The Chronicle's of Elym I : Beyond The Mountain

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  1. Welcome one and Welcome all.

    Now doesn't that thread title look so much better? Well it should because that is the official title of Chapter 1 Part 1 of this fantastic RP.

    Now some of you may be asking, What Fantastic Rp??


    ..Is what you may be internally shouting at my face hole. Yes, that is a valid response as only four people have been following this project (as far as I know).

    So, without further a do let me present to you

    Elym Interest Check 2.0:

    Elym, a world with of a millennia of conflict staining it's surface. Since the time creation gods have battled against one another to assert dominance over the world. But now? Now the gods slumber, and no one knows why. A great gap has appeared in history, one that no one can explain away. The nations race to find the secrets of this lost age, and as they do so, doom looms on the horizon...


    Welcome to Caertohma, and Island continent separated from the rest of the world by the Gods of old. The reasoning for this are a mystery, but that is how it is. dwi. Either way, over the generations, a society has formed on this continent, one that shares the blood painted past of the rest of Elym proper. For time immemorial Caertohma has been separated by ideology.

    To the West Lies the Celestian Alliance. They worship The Archangel Mariah, who blessed their people with the stone of power. It is said that this stone chooses a champion once every generation to guide The Church and Her People to enlightenment and glory.

    to the East lies the land of The Orc Tribes. Each tribe contains it's own sovereignty, but are united by a common cause. The destruction of the Western blasphemers. The tribes follow the banner of their strongest warrior, The God King, who leads them to victory with the power of The Earth. It is said that the one of the mountain chooses the one who most exemplifies his ideals to carry this holy mantle.

    War is a daily reality for Caertohma and its people. Idealistic conflict has brought death to hundreds of thousands over the recent generations, and even more before that. However, there is one name that stands as a symbol of unity between East and West. The only faction that takes the side of both players and does not judge members of either. The Lotys State. They are minuscule in comparison to the other nations and operate more as a mercenary army then an independent state, but the message remains clear regardless. Come one, come all, leave your discrimination's at our border and bring with you your fighting spirit and open mind.

    For whatever reason, you have chosen to take the perilous journey to The Citadel of Grey, capital of Lotys. You know not what to expect as you take your final steps towards your destination, but you know this, a new life lies just beyond the mountain.

    Welcome to Our second interest check!!!

    So much better then the last!!

    We have a premace! A world map!!! Link plox:

    And most exciting of all!!..


    wooo hooo!!. Note! I am going to be making my personal blog private from this point onwards, as some of the information in there is only allowed to be seen by those who expressed interest on the first interest check. OOH!! VIP PRIVILEDGES!!

    Now, The blog is going to be moving forward with more general world information privately, and you original four will have access to that information. However, A second Development Log will be present here and it will unveil everything we need to know about Caertohma as we move forward in preparation for actual RPing. Which is probably somewhere in the realm of 2-3 months away.

    Now, I am going to begin work on a map of Just Caertohma, but that is going to take a while so don't hold your breath :P. Either way, do be excited and I hope to hear from more interested folks as time marches forward!!

  2. Development Log For The Island Continent of Caerhtoma:


    Greetings everyone :)

    Ner0 hear after a very long hiatus! Today I am bringing you great news. Tommorow is my Friday :)

    Which means that on actual Real Life Friday you will be getting the long awaited Caerhtoma development post from me :)

    For now I am going to leave you with a map, again I would like to thank @Kythera for the beautiful recoloring of my map. Now, here you go:
    maps found here (open)


    Now, for the first map. Each color corresponds to an individual nation. These nations will be revealed and developed on Friday. So worry not. The shapes and what they mean will also be revealed. For the second, each location with a small black dot in the center is one that I have already developped/claimed for development all other locations will be open for VIP players to develop and the process in which this will be done will be revealed on my blog :). As well as the development of each of the claimed areas.

    So with that.

    Bye bye for today :).
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  3. The Maps of Elym:

    Caerhtoma (open)


    These Parchment styled maps are courtesy of @Kythera who did a wonderful job at recoloring my works. Thankyou so much for your help on this project Kyth, Lots of Love

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  4. Sorta interested, but not enough info for me to go on.

    Can I have an idea of the general plot idea?

    Genre (adventure, military, intrigue, etc.)?

    Also, what kind of characters is it possible to make?
  5. My apologies for not being clearer about this :)

    This is an Early Development Rp.

    Which means that right now alot of the question that you have are not going be answered due to me being unable to do so. However, I am super happy to hear you are interested.
    Please keep an eye on this thread as I will be updating it as regularly as I can afford to (Planning on twice a week once on friday and once on saturday).

    At this current moment I am looking for one more VIP player, (players that show interest in the early development stage)

    Allow me to give you access to my blog where you can read up on a bunch of cool stuff pertaining to the world of this rp in the mean time. If that piques your interest more I can add you too the private message group and you can become a fully fledged Vip member.


    Oh and I would say that the Genre would be Adventure.
  6. Ah okay, ya I'll pass, but thanks anyway. ^_^ If/when you get the RP really started, tag me I'll give it a look over.
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  7. I'm totally interested for when this kicks off! It sounds great!
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