The Chronicles of Umanda

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  1. ((This is the OOC thread if you have not yet looked through it. :) ))
    Umanda. Once a beautiful Kingdom where all of nature was as one. Now nothing but a world waged by war and chaos. Instead of helping one another, everyone is too focused on what's happening to only them. If only they could open their eyes and realise that there is a greater threat at hand than the neighbouring race. We were all once human, so why is it that we can't live together as one?

    Now the undead are starting to rise from the ground, fighting as the mindless soldiers they are, rising from the depths further down then even the darkest depths of hell and trying to reclaim the lives they lost so long ago. None of us know truly who is leading them or what is aiding them with their needs, but one thing is clear, we need to stop it.

    My mother taught me that for the world to be in balance, so must all the Kingdoms be brought together as one. War has been scarring this once beautiful world for eons now but perhaps when faced with a common enemy, we will all be able to set aside our differences to aid one another.
    Karina sighed heavily as she sat on the ground while looking up at the sky, she could at times catch glimpses of the Children of the Skies as they soared past, a tingle of jealousy rushed through her body.
    As a human, she could but dream of ever flying or even using magic, humans possessed no such abilities but at least they were strong and were held together by the council.
    Lately however she felt as if the council was trying to hide more than they were trying to aid and she always felt as if there was something they left out whenever they were adressing the people of Grendarien. Whatever it was they were hiding, Karina would never be able to find it out on her own and she was doomed to walk with the thoughts forever in her mind.

    She stood up and stretched out her arms, her steed let out a soft neigh as he stood up with her and she smiled as she stroked his mane. "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll be able to find something soon enough..." She said calmly as she glanced around. "I suppose we could take a trip to the see, perhaps we'd be able to catch a glimpse of a Warden?"
    Karina looked at her steed who merely looked back at her. "... I know you can't talk, but pretending you can sometimes helps. You know... to keep my sanity and what not." She said and felt a twitch in her left eyebrow as her steed neighed. "... I'll pretend I didn't pretend to hear that." She said before she grabbed his reins and began to lead him down to the sea. Her mother had always told her of the different Kingdoms that were around them, but it was rare for her to see any other race then her own and she was beginning to grow tired of it. Her silver bow gently tapped against her back with each step she took and the arrows in her quiver rattled softly whenever she had to make a small jump over a root.

    Luckily the sea was only a five minute walk away from where she lived, so she wouldn't have to wander far in order to get to shore. Ever since she was a child, she had always loved the water and being near the sea, her late father had often teased her and said that she was actually a Warden of the Sea who he had found washed up when she was a baby and decided to raise as his own, just so he could eat her when she'd turn into a fish. The small memory caused a smal chuckle to escape Karina's lips and she blinked as she realised that someone might hear her.

    Once she and her steed reached the shore, she decided to remove his reins and his saddle so he could wander about freely for the duration and she sat herself down while a soft sigh escaped her lips. "I really wished we knew more about the other races, maybe then we'd be able to actually put an end to this rising threat..." She mumbled and rested her chin gently in her palms as she watched the setting sun slowly disappearing behind the horizon.
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  2. Naghal had been riding almost non-stopable for the last three days, pushing both himself and his mount to the limit and pausing to eat and let his horse rest enough to prevent him from dying from exhaustion. As for himself, he had long been used to long nights without rest. His target had once again evaded him and it had been four months so far that the human and the Watcher of Flame that had been causing trouble to the Eastern Border but it seemed that the creature sent by Noadermu had returned to its Homeland.

    Thus, on the forth day the human sighed while giving up on the pointless hunt he had started and took that time to stay longer in camp. The man smiled as he leaned against the tree on his back, the hat pulled down and covering his eyes from the sunlight. Naghal lifted camp late that morning and after some affection towards his mount he patted and rubbed Yargel's neck before swiftly jump onto the saddle. "Well then buddy... I believe I deserve you som well rest. To where, now?" He asked with a smile as gently held the reins and touched his mount' sides gently. Yargel turned and started in a soft trot, his hooves touching the grass under him soft and gently. Smiling at the usual behavior, Naghal relaxed and started whistling a soft melody, his eyes still forever watching the surroundings.

    Within a few hours, the man understood Yargel was heading towards the shore, the smell of the waves crushing against the cliffs and stones already reaching him. It was only an hour before the sunset he stopped in the beach and pulled the reins to get off, proceding to slowly free his loyal companion from its weight and took reins and saddle, letting them fall. Rubbing his back, Naghal leaned while hugging his neck and kissed its neck. "Go on..." He spoke calmly, watching the horse trot freely for a while as he watched take what had became a ritual. Naghal had always loved animal and felt a deep bound towards the nature. Maybe because he had been raised near the People of the Earth, maybe was just his human nature. Stretching as the horse trotted towards the water and refreshed himself while moving happily, the man open one of the bags and started making camp.

    It was only when the last light of the day disappeared in the horizon that dinner was ready and Naghal looked around, wondering where Yargel had went. Truth be said, he had lost him from sight when the horse darted, running across the water line. Shrugging a bit, he knew he would return and so he leaned back while getting the deer steak he had prepared and finished seasoning it with some spices and salt. A let sigh left his lips as he looked at the two crossbows beside him and touched the handle of the sword who never left his waist, not even during sleep. "Some day, my friend... I promise I will get justice for you." He muttered before start eating, taking a sip of the water while watched the moonlight shine over the waters.
  3. Karina glanced around as she felt the scent of food and she raised her eyebrow, a soft sigh escaped her lips as she had been enjoying the calm.
    She gently raised herself to her feet and looked around for her steed, a small sense of worry washed over her. "Bethu?" She asked as she looked around and was greeted by a familiar neigh and a soft sigh of relief escaped her lips.
    A warm smile formed on her lips as she saw Bethu trotting towards her and he lowered his head to gently cuddle against her cheek with his forehead and he nuzzled calmly against her as she responded to his affection with cuddling of her own. Karina then looked around a bit before she gathered his saddle in her arms and began saddling him before she grabbed the reins, deciding to leave him some freedom she just carried them over her arm and she then began walking in the direction of the scent.

    She blushed a bit in an embarrassed manner as she felt her stomach growling, it had been days since she was last able to eat and her hunger was slowly starting to get the best of her. She coughed softly to disguise it and Bethu neighed as he caught glimpse of a fire further ahead. Not knowing whether it was a friend or foe, Karina coaxed Bethu into being silent and let out a soft "Shh" before she began approaching the small camp that now came to view. Her hand clenched around her bow so she could be ready for anything and she then blinked as she saw a man there.

    "It's not often I see people here at this shore.. what brings you to this place?" She asked calmly but with a hint of caution, her free hand slowly gripping an arrow just for safety.
  4. Naghal had half eaten his steak when he heard the sound of hooves, relaxing as Yargel appeared and smiled. However the horse seemed to know something as it quickly trotted around him, shaking his head and the man knew there was company coming -it was kinda ironic for his own horse to act like a scout in such things. Patting his neck, the hunter merely nodded and fed him an apple before look around, waiting to someone jump at him at any moment, his right hand lightly closed around the sword's handle.

    Seeing nobody, Naghal relaxed before wait a few more minutes until he felt someone near and the turned his head slowly to look at the voice and the bow on the female's hand. His eyes darted in search of her other hand only to quikly find it on the arrows she was carrying and he slowly raised his arms while standing. "Greetings, miss. I'm sorry if I invaded your property! I was merely passing by and decided to camp her." He explained while raised his arms and made sure the light coming from the fire would light him enough. Slowly, he moved to stand between her and the flames as she could see his silhouette better, altough the head remained low enough for the hat to cover part of his face and eyes.

    By now it was visible he had a sword on his waist and after moving from his position, she could had seen the two crossbows resting on the sand. "My name is Naghal, miss." He bowed his head lightly and smiled warmly before raising his head, slowly taking the hat and letting her see his hazel eyes. "And no need to shoot me. Im human. Not a demon from the underworld or something." He aded with a chuckle before turn to sit down again. "Hungry?" he asked.
  5. She perked her brow as she looked at the man and when she saw him raising his arms, she slowly lowered her bow and removed her hand from the arrow, letting it gently slide back down into its quiver. She strapped her bow to her back and patted Bethu on the neck who decided to lie down in the sand and he scoffed softly as he looked up at them in a guarding manner.
    "It's not my property and... I apologise for drawing my weapon on you. It's just that in these times you just can't be too careful. As I'm sure you know as well." She said as she nodded once in a motion to his blade before she glanced to his crossbows. "I'm Karina. I'm just surprised to see anyone out here is all."
    Her face instantly gained a crimson colour in embarrassement once more as her stomach growled when she felt the scent of food and she swallowed once. "I-... well yes, but I do not wish to be a bother." She mumbled lowly and rubbed the back of her neck, her head having gently turned towards the sea to hide her crimson cheeks.

    "It's a beautiful spot, isn't it?" She asked as she sat down, a faint smile on her lips as she calmly studied the waves of the sea before she looked to Naghal.
  6. Smiled warmly, nodding as he glanced at the sea for a while. "Indeed, it is. Well then, I assume you might be hungry?" He asked, had heard the noise and took a second plate from his bag before place a couple steaks and the rice onto it. "Hope you are okay with deer meat and rice?" He asked before fill a glass with water for her and take a deep breathe.

    Looking at the sky and the moon still bathing the water, Naghal slowly took cut another piece of his meal and replied to her initial statement. "Dangerous times, indeed. Do not worry about pointing your weapon at me... I would probably had done the same in your situation." He informed. "Nice meeting you, Karina. I hope you do not mind me asking where are you going?" He looked at her, not caring if she would still be blushing from the embarassement and handing her the plate with her food along with the glass once she took a seat in front of the fire.

    Yargel trotted around on the other direction before he too lay down, looking at Bethu and then back to the sea as the horse laid his head on the sand.
  7. Tobias moved slowly, holding the dark crimson cloak tightly about his thin but tall frame. He held the cloak closed tightly with his right hand, that arm covered in scars, pinching to the sides of the cloak together at his throat, his left arm remained hidden within his cloak, the dark brown and black feathers tucked close together in a resting position. He had long since lost the delicate chain that had held the cloak closed for him, though he was also very lost. He had left his master's hut, and as he wandered, looking for the human male that had raised him, Tobias had become hopelessly lost.

    He had been very lucky, as he moved through the forest where his home was, nothing major had attacked him. Though, Tobias had fled rather quickly when he caught the glimpse of something moving in the forest. He hadn't been sure what it was, he hadn't seen it clearly enough, but fleeing like that, had only served to make him more completely lost.

    Now it was dark, and he had somehow found the ocean. A beach, it was there he was moving slowly. Walking softly across the sand with a rather listless pace, a forlorn expression on his face. His head lowered, those red eyes on his feet and the sandy shore directly in front of him as he moved. It was no wonder he didn't notice the camp in the distance, as he wasn't watching his surroundings, only his feet. Tobias did not fear the sea, or the wardens of it, nor did he fear humans or any of the other members of the kingdoms around him. He knew very little of them, he knew they existed. Jarleth had taught him as much, but not much more than that.

    Tobias wore simple clothing under his cloak, all in shades of black, his crimson cloak was the only bit of color he wore. His jerkin was of the sleeveless variety, belted at his waist with a black belt, his pants were tight without being too tight, and the legs of them were tucked neatly into knee high boots. Boots that looked as if they were made for traveling, occasionally the soft tinkling of a bell could be heard as he moved. The silver bell was attached to a thin metal collar around his neck. There was a black marking under his left eye, in the shape of a "J". It was the mark of his master. The master that Tobi was searching for.

    Though now he had more or less given up on finding the man or his way back to the hut they shared. So he moved slowly, dragging his feet in the sand and coming ever closer towards a campfire, that he only needed to look up to see.
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