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  1. Here's the link to the rp:

    A Darkness has risen in the land and seeks to corrupt the entire world into anarchy. None know anything about it, and none can stop it… none that is, except the Chosen. The Darkness has already taken control of one fourth of the world and swallows up more of the free lands every day without halt.

    The Chosen are a select few who were hand-picked by Fate itself to defeat the Darkness. They were come to in a dream by a mysterious figure who told them that they were the Chosen and they must find the others so they can begin their journey. They all come from different towns, regions and backgrounds, the only thing which seems similar with them all is their heroic spirit and the darkness they all must overcome wither inside of themselves or in their past. They each must defeat their darkness before they can be able to defeat the Darkness which seeks to destroy their world.

    A figure came to each of the Chosen individually and told them that they must find the others soon to begin their journey. Once they all meet he'll come to them again to tell them their next mission.

    1) TigerQueen
    2) Rufia
    3) Echoing_Song
    4) spaceninja
    Patchouli K.

    The Darkness' Minions:
    1) ilovevampzero
    2) Rufia
    3) Echoing_Song
    4) Jericho
    5) TimidJewishElf
    6) Patchouli K.

    The Assassin (is sent to kill the Chosen but eventually joins them instead) desertrat

    Power(s): (reasonable)


    My character:

    Name: Elizabeth McMarley
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Race: Neko
    Position: Chosen
    Power(s): shape-shift into any animal (it takes a lot on energy so she doesn't use it very often)
    Weapon(s): scythe, daggers
    Personality: she is very kind and sweet to those she trusts and like but when she first meets someone she seems pretty tough and independent. She's also very curious about a lot of things and mischievous around you if she likes you. She also acts very childish and innocent. When it comes to what she thinks is right/polite she is very outspoken and will say her mind no matter what
    Bio: Her family and the rest of her village were killed by the Darkness' minions when she was at a young age, Elizabeth and one of her brother being the only ones surviving. They were then forced to go wandering from town to town, learning how to steal and survive on their own. Years later, when she was 15 her brother went out to get some food but never came back. She stayed in that town for about a year before moving on, accepting that he wasn't coming back. She's been on her own ever since.
    Other: she's afraid of fire and can't swim
  2. oh can i play as the Assassin?
  3. @desertrat Sure! Just post a skelly as soon as you can! :)
  4. Name: Arrow
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Position: Chosen
    Power(s): Minimal control over both light and dark energy, which he uses to maintain the blades of his swords. He can use that control to, say, fire beams of energy, but that's more of an emergency thing.
    Weapon(s): By themselves, his signature weapons are simple sword hilts, but he uses his magic to form blades of energy, one light, and the other dark.

    Bio: Arrow wasn't born as a normal person should be. He was created, by a powerful supernatural being named Shiro, to be the perfect battler, one with a perfectly balanced soul, so that he might wield both light and darkness in harmony and vanquish all who Shiro deems unworthy. The problem is, it worked a little too well: yeah, Arrow can use light and darkness, but he has an innate sense of balance, and he thinks that Shiro's plans for him aren't as neutral as his mentor would like him to believe. As such, Arrow's loyalties to Shiro often feel misplaced to him. And if he can't trust the man who is essentially his father, then who can he trust?

    Personality: Arrow is a naturally curious, rebellious, and adventurous young man, but he often struggles with whether he's doing the right thing. After all, he was taught by Shiro never to trust anyone, and that the human race is inherently flawed, and blah blah blah just follow orders and things will work out fine. But is that really how things are?

    (blue eyes, brown hair, monochrome outfit)
  5. Name:





    Shadow manipulation; He is able to bend shadows around himself to conceal himself, up close he is still visible, just distorted. From a distance however he is nearly invisible. He can also use shadows to travel, going from shadow to Shadow as long as the shadow he is travailing to is within sight of him.

    Katana; Kunai; Somke bomb; twin Daggers.

    Millinder is a very complex and many sided person. Years of training have made him very calm in even the most chaotic of situations. Because of this he also has a tendency to try to plan for every possible situation, Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. He is also very Passive aggressive(sarcastic) and normally very laid back goofy at times even, and if he ever starts to trust you, he could be your greatest ally and is a loyal friend. But he does have a darker side, on the rare occasion that some one pushes him over the edge, there is almost nothing that can stop him from killing you and he can hold a grudge for a very long time. Raining terror down on his personal enemies. He will not rush in with a fit of rage, no instead he will sit back and systematically plan your demise, taking years sometimes. In the end you will be left with nothing and only then will his vengeance be satiated enough to kill you.
    Millinder was born and raised as an assassin. He knows no other life. For the side of Darkness he was bred to kill for and it was no suprise that when word of these "choosen" came about it was his job to hunt them down and kill them all. Using anything he has at his disposal he was set loose. Now he travels the world with only one true goal. To find these chosen and to end them.
    Other: He likes ballroom dancing.
  6. Name: Alistair Magnium
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Position: Chosen
    Powers: He can manipulate the element Earth. Not in a create HUGE CATACLYSMIC CANYONS. (Unless he spent a year using his power to dig and push out the earth) Mostly just surface structure and basic geokinesis[SIZE=1]. Large amounts of focus and e[SIZE=1]nergy are required of him to make the earth roll[SIZE=1] underfoot.
    [SIZE=1]Weapon: A[/SIZE] sol[SIZE=1]id metall[SIZE=1]ic[/SIZE] spear (I think the one[SIZE=1] in the picture is called a Sibat[SIZE=1])

    [SIZE=1]Personality: Alistair is very friendly [SIZE=1]yet very blu[SIZE=1]nt. One could say he [SIZE=1]does[SIZE=1] not understand the definition of the world [SIZE=1]"tact". He [SIZE=1]isn't very [SIZE=1][SIZE=1]observant[/SIZE] of his [SIZE=1]surroundin[SIZE=1]gs when not in a combat situation and is usually consid[SIZE=1]ered very clumsy.

    Bio: Ever since Alistair's father saved him from a bandit using only a staff, he has been obsessed with its art as a lifestyle. When his entire village was raided and burned to the ground by dark minions, he devoted himself to vengence. Taking to the woods and living for himself he learned many survival skills. As he grew older he made his way back into civilization [SIZE=1]to [SIZE=1]hunt [SIZE=1]the minions responsible for the los[SIZE=1]s of his village.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE] He still enjoys time in the forests and plains training with whatever spear like weapon he can find and is a very skilled in the art. He first discovered his ability to manipulate the Earth when training on a warm summer day. The dirt was loose and he was in the heat of his practice. Among his thrusts he could feel himself diggin[SIZE=1]g into the ground with his [SIZE=1]energy and the dirt was thrusting in[SIZE=1] solid forms along side his spear. [SIZE=1]He at first thought it was being at[SIZE=1]tacked and went to parry but that [SIZE=1]action pushed up a wall of s[SIZE=1]urface [SIZE=1]ground. A[SIZE=1]t this moment he stopped and touched the wall with his hand[SIZE=1][SIZE=1]; it didn't budge[/SIZE]. Still apprehensive he circled it looking for [SIZE=1]weaknesses but it was solid. [SIZE=1]When he finally relaxed it [SIZE=1]c[SIZE=1]ru[SIZE=1]mbled [SIZE=1]down into [SIZE=1]a soft pile. [SIZE=1]He is still dis[SIZE=1]covering the limits of his ability and how to work with it and his [SIZE=1]spear.

  7. Skelly
    Name: Shadow
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Race: Undead (Vampire)
    Position: One of Darkness's Minions
    Power(s): Can turn invisible for up to half an hour and can move SMALL objects with her mind.
    Weapon(s): Sharp nails and long daggers.
    Personality: Silent and shy, but has an odd interest in roses.
    Bio: Was a young girl kidnapped and taken to a strange place. They did painful experiments on her to create a super-soldier. Eventually, she realized this and broke out of the lab, later being hypnotized by the dark forces in the woods nearby.
    Does not like to watch her victims suffer.
    (PICS SOON)!
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    you are all accepted! Sorry for the late acceptance, I've been really busy. :\
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  15. <script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>Name:jack



    Race:anthro wolf(black furred)


    Power(s):just a little more than average human strength and and speed. also more cunning than the average human; the ability to talk to pack animals(wolves,foxes,great cats,dingos,hyenas, ect...)

    Weapon(s):his own claws and the many small daggers and throwing knives

    Personality:intelligent;silent and guarded around people he does not trust; when around people he does trust he is hyper, hot headed,will not shut up,and is easily goaded into fighting. will stick up for his friends and loved ones until the bitter end.

    Bio:jack was born in a city where crime rates were high and getting higher every day, gang activity was at an all time high,with no law enforcement to stop it.he was working in a local diner for less than minum wage and after a long days work on a saturday afternoon he came home only to find his and his parents belongings gone along with his parents and a note asking for a bounty of unattainable proportions was laying in the middle of the small apartment. jack had always been obsessed with knives ever since his father taught him to use a small paring knife to defend himself if attacked on the streets. for the next three years after his mom and da[SIZE=3]d were kidnapped he practiced [SIZE=3]with as many knives and knife fighting styles as he could find being taken care of by the diminis[SIZE=3]hing local government. [SIZE=3]jack[/SIZE] started working for the gangs he despised and after 2 years had become an experienced killer with much blood on his hands[SIZE=3]. his ultimate goal was to find the gang who killed his only [SIZE=3]loved ones and kill every [SIZE=3]member[SIZE=3]. he had only just began to unravel this mystery when he had a dream in which he was approached by a figure he co[SIZE=3]uld not reco[SIZE=3]gn[SIZE=3]i[/SIZE]ze who told h[SIZE=3]im he was a "chosen". he decided to pursue [SIZE=3]what the dream had to[SIZE=3]ld him[SIZE=3].[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    <script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>he keeps his parents ransom note on him at all times along with a minimum of his butterfly knife and 3 throwing knives. he is also hoping to meet many great friends in his new pursuits as he has not had time for this in the past five years.[​IMG](sorry about the extra large pic guys)
  16. Name: Holly van Greustein

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human
    Position: one of the Chosen

    Power(s): Holly's control over electricity is fleeting at best. She's known of her abilities for a long while, since childhood, actually, when her parents encouraged her to start tinkering with toys and little bits of materials at a young age, and ever since she's been building on her abilities to try and make something out of them. A born inventor, Holly most often uses her powers to inject life into her tiny mechanical creations for her own amusement, but in a larger context, it might server a greater purpose: perhaps to help her repair crucial machinery or else breathe life into other small vehicles, weapons, and armour.

    Weapon(s): A mighty lance, longer than even her formidable 5'7" stature, endowed with a bold golden handle and thin webs of gold that wrap around the main shaft. The tip of the weapon forms a needle-sharp arrow with edges carved into miniature lightning bolts by Holly herself.
    Personality: On the whole, Holly is a quiet and shy girl who can most often be found with her head in a good book and her focus lost in the depths of her mind. She's a thinker at heart, an inventor by choice, and her father's daughter only as a last resort. She really does not fancy the haughty, drama-injected sport that is politics, something her father loves a little too much, she thinks. She's a fan of her mother, though, also a soft spoken woman with elegant features and a tendency to turn to silence when things aren't going her way. Holly enjoys reading and tinkering and otherwise losing herself in a world of academic pursuit -- but on the slim chance she chooses to socialize, she prefers people with kind hearts, open minds, and a dash of courage -- something she lacks.

    Bio: Holly is the eldest of four van Greustein heirs, making her the direct heir to the family fortune, political position of Governor [a position currently held by her father], and all the lovely troubles that come with being an older sister to two vein younger sisters and one obnoxious younger brother. Despite her sisters teasing her about her reading obsessions and her inventions and her less-than-acceptable choice of wearing actual people's clothes and not the ridiculously complex and uncomfortable gowns and dresses expected of her class, she enjoys the occasional tea party and girl talk that comes with having younger sisters. Her brother, the second eldest, on the other hand, is a trickster -- and likes nothing more than to aggravate the living daylights out of the only obstacle between him and his place as the next Governor -- Holly. And even though her siblings drive her crazy and her father wants her to grow into a beautiful and gracious Governess and her mother wishes only that she find her own happiness in life, Holly loves all of them with all that she is -- and that's why, when the apparition finds her in her dreams on that fateful night, she knows the importance of this calling. She knows that something is coming -- something she's learned from all of her books and all of her tests and all the times her creations have failed -- that could threaten all of their safety. And there was no way in the world she was going to let that happen.

    Other: Holly often sports a small golden pen, the tip of which is a small, crystalline gem as opposed to lead or graphite or dispensable ink. The gem acts as a conduit for her electrical control -- a means of funnelling the unpredictable flares of electricity into one single pin-point which she uses for very specific energy injection procedures It's one of her first inventions, and remains at her side, hidden in a secret compartment in her belt, for easy access at all times.

    Pic(s): None at the current time.

    Hopefully this is okay. ^_^;;
  17. [MENTION=3571]Yuurei[/MENTION] accepted! Just get a pic up when you can :)
  18. Ah... I usually just write the descriptions for my characters in the RP. I don't usually base it off of an image or anything like that... is that okay? owo;
  19. Yeah that's fine, I just assumed it was a picture but you can just do a description if you want.