The Chronicles of Lethera

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  1. This is a story I've had in my head for years it starts with it's set first in our modern day society we live in and before I end up forgetting as this is a rough draft for this site She's a highschool student xD

    It starts with a normal day for our heroine Eria she's at home with her butler getting ready to go hangout with her friends, everything is the same old same old Sebastian does his daily routine as he drives her to hang out with her friends Sebastian speaks to her.
    Sebastian: So Lady Eria, What are you and your friends doing today?
    Eria: Well first we're going to the mall and then later the movies after that I have no idea what we're doing.
    Sebastian: -laughs- Oh to be young! Never really planning things out just always going with the flow in life. Wherever the wind may guide you.
    Eria: Well you're welcoming to join us, though I don't believe you would look all to well in a dress there let alone a skirt. -she laughs-
    Sebastian: Oh I promise you I look rather handsome in a dress, especially the ones with pink polka dots!

    Sometime passes as Sebastian is driving her to the mall they keep talking and having fun then he finally drops her off
    Eria: Thanks Sebastian -she says as he drops her off-
    Sebastian: I will be by later to come get you -as he says before driving away-
    Eria then meets up with her friends and sometime later they're walking around the docks near the mall when suddenly everything in time froze still except her and one of her friends Lucy
    Eria looks at Lucy and asks what is wrong as neither of them know they're looking all around for answers when suddenly a void rift to another world opens up and a strange young man not much older then Lucy and Eria appears out of it wounded and carrying a weapon

    Eria attends to the injured young man asking him what happened
    Eria: Are you ok?! What happened to you
    The young man jumps back from her touching him screaming not to touch him
    Axel: Don't touch me! My name is Axel and that's all you will ever know -he then looks around at this strange world- Where am I?! Where have you taken me!
    Axel frusterated lifts up his weapon and demands a answer
    Axel: If you do not answer I swear your head will be off by my halberd! I will show no mercy to a measly girl!
    Lucy all mad at the strange man jumps in
    Lucy: Shes just trying to help and all you can do is wave your toy at her?

    after argueing for what seemed forever in this distorted world someone she thought she wouldn't see in all of this comes in
    Sebastian: Lady Eria we must go before its to late!
    Eria: What do you mean Sebastian? Whats going on here!
    Axel recognizing Sebastian gets on his knee and lowers his head
    Axel: I had no idea you were affiliated with this young girl teacher please do forgive me

    Theres alot more and just ugh I've always wanted to do something with it I have all the characters planned out their weapons personality etc etc looks though not for all of them but we can manage that together
    I would like this to have at least 4 people so no one has to take on tons of characters but 2 or 3 would be fine
    um i dont really know what to say im nervous alone to send this here as I love this story in my head ive had it in my head since i was in 3rd grade and i know my punctuation is bad so please do forgive me
    Im open to ideas on making it better to and ideas of your own characters
    It's also gonna have a psychological kinda feel to it later on in the story to give it more depth after some characters are introduced and such

    Some characters will be animal hybrids hence the furry tag and then there will obviously be some character deaths to spice it up :) um before this gets to long i should stop so just comment or message me :3
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