget the bond of brotherhood. We may be brothers at arms, but you would be surprised to find that brothers in blood can be even stronger in bond. If you shan’t look to the bosom of a woman for comfort, perhaps you should look to the men who have your back.

    At that, Zandara gave a yip, rising into a sitting position before leaning against her guardian’s leg.

    Of course, Z would like to remind you that she has your back as well. Where you go, she goes.

    Judas gave a small smile, patting the beautiful wolf affectionately. “You are right, as usual. It is only one night, after all. And then, the usual antics will begin again, and we can go back to recruiting more men for any upcoming wars. No doubt there will be at some point.

    The wizened old General gave a curt nod before looking up at the first ringing of the castle bells and the sun now falling into the western horizon. “Well, in that case, I say it’s time to go ready ourselves. If you need a moment tonight, just search me out. You know I will be there. Good day to you, my Prince.” With that, he turned and walked away, leaving Judas in his small, makeshift training area within the castle courtyard. As he left, the waiting servants instantly began to tear it down to get the courtyard ready for the guests of the evening, who would certainly be arriving soon.

    With Zandara on his unarmed side, as she always was, the prince made his way to his room. It was here he would bathe himself and get ready for the ball that had been in planning for many moons. In just an hour or so, he would be required to appear just behind his older brother, pristine from head to toe.


    Hair -- [x] Outfit [x]​

    And so, he was, precisely where he needed to be. His hair was slicked back as it was at any formal gathering, still wet and freshly oiled so that the small warrior’s bun placed at the base of his skull would stay throughout the night. His face was freshly groomed, but he refused the typical powder that would be placed on his bronzed skin to lighten it and make it more “attractive,” preferring to keep his skin clear of any debris.

    On his person was the typical outfit that was made for any formal occasion. Each of the princes had their own to represent their personal “style.” His was mostly black, the long tunic that was customary falling mid-thigh over black silken pants that were tucked into shining black boots, which were freshly polished. The tunic, itself, held golden-colored threads woven into intricate patterns across the chest as well as along the lining of the fabric. Around his waist was a belt that matched the designs of the tunic, but instead of gold, the metal that created the end band as well as the buckle was freshly-polished silver. The cuffs adorning his wrists were of the same material, engraved with similar designs to that on the tunic. As usual, on the right side of his belt was the sheath for his blade, which he had cleaned himself. To finish his look off was a beautiful black cloak chained across his chest with a silver chain attached on two silver rings that clung to the delicate cloth. The underside of this dark fabric was a golden-colored fabric that gave the cloak a shimmering appearance, and the edges were woven of the same design.

    While he was uncomfortable in such clothing, Judas betrayed no such feelings, instead taking comfort from the soft, freshly-washed fur of his wolf companion, who would go nowhere without him. She stood on his left, as she always did, her violet eyes taking in the crowd as he descended the stairs behind his older brother.

    He had already mapped out all possible escape routes, and while he was announced, and all those of the court cheered, his gaze went over these exit plans with a subtle scan of the crowd. In an instant, he found four young women passing by from the north entrance, passing by unannounced to keep from taking eyes from the princes. His gaze settled on them a moment, a brow rising in suspicion. They were quite late, indeed…for it was customary to be announced before the arrival of the royal family. Of course, there were always those who fell behind, and it was obvious that these young ladies only wanted to enjoy the ball like the rest of the court. With that, Judas paid no more mind to them and returned to his scan of the ballroom.

    As his brothers descended the stairs, he stayed back a moment, watching the women eyeing each man of the royal family as though they were nothing more than the rats in the dirt for a fox to catch in its vicious jaws. Grinding his teeth, he finally decided to get it over with and came down in the rear.

    The moment he was on the floor and away from the safety of the stairs, he was swarmed with women. Plenty of handkerchiefs were tossed before him in offerings, which he swiftly and graciously returned with a bow of his head and a small apology.

    No, madam. It is I who does not wish to tarnish your beauty.

    My lady, please forgive me for not taking your offer.

    Please, do not cry, my lady. You will find love one day, but it is not from me. I am sorry.

    These and many like them were said over and over again. He did not dance, for he had no time to. Soon, every woman that was not already spoken for – and even some that were – had tossed herself at him in one way or another. An hour or so passed before he could finally breathe, slowly backing towards the balcony that faced the western skies. When he finally made it, he opened the doors and took in the night sky with a sigh of relief. He would not be able to stay here long, but it was a brief moment all his own.

    And it was at this moment in time that he realized the same four women who had come in a little late were the only maidens in the room that had not come to him. In that instant, something sparked in him. A curiosity, perhaps. And a little bit of relief that there were some sensible women in Evercrest. With another relieved breath, he took his gaze to the sky, listening to the melancholy sounds of the cellos within the ballroom reverberate through the air around him. At his feet, Zandara lay down, panting happily, knowing that for a brief moment, her charge was safe.

    If only for a brief moment.

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  3. ♚ Cae, Cael, Elly ♚ 18-May.25 ♚ Match-Reginald ♚
    {Ensemble Form Nearsighted Gift/Ability; Bringing her imagination to life Jaq || Gusgus}
    Caeley E. Neal{Interactions - Sisters || Mentioned - Sisters, Princes || Location - Wishing Fountain by the Staircase}

    Glancing over at her sisters different dresses didn't make things any easier for Elly. There were just so many options, too many to choose from ... especially when her imagination was the limit. Her imagination in itself was a problem. Caeley might only stand at just under five foot two inches herself, but her imagination was something that, if compared to the height of a person, was much, much grander than that. The creativity and possibilities that buzzed around inside of the youngest girls head reached far past the stars in the sky ... in fact she wasn't even sure it ever stopped reaching. Letting out a sigh as she took a step back from her third attempt at a dress, Cae found herself still scowling, unimpressed with what she had come up with. This one was too dark, the second one was too bright and her first one was almost an exact replica of her sister, Amelia's. "hm... maybe I'll just try a different color, after all... blue probably isn't my color anyway" she mumbled to herself.

    Groaning as she heard the eldest girl saying it was almost time, stress was gnawing at her brain as she looked to see that it appeared as though she was the only girl that was unfinished. She loved magic and it was absolutely stunning what it's properties could do, but it was definitely not her strongest suit... at least not right now. "Okay, maybe if I just pull this down, tighten this piece, remove this strap... hmm... it's good, but something is still missing" she murmured to herself once again being drawn into her work. Closing her eyes and gently resting her hands on the soft, silky fabric her dress had been made of, Elly let her mind wander around on it's own, giving her thoughts free reign as she attempted to invision the perfect gown for what promised to be an unforgettable night. Opening her eyes after a moment a half smiled played on Caeley's thin pink lips as she realized just what finishing touches would perfectly adorn the simple white dress that hung on the mannequin in front of her. Golden trim and accents in a floral design would match her locket, the only thing she had remaining from her biological family, perfectly and it would go well with the hairstyle she had planned a few days before when the sisters decided to go to the ball. Once she had managed to get the dress on, with the help of one of her sisters, the short girl moved to stand in front of the mirror, sharing the room with the other three girls as she put her hair into a simple braid with a gentle floral hairband touch, leaving the back as it's natural state... and hoping that it would not be overly frizzy that night. Makeup was simply thankfully, and easy to make using an assortment of berries in different shades of red mixed with a touch of honey that was both pleasant in taste and texture for the girls lips. As luck would have it, they had the option to make their own shoes as well ... and Elly didn't have much of a choice in the matter, unless she wanted to be dancing in her usual run-down flats or bare-feet. Sighing as she stepped into her elegant heels she grimaced at the thought of how sore her feet would be later that night, but who knows if something like this would ever happen again. This was a momentous occasion that would likely only happen once in the lifetime of these young ladies.

    Taking hold of her document that stated she was merely a wealthy commoner instead of a servant pauper girl, Caeley Emerson Neal fell in line behind the other three girls quietly and looked around in awe as they entered the ballroom. True, they had been the ones who set up a vast amount of this, but it never dawned on her just what it must look like to someone who was attending the ball. Briefly after arriving inside the palace room she noticed Amelia head off on her own and took the cue. It really wasn't as if they had come here tonight to just stand in their normal little huttle, they came to live and find out what it would be like to walk a different path of life.

    Leaving Emma and Cassandra to their own vices, Caeley wandered off, exploring different areas of the room she thought she had known so well. Finding her way over to the stairs that the royal family was descending she took a seat on the edge of a 'wishing' fountain that adorned the left railing. As a child she had tossed a multitude of little coins into the fountain, making wishes that never did come true. Watching as the royal family: King, then Queen DePointe, followed by all four princes in birth order entered the ball. Should she have been standing? Probably. Did she care enough? Nope. They were the same six people she lived to serve. They might seem like these grand, amazing people to everyone else, but really what could be so special about them? They had money and status, that was truly the only thing separating them from someone like her. Letting her dark gaze float around the room, she was glad she had claimed this spot. It seemed to be becoming a very crowded area... why had the girls wanted to do this again?
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  4. Isabaella had been up since early morning directing everyone to set up for the upcoming ball. She crossed her arms over her chest surveying the ball room a smile tugged at her lips. This evening was going to be perfect. Nothing would ruin this evening for her sons. This was for Jude and the military mainly, but also for all her son's to meet the eligible woman in the kingdom.

    The day rolled by and she was whisked away up to her room to get ready for the ball. Her dress was on a dress form. The beautiful red dress was pulled on to her and pulled tightly. The velvet dress hugged her form and flowed to the ground gracefully. Her circlet dipped into the center of her head and was emerald and ruby studed. Her hair was twisted up and fell down her back in curls.
    Isabaella made her way down the stairs with her husband her blue eyes a light with happiness and wonder. She had never been happier with how it turned out. She sat on her throne, her smile grew bigger upon seeing all of her sons descend the stairs. She was immensely proud of all of them. They all had their unique accomplishments but she loved all of them.
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  5. Reginald20Banner.png

    Location: His Room-The Ballroom
    Mood: Happy/Energetic/Optimistic/Curious

    Outfit: Reginald's Outfit
    Interaction(s): No One
    Mentioned: Judas, Akinli, Chance, Caeley

    Tagged: @Mowkie @Stargazer @Little_Ghost98 @~Happily.Ever.After~

    Reginald Beaumont, the youngest Prince of EverCrest and probably the sweetest and most caring of the four, was sitting on the edge of his giant bed. He was dressed in a beautiful outfit. It was made of Ivory with gold intricate designs going in every direction on every part of it. Even his shoes had intricate gold designs. His style was creative and beautiful, everyone knew what to expect when it came to Little Reggie's outfit, a masterpiece made of clothing. He was dressed to impress and amaze the guests and anyone else in the room. He had a few minutes before he would be called to descend the stairs with his older brothers. He loved all the balls and other extravagant events that were thrown by his family, he loved seeing everyone in EverCrest come to the castle and dance and have fun. Even though he knew that the ball was mainly for the military men and his brother, Judas, Reginald would still enjoy it as if it wasn't about the War ending or anything to do with violence.

    He sat on the edge of his bed, writing out some more beautiful Poetry and finishing the music that he would have the performers play near the end of the night. He had written a few Instrumentals for previous events at the castle, and they were always pleasant to the ear and most people loved the music he created for the night. Reginald mind was always at work when it came to creating something beautiful or amazing, he never had a moment where he didn't have an idea for an Instrumental Piece or Poem.

    While he sat there putting the finishing touches in, he would start to feel something slither up his back and rest on his shoulders. He turned to see a Boa Constrictor staring right back at him. "Hey Lord Boa, you wanna see what I made?" He smirked at his pet snake, showing the creature his masterpiece. Lord Boa hissed his approval of the Musical Piece, which just made the already happy and energetic young prince smile wider and become even happier. "Thanks, I hope everyone else feels the same way." He smirked at his snake, before standing up and situating Lord Boa securely onto his shoulders. Most people were accustomed to seeing him with Lord Boa around his shoulders, but there was always a few that shrieked and ran when they spotted the creature, which only made the both of them try hard not to laugh and hiss back at them.

    As Reginald was heading out of his room, he went back towards his dresser to get something. "I almost forgot..." Picking up the rather small gold and silver rounded Crown. "I had this made just for you." He smiled, placing the rounded Crown/Collar around Lord Boa's head, stopping once it was down to the end of his head and the beginning of his body. "Perfect fit. Now, let's go." Closing the door behind him, he walked off and was now ready to have some fun.

    Once it was his turn to descend the staircase, he glided down them with ease and grace. He bowed to the very beautiful women that tried to throw themselves at him. He was a respectable Prince, most of the ladies knew that he wasn't one to just take a girl to his chambers. He hasn't lived that much of life to be like that, and hopefully, he never will. He gave a few of the girls kind smiles and even promised to dance with a few later in the evening. Reginald made his way towards the men and women playing all the wonderful music and handed the lead performer his Musical Piece. "This might be one of my best, I hope you do love it." He bowed towards the performers, as they did the same.

    With his music now in the hands of the right people, Reginald moved towards the middle of the room, scanning the crowd. He loved seeing new and unique people, the ones who didn't stick to a crowd... ones who could hold their own. Lord Boa seemed to move his head with Reginald's, the snake spotted a few interesting individuals, but the both of their gazes fell upon a beautiful girl that sat alone near the Wishing Fountain. "Wow..." The only word that came out of the young prince's mouth, before a smile graced his face. This smile was different from his normal cheery smiles, it was the smile of interest and wonder. He didn't want to bother her, seeing as she didn't seem like she wanted to talk or interact at the moment with anyone, so Reginald went off to find one of the women he had promised a dance to. The whole time he would be thinking of the girl near the Wishing Fountain.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Location: Sister's Room --> Ballroom
    Prince: Chance DePointe
    Mentioned: Chance ( @Little_Ghost98 ), Judas ( @Mowkie ), Akinli ( @Stargazer ), Reginald ( @ROYAL☠PRIDE™ ), NPCs
    Interactions: Amelia ( @Gorgeous♠Chaos ), Cassandra ( @Shayla ), Caeley ( @~Happily.Ever.After~ ), A guard at the Entrance
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: Dress (Back) + Shoes + Hair
    Color Ref: 542afa

    Bells ringing in the distance was the first indication that Emelyne and her sisters were running out of time. The brunette had spent the last hour styling her hair in front of the body mirror, and was just finishing up. Thick brown strands were pinned up with bobby pins, random layers were curled. This was the most work Emelyne had put into her hair her whole life, and it was all in an effort to be unrecognizable to the royal family. She served them everyday, the last thing she and her sisters needed was for her to be recognized by someone and punished for breaking into a royal party.

    Once she was finished, she sat and stared at her reflection for a moment. She still looked slightly like her usual self, but Emma was sure once she applied some of their homemade lipstick and dolled herself up in her custom designed dress she would look like a stranger, even to herself. Finally, the teenage girl rose and turned towards her ballgown.

    It was currently on a headless mannequin, and Emelyne carefully unlaced the back to remove it. She had spent the last week sewing the dress, it would be such a shame if she ruined it last minute. Emelyne had very little knowledge of sewing, only having learned from her biological mother while she was a young girl. Still, with a little help from her sisters, she had managed to make a beautiful dress for the occasion.

    After pulling her dark blue gown on, Emelyne turned to help Caeley into her own. Brown eyes slowly drifted to the other dresses created by her younger sister, a twinge of envy sparking inside of her. Caeley could create anything her little heart desired, and all Emelyne could do was make it rain. Shaking her head she banished the small amount of jealousy, knowing that they didn't get to choose their abilities. Besides, maybe once she had a cap on it controlling the weather would actually be fun.

    Her gaze wandered outside, towards the sky. The moon and the stars shined brightly, there was not a single cloud for them to hide behind. A smile played on Emma's lips at this, she did love the stars. Inhaling deeply, she turned towards the mirror one more and applied the lipstick Amelia made for them to her normally pink lips, as well as the moon dust. Taking a step back, Emelyne observed herself in the mirror, turning slightly to get a full view.

    Everything seemed to be in place, which was good. Emma didn't have the time to adjust anything. She hand her sisters left, each of them holding a forged invitation to the ball. As they waited in line, Emma felt her heart begin to beat faster. Overhead a few clouds started to slowly form, as a result of her unstable emotion, becoming thicker as she neared the entrance. She handed her letter to the guard, watched as she glanced the letter over, and let out a breath of relief as he motioned for her to continue into the ballroom.

    Emelyne had spent the whole day in the ballroom. In fact, her job was to help three other maids wash the floors. Her eyes shifted downwards, and she was happy to see that her hard work was into completely ruined... yet. With her gaze down, Emma followed Amelia through the crowd, until they came to a sudden stop. Picking her head up, Emma realized that the princes were being introduced. She watched them all make their decent down the stairs, one by one.

    First was Reginald, the literal black sheep of the royal family. He stood out among them, for very obvious reasons. Still, he was very nice, from what Emma had experienced around him. Though, his pet snake was a little off-putting. Next was Akinli, the prince Emma knew the least about. He was almost boring, in her eyes. The war hero, Judas, was then announced, but he chose to stay behind, making him the last to make his way down the staircase. Which meant that the oldest prince, Chance, was the third to descend the stairs.

    Despite the five year age difference, Emelyne had always found Chance to be the most attractive of the princes. Perhaps it was simply because he was a good looking man, or because he had always been kind to her. He was certainly her favorite, though. Brown eyes followed the eldest prince, watching him with interest until several girls swarmed around him and his brothers.

    Oh, please, Emma thought, rolling her eyes at the sight. She couldn't imagine herself acting in such a petty way, throwing herself at a prince like that. But, maybe that was just because she saw them everyday. They simply weren't a special sight to her anymore. Still, Emelyne would like to think that if she lived a life that one of those girls did she would restrain from acting so foolishly.

    Looking around, Emelyne suddenly realized all three of her sisters were gone. Guess I'm on my own, she thought, heaving a sigh. Slowly, she made her way to the edge of the dance floor. She watched as several people paired off, joining each other in the open space. They stepped and twirled to the music, all seeming to be enjoying themselves.​
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  7. [​IMG]

    Location: Outside --> His Room --> Ballroom
    Mentioned: Amelia Owens (@Gorgeous♠Chaos ) Prince Judas (@Mowkie) Queen Isabelle (@Princess Poisoned Rose)
    Prince Reginald (@ROYAL⚝PRIDE™)
    Interactions:Amelia Owens (@Gorgeous♠Chaos)
    Color Ref:

    Prince Akinli Magnus Smith
    This wasn't really his thing, the whole dance and ball and whatever you call it. However, this was for his brother Prince Judas, so of course he was going to show up, plus his father commented that if he didn't show up there would be consequences. He let out a long sigh as he slipped in through a hidden passage, one that the guards rarely knew about and he carefully tip toed up to his bedroom. In the clear. A wide grin spread across his face as he flopped back on his bed. Today was a good day. He managed to sneak out, his asthma didn't act up today, and he managed to sneak back into the house without getting caught. Akinli closed his eyes briefly, flinging his arm over his eyes and letting the sounds float through his window and door, heavy steps and soon the door was flung open. "Ugh, get out please!" He grumbled as he sat up and shot a look and the person who had intruded in on his peace. Don't get him wrong, Akinli enjoyed the presence of the staff here, but sometimes he wanted peace and quiet, not only that but he felt as if they smothered him just because he had a slightly weak body. Turning to look at the servant, he gave the older male a slightly warm smile. "I promise, I'll get dressed soon." He said as he stood up and made his way over towards his window.

    All his life he was locked away inside the castle due to the fact he had weak lungs and terrible asthma. He felt as if everyone smothered him, worried about his health and barely gave him time to breath. "Please let me get changed by myself." Akinli muttered just loud enough for the older male to hear and after a small little pause, the door was shut. Heaving a big sigh, Akinli let his hands fall into his head, before he looked back out the window. Evercrest...this was his home, but what good was it if he wasn't let out of the castle? Suddenly a surge of anger welled up inside of him and he wanted to punch something. Very rarely was Akinli an angry person, it's just that being stuck in this sucked. It was so sickly, he couldn't do anything and they locked him up in these castle walls.

    Heaving a big sigh once more, Akinli pulled himself away from the window and moved to get dressed in his usual ball get up. He glanced in the mirror and nodded as he then moved towards the ballroom. Everything was in order and the princes were introduced one by one, as usual. Out of the corner of his eye, Akinli noticed his brother, Reginald, well he wasn't really his brother, but Akinli liked to believe that they were pretty close that he called the other male his brother. After all, he has shown the baby prince his secret hiding spot when he just wants to get away from the castle. Before his name was called, Akinli noticed his younger brother's pet and he wondered if he too should get a pet, that would at least keep him busy when he's left alone. I wonder if a dog or a goat would be better? Maybe I'll ask mother...or I could ask Judas....I'll ask both. He thought to himself, being pulled out of his reverie when his name was called and he made his way down the steps, bidding those that attended with a patient smile. When he reached the bottom of the steps, he was swarmed with women asking if he would like to dance. Akinli gave them a gentle smile and declined or offered to dance a little later into the night.

    As he made a few of his rounds, greeting a few people, his eyes wandered over towards the window, feeling his breath being taken away and he noticed a beautiful woman standing over there. She had beautiful brown hair and she looked as if she could be tracing something. She certainly caught his eye. Carefully he made his way through the crowd and over towards her, the faintest of smiles on his face. "My lady, would you do me the honor of dancing with me?"
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  8. [​IMG]
    ~ Outfit of the Night ~ Hair Style ~ Location: Bedroom > Royal Garden ~ Mood: Calm & Amused ~

    Cassie sat within the confines of her bedroom alongside that of her sister's scattered about within. The long awaited night had at last come to call upon them.. Night after night would pass with the greatest of preparation done by them for it. Her gaze lit against her reflection in the standing mirror before her as she finished the final touches to that of her darkened tresses. As a little girl this had been her ultimate dream that had been distantly held from that of her grasp. But , unlike many other maidens in the kingdom she had been blessed. Most would say , it was a curse to belong to the gift of magic as it was forbidden in the kingdom of Evercrest. To her , she treasured this magnificent gift that she was slowly learning to master in her own time. At that , she stepped back to sweep a gaze over her hair and lightly done make up that she had come to finish at the said time. She would look over that of her features some days and ponder upon whether she looked like her mother and or father. How could she even? Her parents had chosen in their life to abandon her and leave her to the frightful clutches of the weary world. In a sense , when she would think upon them she would feel unloved in her own mind. Was she found to be unworthy in their eyes? Not up to par on their standard of want? Unable to be proper parents to her? The questions would often find their way into her head and swarm constantly about in an unsettling mannerism. Her fingertips brushed gingerly over her forehead in a calming sweep to free herself from unhappy thoughts attempting to place a damper upon that of her bright night ahead of her and her sister's.

    It was than that Cassie rose up with sweeping ease from that of her chair as her locket clattered light against the framed dip of her collarbone. Her eyes then came to befall the scattered mannequins about that were quickly being disrobed of the magnificent dresses that were held to them. Her's was the final one that remained held to one. Cae and her had been up into the dimming hours of the night attempting to create the perfect piece for her.. Her sister was truly gifted.. All that she had to do was think of whatever was upon her mind and in an instant it would become pure reality. She had been wanting to stand out and time and time again every dress that was created didn't come to fit the bill. Their eyes had been dropping and Ami & Em were passed out on the beds from the waiting game. At last , Cae had snapped her fingers soundly infront of Cassie's face as she muttered , " Please , Please tell me this is just right for you.." Her eyes would come to slowly flutter open as she beheld the magnificent piece draped over the mannequin. It was utter perfection and nothing less than that in her current sleepy eyed gaze.

    She than with a smile curved daintily to her lips swiped the dress off and went behind the curtain to change into the masterpiece. A few moments later she emerged as the silken red material clutched and clasped to every inch and curve of her body. Cassie spun lightly on the heel of her shoes as her sister's gave a clap.. She turned quick and gave them a dramatic curtsy as they all fell into a fit of laughter and giggles echoing about the small bedroom. It was than that she flicked her fingers downwards as fire shot up in a flash to coarse up the length of her gown to leave intricate designs spread forth across the layers. At last , the clock in their room rang softly clear as it announced an hour before the grand ball that laid ahead for them.

    Cassie had spent most of the early morning assisting the other maids in the final touches before being sent off with the special task of delivering all the Prince's their outfits. She stopped outside of Prince Akinili's doors where one of the older male servants smiled warmly to her as she passed it onto him and many of the other's along her passing way. She soon found her way halted before Prince Judas's chambers as she clasped the wrapped parcels tight against her chest as it heaved light against the hold. The door came to draw broadly open as several passing soldiers came to exit and nod in acknowledgement to her presence. As they departed , she heard their hushed whispers as they took notice and spoke of even the castle help being beauties. Yet , she found herself ignoring them as she let her gaze momentarily befall that of Judas.. He gave off a cold gaze as he turned away to focus on some papers as his servant stepped forth to accept the parcels.. She quickly broke free from her thoughts as she passed them onwards to him before curtsying and taking off in a lightened clatter down the vast halls.

    Now night had come to fall and she stood at the foot of the grand staircases as Royals and Nobles alike found their way into the overflow of the the grand Ballroom. Her crimson lips parted in utter shock as she beheld all the stunning sights to be found about everywhere in the flow of things. She clasped her fingers tightly around the gleaming wood banisters as she watched the King , Queen and Prince's enter from the opposite end of the room as all eyes fell upon them. Her gaze lingered upon every passing Prince.. Each was truly handsome and unique in her own eyes.. Alas , only one truly seemed to entrap her attention and that was Judas. The War Hero.. The Ice Prince. Many a name had been bestowed upon him in the passing years and yet to her she saw many a mask upon him. He seemed unfeeling at times and unaware of how wondrous and exciting life could be apart from War and Pain.. Yes , he was an utter mystery but to her she felt she could understand why he was that way. Cassie was about to nudge Ami and Em only to find herself nudging the air and being completely alone.. She huffed with a pout at this. She should have assumed that they would poof instantly away to explore.

    With a roll to her eyes , she ventured off down the stairs to thread her way through the throng of people gathered about. Dancing and loud chatter began to swarm the room as she dipped her way around in a flash as her skirts flurried behind her in the process. Several men came to lower their gazes upon her with a grin whilst they began an attempt to corner her like blood thirsty vultures. She grinned deviously as she dove down low behind several older woman's puffy dresses and out upon the large stone balcony as the crisp breeze greeted her like an old friend. The lanterns spread about glowed warmly across her skin as she breathed in a sigh of relief. She turned a bit only to catch sight of a certain prince from the corner of her eye. Judas stood there looking out upon the lands in a thoughtful gaze , lost away in his own mind. It was than she stepped forth to lean her arms down upon the cold stone rail to stand a decent amount away from him as she spoke up in a silken soft tone. " Are there great wonders out there that have ensnared your attention or does the Prince simply dislike these Parties?" She caught sight of several girls about to close in on him as she gave them a fiery gaze unlike any other. Slowly , they backed away in angered and bratty whispers before turning a toying grin upon that of the Prince. " It would seem the ladies are just dying to sink their claws into you.. I bet you could manage those beasts off like a true Warrior." She let a softened chuckle come to fall from her lips in that instant in hopes to bring some form of a smile to the Warrior Prince's mouth as her silver orbs glowed against the moonlight glow.
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  9. Prince Judas DePointe

    The lull of the cellos culled his aching nerves. The sounds of crying crickets soothed his mind. The night outside was clear and pristine, and the warrior suddenly felt at peace. He placed his arms on the stone railing, crossing them in the process as his eyes searched the endless skies in the distance. He toned out the sounds of laughter and chattering that came from within the hall, and naturally, he did not hear the light footsteps of a woman arrive behind him. For a brief moment, he found himself quite vulnerable.

    Her words caught him off guard, and out of instinct, his hand fell to the grip of his sword as Zandara gave a slight growl in warning before huffing and turning to look away, giving the stranger her back as she panted at his side. Judas blinked a moment, his hand relaxing as a very slight hint of a smile rose on one corner of his fair lips. “Greater wonders than what you could imagine, my lady. I do, however, have to admit that I do not enjoy these parties in the slightest as well.” Pulling himself from the railing, straightening his back so that he held the proper posture that condoned his princely nature, he gave a very slight bow, hand fisted over his heart, in official acknowledgement of her presence, not failing to notice her glare at the women who had attempted to step forth and beg his hand once more.

    When she spoke again, he found his brow rising slightly, unsure of how to take her statement. “I fear you would be incorrect, my lady. I hate to see a woman cry, and I think they have learned this. Tears are my worst enemy, it would seem.” To this, he gave an even slighter smile, his face still an emotionless mask, his eyes dark and brooding. But for now, he seemed to enjoy her presence enough. As his gaze came to study her just a little more, a slight flare of recognition sparked in that deep gaze, his memory surging to the moments before. Remembering her face on the woman who had handed him his clothing earlier, he retained a smirk at his realization that she was not meant to be at this party. A woman who knew how to pass through the system unnoticed made him want to chuckle. Then again, in his mind, balls like this one should be open to the public. Anyone willing and able to make a fine appearance.

    Many pardens, my lady, but I do not think I caught your name. It is obvious that you know mine, but if I recall correctly, you and your sisters did not get properly introduced.” Once again, he gave another slight bow before looking down to his white companion, who had followed him as he had turned his attention to the maiden with him. “Though I can tell you that this is my faithful companion, Zandara. Few know who she is.
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  10. Reginald20Banner.png

    Location: The Ballroom
    Mood: Happy-Awkward/Shy/Kind-Determined/Friendly/Flirtatious/Nervous

    Outfit: Reginald's Outfit
    Interaction(s): Caeley
    Mentioned: Caeley

    Tagged: @~Happily.Ever.After~


    Reginald was having a grand time as he danced with one of the ladies who would probably have killed for this moment to last forever. He was a gentle and kind male, but the lady was a little too much for him. "O... okay." He had to dodge her advances each time she tried to kiss him or bring him in closer, he had never had a woman act this forceful towards him. He let the dance go on for a few minutes more before breaking their embrace with a kind drop of his hand. "That was grand, but sadly I did promise another lady a dance as well." He bowed to the woman, who was now walking off into the pits of sorrow.

    He couldn't help but feel a little bad at the way the women felt when he didn't decide to stay with them, but he only had eyes for one woman... a beautiful and mysterious one. He was going to make his way towards the Wishing Fountain but felt Lord Boa tug him by his neck lightly towards the food area. "You don't need to do that..." He shook his head, Lord Boa had learned how to get Reginald's attention by lightly wrapping around his neck. To some, that would seem deadly and insane, but they have a bond like no other, so the Prince knew it was just the most effective way for Lord Boa to get his attention.

    He looked over the few snacks that covered the beautiful gold and silver table. "Ummm... maybe I should bring her something to eat?" He looked at his snake and best friend, who just hissed. "I'll take that as a yes then." He winked at Lord Boa and decided to put a few cookies on a smaller plate next to the silver platters. "She'll love these cookies, they're divine." He turned around with the plate of warm cookies. He looked through the crowd and gave a sigh of happiness when he spotted the girl still sitting on the Wishing Fountain's edge.

    While he made his way towards the beautiful and mysterious woman, he kept his smile on and hoped she wouldn't mind that he had a huge snake around his shoulders. Some girls could handle having Lord Boa around, some could not. He hoped that she would be open-minded about his snake being around, that would be a severe disappointment if she wouldn't.

    The closer he got to her, the more he could see how beautiful she was and how different she seemed to be from the other women in the room. He had never really looked at a girl in a way that made him want to get to know them that much, most girls were only nice to him because he was a Prince... they would never give him the time of day if he wasn't.

    Letting all of his nerves flutter away in the wind, he stood in front of the lady with the cookies in his right hand. "For you, My Lady." He had learned the proper way of greeting a woman a few years ago since he didn't know how to do it. "You look marvelous this evening." He gave her his most charming and sincerest smile. "You know who I am, but I don't believe I have ever seen you around?" Or he has seen her but he just doesn't know where or when?
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  11. ♚ Cae, Cael, Elly ♚ 18-May.25 ♚ Match-Reginald ♚
    {Ensemble Form Nearsighted Gift/Ability; Bringing her imagination to life Jaq || Gusgus}
    Caeley E. Neal{Interactions - Reggie @Justin In Wonderland™ || Mentioned - Party goers, Emelyne, Cassandra || Location - Wishing Fountain by the Staircase}

    The longer she sat there watching, the more bored the dark brunette became... also the more she noticed around the ballroom that she and her sisters had slaved in the past few days. In fact, just this afternoon she had been straightening curtains, cleaning floors and polishing the railings in this very room with her sister Emelyne. As her dark gaze swept all the nooks and crevices she felt a grimace tug at her lips as she noted the scuff marks from people's shoes, dropped crumbs and spilled drinks from the refreshment table, some mud by the door that had been dragged in and other little messy bits that tomorrow would surely make her life hell. At least she wouldn't be expected to clean it until six am tomorrow.

    Hearing a familiar mrrowl from nearby, Caeley swept her dark brown gaze immediately in the direction, just long enough to see the end of a long, fuzzy, white and silver tail disappear through the skirts of swooning ladies who were desperately trying to woo the princes hearts. Raising a hand up and covering her face for a minute as she sighed, Elly re-diverted her gaze. It wasn't like her cat could really get into that much trouble ... right? Besides, it might be kind of funny to watch people's reactions when Gusgus caught a hold of their coat-tails or extravagent skirts and started climbing them for fun.

    As her gaze found a new point of focus she realized it was the youngest prince, known by many as both the Baby Prince and Reggie ... though she had only ever addressed his as Prince Reginald or your highness or sir. He did seem to be the most personable of the four princes and she actually felt a bit bad for him that he seemed only to want a break, and much like the rest of his brothers, could not seem to get away from the swarms of pathetic noble women who sought only to marry for money rather than love.

    Cae had let her gaze begin to trace the outline of the room once again, not realizing that she had inadvertantly changed the top of one of the curtains purple as she imagined what the ballroom would look like in different colors. Luckily her thoughts were interrupted when she noticed someone had apparently approached her. Turning her head to look she felt her face growing warm with embarassment as she saw it was Prince Reginald. As it dawned on her that the youngest prince was holding a delectable treat, one that her parents had no-doubt spent all day making, out to her, Cael reached her right hand out to take one, left hand settled in her lap, still red-cheeked as she tried to daintily grasp a cookie "Thank you kind prince" she murmured quietly, her voice obviously deciding it was unneeded at the worst possibly moment. As she pulled her hand back Caeley felt the smooth scales of the snake she had failed to notice just moments before, and just as any person does when shocked, she involuntarily jumped back landing herself ever so ungracefully in the wishing fountain.

    As her entire face grew hot she could feel the red spreaking from her cheeks to cover the rest of her the youngest of the sisters bit her lips in and averted her gaze once again as she tried to pull herself out of the fountain. At least it was only the back and some of the right side of her dress that would be wet. Perhaps Caeley would stumble upon Cassandra at some point and the older sister might be able to heat the dress until it was dry ... preferably without leaving any burn marks on Elly in the process.

    Upon lifting herself out of the fountain, Caeley dipped her head and curtsied respectfully though found it a bit difficult in her current shoes "Prince Regniald, Lord Boa" she said after clearing her throat. While that might have been a tad of a mistake o greet the snake, Caeley wasn't entirely certain if they were supposed to be keeping their identities secret tonight either. She guessed they probably were supposed to but what was the likelihood that he would actually know her name? She just wouldn't mention working in the castle. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted her cat getting himself into mischief again and couldn't help allowing a half smirk to play on her light lips. "How are you enjoying the party this evening?" Caeley asked thoughtfully, beginning to feel a bit more at ease though still awkward at the fact she seemed to be having a casual conversation with a prince. Caeley was still dancing around the question of introducing herself. Perhaps the question would only drift away if ignored enough.
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  12. Amelia20Banner.png

    Location: Ballroom Window --> Ballroom Dance floor
    Outfit : HERE
    Hair : HERE
    Interactions: Prince Akinli @Stargazer
    Mentions: Queen Isabella @Princess Poisoned Rose , Her sisters

    emories clouded Amelia's mind as her finger traced along the window reaching the towns church. The sound of ringing bells filled her ears as she envisioned herself as a four year old again. After her parents were burned at the stake Amelia had did what they asked and journeyed to Evercrest and found a man named Raymond. The orphaned girl had traveled over forty miles, running through the woods. Once the small girl reached the church she had collapsed on the staircase as evening mass was letting out. Raymond, the priest at the church and an old family friend, noticed Amelia and immediately helped him into the church. Allowing Amelia to stay at the church until he was able to find her a family, Raymond was able to discover Amelia's gifts. The priest had a secret of his own, he was a warlock that chose to hid in plain sight.

    In order to keep Amelia safe, Raymond taught her how to control her abilities enough to go unnoticed, but before he could teach her anymore she was adopted by a couple. She would still see the priest, but only during morning mass on Sundays with her adopted parents. However, but a year ago Raymond had passed due to old age. Amelia went to his funeral, along with her sisters and every other church going folk, but she was there to thank him for everything he had done for her. He saved her life just by teaching her to keep her powers under control.

    As the memory, and thoughts, faded away the sound of a familiar voice broke through. It couldn't be, could it? Dropping her hand to her side, Amelia looked down at her dress and smoothed the front out before looking over to him. Just like she thought, Prince Akinli stood near her asking to dance. Amelia looked around her to make sure he wasn't talking to anyone else and by the glares of other girls she knew he wasn't. She chuckled and nodded, "I would love to, Prince Akinli." She curtsied and followed him to the dance floor.

    It would have sparked questions if she denied him and she didn't need people looking into her. Pounding lightly, her heart knew far too well she was nervous. Sure she was a good dancer, but could that hold up to a royal? She hoped. As the music floated through the air, Amelia placed her right hand in Akinli's left and her other hand on his shoulder before they began to dance around. Looking passed him she noticed the glares from other women, and then the one person she would hate to recognize her, the queen. Amelia was her chamber maid and if it was anyone at this party that would recognize her it would be the queen, but it was too late to worry she was here dancing with one of the princes.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Chance’s Mood: ||Nervous||Somewhat excited||Embarrassed||
    Chance’s Outfit: HERE
    Location: His room ---> Ballroom
    Mentioned: @Brea - Emelyne ||
    Interactions: @Brea - Emelyne ||

    Chance sat on his bed for a while before getting ready for the ball they were having tonight. He groaned and sat back, resting his head on his pillow as he ran his fingers through his hair. After laying down for a brief moment, Chance stood up and looked in the mirror. He looked nice, he'd admit that; however, he wasn't exactly ready to go to this ball.

    Although he liked them and had fun, Chance sometimes dreaded going to the parties that they threw. There were always women (and sometimes even a few men), who the themselves at him and his brothers. Everyone knew that wasn't what Chance wanted. Chance didn't want some silly fling. He wasn't a one-night-stand type of guy. He wanted something that was real. He wanted an actual relationship with someone who actually cared about him, unlike most of his exes.

    Chance had the bad habit of getting into relationships with the wrong girls. He usually went for gold diggers who only cared about what he could give them and didn't care about him and his feelings as much as he cared about them. His mother always told him that he was looking for love in all the wrong places. Damn his hopeless romanticism! It almost always got him hurt.

    Fixing his hair a little bit, Chance flashed a smile in the mirror. "I look pretty nice, if I do say so myself. Don't you think Nana?" He said, looking over at his pet Owl. For the most part, Chance was a confident guy who thought well of himself... for the most part. He did however, have days where he felt like complete shit about himself. Of course, he had more good days than bad ones.

    After Chance and his brothers were introduced, they were free to roam around and enjoy the party. He hadn't brought either of his pets because what good would pets do at a ball. Just like always, he and his brothers were swarmed by women. It wasn't their fault. They just had amazing looks and a lot of women wanted to be with them. It flattered Chance a lot of times, but sometimes he found it very annoying.

    He walked over to the table of food they put out and sighed when he saw what they had to offer. Small sandwiches, escargot, tiny plates of different types of cake. It was the same pretty much every time. "God, we never switch anything up, do we?" Chance mumbled as he got himself a glass of wine.

    He turned his back to the food table to look at all of their guests. He noticed one girl in particular who looked absolutely stunning. She wore a gorgeous dark blue gown and her brunette hair was pinned in a beautiful updo. Chance smiled, figuring it would be nice to take a leap of faith and ask the woman to dance. He slowly made his way towards her. He felt as though he had all the confidence in the world! That was until a woman on the dance floor with a fairly large derriere bumped into him, causing him to tumble forward and spill his glass of wine all over her gorgeous blue dress and himself.

    "Oh! I do greatly apologize m'lady. I didn't mean to ruin your dress."
    Chance spoke with a deeply apologetic tone. He looked the girl in her eyes and found himself a bit mesmerized by her beauty. "May I say that you are even more beautiful up close." He flashed her a smile.
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  14. Isbaella had been among the many people who had ventured there for this evenings ball. She was light on her feet as she made her way around the room humming as she went. She would smile and incline her head to the nobles who addressed her. She noticed out of the corner of her right eye one of the silver curtain tops was changed to purple with a small smile and with a snap she changed all the tops into purple, but it was covered seeming like she summoned of the servers that had cups of wine and champagne. She grabbed a wine cup and thanked the server. She like the purple better it contrasted with the silver and seemed to make it stand out. No one really noticed the change of the curtains really; everyone was mostly chatting about the current affairs of the state. Her eyes sought out her sons in different parts of the ballroom all seemed to be engaged with young women, a small smile tugging at her lips; at the very least her sons were happy. She noticed all the girls had a bit of familiarity to them; Izzy could not place where she knew the young woman from but she knew she did know them.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Location: Ballroom
    Prince: Chance DePointe
    Mentioned: Sisters, NPC's
    Interactions: Chance ( @Misguided†Ghost )
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: Dress (Back) + Shoes + Hair
    Color Ref: 542afa

    Grey blue eyes swept over the ballroom. By then the hype of the princes had died down slightly, and people had spread out more. Males and females paired off to dance, and Emelyne found herself entranced by the skirts of each girl twirling around. As much as she tried not to, Emma compared her own get up to many other girls, often finding that they were wearing much better dressed than she. You had to make your dress, she reminded herself, They probably got to purchase their's.

    Suddenly aware of her dry throat, Emma turned in the direction she knew the food and drink table would be located. The royal family had fallen into a pattern for these kinds of occasions: Same food, drinks, set up. Hardly anything ever changed as far as Emma knew- but she was sure the events of each ball were different. Otherwise, they would get boring, wouldn't they?

    As it turned out, Emma had turned just in time to witness a larger female bump into Prince Chance. the collision sent him stumbling forward- right towards her. Sadly, Emelyne did not have to time to move out of the way. Her eyes closed, her jaw clenched, and her hands balled into fists as she felt liquid spill all over her chest and dress.

    It took Emma a moment to let out the breath she was holding in, to come to terms with what had just happened to her. Of course, out of all the girls here, it had to be my dress to be ruined. Upon hearing the prince apologize for the mishap, Emma slowly opened her eyes. She met his hazel eyes, stumped by the following compliment.

    Funny, we're up close all the time, and you've never said anything before, Emma thought bitterly, still upset about the accident. At that moment the young maid realized she should not be so close to him, he might recognize her. She was not so interested in discovering the punishment for sneaking into a royal ball. Clearing her throat, Emma forced herself to break eye contact.

    Turning, so that she was not directly looking at him, Emelyne said, "Thank you." She paused for a moment, trying to locate any of her sisters in the crowd. "I don't need to tell you how handsome you are, I'm sure you already know." Another pause, none of her sisters were to be seen. "I apologize for having gotten in your way," She continued, though she wasn't really sorry. "If you'll excuse me, Prince Chance, I really should try to wash the wine from my dress before it sets." With that, she began to walk away, focusing on walking at a normal pace so he wouldn't become suspicious.​
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