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  1. The town had the appearance of a ghost town. The city walls were thin and already eroding despite the fact that they were only a score old. Even the buildings looked as if they had been destroyed then rebuilt several times. The overall atmosphere was cold and lonely, unlike regular towns. But Felix knew the streets would be filled with people soon enough.
    "Strange, isn't it Alure? No magic whatsoever... these mortals are so ignorant," he stated, scratching the ear of the large, brown horse that stood next to him. Felix tightened the leather straps that held the long, dual blades on his back. Then he ventured through the gates and further into the city, Alure following close behind him.
    True to his presumptions it didn't take long before the humans began emerging from their quaint little houses. His dirty blond hair fell over his eyes, covering his mesmerizing black irises.
  2. Askari brushed the mane of her black Arabian stallion and sighed in exasperation, shaking her head in an attempt to get her red bangs out of her face. Her green eyes focused on the stubborn tangle she was unleashing her anger upon. She felt disgusting and hated not being able to tie her hair back when she wanted to, the feeling of it touching her entire back and constantly tangling making her uncomfortable in the heat of the stable. "Baron, what am I to do with this life?" She sighed, patting the horse's neck and putting away her brush. She had been traveling for months now after being thrown out of her house and missed the small comforts of having a permanent home, though hers had always been chaotic. "I wish I could sleep in the stable with you tonight. I don't want to have to deal with all of the people and the noise they make at the inn." The beast nudged her and she hugged his neck before feeding him a carrot. "If anything I'd like someone to travel with. A companion... A human companion... Not that you're not wonderful of course." She felt the need to clarify, though she was always scolded for treating animals as if they could understand her. She had always felt a connection to them that her peers hadn't shared. "Perhaps I wouldn't miss having a home if we had a new friend. I fear I may be losing my mind more and more as each day passes, and maybe having someone with us would help me retain some sanity." Her voice trailed off as she glanced around the stable, always fearful that someone would intrude on her privacy. Suddenly uncomfortable and self-conscious, she pulled up the hood of her cape, her skin showing off it's pale complexion in contrast to the black, and sat down in the hay. Baron lay down next to her and she stroked his nose, her fingers barely coming out of long black sleeves. She sometimes wished that she was not layered in heavy, black clothing, but cared more about being covered than being slightly over heated. Her nervousness increasing, she pulled a scarf over her face, her eyes and fingers now the only part of her not covered, and stared intently at the door.
  3. Felix edged around the crowd of people that had come together at the town center. It seemed as if they were preparing to do some type of ritual cleansing, but Felix paid no attention. He was focusing on one thing, and one thing only.
    That scent.
    He scanned above the heads of the gathering swarm. Which wasn't difficult since he was slightly taller than the average man. Suddenly he bumped into someone. He looked down. There stood a young female (looking about the age of sixteen), staring up at him apologetically.
    "S-sorry sir," she said in a thick accent.
    "It's alright," he smiled kindly, his white teeth gleaming. "Oh, could you... help me find a stable where my horse could rest? I'm afraid i'm lost."
    The girl blushed and nodded, now seeing how attractive he was.
    "Right... this way..." she motioned for him to follow, her face bright with a dreamy look. He chuckled silently to himself and walked a bit behind her, leading Alure along with him by holding two fingers on the horse's nose. Every few moments, he made sure that the scent was still strong.
    "Thank you," he stated with a confident grin when they had stopped in front of the stable door. Her faced turned red again as she smiled back.
    "A-anytime. The Inn is connected. Nights are cheap if you go in later. I-I labor there as a maid..." she was edging closer and closer to him.
    "I'm in your dept, Miss, Perhaps I will take that advice. Goodbye," he said, cutting her off, before leading Alure through the doors.

    Of course she was there. His breath only caught for a second when he saw her. The idea of being so close to his victory thrilled him. He turned away from her, pulling his horse into one of the stalls.
  4. Askari froze as she heard voices nearing the doors. Seconds dragged on as her mind went in to a whirl, trying to decide what she should do. The girl sounds like the maid I met earlier, so the man is a guest, and will walk in at any moment... What would be best, to stand and look busy? Stay seated, but ready to run or fight? Be ready to mount? Appear half asleep with Baron? She decided to try the last, with her right hand close to a dagger, out of sight beneath her cloak. If he's a threat I'll be ready, if not he should leave me alone... yes. Pleased with herself, she calmed down enough to move into a more comfortable position and closed her eyes, all the while imagining scenarios to prepare herself. Moments after she settled into her desired position she heard the man enter, never imagining what he would want with her.
  5. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes. She seemed to be asleep, but while concentrating hard enough, Felix could feel that her heart beat wasn't nearly slow enough.
    How to go about this... He stroked Alure's mane, deeply contemplating his options. A few seconds later he was standing directly over her.
    "Excuse me, Miss?" he began, almost tempted to poke her on the head.
  6. Dammit! He was close, she could tell. Scar did her best to "wake up" in a believable way and glanced up at the man. Oh, shit. Why do I always end up cornered by the ones that are tall and.. and... well... dammit! She was starting to panic, incapable of forming full sentences in her mind. She quickly controlled her expression, hoping to the gods that she hadn't revealed anything. "Yes?" She finally replied, her face calm and seemingly oblivious. Maybe even happy, as if she had just pleasantly arose from a relaxing nap.
  7. Felix couldn't quite read what she was thinking, but he continued with a grin.
    "Are you aware that you are sleeping in hay?" he asked in a sincere manner. He tilted his head slightly. Now that he could see her face, he studied every aspect of it, making sure he would remember it no matter what. The scent he had been following before was so strong it was almost overpowering. She is the one. I can even taste it.
  8. Doing her best to appear casual, Scar glanced at Baron, chuckled, and looked back up at the man.
    "I guess I am." Growing increasingly uncomfortable, she stood and brushed herself off. The man was much taller than her, but at least they were as equal as they would get, which helped her feel a little better. She fought to regulate her breathing, finding it growing harder to take a breath with every second. Can I trust him? He seems nice enough... No, what on earth are you thinking you idiot, you cannot trust. Trust is not to be given! She continued to mentally scold herself for a few moments before snapping back to attention. Keep yourself calm. You can do it. No matter what, it will be best if he suspects nothing and you appear friendly and casual. Like you arose from a pleasant nap. She then remembered that most people stretch after a pleasant nap and did just that. Just breathe. This has happened before and the worst that happened was a minor assault... no don't think about that. Most of the time this results in nothing. Everything will be fine, just calm down.
  9. He could feel her body tense. Does she already suspect my intentions? Her powers must be well developed then.
    "There is a Tavern Next door where you can stay if you need rest," his eyes scanned over her horse, "It looks as if you've been traveling."
  10. "Oh... Yes, I've been traveling. And I was aware of the tavern, I simply took my time and... well I guess I was more tired than I thought." Glancing over his shoulder, Scar examined his horse. "It appears that you've been traveling as well..." She said, rather awkwardly. Why the hell am I making conversation? Or trying to, anyway... This man is still a threat and I'm conversing with him. Perhaps some sleep would benefit me, I'm practically losing my mind.
  11. Felix's gaze flickered to Alure who tried it's hardest to look as pathetic as possible. He chucked, nodding in agreement.
    "I suppose I should take my own advice." He turned away from her and, going over to his horse, removed it's lead and hung it on the inside of the stall.
    "My name is Felix," he said in a nonchalant manner - even though he was as cautious as ever. Her abilities are still unknown to me, and I can't sense them...

  12. She hesitated. "I'm Askari." Though she was still convinced that she was being insane by willingly talking to Felix, she continued.
    "So, Felix, where is it that you come from?"
  13. Askari.
    "I'm from the neighboring kingdom," he replied simply.
    That name would be engraved in his mind for the rest of his life.
    "It's very different from this one, even the scenery change can be a bit unsettling," he smiled.
    I have the advantage now. I know her name.
    "But I've always enjoyed traveling away from home."
  14. "That's nice." Scar replied simply, still uneasy.
    "It is nice to get away once in awhile, isn't it?" Her facade was slipping as her heart increased. She clasped her hands behind her back, afraid that they may shake or twitch and reveal her nervousness. We can't have that. He must believe that I am fine. Don't let him see that you're not fine, Askari. She wasn't sure how she felt about the gods, but briefly considered praying to them anyway before remembering how cruel they could be if you did not appease them.
  15. "It is," he scratched the back of his head. "...I'll escort you to the Tavern if you wish," he gave her a concerned looked, pretending to see her apprehensiveness as lack of sleep.
  16. Askari swore her heart had just given up beating for a moment or two when he asked. It would be foolish to let him... but suspicious and rude to decline... Seconds passed as she tried to make up her mind. She rubbed her temple, pretending to be tired though her hesitation was really due to her heart wildly pounding as her brain screamed gibberish sentences in an attempt to figure itself out.
    "Thank you, that would be greatly appreciated." That sounded so formal... but I can't take it back. Oh well...
  17. Felix slid open the door to the stable. It had been almost midday when he reached town center, so he estimated it to be noon.
    "Askari, was it? Where did you venture from?" he motioned for her to exit first, her being the female. He watched every movement she made, trying to sense if she planned on using the powers that were unknown to him.
    There were still people crowding the streets of the city, but the group in the square had dispersed, making the atmosphere over all slightly quieter.
  18. "Just a small town, south of here." She responded, not sure whether she wanted to give much information. She never planned on going back, but still didn't want him to know so much. She quickly made sure Baron was comfortable before exiting the stable, tensing as she passed Felix. She desperately wanted to run hen her back was turned, but forced herself to walk at a normal pace and tried to control her breathing and look forward. The only sign of apprehension she gave was refusing to let her hand venture more than a few inches from her dagger...
  19. He walked slightly in front of her, about two feet away, to make sure she wasn't uncomfortable. Watching every movement one makes can predict how they will react to certain things. Dealing with many females throughout his life, he learned how to calculate these reactions on the spot. For example, he knew that if he made one wrong move, he would find himself digging a blade out of his trachea.
    ​"And may I ask where you're going?" he asked casually, looking around to see if anything suspicious was occurring.
  20. Askari felt a little better once Felix was in front of her. She hesitated after he asked his question, trying to decide whether or not she wanted to lie.
    "Nowhere in particular. I'm a bit of a rogue... What about you?" Maybe this conversation will be beneficial. Maybe I'll be able to tell if he has any bad intentions... She hoped.
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