The Chronicles of Magic



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It was quite a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining with a small amount of clouds in the sky. Pheonix was standing on the roof of his mansion, staring off into nothing as the wind blew by, ruffling his clothes. It had been years since he had any contact with another intelligent person of any race, save for the random demon soldier sent by Kino to pester him every now and then.

The mansion was located in a large clearing within a dense woodland forest. The only way to find it was by walking through any forest in the world, but without a destination in your mind. After a certain amount of wandering you would simply stumble upon the clearing where the mansion was located. There was also a large square shaped stone arena a fair distance behind the mansion, which looked like it was used for organised fighting, but also looked like it hadn't been used in decades.

Pheonix simply kept standing there on the highest point on the roof, staring out towards the mountains in the far distance. His expression was very placid and his eyes looked as if they weren't even really focusing on anything in particular. One could only wonder what might be going through his mind at that moment, if anything.
Ding! ˜Boing – Clang. Tuk Tuk. Reeeeooow! K-chink. Tshhhh. “Ahhh!” Vvveeeow. “Bahhhh” Kapush! Bang! A large smoke screen covered the room. Cough, Cough “No-no-no all wrong!” a small dwarf with glasses stood with a vial in his hand, middle aged with a beard that was currently kindling which he put out with his hand. He peered at the burn on his hand with a clear amount of amusement “Oooohhhh. Nigel my darling, as a conclusion of my injury I have been innovated! We shall conduct experiments and aim to prevent severe burning!” A goat stood in the corner jumping up and down in fear scattering about the place. Crash – “Baaaahhhhhh” the goat ran to the other side of the room “Baaaaah!” and then back again. Clang! The scientist watched with much anxiety as his companion, Nigel successfully knocked himself out against a hard copper bowl.

As the smoke cleared the cottage all you could see was a serious mess – experiments of course “Haha!” A chair sat in the corner among the chaos of the room. A mechanical whinde up frog leaped across the desk, Cathump...crrrk. There were papers, pots, vials, screws, metal, wood, strange contraption – you name it. A house to never be trusted, not even by its owner “Reeeooow!” the noise of a cat running around frantically in circles, it’s coat on fire. There was a bucket of water for it to jump in to but it obviously had gotten that far. “Meeeeoooowww” the scientist replied to the burning cat. To which the cat much to his disdain did not listen, even though he had clearly told it the instructions. “The mentality is of a minimal level…it seems I may need to conduct a serum that will help improve the feline intelligence! It might be useful for women too! Strange creatures...”
Himikaowa gave a long and exasperated sigh as his carriage slowly moved towards the next town. It had been about two weeks since he last saw any people and his hunger was quickly clawing at his mind threatening to tip him into a psychotic rage to which many people would die from. He could hear his stomach growling in a low regard of annoyance as well. Even though he was going around as a travelling merchant the food he had on him would not satisfy his "unique" hunger. His two horses trotted along the dirt road at a regular pace about twice that of anyone who would be walking. It was only a few minutes after his stomach growled that the wind carried the scent of smoke and cooking food, the signs of civilization. Not even a minute or two after that did he see the small town of moderate wealth in the distance.

As soon as his eyes fully grasped the thriving civilization he gripped the reigns of his horses and snapped them causing the horses to break into a mild sprint. The distance between him and the town were clearing quickly as he began to make out the forms of people, both small and large, young and old. His mouth instantly began to salivate as he thought of getting a nice chunk of their flesh in his mouth, his eyes started to glaze over in desire as his thoughts started to run rampant and imagine the whole city burning and a pile of fresh corpses around him as he fed. Just as he was reaching the climax of his fantasy his cart hit a large rock causing it to shake violently and him to hit his head against the back earning him a well deserved profanity from his mouth. He rubbed the back of his head for a short while before getting back to his task at hand which was reaching the town.

It was only a while longer until his horses brought him to the town at which point he snapped the reigns again signalling them to go back to their previous steady trot rather than their mild sprint. The horses whined a bit before slowing down and approaching the gates. Once he was near the gates he could see a few men in armor atop the walls with crossbows aimed at him. It wasn't unusual for towns to be cautious of travelers so he didn't mind it at all. Two other guards approached his carriage slowly.

"Sir could you please get off your carriage and show us your wares? We are only ensuring that our town stays safe after all. If you would rather not show us then you can turn back and leave or we will have our archers shoot you where you stand."

Himikaowa got off his cart slowly and walked over to the back before untying a few leather straps that had held a tarp down over his wares. Once the straps were undone he asked for the assistance of the second guard to grab the other side while he pulled the tarp over. As it was removed a few barrels of apples and other fruits were revealed as well as pelts and furs of many kinds of animals although most of them were fox pelts. The guards sifted through the pelts making sure nothing was under them and then picked through a bit of the fruits before giving a positive looking nod and waving off the archers. Himikaowa gave them a pleasant smile and handed them several apples to share amongst the rest of the guards and pulled the tarp back over and then proceeded into the town.
Aiden stared at the parchment paper reading it instructions. Hmm.... Why would someone want him to kill a ruler of a small town. Shrugging he pocketed the note before transforming. He knew these part of the woods well considering he live in them. Perking his ears up he heard a wagon nearby and trotted by the road. The large silver fox hid within the shadows while following the cart. It seemed to be going in the same direction as him.

The cart stopped infront of the gate at he watched the transaction between what seemed to be a merchant and the guards. Giving himself a smile and turning back into his human form he climb up a tree. It was obvious with his weapons he would not be allowed to enter. He jumped from tree to tree effortlessly and climbed up to the tallest branch. Aiden made sure that the guards were turned away before jumping over the wall and landing on his two feet. Fixing his collar so it hid his face better he also grabbed a cloak that was left out to dry in the sun. He flipped the hood up and walked through the crowd unnoticed to the target's house. Studying the house for a moment he opened the door to go right through without any resistance. Someone was a little too sure of themselves to lock the doors from trespassers.

Aiden walked up to the throne, no guards very odd. Did he have the right house. No if that was the case a throne wouldn't be in the middle of the room. Perhaps he was on a hunting trip that he didn't know about. He widened his eye hearing the drawing of multiple arrows behind him. He turned around slowly raising his hands up above his head. There was ten people but no sign of the leader. Sighing looked down gathering his strength before whipping both arms down and around making the flames from the torches around them spread like wild fire. Jumping over the burning bodies he raced through the door into the streets seeing multiple guards surrounding the area with various ranged weapons.
Tongue like sand paper and limbs like a rotted tree, Rose struggled through the dense forest of god knows what sort of continent. She couldn't remember when was the last time she had a meal, nor could she remember her last drink either. It can't have been too long ago. After all, the human body can survive for three days without water... It was just hell doing so.

She knew she was scaring whatever game there was around her. The amount of noise she was making was deafening. There goes the sticks and leaves underneath her sandals, crunching away in some sort of symphony. And she didn't care what sort of thing she brushed against, whether it be the bark of a tree, the leaves of a brush or hauling herself over a log. Rose was exhausted and she wanted a meal.

Some time had passed - she numbly registered that thought as the sun was setting over the horizon. That was odd... She thought that it was morning not too long ago. And the air smelled different, not so moldy or dead. Actually, when she thought about it, the forest floor didn't hold as many leaves as before. All of the leaves were on the trees.

That made me pause in her footsteps. Why were the leaves back on the trees when just a second ago they were covering the floor? And they were bright green too as if the seasons changed.

"What's... What's going on?" She mumbled, taking a step back and falling on her behind.

Without thinking, Rose quickly stood, and ran. She wanted to find the end of the tree lines, find some sort of clearing.

Suddenly, the trees parted and she found what she was looking for.

It was a clearing yes, but there was something else in her line of vision as well... A large beautiful looking mansion.​
Pheonix's attention sudden shifted into focus as he slowly turned his head to look down towards a young woman who had apparently found her way into his neck of the woods. His expression remained very placid as we watched her. It was almost as if he didn't think that she could see him, even though he was standing on the highest point of the four story mansion, plainly visible from almost any direction. He simply watched her with that dumb look on his face.
What... What was that? It looked like a figure was standing on the mansion. Who the hell would do something so dangerous? A mad man surely? Perhaps it was best if she were to turn around.

A sharp pang in her stomach brought Rose to her knees.

No she needed food and water. She'd have to risk going up to the stranger. Her fingers lightly touched her sword. Rose wasn't sure if she had the strength left to wield her sword but she wasn't going to die without some sort of fight. Who knows? Maybe the man wanted some fresh air.

"Yeah, and he decides to get it on the roof top," she remarked to herself.

Without hesitation, she started walking out into the clearing. Thinking that she better bring some attention to herself, Rose raised her sword into the air as a greeting.​
Hana opened her eyes, staring straight up into a sky obscured by a lush green foliage, the leaves swaying in a lazy breeze. She looked like tossed rag doll tossed mindlessly into the mud, her figure laid in an awkward manner within the copse of trees. This is different, I always comeback in a clearing she mused, her mind lazily swimming through the events that had recently transpired. Maybe I actually accomplished the job set in that damn place.

The last thing she remembered as she went about accomplishing her previous damn task was being consumed by, funnily enough, a traveling merchant selling foodstuffs. Her last sight being the 'man' tearing into her flesh, her last sound the snapping of her bones. Before that, she was stabbed by a random thief, and left to bleed out on the cobblestones of the small town. Before that, she was blown apart by an alchemical contraption- that was almost pleasant compared her more recent fates; it was so fast that she wasn't able to feel anything. Before that...

Hana would have shrugged if she could, no point musing about something that was done. She didn't understand why she even was sent there in the first place, so she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. She wondered what was the next asinine task she would be sent o-

Her train of thought was quickly broken as pain wracked her form. She couldn't even produce tears when she first felt her blood starting to circulate, a thousand tiny needles forcing their way into every nook of her body as her heart sluggishly chugged back into action. Finally, she was able to breathe, taking in massive gulps of air which were only interrupted by her plaintive cries of pain. Eventually, Hana revived fully, tears streaming from ducts that were now functional. She staggered to her feet, looking at the world around her through blurry eyes. Blinking rapidly she sighed; she would never get used to that process.

Ah well, might as well try and figure out her surroundings. She looked around lazily, until she spotted it. It was a manor-

No, it was that damn manor. Hana let out a small cry of irritation; It seems she hadn't accomplished what she previously set out to do.

The device at her hip rang.
Pheonix continued to lazily watch Rose as she walked closer from the tree line. As she raised her sword up into the air, he tilted his head to the side slightly, as if he didn't understand the gesture. He did not say or do anything to return the greeting. He still seemed like he was spacing out.

His gaze shifted to the blade once it was raised up, and after a few moments, his eyes focused and his head straightened back up. It was as if he had suddenly woken up from some kind of trance. After several seconds of gazing at the sword, his eyes shifted back to the girl. He still didn't speak however. Nor did he move from his position. He was waiting for something now, rather than idley watching.
It wasn't very long after that he arrived at the stables. As soon as he arrived at the stables a man came out and greeted him with a bow, Himikaowa returned the bow and got off his carriage before conversing with the stable manager. It wasn't a very long conversation, just the usual talk about payment and their terms of allowance. Most of the stables nowadays had strict rules about the kinds of horses and how many they could keep at a certain time while the few that didn't have rules soon grew bankrupt. Once all the arrangements were made the owner took his carriage and horses to a private stable and then handed him the key to it so that he could access it at any time during his stay.

Himikaowa left the rest of the business to the owner of the stables and walked off into the main part of the town. He quickly found himself perusing the shops and buying a few local delicacies to eat as well as a few new bits of clothes and different types of cloth. His eyes could tell that the clothes and close were made of very fine materials and his quick tongue and smooth words easily let him con the poor simple merchants out of their goods for an extremely low price, although the merchants themselves didn't seem to care since they were still getting quite a bit of money. Once he was done shopping around he put all that he had gathered back at the stables where his horses were stored so that they would not get stolen or damaged while he was away save for the clothes which he changed into. Instead of his usual blue shirt and black robes he now wore a fine green shirt with golden trim and a set of loose fitting black pants that seemed to glisten in the sunlight. The smell of the clothes were almost ecstatic to Himikaowa due to the fine materials they were made of as well as his strange tastes, it was only a moment after changing that his stomach growled and he was reminded of the dire hunger clawing at him each and every second.

"Well.... I guess i should really stop fooling around and find myself someone to eat. Hmmmmm. Im sure that there is some person drunk on their ass already. After all this place is pretty filthy, unlike the last town i was at. Ohhhhh how i wish i could go back there. Alas i had already spent most of my money there and even racked up quite a debt. Hmph, me and my bad luck. Well enough self pity."

Himi exited the stable and locked up the doors before heading into town once more. As he traveled through the town he found himself following the smell of burning meat, not regular meat but the smell of human flesh, it made his stomach churn in excitement and his mouth begin to salivate heavily once more. His pupils narrowed slightly as his mind began to grow foggy at the intoxicating aroma filling his nose. The faster he walked towards the delicious smell the stronger and stronger it grew until he found himself in front of a burning house with a full group of men surrounding only one. All of the guards had their arms drawn and aimed upon the sole person with their backs turned to Himikaowa who could only lick his lips in delight at his fortunate luck. With all of them heavily distracted and unaware of his presence he came slowly upon the rear most guard before wrapping a hand around his mouth and dragging the man back while at the same time twisting his neck earning him a rewarding yet sickening crunch of the mans neck.

The kill was clean but he was not nearly satisfied with just killing the poor man, no, Himikaowa's urges were finally too much for him as he brought his teeth against the mans twisted neck and bit down viciously while revealing his razor sharp teeth to any who were facing his way. As his teeth sank into the tender warm flesh he could feel the blood trickling down his throat while tearing the skin off in a sickening display, as if a lion were feasting upon a freshly kill antelope or buffalo. His cannibalism continued for a few moments as he dragged the body even further out of sight so as to hide his horrendous act from all others. It had not even been a full minute before he was finished feasting leaving what was left of the mans body in tatters. There was blood covering the ground and walls of the alley. His arms had been picked clean of any exposed flesh as well as his chest which the shirt and armor had been torn clean off. The display had caused a bit of noise but hopefully he had not alerted any of the guards who were already occupied with the person from earlier.

"Oh god. That... was... absolutely delightful~ I can only hope that those men end up killing each other so that i may have a grand feast after~"

Himikaowa walked out of the alley and watched the spectacle ahead of him in hopes that there would be much bloodshed, and if he happened to get caught in the crossfire, he wouldn't hesitate to "defend" himself.
Aiden didn't fail to see the demon kill the man. Smiling behind his collar he flexed his hand bringing knives into his hand. He threw them spraying the eight knives through out the whole group. As each knife made its mark he swooped down the the floor sliding into the crowd avoiding arrows and bolts flying his way. He swirled up in a flurry cloth and fire shot out of his hands deterring the crowd gathering around him. While everyone was distracted he ran out of the crowd knowing he was outnumbered. He ran past the demon just as the crowd began to run after him.

Sighing he looked back and sighed before turning back. He jumped and in mid-air and turned into the silver nine-tailed fox he actually is. Letting out a menacing sound people began to back up. His cover was blown now and he needed to deal with the people that saw him. Taking a deep breath he exhaled sharply as flames came out of his mouth. The townsfolk began to run about and he demolished everything in his path trying to escape. He knew he wasn't going to get paid for this and most likely hunted as well.
Not a wave, nor words were given from the stranger. Well yes the man moved and he seemed interested in her, but why didn't he say anything to reassure her? He just stared at her, like some sort of predator.

Rose paused in her steps, zeroing in on the man. Everything about him spoke of a peculiariness Rose had never encountered before. His hair, his clothes, even his eyes seemed out of place. Again she was wondering if it was a good idea to walk up to a complete stranger. Especially one who was a bit off...

"Hello?" she called to him, "I-I'm sorry to barge in on you but I haven't had anything to eat in a while and I just... If you could give me some water I'd be very grateful." Rose couldn't stop the helpless tone in her voice. " Or a piece of bread, anything."​
Pheonix listened as Rose spoke to him, and continued staring at her intently. That was the first time he had heard another being's voice in years. He took a few moments to absorb her words, almost relishing in the sound. This person who had stumbled upon his home was real, and he felt very relieved to know that. She wasn't just a figment of his increasingly warped mind.

After taking a short time to contemplate these facts, he stepped forward a few steps, then jumped up into the air, and came down about 10 feet from Rose, slowing himself in mid-fall so that he would reach the ground as lightly as a feather. He walked slowly towards her, gazing at her as if expecting her to disappear from existence any moment, yet hoping with all his might that she wouldn't. Once he got within reach of her, he immediately reached out with his right hand and placed it on her left shoulder, grasping it firmly, as if he was trying to make sure it was actually there. Once he realized that she was, without a doubt, truly there standing in front of him, he was a bit overwhelmed. He stepped back a bit in disbelief, looking her right in the eyes. Then after a short pause, he spoke in a low, long unused voice.

"You say you need food? Water? Yes... Come inside."

And with that, he turned around and started walking back towards the mansion, leading the way.
She took a step back as the man descended from the roof of the building. Rose honestly thought the man was going to die - the mansion was a lot bigger than she had anticipated. Up close, Rose assumed that the man was better looking in his younger years but life added extra years to his face. The scar on his face told her as much. She wasn't so sure about his body, but he was a fighter. She was sure of it.

As he crossed the stretch of land between the two of them, her fingers tightly clasped onto her sword. Her tense grip made the blade spark nervously. She wasn't expecting him to place his hand on her shoulder, the action making her flinch immediately. People never touched her. This was something Rose made sure of. But her eyes remained focused, hard, and wary. When the man turned away from her, Rose let out a small puff of air. She was relaxing. He was going to give her food and water.

Then she would be on her way.

For now though, she would have to deal with this crazy fellow.
Hana sighed, giving the heavens a plaintive look before taking the phone out of her pocket to answer. In the past, she decided to completely ignore the device, untill she learned that she always suffered... unfortunate things if she ignored a call. Besides, the phone was special- there was only one person whoever reached her through it. She flipped the small device open before speaking.
" What do you want?" Hana said into the phone. It remained silent.

Rolling her eyes, she spoke again. "Hello, this is Hana. How may I help you today?" her employer loved to make Hana act in a formal manner at all times when interacting with her. " I'm so glad you picked up! I was worried about you!" the voice on the other end was cheerful. "I'm so sorry that you failed that last time- I was sure that you'd get the job done. Ah well, eighth times the charm!" Hana shuddered; she has had this conversation every time she was revived for this task. The only thing that ever changed was the the number of tries she had taken. Hana sighed heavily, putting her palm to her forehead. "Would you just get it over with? Say your useless advice so I can hurry off and get killed once again." the phone remained silent- there wasn't even the slightest bit of white noise e emanating from it. Hana gave a small cry of frustration before continuing, doing her best to make herself sound helpless. "Boss! I'm completely lost without your guidance! What do I need to accomplish, and how?" the phone crackled again, the voice on the end positively beaming. "Simple! Just meet the others and Get Things Done! I believe in you!" with that the phone shut itself off,

Hana blinked a few times to get a bit of sleep out of her eyes. She stretched, and started walking into the direction of that damn manor. It was going to be a long day.
Pheonix made his way to the double front doors, which were made of wood and etched with various markings that would only recognized by someone who already knew Pheonix on a personal level. Two large letters, HK, were marked on the door, made of what appeared to be pure gold. He swung the doors open, and walked in, revealing a huge grand entry hall, extending all the way up the roof 4 stories up, lined with marble on the floor, walls, ceiling, and even the columns , with a long red rug lined with gold extending from the front doors to the end of the hall.

He made his way through the entry hall, and into the next room, which appeared to be the living room. There were couches, armchairs, small tables, and a grand fireplace in the far corner. He took a left upon entering the living room and made his way into a large kitchen which connected directly to the living room. With a hard pull, he opened a door in the kitchen which lead to a large cold room. He stepped inside, and a few moments later, emerged with arms full of various meats and cheeses. He moved over to one of the counters and sets them all down in a pile, then walked over to the pantry and pulled out a large glass bottle of water, and set it down next to the food.

He then turned to look at Rose who had been following him, and simply stared at her while standing near the food and water without saying anything.
Flabbergasted, Rose stood in the entry hall of the mansion with her mouth hanging open.

The marble, the red carpet, the large and luxurious rooms, all of it was enough to distract Rose momentarily from the emptiness in her stomach. Her eyes scoured everything as her mind worked frantically to process the meaning of all of this.

This man was rich, very filthy rich. And he could afford all of this land on his own. Or at least, Rose thought it was all alone. She didn't see anyone else in here. Was he some sort of Lord or Baron...? Her knowledge of titles wasn't very extensive but surely he had to hold some sort of title. Did it matter that she was intruding on his land? Oh for god's sake she shouldn't -

The man disappeared into another room, jump starting Rose's mind. Slightly embarrassed, she swiftly followed after him, only to stop and marvel at the food placed in front of her. Meats, cheeses, and water. It was more than what she asked for. Her stomach grumbled loudly in preparation of a decent meal. Rose stared up at the man, brown eyes meek. An awkward silence ensued. He didn't say anything, and she couldn't say anything. If she said anything it would have been deemed rude. She merely stood there at the kitchen door, wringing her hands on her worn out tunic as her eyes stared hungrily at the food set before her.​
Himikaowa had been observing the man surrounded by guards for a few moments before he swept up into the air and transformed into a demonic fox and immolated all of them. They guards quickly burned alive and fell into crumpled heaps in front of him while the fox began to rampage through the town on its way out, Himikaowa merely sat there and watched the town go up in flames while he let out a loud and exasperated sigh. It had barely even been a few hours since he got here and someone was already forcing him out. Surely he was going to get blamed for this as well since he was one of the newest arrivals in town to pass the checkpoint. It would only make his life harder and more annoying.

"Well, i guess i won't be sleeping in a comfortable bed like i had hoped to. Damn that man, i had just gotten a meal and now he is all around burning and destroying everything. Ughh i guess if i lay really low i might be able to salvage my cover. It seems wherever i go misfortune follows, even if i do cause a lot of it."

Himikaowa chuckled to himself and started walking back towards the inn so that he could at least reserve a room for the night. It was to no surprise that the guards were swarming all over the town informing people to remain clear of the demon and to stay inside, or if their house caught on fire to run to the shelter thy had built. A few of the guards began to shove him out of the way as they rushed after the flying fox with crossbows drawn, one even shoved him to the ground while he was moving. Himi's anger was quickly rising at the rudeness and haste of the guards even if they were in such a hurry but he quickly let it subside knowing that if he killed anyone now he would surely be hunted alongside the fox. Instead he walked into the inn and rented a room from them despite the very puzzled look and warnings of the innkeeper. Once he was in his room and made sure that all the doors were locked and that his window was closed and shaded he removed his shirt and stretched out as his wings slowly spread from his back revealing gorgeous white feathers. He slowly wrapped his wings around his body as he brushed them with his hand gently making sure to remove any of the molting and damaged ones, after all concealing wings never kept them quite as fine as they were unfurled.
At this moment and time, Dr Kere was creating a flea circus - picking them off Nigel one by one. "Hmmmm...let me see." it consisted of a small carousel and strange miniature glowing orbs. "Bahhhh!" the goat didn't mind this little activity as it stopped the itching and was quiet for once. It starred at the doctor while eating a patch of grass. "Oh indeed, Nigel! let us be is a twig we must find! to coppotomato!" As Dr. Kere walked out, you saw Nigel run out the door jumping he entered a nice day dream of soft meadows plentiful as he grazed against the long strands of grass, another goat appeared next him. A she goat....ah she was beautiful! and then it hit him "Nigel!" the she goat said in a man's voice....A deep disappointment flooded into the goat - as he soon came back to reality- he was stuck with this wanker.

Removing a sheet of white, reveals a small contraption. It was a little wooden cart with small wheels and a strap that strapped on to Nigel. It was big enough for Dr. Wane Kere and a few supplies to fit on. That was probably about it. Reluctantly, the goat put itself into the reins....Still chewing grass, of course. It didn't mean he'd move.

Dr Kere however placed himself neatly inside the kart "Bah-ram-ewe!" Dr. Kere suddenly shoved a needle into the goat's backside. It mouth drooled for a second, only to then go skits as the drug began to settle in the goat was off in a shot - in what direction Dr. Wane Kere was not quite sure.

Haha! who cares...WHEEEEEE!

A joy ride.​

Pheonix stood there in silence, starring at Rose who was gazing eagerly at the food. He tilted his head in wonder. Why did she not eat the food, and drink the water? It was what she asked for wasn't it? Maybe she didn't like meat or cheese... But then why didn't she at least drink the water? There is only one kind of water isn't there? And she had asked for it.

After a couple minutes of pondering the situtation, Pheonix looked to the pile of food, and grabbed a piece of frozen sausage. Ah, maybe that was it! Perhaps she wasn't eating it because it was frozen! How foolish of him to forget. After realizing this, he proceeded to place a hand over the pile of food, and blast it with fire for a few seconds until it was thawed and moderately cooked. Luckily the countertops were made of cut stone, preventing them from catching fire.

After that was done, he picked up the sausage again, now hot and ready to eat, and held it out towards Rose.