The Chronicles of Riddick based rp?

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  1. I dunno why I didn't think of this idea before. lol xD
    I was wondering if anyone would like to do an rp based on The Chronicles of Riddick or in the Riddick universe in general. I have quite a few ideas that I have been dying to try out. I just want to know if anyone would be interested in it.
  2. This sounds awesome. I love Riddick. I don't have many ideas for it but am willing to try it out =]
  3. I love Riddick too! Well...I was thinking maybe we can do an rp that's sort of like the movie The Chronicles of Riddick. But instead two want outlaws, who don't like each other and don't get along, have to try and save a planet from an alien race much like the necromongers
  4. Sounds good to me!
    I have seen the movies but am not an expert so if I am being stupid about something just let me know.
    I'm excited to get this going!
  5. lol I've seen the movies too. Alright I will, I'll just make a suggestion. I won't yell at you.
    I usually only play as males. So you can either play as a male or female. Would you like me to set up an OOC or would you like to do the CS here?
  6. Whatever works for you. I usually play as females so this will be interesting lol
  7. lol I just sat that we should do the CS here. And your character can be any race you want her to be.
    Here is my character.
    Name: Blackluster Kalhoon
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Race: Draconian
    Planet they are from: Thacaia (You can make up any planet you wish)
    Human form: [​IMG]
    True form: [​IMG]
    Powers(If they have any): He had the ability to fly, shoot fire balls from his hands and has super strength. Also heighten senses
    Skills: Ballistics and hand to hand combat
    Weapons: Guns Guns and More guns, his fists and tail.
  8. Name: Sloane Keysa
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Race: Lycanthrope
    Planet they are from: Helion Prime
    Human form:
    True Form:
    Powers(If they have any): Stronger than most, water manipulation
    Skills: Quick thought, quick dodges.
    Weapons: Sharp teeth, dagger, sword.
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  9. I'll probably make the IC later, because I have to go soon.
  10. okie dokie. let me know!
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