The Chronicles of Umanda

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This is a fantasy roleplay basing itself around the four main elements (Wind, Water, Earth, Fire) and of course around regular humans. It's a fantasy based roleplay with many different things to offer. I hope you will enjoy yourself so take a little look in the different Kingdom sections and make your choice!
Children of the Sky

Queen: Virthyx
Homeland: Leu'kira

Born in the skies, the Children of the Skies were given wings in order to provide them with means of moving about in their homeland of Leu'kira. It is said that Queen Virthyx was gifted with wings in order to flee from her raging husband when she was but a mere human. Pleading with the angels for a quick escape, she was granted wings to seek refuge in the skies where the angels would provide her with shelter and make sure that no harm would come to her.
She fell in love with the angel named Alcerus, her protector and they formed a bond between one another, promising that until the end of days, they would watch over the humans below and guard the skies.
Eons passed and the wings that spread from her back and that of Alcerus' had passed on to their children but were connected to their arms. Having human hands but wings along their arms, they became known as Children of the Skies because they were the children of an Angel.
Those born as a Child of the Skies is able to have one ability which is related to wind and will develop with age. Due to being direct ascendants to angels and having wings, they are more prone to range combat.

Normal height for a male Child of the Sky: 6'1"(185cm)-7'0"(213cm)
Normal height for a female Child of the sky: 5'9"(175cm)-6'7"(201cm)

Wardens of the Sea


Queen: Y'kresha
Homeland: Muanerani

Found in the deepest depths of the Munaerani sea, the Wardens of the Sea are a noble tribe cocnsisting of Queen Y'kresha and her followers. Struck by grief after her husband's passing, Y'kresha had sought to drown herself to follow her husband into the afterlife, yet fate had another plan in store for her. She was given an offer by an old god in the seas that she could take up arms and raise a city of her own to protect the waters from demons and creatures alike that did not belong in the depths.
Dumbstruck, Y'kresha accepted the deal and she could soon feel gills growing on the sides of her neck and her once tanned skin slowly turned scaly and white, her eyes turned into a teal colour from having been deep brown. Bladelike fins formed on her arms, going from her wrist and up to her elbow on either arm while stretching outwards like an arched triangle. She has been guarding the depths of the sea for over two thousand years.
Wardens of the sea can learn one basic water ability that they develop over the years and due to their patience, they are more prone towards magic.

Normal height for a male Warden of the Sea: 6'7" (201cm)- 7'7" (231cm)
Normal height for a female Warden of the Sea: 6'2" (188cm)- 6'9" (206cm)

Keepers of Earth

King: Ruberath
Homeland: Amer'unala

Lead by King Ruberath, the Keepers of Earth are a large and stout people that are the closest resembling to humans. They stand out by the fact that they are taller than humans by about three feet and are incredibly more bulky. Their eyes are more resembling to that of a bear and their behavior can often resemble that of a bear.
Being offered a place to stay and a land to call his own, Ruberath conversed with the Guardian of the Earth and spoke of a dream to create a home for the outcasts that were no longer welcome within the human lands. Moving with his wife and three children, Ruberath soon founded the land of Amer'unala, a land long forgotten deep within the mountains of Amen'dua.
Keepers of Earth are able to learn an ability that involves earth which will develop over time, being brutes and bulky, the Keepers of Earth are more prone towards Melee combat.
Normal height for a Male Keeper of Earth: 7'0" (213cm)- 7'11" (241cm)
Normal height for a female Keeper of Earth: 6'6" (198cm) - 7'5" (226cm)

Watchers of the Flame


King: Noadermu
Homeland: Nak'renath

Exiled from the heavens and welcomed to the underworld, Noadermu was crowned King for the Watchers of the flame after he betrayed the heavens when he fell in love with a human and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. His wings were clipped and as he plummeted towards the human kingdom, he shut his eyes and the ground swallowed him whole, allowing him to fall through the human kingdom and down to the world beneath. Being a trickster, Noadermu managed to trick the old King into crowning him because he was younger and he knew more of how to run a Kingdom in a sufficient way.
The old King hesitated but seeing as he had not long left to rule, he passed on his crown to Noadermu who eagerly took his place upon the throne. For eons he has watched and taken in humans that are prone towards trickery and darkness in order to strengthen the land of Nak'renath. As the Watchers of the flames are tricksters, they are able to take on a human form for a few hours once every day but their real form is a mix between fox demon and human.
Watchers of the flame are able to learn one ability that has to do with fire and will develop over the years as they get older, as they are more prone towards trickery and darkness, the watchers of the flame are ideal stealthers.

A Watcher of the Flame may choose between learning a stealth ability that they will grow stronger during the years they train or between a fire ability which will grow in strength as they do.

Normal height for a male Watcher of the Flame: 6'0" (183cm)- 6'11" (211cm)
Normal height for a female Watcher of the Flame: 5'8" (173cm) - 6'5" (196cm)

The Human Kingdom

Leader(s): Council of Justice.
Homeland: Grendarien
Weighed by ages of war, the Human Kingdom of Grendarien has seen a lot these past two hundred years. Her nature once ruined and now partially restored with the aid from the Keepers of the Earth, a pact was formed between the Humans and the Keepers of Earth. The Keepers would stay in the mountains while the Humans would be allowed to roam the plains freely.
A council was formed in order to rule the humans, soon calling themselves the Council of Justice. As they grew stronger, the council now rules over what laws to form, how to punish injustice and when the punishment will be deemed done.
The humans, instead of relying on magic like the other races, rely on mechanical engineering and on weaponry that has since long been evolving. Being cunning creatures they are quick on their feet and thusly make them worthy advesaries towards any of the ”Superior” races. They can use all form of weaponry but cannot posses magic.
Humans are specialists in mechanics and with weaponry, allowing them to have a more broad variety of skill when it comes to weapons, ranging from daggers and up to polearms and shields, as well as ranged weapons such as crossbows and longbows.

Normal height for a male human: 6'0" (183cm) - 6'9" (206cm)
Normal height for a human female: 5'7" (170cm) - 6'1" (185cm)

The rules are simple!

  • Remember that In-character is In-character, do not take something that happens to your character or the approach of another character towards you, as personal. If you take offense to something, bring it up with said person out of character and explain the situation.
  • No God-modding. This means: No hurting someone else's character without their permission. No killing another character without their permission and no controlling of another character's action without possible permission. This also includes not making your character immortal, of course you don't have to kill off your character if you don't wish, but do remember that you can get injured and that injuries have consequences!
  • No libertine is allowed in the Roleplay, if you wish to do such a roleplay between your character and someone else's (WITH their permission) take it to P.M.
  • Be kind towards one another, remember to treat others the way you wish to be treated yourself!
  • If you wish to take the part of a bigger role, say the Queen/King, Prince, Royal Guard etc. Please bring it up with me so we can discuss the possibility for your character. I'm open for suggestions so I won't say no right on the spot.
  • It's prefered that you write in third person and in past tense. Such as "looked" instead of "looks" or "Sighed" instead of "sighs" and so on, so forth.
  • Be patient, it can happen that someone perhaps misses a thing or two that your character says if there's a lot of things happening in the roleplay, but don't get discouraged, merely PM the person you were aiming an emote for and explain to them what your character was trying to do!
  • With all of this out of the way, let's not forget the main rule of roleplaying all together: Have fun!

This will take you to the IC-Thread, yay! \(^o^)/

This is the OOC thread for the roleplay where you may dump your Bio's and your questions and even get to know the other people in the roleplay! :)

You are more then welcome to use a picture as your character's appearance preference or you may write a description if you feel like it.

Name: Karina Sawyer
Age: 25
Height: 5'6"
Standing slightly shorter then what is normal for a human female, Karina carries herself with pride and with a disciplinary stance, showing hints of a military background.
Her facial features indicates that she is in her mid-twenties and her hair hangs down her chest and back, reaching down to her chest. Her hair has a pale white colour, similar to that of pure snow and the hair that hangs down her back reaches all the way down to her hips while the hair that rests down her chest only reaches down to just bellow her collarbones. Her fringe hangs so that it frames her face and puts a highlight on her emerald green eyes that can sometimes hint towards a beautiful teal colour.
Karina has a few scars on her body but few that are often seen, the one that is always on display however is the one that runs across the bridge of her nose, reaching just under her eyes to each corner and looks aged, most likely being a scar she obtained during childhood. There is barely an inch to spare between the scar and the bottom part of her eyes, almost crossing with a scar that runs across her left eye, reaching from her eyebrow and just slightly underneath her eye.

By now if one is looking at Karina, a tattoo would've most likely come to attention, depicting a black phoenix on her right cheek that is spreading its wings, stretching out towards the corner of her mouth and back towards her ear. A sword is tightly clutched in its grasp and the tail feathers reaches down her neck, going down to her right shoulder where they have twined themselves around her shoulder and armpit to then stretch out in a small claw-like pattern on the upper half of her arm.

She has a lean body figure but there are hints of muscle by her arms and legs, showing that she is one who relies more on speed and agility rather than strength and force. She prefers lighter mail sets, often carrying leather armor with mail reinforcement and can often be seen in darker sets of armor with a bow on her back that has the initials "M.D" on it. Two blades rest on her hips, one on each hip, being crafted in beautiful silver and steel with a red ruby near the hilts.
Her skin has been softly tanned which shows that she has spent the most part of her time outdoors rather than indoors.
She has a rather neutral expression but despite this, she does not in any way inspire for an aura of distrust.

(Picture of Karina but without the elfie ears and without the tabard.)


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Name: Naghal Yandrack
Age: 31
Height: 5'9"

Naghal, like other humans from the Human Kingdom of Grendarien trained all his life with several weapons, always looking foward to help keep the peace that had been estabilished between his people and the Keepers of the Earth. He has a military hair cut, standing with short black hair almost always covered with the hat he uses most of the time. His hazel eyes shine with kindess and a forever burning fire for justice and peace. He usually wears heavy black boots, black leather pants with a belt in which it can be found most of his throwing daggers and some extra equipment he carries in his journeys across the lands. A leather jackets covers his torso and arms, wearing an aditional arm protection from wrist to elbow under the jacket strng enough to stand the hits of a blade.

As a human warrior/hunter, Naghal carries two crossbows on his back, a quiver with arrows straped to his right leg and a silver bladed sword resting on an old scabbard on the left side of his waist. Under his boot he also carries two hidden throwing daggers which can be used for close range combat as last resort. Due his strong legs and stamina, Naghal trained not only to be agile but in case of need, to be an expert in close cmbat and use hsi energies to strike down th emost sensitive and painful points in the human body.

Despite his usual emotionless or thoughtful expression, he's a cheerful man untl the time to hunt down his prey arrives; moment when he strikes down and fight seriously in order to assure innocent lives will never again be lost due the dark past hunting him and that turned him into a more coldblooded hunter of all the threats that wander across this land he calls 'Home!'.

(Picture of Naghal)


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Love the character description, whenever you feel like it, feel free to jump to the IC thread! Welcome to Umanda! :3


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Fine by me. Sorry the slow reply since got a bit distracted/busy with real life stuff.
Before starting, any specific setting/place where I should or free to go?


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Name: Reelixa
Age: 25
Appearance: (While in flight her human-like arms are covered by her feathers for protection)

Reelixa is a Child of the Sky and proud to be. It's not that she thinks she is better than others due to her beauty and grace, she just loves her life. Born into a high status family in the community she has always had everything handed to her on a silver platter with a diamond on top. Reelixa isn't what you would call a stuck up person, although her close friends would definitely say so. She always has some smart remark to add to the tail end of a conversation and if she doesn't have the last word, the argument isn't over.

She has very little skills other than flying, which she is exceptional at including tricks and speed. Her family life never really required her to learn how to do something and do it well but she has always had an interest in learning about the other walks of life in her world, especially those of a darker nature. She has a strong fascination with the darker side of life because she was raised in possibly the most light place in the realm and this could possibly cause problem later in her life.

She stands about five feet and eleven inches tall, slightly on the higher end of average for her kind, but she puts it to good use as a model for one of the cities most prestigious artists who sells his "angelic" art to the human world fro a pretty penny. Reelixa also has a head full of ideas and very intelligent thoughts but her strict ladylike raising has taught her to basically smile and wave, beauty is a gift and should be treated as such, why waste your perfect smile on speaking? that's what her mother would always tell her and so more often than not Reelixa will just smile and go along with something rather than say what she really believes.


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Welcome to Umanda! It's just to jump straight in! :3


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Name: Tobias
Age: 26
Species: Child of the Sky
Height: 6'1

Tobias lost his parents at a ripe young age of 7. He was out flying with them, and they like any good parents, were teaching him the finer points of flying. Perhaps they had flown to close to the forest, an arrow whizzed out between the trees, piercing Tobi's mother in the heart. Before his father could properly react, another arrow came flying out, with pinpoint accuracy it felled his father. Frightened and panicking the young Tobias attempted to flee, an arrow pierced through one of his wings and sent him spiraling to the ground. He blacked out.

When he awoke he was in a hut, a human hut, far deep in the woods and his right arm ached terribly and was covered in bandages, the wing attached to that arm had been almost expertly removed. Ensuring that he would never fly again, but the left wing was left intact, Tobias also found a collar around his neck, metal and welded shut around his throat so he could not remove it. A tiny silver bell dangled delicately from the front of the collar. A human man called Jarleth had set his sights upon the young sky child, his intentions weren't overly cruel, just cruel enough.

Tobias lived with Jarleth for the rest of his life, restricted to only being allowed to go outside occasionally and only for short periods of time. Eventually he forgot all about his past life of living in the skies, for now all he knew was the commands of his master. To Jarleth, Tobias was nothing more than a house servant, someone to clean and cook for him and obey his every command, something to take his anger out on at times.

As he did every morning, Jarleth went out hunting. It was no different than any other day, he always caught fresh game for Tobias to cook for their meals. Except, Jarleth did not return this day, the human had met a horrible fate, gored to death by the boar he was hunting. Tobias waited and his master did not return the next day either, or the day after that. Uncertain of what to do, Tobias left the hut deep in the woods, not even sure which way to go, with the intention of looking for his master. Thoughts of freedom from this life never even entered the young man's mind.

Tobias' right arm is covered in scars from the removal of that wing when he was very young, his back holds a few scars as well, from beatings with a whip. The mark on his left cheek is the brand of his master.



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