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  1. Harry Potter, the Pevensies, Frodo Baggins, and Link. What do these people all have in common? They are Chosen Ones; heroes and heroines destined for greatness, and there's simply no one else who can do the job.

    The trouble is, this character is so often miswritten that just reading the words "I play CHARACTERNAME, the chosen one who..." can make some people groan.

    So! We're going to practice creating Chosen Ones; because let's face it, the idea of ONE person chosen by destiny for an incredible task wouldn't be so popular if it wasn't a darn cool idea!

    • They are too perfect.
      A Chosen One is meant to accomplish great things, and is usually appreciated by society at least to a local-celebrity level, but for any character to be likeable, we have to be able to RELATE to them. That means they have to have stuff they suck at, stuff that would make people not want to be friends with or date them, and personal demons like a lack of self-discipline, forgetfulness, pathological lying, or being a busybody
    • They don't fit the part.
      Nobody is born with great skills or courage or any other kind of great attribute, but Chosen ones are, well, CHOSEN. That means if you're writing a Chosen One, your character has to have a unique trait that makes them the Chosen One. Make sure that something is NOT a skill like mountain climbing or dragon riding; skills, however great, leave the impression that anyone who trained long enough could do the same thing.
    • Being Chosen One takes up their whole character.
      We get it! They're Chosen! Please give your character a life beyond their mission; hobbies, interests, family, friends, a dream for when their Chosen One mission is completed; a personal motivation to complete their chosen one mission, something that makes them a person and not an icon.
    • Being Chosen One becomes a free pass to do anything.
      Nobody likes a character who's immune to the world's rules. They may get special privileges for being Chosen One, but make sure that your character is still subject to 99% of the same restrictions as everybody else. Even Harry Potter couldn't go to Hogsmead without a permission slip, and even Aragorn had to surrender the Flame of the West to get into Theoden's hall.
    You can use the form below or free-write a scene introducing this character. If you chose the form PLEASE ALSO write a paragraph or two of your character in action.

    Chosen One Title:
    Chosen One Mission:
    How long have they Known:
    Basic appearance:
    Stuff he/she is good at:
    Stuff he/she is bad at:
    Family relations:
    Early life:
    Personal Accomplishments:
    Any special training or schooling they get for being Chosen One:
    Dreams/Goals for after Chosen One Mission is complete:
    Personal motivation for accomplishing Chosen One mission:
    Any special trinkets or tools for being the Chosen One:
  2. Name:
    Kolek HalfTroll
    Chosen One Title:
    Champion of the Orc Nation
    Chosen One Mission:
    To wage and win war against the invading forces of man that have landed on the shores of the Orcish home continent.
    How long have they Known:
    Since birth. The shaman present declared that the freak, the half-Troll hybrid, would be the one to throw the men back into the sea and reclaim the land for their own. A council two months later of all the shamans confirmed this, and drew the Orc nation behind him in support.
    Basic appearance:
    Seven foot five with shoulders like a bull, you could say that Kolek fills a doorway, but he would actually fill a small room without much trouble. His skin is thick, leathery, and grey-tan, and he has a shock of rough black hair on his head. His head is sloped and broad, with round, thick facial features with a somewhat gorilla-ish cast from his Troll blood. He hunches a bit when he walks, for it is a strain on his tendons to stand perfectly upright. The upper half of his body seems too large for his narrow hips and short legs; his fingertips almost touch his knees. Though he looks like the awkward hybrid that he is, it's a combination that gives him amazing upper-body strength and surprisingly swift movement on his little legs.
    Stuff he is good at:
    Anything that involves brute strength. He's stronger than two Orc warriors put together, and what would be immense weights to any human male are only minor struggles for him.
    He's an excellent warrior through both natural aptitude and training, deadly with the club, the maul, the axe, the spear, and less Orcish weapons like the sword, the morningstar, and the pike.
    Boring, repetitive activities that an average person would grow tired of. He can sit for hours doing basic tasks like turning a spit, braiding rope, running a grindstone or bellows, or dig tubers.
    Long distance travel. Partially through his blood and partially through being too big to ride, Kolek has had to walk or lope everywhere since childhood, and is quite good at it.
    Stuff he is bad at:
    Logical, linguistic, or mathematical pursuits. Troll brains are poorly developed in these areas and he has difficulty doing anything beyond the very basics.
    Anything involving fine handwork. Stubby, dull-nerved fingers with thick hoof-like nails don't do well at sewing, writing, or similar activities.
    Ranged weapons. He is very nearsighted and not very good at aim, so the most he can do is chunk big rocks in the right direction.
    Music, especially the drums and pan pipes. Pattern memorization is a strong area of Troll brain activity, and so music comes naturally to him, though delicate instruments are beyond him.
    Swimming. Although he sinks, the same muscle that weighs him down also lets him cut through the water like a dream, and he doesn't feel as ungainly as he does on land.
    Bird watching. He's quite fond of the little feathered things, though hawks and eagles are his favorite. Watching one make a kill just makes his day.
    Family relations:
    His father was killed by Orc warriors out on a hunt. They found his mother and brought her back to camp, but she died giving birth to Kolek, who even in the womb was grossly oversized. The closest thing he has to a father is the chief that took him in, the clan's shaman is almost a grandfather to him, but ever since then all the other chiefs and shamans of the nation have wanted a piece of him, and he hasn't any true family or even close friends.
    Early life:
    When he was still too young to train seriously, Kolek was raised by a series of clans, a new one each season. Although he was revered in all of them, he never quite felt at home, and all of them wanted something from him rather than wanting him the way he was. He became tall and fast and very strong, but he never felt loved and was always jealous of the families that other kids went home to after a long day of play.
    Personal Accomplishments:
    While he's won numerous battles and competitions, the only thing he really feels personally proud of himself for is his own falcon, Gyramesh. He climbed a cliff to snatch her from the next as a hatchling, and raised her from there on his own, allowing no one else to get too close to her. In spite of the delicacy of the tiny animal, he never once hurt her, feeding her five times a day to make sure she grew up big and strong. Now she's his closest companion, though spoiled as she is to being hand-fed she doesn't even know how to hunt.
    Any special training or schooling they get for being Chosen One:
    Every clan gave him their own take on weapons and athleticism, every shaman advised him spiritually, every young woman advised him romantically. In spite of the wealth of information, he doesn't feel like he was trained too well overall, since the clans can agree completely on nothing, ever, even in matters simple as weapons training.
    Dreams/Goals for after Chosen One Mission is complete:
    He wants his own home in the hills, a dugout preferably, where he can find a mate for Gyramesh and raise her chicks, and perhaps other animals like hares or mockingbirds or antelope. It would have to be close to a river, so he can go swimming every day, and it shouldn't get too hot in the summer. Perhaps he might even find a wife, a clever woman with wide hips and a feisty temper who can handle him and bear him sons of his own. Somehow, in spite of all his dreams, he doesn't think he'll have a future beyond being Champion. The war is his life, his purpose, his destiny, and going on when it is not seems strange.
    Personal motivation for accomplishing Chosen One mission:
    The love and respect he gets from everyone for doing so. As Champion, he is recognized everywhere he goes. Every clan wants him to attend their ceremony. Every warrior wants him to fight at their side. Every mother wants him to kiss their baby and every shaman wants one of his hairs. There isn't a cookfire he isn't welcome at, not a door barred to him. Short of having any close friends, he contents himself with having an entire nation of friendly acquaintances.
    Any special trinkets or tools for being the Chosen One:
    He wears a necklace that has his father's tusk for a pendant and one of his mother's knuckle bones for a clasp. It reminds him of where he came from, of the people who made him. A troll's tusk is considered highly magical, and are reserved for warriors who have achieved interclan fame, which he certainly has. The entire council of shamans have blessed it and made it magical so that it gives him strength and protects him in battle. It is thought to be the most powerful creation of the Orcish shamans in several lifetimes.
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  3. Name:

    Harvey Foreman

    Chosen One Title:

    The ForemanChosen

    One Mission:

    To spread ludicrous stupidity throughout the world

    How long have they Known:

    He's known since he was a child.


    Twenty Two going on twenty three

    Basic appearance:

    He's never been a very smart guy, and looks have dealt him another blow. He stands about six foot tall and weighs a horrid amount. Being a lover of beer, he's got the gut to prove it. He does keep up a circle beard, but for the most part he is bald. His blue eyes seem to be the only attractive thing about him. His attire doesn't yield any breaks to him; he wears a sleeveless denim button up shirt (which is white and red checkered I might add) and a white cap to cover his unattractive bald head (it isn't to say that people who are bald are unattractive, it's to say that he is), and a pair of dirty blue jeans with holes in them. To add the final touch, brown cowboy boots. And might I add his teeth are in very poor condition.

    Stuff he/she is good at:

    He's a great driver as far as demolition goes. He destroys almost every car/truck/van/boat he touches, which to him is a talent. He's also a wonderful polka dancer, and can ride a bull without being thrown for at least two minutes. Other than that i think a sack of potatoes would have more talent. i mean think about it; a potato can be anything:
    -Creamy mashed
    -Put into the crockpot with various other foods, creating stew

    That vs. Harvey:

    Harvey can sit on the couch and fart while his husband George does the dishes. Great talent Harv.

    I don't think stupid is a talent, but since he's the chosen one, we'll give him credit where it is due.

    Stuff he/she is bad at:

    There is quite the list with this one. He can't:
    -Do math
    -Use proper grammar
    -Think before he acts
    -He's terrible with politics
    -Working around children
    -Using intelligence
    -Driving normally
    -Do the sensible thing
    -Go one holiday without setting fireworks off


    He has a very unique hobby:

    He sits outside on his porch with a whole case of beer, waiting for someone to come sailing down the street and scream, "Slow down, there be children around here!" Once in a while, people will come out of their cars and he'll run for the hills.

    Family relations:

    His father, Grady Foreman was his only surviving relative until a tragic 'accident' tore the two apart. His mother up and left them while his grandparents saw 'somethin evil in this un!' and also left. Tragically, they all died. Of old age. Except the mother who was kidnapped by a hoard of wild New Yorkers (no offense New Yorker Iwakians) and taken to the Casino where she is suspected to have spent her life gambling her life away. Or hiding in a box with Adam West.

    Early life:

    Poor poor Harvey was a very lonely child. He had no friends growing up as his father was a time traveler and brought him along with him. It's hard befriending someone when you literally leave them in the past or the future. Unfortunately, Harvey one day was left in the past 'on accident' (you see, Harvey was not just what everyone sees as a hillbilly living in the suburbs, but horribly annoying even to the point his own father hated him. It is rumoured that it was on purpose), and to top it off, his time machine seemed to be permanently 'broken' (actually, Grady took a hammer to it). So, here Harvey has been living, in the age of the dinosaurs. But that is where our story begins;

    how a blanket of stupid took over the world. That feeling you get when you feel that something isn't a good idea? Blame the Foreman. That idea you had in high school about snorting Kool-Aid; blame The Foreman. That prank on your uptight boss: blame The Foreman.

    Personal Accomplishments:

    While this is an accomplishment to Harvey, we will see otherwise. Since the dawn of time, man has committed many stupid acts; Harvey perfected stupid for them.

    Any special training or schooling they get for being Chosen One:

    He received a self education.

    Dreams/Goals for after Chosen One Mission is complete:

    He wishes to open up a monster truck hall of fame.

    Personal motivation for accomplishing Chosen One mission:

    He doesn't have one of these, but he does have a slogan:

    Be yourself.
    While this is actually a great saying, it is better worn by someone else.

    Any special trinkets or tools for being the Chosen One:

    His checkered shirt.
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  4. Name:

    Chosen One Title
    Ambassador of Peace

    Chosen One Mission
    To unite Humanity and the mysterious and hostile Xen.

    How long have they Known
    Since the Enlightment.

    Twenty nine.

    Basic appearance
    Five feet and ten inches tall, bald, Mexican looks, hazelnut shaped brown eyes, an X-shaped scar on the back of his head.

    Stuff he/she is good at
    Speech, and using speech as a mean to influent people.

    Stuff he/she is bad at
    Using weapons.

    Assembling plane models, cooking.

    Family relations
    Has a younger sister he is fond of; their parents were killed during a Xen assault on Earth.

    Early life
    Spent his childhood studying for university. As a teenager he aimed to be accepted into the Starfleet and study to become an engineer at the Starfleet fighter spaceships. Was abducted by the Xen by the age of seventeen, during the time he spent under captivity he studied the Xen and their language. One year later, he was sent to the motherland of the Xen where his final fate would be decided, after having spent an entire year serving as a Xen slave to some colony. He managed to leave an impression to the court, by being the first human able to communicate to their language. This act was positively accepted by the Xen, who took Talcanan under their wing for seven years.

    Personal Accomplishments
    The Enlightment. During the time he spent with the Xen, he managed to blend with their culture, and their very own existance, effectively becoming an individual of both races. He is the only one who can look into the true reasons behind the intends of both races.

    Any special training or schooling they get for being Chosen One
    He is the only human who can speak the Xen language fluently and communicate with them effectively.

    Dreams/Goals for after Chosen One Mission is complete
    Set up an embassy on Earth to further work on the relationships between the Xen and humanity, once peace has been established.

    Personal motivation for accomplishing Chosen One mission
    End a century-long war that has caused the loss of his own family.

    Any special trinkets or tools for being the Chosen One
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